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Frederick The Great On The Art Of War

Author : Jay Luvaas
ISBN : 0786749776
Genre : History
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Frederick the Great (1712–1786), King of Prussia, initiated the Seven Years' War in 1756; outfought the formidable French, Russian, and Austrian armies aligned against him; and established Prussia as a major power, thereby decisively influencing the next two centuries of European history. He was also a brilliant military thinker whose observations arose from extensive battlefield experience.This volume presents a balanced selection from Frederick's writings on strategy, tactics, and mobility; the problems of logistics and a two-front war; the combined use of infantry, cavalry, and artillery; the history of the Prussian army; the critical battles of the Seven Years' War; generalship as an art; and much more. A majority of this material is translated here for the first time in English and available nowhere else. The result is an invaluable glimpse into the inner thoughts of a military genius.
Category: History

War In The Age Of Enlightenment 1700 1789

Author : Armstrong Starkey
ISBN : 0275972402
Genre : History
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War in the 18th century war was a complex operation, including popular as well as conventional conflict, between Europeans and with non-Europeans. These conflicts influenced European intellectuals and contributed to the complexity of Enlightenment thought. While Enlightenment writers regarded war as the greatest evil confronting mankind, they had little hope that it could be eliminated; thus, peace proposals of the day were joined by more realistic discussion of the means by which war might be limited or rendered more humane. In this book, the author considers the influence of ideas and values on the actions of Enlightenment military personnel and how the rational spirit of the time influenced military thought, producing a military enlightenment that applied rational analysis to military tactics and to the composition of armies. In the late Enlightenment, military writers explored the psychological foundations of war as a means of stimulating a new military spirit among the troops. The Enlightenment was, however, not the only cultural influence upon war during this century. Religion, the traditional values of the ancien regime, and local values all contributed to the culture of force. When Europeans engaged in military encounters with peoples in other parts of the globe, cultural interchange inevitably occurred as well. Further, there is a revolutionary element that one must consider when defining the military culture. The result of all these factors was a creative tension in 18th century warfare and an extraordinarily complex military culture.
Category: History

Art Of War

Author : Niccolò Machiavelli
ISBN : 0226500322
Genre : Political Science
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Niccolò Machiavelli's Art of War is one of the world's great classics of military and political theory. Praised by the finest military minds in history and said to have influenced no lesser lights than Frederick the Great and Napoleon, the Art of War is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the history and theory of war in the West—and for readers of The Prince and Discourse on Livy who seek to explore more fully the connection between war and politics in Machiavelli's thought. Machiavelli scholar Christopher Lynch offers a sensitive and entirely new translation of the Art of War, faithful to the original but rendered in modern, idiomatic English. Lynch's fluid translation helps readers appreciate anew Machiavelli's brilliant treatments of the relationships between war and politics, civilians and the military, and technology and tactics. Clearly laying out the fundamentals of military organization and strategy, Machiavelli marshals a veritable armory of precepts, prescriptions, and examples about such topics as how to motivate your soldiers and demoralize the enemy's, avoid ambushes, and gain the tactical and strategic advantage in countless circumstances. To help readers better appreciate the Art of War, Lynch provides an insightful introduction that covers its historical and political context, sources, influence, and contemporary relevance. He also includes a substantial interpretive essay discussing the military, political, and philosophical aspects of the work, as well as maps, an index of names, and a glossary.
Category: Political Science

