Food Regimes And Agrarian Questions

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Food Regimes And Agrarian Questions

Author : Philip McMichael
ISBN : 1853398780
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Food Regimes re-examines the agrarian question historically and its present-day implications, introducing regional interpretations of the food regime, incorporating gender, labour, financial, ecological and nutritional dimensions into the analysis.

Resistance To The Neoliberal Agri Food Regime

Author : Alessandro Bonanno
ISBN : 9781351755061
Genre : Social Science
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This volume explores the contents, forms, and actors that characterize current opposition to the corporate neoliberal agri-food regime. Designed to generate a coherent, informed and updated analysis of resistance in agri-food, empirical and theoretical contributions analyze the relationship between expressions of the neoliberal corporate system and various projects of opposition. Contributions included in the volume probe established forms and rationales of resistance including civic agriculture, consumer- and community-based initiatives, labor, cooperative and gender-based protest, struggles in opposition to land grabbing and mobilization of environmental science and ecological resistance. The core contribution of the volume is to theorize and to empirically assess the limits and contradictions that characterize these forms of resistance. In particular, the hegemonic role of the neoliberal ideology and the ways in which it has ‘captured’ processes of resistance are illustrated. Through the exploration of the tension between legitimate calls for emancipation and the dominant power of Neoliberalism, the book contributes to the ongoing debate on the strengths and limits of Neoliberalism in agri-food. It also engages critically with the outputs and potential outcomes of established and emerging resistance movements, practices, and concepts.
Category: Social Science

The Agrarian Question

Author : R.V. Ramana Murthy
ISBN : 9781000414196
Genre : Social Science
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The Agrarian Question and its resolution in the global context of capitalist development has a protracted scholarship developed over last one century and more. Capitalism in its last two centuries history has evolved through different historical stages since mercantile phase to industrial, national to imperialist and to post-imperialist post-colonial regimes. The agrarian question, understood as a process of transformation of agrarian sector towards capitalist modes, dispensing much of its small and petty producers, producing surplus for the industrial sector and supplying the industrial proletariat, with a clear resolution towards formation of industrial society remained as varied as it could be in the uneven development of capitalist system. The structural transformation that happened successfully for privileged countries in the capitalist centre, proved to be a formidable challenge for a vast number of post-colonial countries in the capitalist periphery. The global and local condition and the political and economic conditions of the contemporary times makes it a considerable challenge for political economists to explain. This reader aims to provide an understanding on range of conceptual and empirical issues of the role of agrarian transformation for capitalist system, with a special focus on Indian agrarian transition. The reader consists of short summaries of fourteen selected works on agrarian question in the Indian and global context. Please note: Taylor & Francis does not sell or distribute the Hardback in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.
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Mentoring Methods And Movements Colloquium In Honor Of Terence K Hopkins By His Former Students And The Fernand Braudel Center For The Study Of Economies Historical Systems And Civilizations

Author : Immanuel M. Wallerstein
ISBN : 9781888024913
Genre : Social Science
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Terence Kilbourne Hopkins (1929-1997) was a hidden gem of the field of world-systems studies who contributed indispensably to its foundation amid a lifelong collaboration and friendship with Immanuel Wallerstein. His pedagogical humanism, methodological rigor, and scientific commitment to social change, merged with his creatively flexible administrative skills to found the Graduate Program in Sociology at Binghamton University (SUNY). The student-centered, autonomous program fostered the formation of critically-minded scholars who pursue transdisciplinary sociology while fusing deeply personal commitments to long-term, large-scale social change. In this significantly updated twentieth anniversary second edition of Mentoring, Methods, and Movements, Terence K. Hopkins’s former students organizing and contributing to a colloquium in his honor a few months before his untimely passing in January 1997 share key insights about what made him so unique and impactful in shaping their practices of engaged sociology—informed by an always open, dynamic, and self-reinventing World-Systems Analysis. The new edition includes a comprehensive chronological works/citations bibliography of Terence K. Hopkins, a new postscript essay reflecting and building on other contributions in the volume, updates on the contributors’ background and works, a reorganized photo gallery and cover design, and a detailed subject index that can be a helpful guide to the many aspects of Hopkins’s thought and pedagogy from the points of view of his students/colleagues. From the Inside "For several years now we sociologists have heard much talk about structure and agency .... This distinction can make little sense to students of Hopkins, who always insisted that social structures are formed, reproduced, and reformed by the agency of actors. ..."-Walter Goldfrank, U.C. Santa Cruz "How did Terry do it?" -William G. Martin, Binghamton University "Hopkins's insistent questioning opened the door to the creation of an alternate apparatus of discourse, the very flexibility of which allows the emerging debates of world-scale historical social sciences to be joined ...."-Ravi A. Palat, Binghamton University "... Hopkins was attacking the idiographic-nomothetic distinction through the pedagogy. The pedagogy assumed that the student had to work hard as a student "inventing" and then had to continue inventing forever after."-Immanuel Wallerstein, Yale University "But then again I cannot think of a better way to reflect on Hopkins's work than approaching it from a personal perspective. That is how he always approached his own work, after all, and he encouraged us to do so as well." -Resat Kasaba, University of Washington "... The vision of methods Terence Hopkins has offered includes this invitation to a special sort of imaginative social action: think the past to make a past with the purpose of making the future by thinking a future." -Richard Lee, Binghamton University "This is not going to be a personal speech, but the invisible hand of Terence K. Hopkins lies about me and in most of what I've written since I left Binghamton. ... " -Philip McMichael, Cornell University "The study of regionalism vis-a-vis globalism parallels the two poles of Terence Hopkins's own intellectual development which began with the study of small group interaction and culminated with a focus on the dynamics of the world-system. ..." -Elizabeth McLean Petras, Scholar and Author "... even the Hopkins phrases were not immune to skeptical support. Exhibiting his characteristic penchant for sustained auto-critique, Hopkins wrote in the margins of the paper ..." -Beverly Silver, Johns Hopkins University "... He was a tireless and merciless critic. Yet I never felt demeaned or belittled. ... He pounded home time and again that it was not helpful to view race and class as binary opposites, ...." -Rod Bush (1945-2013), St. John's University "... key points in the work of Hopkins elucidate productive ways of meeting the criteria set by feminists for the study of gender. ...World-systems analysis has thus far not dealt with subjective and objective, self and society as dimensions of the modern world-system. Critique of these as discrete units of analysis is implicit in world-systems analysis, but focused attention on these is the contribution of feminist theory to the discussion of unit of analysis."-Nancy Forsythe, Feminist Scholar and Activist "... The time I was fortunate to spend with him allowed me to have a sense of his profound concern about the welfare of humanity and commitment to the cause of the unprivileged ...." -Lu Aiguo, Inst. of World Economies and Politics, Chinese Academy of Social Science, Beijing "It was not what Hopkins actually said to me that mattered, not his educational program nor even his parenthetical letters, but what he is (and now what he was), a style of being alive, a magical dance he does with his body or with you or with parts of who he was ... a dance in which he laughs, turning away just enough to help you see it is not you he is laughing at, but us." -Evan Stark, Rutgers University "Gathered in this volume ... are sociologically imaginative world-systems analyses of Terence K. Hopkins, amid the world-historical public issues that deeply troubled him personally and are even more prevalent today." -Mohammad H. Tamdgidi, UMass Boston /OKCIR
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Agrarian Questions

