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Freedom S Choice

Author : Anne McCaffrey
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SUMMARY: When Kris Bjornson and her fellow slaves were dumped on an uninhabited planet by their Catteni masters, there was no guarantee they would live through the first day. Without the help of Zainal, a renegade Catteni exiled by his own people, they might all have been food for the terrifying predators of the new world. But the colonists have learned to survive, and now they have a busy little civilization growing in the caves and fields of the planet they named Botany. Automated farming machines left behind by the true owners of this world have provided metal and parts for inventions that make their lives easier - and also have made them wonder about the identity of these "farmers". Botany's owners seem to keep watch on their world with automatic scanners; surely they will come in person sometime, if only to see who is trespassing on their land. Maybe they will help Earth against the Catteni and Eosi, who have enslaved many worlds. As the colonists no longer face death every day, questions arise. Should they settle in here, where they have begun to feel at home, bearing children and creating a new society? Many believe they could do better this time at living in peace with one another and with the planet. Others, though, argue passionately that their duty is to escape, to get back to Earth and rejoin the battle against the Catteni oppressors. For Kris Bjornson, who loves the Catteni rebel Zainal, the choice is hard. She knows she and Zainal cannot have a child, and she would do anything to see Earth again. But Kris knows too that this life - building a house brick by brick with Zainal, harvesting what they grow in the fields, and exploring the vast expanses they have yet to colonize - is the best she has ever known.

Freedom S Choice

Author : Robert Bruce Hay
ISBN : 1633230104
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Thailand's answer to '50 Shades of Grey' Freedom's Choice is the second novel in a trilogy that describes how Thailand's political difficulties affect Bob and Jasmine; the first novel in this series was Justice, Please! In the present story they have returned to Thailand after a brief holiday in Australia. But problems of their recent past pull them apart, after which Bob meets an enticing street walker, Joy, in Pattaya. The ensuing months present many difficulties, with these only relieved somewhat by periodic visits to the temple at Phrathat Phanom.However, political tension is rising in Thailand by early 2010, with red shirt activists protesting for new elections, especially in Bangkok. Bob goes there to search for his wife, finding himself enmeshed in the events leading up to the riots that overwhelmed the city in May. He finds that he must take a stand and choose between his lover or his wife, while at the same time Thailand is being forced to choose between the colour-coded political options being shaped by red versus yellow shirt camps. Freedom's Choice presents him with choices between what he knows in his heart he must do, contrasted by what the forces of history are saying he should do. Which way will he choose to go, and what effect will it have on the politics he finds himself caught within?This book uses both humour and sexually charged liaisons to show how personal drama can influence the politics of the day. The story balances philosophy with action, love with lust and reality with fantasy, much as each of us does every day. But this time it's different, in that this story is larger than everyday life, showing how one person can make a difference to what seems like an impossible situation.

Freedom Of Choice

Author : Yves R. Simon
ISBN : 0823208419
Genre : Philosophy
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From the Foreward by Mortimer J. Adler "Of all the question or issues concerning human freedom, none is more fundamental in itself and in its consequences than the problem of free choice; and none has been the subject of more persistent and, at the same time, apparently irresolvable controversy...This the perfect antidote for the errors, the misunderstandings - or worse, the ignorances - that beset the modern discussion of free choice. Even the reader who comes to this book with little or no knowledge of the philosophical literature on the subjects that it treats cannot fail to appreciate its remarkable clarity, its felicitous combination of detailed concreteness with abstract precision, its exploration of common experience and its elucidation of common sense, and, above all, the intelligibility, reasonableness, and fairness of its exposition of free choice..."
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Freedom And Choice In Education Rle Edu K

Author : James Breese
ISBN : 9781136492785
Genre : Education
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Much of the material included here owes it inspiration to discussions held with groups of student teachers in the early 1970s. The book is written for such students and discusses issues such as the acquisition of knowledge, the value of examinations, dependency and religion in education. The book is intended as a thought provoker – to stimulate further discussion.
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Freedom Of Choice

Author : Erik Feldmanis
ISBN : 9781450293938
Genre : Fiction
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People are not generally prone by nature to change. The town of Summit, Colorado-a quaint, tight-knit community tucked nicely away in the Rocky Mountains-is the same way. It offers its year-round residents and seasonal tourists peace and serenity, and the town's residents prefer things to stay that way. Kevin Sanders, a year-round resident, military pilot, and loving husband and father, feels the same way. The problem is that sometimes change isn't a choice. Sometimes, fate intervenes, and a seemingly perfect life can disappear in the blink of an eye. Kevin has everything he could possibly want or need, but one choice is about to change his life forever. His guidance? "Who so sheds man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed; for in the image of God made he man."-Genesis 9:6
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Freedom Choice

Author : Carla Worley
ISBN : 9781608606245
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Sabrina simply wanted a normal life. Raised by an emotionally unstable mother and a father who was an angry and violent drunk, Sabrina spent most of her young life feeling alone and scared. Her older brother, Brad, was her only ally as the two endured this difficult life together. When her family moved to a small town in Oklahoma, Sabrina lost the safety she felt with her old friends. However, she and Brad soon became close with Samantha and Joe, two local kids that gave them the support they so desperately needed. After a while, Sabrina and Brad faced their parents and discussed the ways in which they hurt them. Their parents eventually recognized the error of their ways and vowed to be more responsible and loving parents. Freedom Choice: A Book That Allows You to Consider Your Options is ideal for middle school aged children who suffer similar emotional turmoil. Through witnessing the healing of Sabrina, children are able to begin their own healing process and overcome any obstacles they face. Carla Worley sees the affects of abuse on a daily basis through her work as a counselor. Her desire to help people cope with abuse inspired her to reach out to children all over the world through this unique combination of fiction and therapy. She is currently working on her next book, which tackles another emotional issue that children face today.

Freedom Of Choice

Author : West Joseph Altenburg
ISBN : UOM:39015028059460
Genre : Charities
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Freedom Of Choice

Author : This week magazine
ISBN : UOM:39076005093799
Genre : Chain stores
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