Napoleon On The Art Of War

Author : Jay Luvaas
ISBN : 9780743216845
Genre : History
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Napoleon. The passage of time has not dimmed the power of his name. A century and a half after his death, Napoleon remains the greatest military genius of the modern world. Yet unlike Machiavelli, Clausewitz, or Sun Tzu, his name has not crowned any single literary work. The subject of thousands of biographies and treatises on warfare, he is the author of none. Until now. The great general and conqueror of Europe may not have written any books, but he was a prolific writer. Thousands of his missives to subordinates survive, and these documents reflect the broad range of a fearless and incisive mind. From them, military historian Jay Luvaas has wrought a seamless whole. Luvaas has spent decades culling, editing, and arranging Napoleon's thoughts into coherent essays and arguments. In the remarkable result. Napoleon speaks without interruption in a work that will forever change the way we view him. Luvaas covers every subject Napoleon wrote about, from the need for preparation -- "Simply gathering men together does not produce real soldiers; drill, instruction, and skill is what makes real soldiers." -- to the essence of victory -- "To win is not enough: It is necessary to profit from success." On education, leadership, strategy and history, Napoleon speaks with an authority unique to those who have ruled a continent. In these pages lies the wisdom of a giant who knew life's greatest achievements and its lowest lows: triumph and conquest, exile and disgrace. Whether you are a student of military strategy or a business professional eager to learn from the greatest manager of personnel that the world has ever known, Napoleon on the Art of War has something for you. From the specifies of Napoleon's use of cavalry and unique reliance upon artillery to an all-encompassing vision of life from a man of supreme confidence and success, you'll find it here. This is the only straightforward explanation of Napoleon's campaigns and philosophy by the man himself.
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Roots Of Strategy

Author : Thomas Raphael Phillips
ISBN : 0811721949
Genre : History
File Size : 34.72 MB
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Writings of Sun Tzu, Vegetius, Marshal Maurice de Saxe, Frederick the Great, and Napoleon.
Category: History

The Evolution Of Operational Art 1740 1813

Author : Claus Telp
ISBN : 0714657220
Genre : History
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The term 'operational art', coined by Soviet military theorists in the interwar period, hasreceived increased attention in military circles with the debate on comparative NATO(North Atlantic Treaty Organization) and Warsaw Pact operational capabilities during the1970s and 1980s.1 The interest in operational art also extended into the field of militaryhistory when the origins of operational art became the object of research. Some historiansmaintained that operational art first emerged in the American Civil War and Moltke'scampaigns in 1866 and 1870-1871 as a child of the Industrial Revolution. Proponents ofthis position hold that the invention of rifled guns and infantry arms, the railway and thetelegraph permitted the widely dispersed manoeuvre of independent bodies of troopswhich is a salient feature of operational art. "Publisher".
Category: History

The Rocky Road To The Great War

Author : Nicholas Murray
ISBN : 9781612341057
Genre : History
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Nicholas Murray's The Rocky Road to the Great War examines the evolution of field fortification theory and practice between 1877 and 1914. During this period field fortifications became increasingly important, and their construction evolved from primarily above to below ground. The reasons for these changes are crucial to explaining the landscape of World War I, yet they have remained largely unstudied. The transformation in field fortifications reflected not only the ongoing technological advances but also the changing priorities in the reasons for constructing them, such as preventing desertion, protecting troops, multiplying forces, reinforcing tactical points, providing a secure base, and dominating an area. Field fortification theory, however, did not evolve solely in response to improving firepower or technology. Rather, a combination of those factors and societal ones-for example, the rise of large conscript armies and the increasing participation of citizens rather than subjects-led directly to technical alterations in the actual construction of the fieldworks. These technical developments arose from the second wave of the Industrial Revolution in the late nineteenth century that provided new technologies that increased the firepower of artillery, which in turn drove the transition from above- to belowground field fortification. Based largely on primary sourcesùincluding French, British, Austrian, and American military attache reports-Murray's enlightening study is unique in defining, fully examining, and contextualizing the theories and construction of field fortifications before World War I.
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The Art Of War

Author : Niccolò Machiavelli
ISBN : 9780486140360
Genre : History
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Machiavelli's revolutionary 1520 work clearly states and discusses military organization and strategy: handling recruitment and weapons, motivating troops, demoralizing enemies, and achieving tactical and strategic advantages.
Category: History

Supplying War

Author : Martin van Creveld
ISBN : 0521546575
Genre : History
File Size : 80.74 MB
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Uses unpublished sources to examine the problems of transportation and administration and movement and supply, analyzing operations from a variety of wars and including a discussion of the role of logistics in high-tech warfare.
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