From Complexity To Life

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From Complexity To Life

Author : Niels Henrik Gregersen
ISBN : 0195348656
Genre : Science
File Size : 79.18 MB
Format : PDF
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This book brings together an impressive group of leading scholars in the sciences of complexity, and a few workers on the interface of science and religion, to explore the wider implications of complexity studies. It includes an introduction to complexity studies and explores the concept of information in physics and biology and various philosophical and religious perspectives. Chapter authors include Paul Davies, Greg Chaitin, Charles Bennett, Werner Loewenstein, Paul Dembski, Ian Stewart, Stuart Kauffman, Harold Morowitz, Arthur Peacocke, and Niels H. Gregersen.
Category: Science


Author : Roger Lewin
ISBN : 0226476553
Genre : Science
File Size : 23.44 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Examines the field of complexity science, with sections focusing on how the discipline works within computer simulations, natural ecosystems, and various social systems.
Category: Science

Deep Simplicity

Author : John Gribbin
ISBN : 9780141042213
Genre : Science
File Size : 57.23 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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'Gribbin takes us through the basics with his customary talent for accessibility and clarity' Sunday Times The world around us can be a complex, confusing place. Earthquakes happen without warning, stock markets fluctuate, weather forecasters seldom seem to get it right - even other people continue to baffle us. How do we make sense of it all? In fact, John Gribbin reveals, our seemingly random universe is actually built on simple laws of cause and effect that can explain why, for example, just one vehicle braking can cause a traffic jam; why wild storms result from a slight atmospheric change; even how we evolved from the most basic materials. Like a zen painting, a fractal image or the pattern on a butterfly's wings, simple elements form the bedrock of a sophisticated whole. Synthesizing chaos and complexity theory for the perplexed, Deep Simplicity brilliantly illuminates the harmony underlying our existence.
Category: Science

Complex Adaptive Systems

Author : John H. Miller
ISBN : 1400835526
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 33.43 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book provides the first clear, comprehensive, and accessible account of complex adaptive social systems, by two of the field's leading authorities. Such systems--whether political parties, stock markets, or ant colonies--present some of the most intriguing theoretical and practical challenges confronting the social sciences. Engagingly written, and balancing technical detail with intuitive explanations, Complex Adaptive Systems focuses on the key tools and ideas that have emerged in the field since the mid-1990s, as well as the techniques needed to investigate such systems. It provides a detailed introduction to concepts such as emergence, self-organized criticality, automata, networks, diversity, adaptation, and feedback. It also demonstrates how complex adaptive systems can be explored using methods ranging from mathematics to computational models of adaptive agents. John Miller and Scott Page show how to combine ideas from economics, political science, biology, physics, and computer science to illuminate topics in organization, adaptation, decentralization, and robustness. They also demonstrate how the usual extremes used in modeling can be fruitfully transcended.
Category: Social Science

The Narrative Complexity Of Ordinary Life

Author : William Lowell Randall
ISBN : 9780199930432
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 79.2 MB
Format : PDF
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William L. Randall shows how narrative psychology is integral to how we navigate everyday life. He makes the case that all people function as narrative psychologists by continually storying their lives - as well as those of others - in memory and imagination. The book weaves anecdotes of encounters its author experiences with speculations on his own life story, probing the narrative complexity of our memories, emotions, and identities, and our experience of everything from romance to rumour and history to religion.
Category: Psychology

Living With Complexity

Author : Donald A. Norman
ISBN : 9780262528948
Genre : Complexity (Philosophy)
File Size : 55.26 MB
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Simplicity turns out to be more complex than we thought. In this book, Don Norman writes that the complexity of our technology must mirror the complexity and richness of our lives. It's not complexity that's the problem, it's bad design. Bad design complicates things unnecessarily and confuses us. Good design can tame complexity. Norman gives a crash course in the virtues of complexity.--[book jacket].
Category: Complexity (Philosophy)

