Fossil Snakes Of North America

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Fossil Snakes Of North America

Author : J. Alan Holman
ISBN : 0253337216
Genre : Reference
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"This volume includes detailed accounts of the morphology and distribution of the fossil snakes of North America and also remarks on their evolutionary, zoogeographic, and paleoecological patterns. The heart of the book consists of detailed systematic accounts of the known fossil snakes of North America and their localities. Extinct fossil taxa are discussed and illustrated, and many are re-described on the basis of new information. The book provides illustrations of diagnostic vertebrae and criteria for the identification of presently living fossil snake taxa as well as descriptions of the modern characteristics and ranges of these species." "Color photographs in the 16-page insert present a catalog of representative living snake species." --Book Jacket.
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Fossil Salamanders Of North America

Author : J. Alan Holman
ISBN : 9780253347329
Genre : Nature
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Call them "mudpuppies," "hellbenders," or "mud eels," salamanders are puzzling animals to most people. They come in forms that look like flattened fish with legs, like eels, like slimy lizards, or like lizards with toad-like skins. Their life history imitates the ancient evolutionary transition from aquatic to terrestrial vertebrates, though several groups remain permanently aquatic. Until now, no one has written about their ancient ancestors. Holman details the process of the identification and interpretation of the fossils. He presents a detailed systematic account of the known fossil salamanders of North America, illustrates and discusses the extinct salamanders, re-diagnosing or redescribing some on the basis of additional information and fossil material. He also gives the modern characteristics, ecological attributes, and modern ranges of the fossil taxa that are still living. The book begins with an overview of the Caudata and describes their early evolution. Then follow the systematic and chronological accounts of the salamanders. The book concludes with a discussion of the study of fossil salamanders as it relates to the development of a realistic phylogeny and classification of the group.
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Fossil Frogs And Toads Of North America

Author : J. Alan Holman
ISBN : 0253000564
Genre : Science
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The heart of this book consists of detailed systematic accounts of the known fossil frogs and toads (anurans) of North America and their localities. Extinct fossil frogs and toads are fully discussed and illustrated, and in some cases are re-diagnosed and re-described. For fossil taxa still living, the book gives the modern characteristics, ecological attributes, and modern ranges, and includes illustrations of diagnostic skeletal elements. The volume begins with an overview of the anurans and anuran studies, a general account of the skeleton and bones, and a discussion of the early evolution of the Anura, along with the formal classification of anuran taxonomic groups found in the North American fossil record. The third part of the book presents an epoch-by-epoch discussion of Mesozoic, Tertiary, and Pleistocene anurans, the classification and phylogeny of the anurans, and a comprehensive list of references.
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North American Watersnakes

Author : J. Whitfield Gibbons
ISBN : 0806135999
Genre : Nature
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Many people fear snakes, and watersnakes in particular have one of the worst reputations of any snake found in North America. Some species are commonly mistaken for venomous cottonmouths, and a few may eat popular game fishes. Unfortunately, few people realize the important roles many watersnakes play in natural ecosystems and, consequently, they are still persecuted in many regions today. Seeking to overcome common misperceptions, J. Whitfield Gibbons and Michael E. Dorcas have compiled North American Watersnakes, the first comprehensive study of all fourteen species of watersnakes found in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Cuba. Individual species accounts explore all aspects of the natural history of watersnakes in North America, including their behavior, physiology, life history, ecology, and conservation. Almost 100 color photographs accompany the text, illustrating all 14 species and nearly all subspecies. Supplementing the species accounts are detailed color maps depicting each species distribution and stunning black-and-white drawings by Peri Mason. Easy-to-use keys help readers to identify specimens at hand.
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Deep Alberta

Author : John Acorn
ISBN : 9780888648518
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 22.27 MB
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Alberta is well known for its fossil treasures, and author John Acorn is as keen on the long-dead creatures of Alberta as he is on the living. Here, John features 80 of the most noteworthy fossils, fossil locations, and fossil hunters from this most palaeontological of provinces. There's more to the story of "deep Alberta" than dinosaurs, but dinosaur fans will find all their favourite beasts here as well -- from Edmontosaurus to Tyrannosaurus rex, and everything in-between. Then there are the surprises, such as the world's oldest pike, the discovery of a venomous mammal, and the fossils found in such unlikely places as Edmonton and Calgary. Prepared with the collaboration of palaeontologists around Alberta, and the world-renowned Royal Tyrrell Museum, this is a book that is long overdue, and that deserves a place on everyone's bookshelf.
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The Great American Biotic Interchange

