French From The Word Go

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Migr S

Author : Richard Scholar
ISBN : 9780691190327
Genre : Foreign Language Study
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"This is a study of French words and phrases which, untranslated, have entered the English lexicon. Historians calculate that English, since 1500, has borrowed more words from French than from any other modern foreign language. While it has naturalized many of these words, some have visibly retained their foreign roots, leading varied lives in the English-speaking world while eluding translation and resisting integration. Carrying traces of their French roots in the challenges of spelling and pronunciation they pose to native users of English, often set in italic type to distinguish them from the English surrounding them, they are, so to speak, émigrés: French foreigners in our midst. It was primarily in the 1660s that a cluster of phrases and terms with French roots - à- la-mode, ennui, naïveté, caprice -came to prominence in English as Restoration England was Frenchified by Charles II and his court. More often than not these foreign words have been enthusiastically adopted by English users, as if they lent the language a certain je-ne- sais-quoi that would otherwise elude English expression and leave it tantalisingly incomplete, though occasionally the adoption of these words has met with fear and hostility, in a reflection of the ambivalent reception that has so often awaited the foreigners who count these words as part of their native language. Richard Scholar asks several interesting questions: What uses do French foreign words serve in English? To what extent have these uses changed the meanings of the words in French language and culture? And what does the study of these words reveal of the broader relations between neighbouring languages, cultures, and societies? In addressing these questions the author explores what meanings and associations these words have brought with them from the French tradition, and he places their emergence in English within the wider context of early modern social and cultural attitudes towards foreign cultures, their mediators, and the fashion for all things French"--
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French Frequency Dictionary Essential Vocabulary

Author : Mostusedwords
ISBN : 9492637081
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The Core Vocabulary of French With this book, you will learn French fast and efficiently: This book contains practical vocabulary for both spoken and written French. Intended for beginners and intermediate students, this book covers vocabulary roughly from CEFR A1 (complete beginner) to B1 (somewhat proficient). Each entry in this book contains: - English translation(s) - French to English example sentences - phonetic spelling - detailed Part of Speech information. Why Study By Frequency?: Not all words are created equal. Some words are used more than other, and are thus more valuable to know. The secret to becoming fluent fast in a language, is by learning the right vocabulary. Studies have shown that the most used 2.500 words account for 92% of all spoken French, and 82% of all written French text. How Much Vocabulary Do You Need To Know? While it's important to note it's impossible to pin down these numbers and statistics with 100% accuracy, these are a global average of multiple sources. According to scientific research, this is the amount of vocabulary needed for varying levels of fluency: - 250 words: the essential core of a language. Without these words, you cannot construct sentences. - 750 words: those that are used every single day by every person who speaks the language. - 2500 words: those that should enable you to express everything you could possibly want to say, although some creativity might be required. - 5000 words: the active vocabulary of native speakers without higher education. You will understand 95% of all written texts. - 10,000 words: the active vocabulary of native speakers with higher education. - 20,000 words: the amount you need to recognize passively in order to read, understand, and enjoy a work of literature such as a novel by a notable author. Keeping above facts in mind, the value of a frequency dictionary is immense. What is Inside This Book? A frequency list of the most frequently used French words, based on analysis of 20 gigabytes of French subtitles, the equivalent of 80.000 books of 200 pages each; more than two large libraries worth of text. A large base text collection is absolutely vital in order to establish a reliable general frequency list. Subtitles have the advantage of corresponding both to written and spoken language. This makes subtitles the best method for creating a useful and practical word frequency list. This French to English frequency dictionary can roughly be divided in three parts. - 2.500 French words in ranked by general frequency - Frequency ranking by part of speech (E.G, The most used adjectives, nouns, verbs, etc) - 2.500 French words in alphabetical order French pronunciation can be tricky. To help pronounce French words correctly, we added phonetic transcriptions of French words. The phonetic spelling of words is done by the use of the International Phonetic Alphabet. Summary The French Frequency Dictionary - Essential Vocabulary gives you a practical word list to learn French vocabulary. Study the most used words to rapidly gain a base vocabulary in French. These high frequency words are a great tool for beginners and intermediate students of French. The frequency dictionary can be used as a stand-alone tool, or in combination with any other language learning program, app or book. This book roughly covers CEFR vocabulary ratings from A1 (absolute beginner) to B1 (somewhat proficient). Invest this book, and invest in yourself. You will amaze yourself, and your friends and family by how fast you're progressing in your journey of speaking French.