The Vital Question Energy Evolution And The Origins Of Complex Life

Author : Nick Lane
ISBN : 9780393248197
Genre : Science
File Size : 55.58 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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“One of the deepest, most illuminating books about the history of life to have been published in recent years.” —The Economist The Earth teems with life: in its oceans, forests, skies and cities. Yet there’s a black hole at the heart of biology. We do not know why complex life is the way it is, or, for that matter, how life first began. In The Vital Question, award-winning author and biochemist Nick Lane radically reframes evolutionary history, putting forward a solution to conundrums that have puzzled generations of scientists. For two and a half billion years, from the very origins of life, single-celled organisms such as bacteria evolved without changing their basic form. Then, on just one occasion in four billion years, they made the jump to complexity. All complex life, from mushrooms to man, shares puzzling features, such as sex, which are unknown in bacteria. How and why did this radical transformation happen? The answer, Lane argues, lies in energy: all life on Earth lives off a voltage with the strength of a lightning bolt. Building on the pillars of evolutionary theory, Lane’s hypothesis draws on cutting-edge research into the link between energy and cell biology, in order to deliver a compelling account of evolution from the very origins of life to the emergence of multicellular organisms, while offering deep insights into our own lives and deaths. Both rigorous and enchanting, The Vital Question provides a solution to life’s vital question: why are we as we are, and indeed, why are we here at all?
Category: Science

The Engine Of Complexity

Author : John E. Mayfield
ISBN : 9780231535281
Genre : Science
File Size : 32.62 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The concepts of evolution and complexity theory have become part of the intellectual ether permeating the life sciences, the social and behavioral sciences, and, more recently, management science and economics. In this book, John E. Mayfield elegantly synthesizes core concepts from multiple disciplines to offer a new approach to understanding how evolution works and how complex organisms, structures, organizations, and social orders can and do arise based on information theory and computational science. Intended for the intellectually adventuresome, this book challenges and rewards readers with a nuanced understanding of evolution and complexity that offers consistent, durable, and coherent explanations for major aspects of our life experiences. Numerous examples throughout the book illustrate evolution and complexity formation in action and highlight the core function of computation lying at the work's heart.
Category: Science

Animal Life

Author : David Starr Jordan
ISBN : UOM:39015065981394
Genre : Zoology
File Size : 21.88 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Category: Zoology

Enigmas Of Life

Author : William Rathbone Greg
ISBN : UVA:X030789724
Genre : Electronic books
File Size : 50.23 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Category: Electronic books

Studies In Animal Life

Author : George Henry Lewes
ISBN : UOM:39015039277127
Genre : Nature study
File Size : 69.54 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Category: Nature study

From System Complexity To Emergent Properties

Author : Moulay Aziz-Alaoui
ISBN : 9783642021992
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 29.57 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Emergence and complexity refer to the appearance of higher-level properties and behaviours of a system that obviously comes from the collective dynamics of that system's components. These properties are not directly deducible from the lower-level motion of that system. Emergent properties are properties of the "whole'' that are not possessed by any of the individual parts making up that whole. Such phenomena exist in various domains and can be described, using complexity concepts and thematic knowledges. This book highlights complexity modelling through dynamical or behavioral systems. The pluridisciplinary purposes, developed along the chapters, are able to design links between a wide-range of fundamental and applicative Sciences. Developing such links - instead of focusing on specific and narrow researches - is characteristic of the Science of Complexity that we try to promote by this contribution.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Simple Thinking

Author : Richard Gerver
ISBN : 9780857086877
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 81.19 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Simple behaviours that unclutter your mind and help you realise your true potential Awaken your passion and tap into your inner greatness as you remove the metaphorical clutter from your life with Simple Thinking. You'll learn how to expand your mind and understand your true potential through the power of thinking simply, while stripping back the jargon and digging to the core of any obstacle in your way. Let's be honest, life is full of unnecessary complexity and it's left most of us confused, angry and disenfranchised. This book will help you to remove the baggage, cut through the clutter and begin your smooth path to success. Learn how to: Live and act with resiliency, authenticity and passion Learn to trust your instincts again and see the world through new eyes Recalibrate your thoughts, behaviours and actions Declutter your mind, streamline your day and be successful at life Simple wisdom, simply shared, is personal development unplugged – and when you begin peeling back the layers to expose the heart of the problem, you become well-equipped to devise a simpler, yet more effective solution. Simple Thinking will help you in achieving this state of clarity and confidence.
Category: Business & Economics

Life Of Henry Ward Beecher

Author : J. T. Lloyd
ISBN : OXFORD:600023562
Genre : Authors, American
File Size : 51.75 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Category: Authors, American

Pension Plan Complexity

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Finance. Subcommittee on Private Retirement Plans and Oversight of the Internal Revenue Service
ISBN : SRLF:AA0000915694
Genre : Defined benefit pension plans
File Size : 39.85 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Category: Defined benefit pension plans

Is Life Worth Living

Author : William Hurrell Mallock
ISBN : PSU:000006090074
Genre : Ethics
File Size : 38.71 MB
Format : PDF
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Category: Ethics