Author : Francis G. Stehli
ISBN : 9781468491814
Genre : Science
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Two rather different elements combine to explain the origin of this volume: one scientific and one personal. The broader of the two is the scientific basis-the time for such a volume had arrived. Geology had made remarkable progress toward an understanding of the phys ical history of the Caribbean Basin for the last 100 million years or so. On the biological side, many new discoveries had elucidated the distributional history of terrestrial orga nisms in and between the two Americas. Geological and biological data had been combined to yield the timing of important events with unprecedented resolution. Clearly, when each of two broad disciplines is making notable advances and when each provides new insights for the other, the rewards of cross-disciplinary contacts increase exponentially. The present volume represents an attempt to bring together a group of geologists, paleontologists and biologists capable of exploiting this opportunity through presentation of an interdisciplinary synthesis of evidence and hypothesis concerning interamerican connections during the Cretaceous and Cenozoic. Advances in plate tectonics form the basis for a modern synthesis and, in the broadest terms, dictate the framework within which the past and present distributions of organisms must be interpreted. Any scientific dis cipline must seek tests of its conclusions from data outside of its own confines.
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Fossil Mammals Of Asia

Author : Xiaoming Wang
ISBN : 9780231520829
Genre : Science
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Fossil Mammals of Asia, edited by and with contributions from world-renowned scholars, is the first major work devoted to the late Cenozoic (Neogene) mammalian biostratigraphy and geochronology of Asia. This volume employs cutting-edge biostratigraphic and geochemical dating methods to map the emergence of mammals across the continent. Written by specialists working in a variety of Asian regions, it uses data from many basins with spectacular fossil records to establish a groundbreaking geochronological framework for the evolution of land mammals. Asia's violent tectonic history has resulted in some of the world's most varied topography, and its high mountain ranges and intense monsoon climates have spawned widely diverse environments over time. These geologic conditions profoundly influenced the evolution of Asian mammals and their migration into Europe, Africa, and North America. Focusing on amazing new fossil finds that have redefined Asia's role in mammalian evolution, this volume synthesizes information from a range of field studies on Asian mammals and biostratigraphy, helping to trace the histories and movements of extinct and extant mammals from various major groups and all northern continents, and providing geologists with a richer understanding of a variety of Asian terrains.
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Courier Forschungsinstitut Senckenberg

Author : Jörg Habersetzer
ISBN : CHI:62244122
Genre : Animals, Fossil
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Dieser aktuelle Band des Courier Forschungsinstitut Senckenberg" enthält im ersten Teil 13 Studien, die erneut die breit gefächerten Forschungsaktivitäten zur Paläontologie, Geochemie und Geologie der Fossilienfundstätte Grube Messel aufzeigen. Den Autoren dieses Teiles sei an dieser Stelle für ihre kollegiale Geduld bei der Sammlung und Aufbereitung ihrer Beiträge zwischen 2000 und 2003 gedankt. Der zweite Teil enthält acht Kurzbeiträge zu umfangreichen digitalen Materialien der Forschungs- und iffentlichkeitsarbeit. Diese Materialien finden sich auf der Begleit-CD des Bandes. Sie geben einen Einblick in neue Möglichkeiten der IT-Technologien für die iffentlichkeitsarbeit unseres Museums und des geplanten Besucher- und Informationszentrums an der Grube Messel. Geologische Ergebnisse können in ein 3-D-Modell der Grube eingebunden werden, das auf einer neuen ibersichtskarte basiert. Paläobiologische Beispiele werden in verschiedenartigen 3-D-Animationen bis hin zum Flug durch mikroskopische Details knöcherner Strukturen vorgestellt. Schlieilich behandelt Ein internetbasierter iberblick zum Weltnaturerbe Grube Messel" nahezu alle Aspekte in und um Messel für eine breite iffentlichkeit.
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Snakes Of The World

Author : Van Wallach
ISBN : 9781482208481
Genre : Nature
File Size : 27.60 MB
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Snakes of the World: A Catalogue of Living and Extinct Species-the first catalogue of its kind-covers all living and fossil snakes described between 1758 and 2012, comprising 3,509 living and 274 extinct species allocated to 539 living and 112 extinct genera. Also included are 54 genera and 302 species that are dubious or invalid, resulting in reco
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