Expo 2 Vert

Author : Jon Meier
ISBN : 0435385577
Genre : French language
File Size : 28.2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This pupil's book offers a communicative approach to French, underpinned by a clear grammatical foundation, for the less able student. Simple explanations of the way the language works should develop pupils' use and understanding of French, and are accompanied by regular practice activities.
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The Word Of The Lord Shall Go Forth

Author : Carol L. Meyers
ISBN : 0931464196
Genre : Religion
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This volume contains fifty-two essays composed in honor of David Noel Freedman and organized around the topics: Hebrew Poetry and Prophecy, The Prose of the Hebrew Bible, History and Institutions of Israel, Northwest Semitic Epigraphy, and Other Perspectives. A bibliography of the honoree is included.
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My Everyday French Word Book

Author : Benvenuti
ISBN : 9780812053449
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 56.56 MB
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Drawings of everyday objects, activities, and scenes in France are accompanied by brief texts in English and vocabulary words, phrases, and short sentences in French.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

The French Atlantic Triangle

Author : Christopher L. Miller
ISBN : 0822341514
Genre : History
File Size : 84.21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A study of representations of the French Atlantic slave trade in the history, literature, and film of France and its former colonies in Africa and the Caribbean.
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Pardon My French

Author : Charles Timoney
ISBN : 9780141911076
Genre : Foreign Language Study
File Size : 67.14 MB
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THINGS YOU DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT FRANCE: You burnt Joan of Arc! ? Smuggling live chickens into rugby matches is patriotic ? How many times to kiss on the cheek ? Where not to cross the road ? French guns don't go 'bang' ? What do you call a party? ? bon appetit is vulgar ? A six-pack is a bar of chocolate ? The dangers of being called Peter or Penny ? Your smallest finger is your 'ear' finger ? The importance of Wednesdays ? How to tip ? and when to celebrate Christmas? Forget the French you learnt at school. Based on twenty years of hard-won knowledge, Pardon My French takes you through all the words you need to survive, shows how and why they work, and steers you past all the pitfalls and potential embarrassments of speaking French in France. From sugar-cube etiquette to why the Marseillaise is all about slaughtering Austrians and Prussians as bloodily as possible, Charles Timoney lays bare the Gallic mindset alongside their bizarre language. Covering all areas of everyday life from eating and drinking to travel, work and, crucially, swearing and sounding like a teenager, this is not just the most entertaining, but also the most useful book on France and the French you'll ever read.
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French Key Words And Expressions

Author : Saul H. Rosenthal
ISBN : 9781604942477
Genre : Foreign Language Study
File Size : 52.36 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book, and the two books which it combines,Speaking Better French, The Key Words and Expressions You'll Need Every DayandSpeaking Better French, More Key Words and Expressions, have been hailed by reviewers as a unique and innovative idea. They give you the absolutely essential words that you need to navigate everyday French conversation. Not the textbook formal words but the expressions that real people in France use when they talk to each other, the glue that holds conversations together. You'll learn when to use, and when not to use words and expressions like truc, foutu, Oh-la-la, Coucou, payer en liquide, and merde. You'll learn how to faire un bise à quelqu'un, how to say you are sorry, how to say "Don't worry about it!", what les grandes surfaces are, and how to tell someone to shut up. You'll learn what a goûter is, and an apéritif dînatoire. You'll find out that Ce sale chat ! doesn't mean the cat is dirty, that passer an exam doesn't mean to pass the exam, and lots, lots more. And it's all written in a conversational style with each word or expression explained and illustrated by examples of its use in French with translations into English. You'll see why a reviewer of Key Words and Expressions on said: "If you really want to learn spoken French, you need this book. You'll need other books as well, you'll need audio materials, and you'll need live language experience, preferably in France. But this book is a necessity."
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Words That Go Ping

Author : Barbara Lasserre
ISBN : 9781760637927
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 38.20 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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If it goes 'moo' then every child knows it's a cow. If it goes 'Wham! Bam! Crash!' we're in a fast-paced comic. But what goes 'krknout'? Barbara Lasserre takes us on a playful journey through the delightful world of words that mimic sounds. Normally relegated to children's books, cartoons and comedians, she shows how these often ancient words reveal unexpected things about the way we think, speak and act. A book for anyone who loves playing with words. 'When it comes to the crunch, Words That Go Ping is bound to reverberate. Zipping between Norwegian kisses and Japanese silence, my brain is still humming.' - David Astle, writer, crossword maker and general word nerd 'An immensely satisfying book covering a neglected aspect of language with impeccable skill, and written in an open, flowing and humorous style.' - Susan Butler AO, inaugural editor of the Macquarie Dictionary 'Barbara Lasserre has conjured up a magical world of word mimicry. Her wondrous little book will delight all who love language.' - Richard Walsh, author and publisher
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

See It And Say It In French

Author : Margarita Madrigal
ISBN : 0451163478
Genre : Foreign Language Study
File Size : 34.39 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Essential French Grammar

Author : Seymour Resnick
ISBN : 9780486113418
Genre : Foreign Language Study
File Size : 89.13 MB
Format : PDF
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DIVLogical, developmental presentation includes all the necessary tools for speech and comprehension and features numerous shortcuts and timesavers. Ideal as an introduction, supplement, or refresher. /div
Category: Foreign Language Study