Author :
ISBN : UCSC:32106015062836
Genre : Agriculture and state
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Category: Agriculture and state

Agrarian Questions

Author : Henry Bernstein
ISBN : 9781317827429
Genre : History
File Size : 61.49 MB
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This collection celebrates T.J. Byres' seminal contributions to the political economy of the agrarian question. Uniting the various themes is the demonstration of the continuing relevance of a critical, historical and comparative materialist analysis of agrarian question.
Category: History

Peasants And Globalization

Author : A. Haroon Akram-Lodhi
ISBN : 9780415446297
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 78.82 MB
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In 2007, for the first time in human history, a majority of the world’s population lived in cities. However, on a global scale, poverty overwhelmingly retains a rural face. This book assembles an unparalleled group of internationally-eminent scholars in the field of rural development and social change in order to explore historical and contemporary processes of agrarian change and transformation and their consequent impact upon the livelihoods, poverty and well-being of those who live in the countryside. The book provides a critical analysis of the extent to which rural development trajectories have in the past and are now promoting a change in rural production processes, the accumulation of rural resources, and shifts in rural politics, and the implications of such trajectories for peasant livelihoods and rural workers in an era of globalization. Peasants and Globalizationthus explores continuity and change in the debate on the ‘agrarian question’, from its early formulation in the late 19th century to the continuing relevance it has in our times, including chapters from Terence Byres, Amiya Bagchi, Ellen Wood, Farshad Araghi, Henry Bernstein, Saturnino M Borras, Ray Kiely, Michael Watts and Philip McMichael. Collectively, the contributors argue that neoliberal social and economic policies have, in deepening the market imperative governing the contemporary world food system, not only failed to tackle to underlying causes of rural poverty but have indeed deepened the agrarian crisis currently confronting the livelihoods of peasant farmers and rural workers. This crisis does not go unchallenged, as rural social movements have emerged, for the first time, on a transnational scale. Confronting development policies that are unable to reduce, let alone eliminate, rural poverty, transnational rural social movements are attempting to construct a more just future for the world’s farmers and rural workers.
Category: Business & Economics

The Politics Of Biofuels Land And Agrarian Change

Author : Saturnino M. Borras Jr.
ISBN : 9781317985419
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 83.33 MB
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This book addresses key questions on biofuels within agrarian political economy, political sociology and political ecology. Contributions are based on fresh empirical materials from different parts of the world. The book starts with four key questions in agrarian political economy: Who owns what? Who does what? Who gets what? And what do they do with the surplus wealth? It also addresses the emergent social and political relations in the biofuel complex and, given the impacts on natural resources and sustainability, engages with questions about people-environment interactions. At the same time, the book is concerned with the politics of representation, that is, what are the discursive frames through which biofuels are promoted and/or opposed? The book analyses the institutional structures, and cultures of energy consumption on which a biofuels complex depends, and the alternative political and ecological visions emerging that call the biofuels complex into question. Across sixteen chapters presenting material from five regions across the North-South divide and focusing on fourteen countries including Brazil, Indonesia, India, USA and Germany, these topics are addressed within the following themes: global (re)configurations; agro-ecological visions; conflicts, resistances and diverse outcomes; state, capital and society relations; mobilising opposition, creating alternatives; and change and continuity. This book was published as a special issue of the Journal of Peasant Studies.
Category: Political Science

Rethinking Agricultural Policy Regimes

Author : Reider Almas
ISBN : 9781780523491
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 29.70 MB
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Through international case studies, this book evaluates how various policy challenges are having an impact on specific agricultural policy regimes, and what future lessons might be learnt from key policy experiments around neoliberalism and multifunctionality.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Class Dynamics Of Agrarian Change

Author : Henry Bernstein
ISBN : 9781565493568
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 83.31 MB
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Development processes are never neutral. They impact various groups and classes of people differently. A high food price may benefit some rich peasants who produce and sell food surplus, but it may disadvantage landless rural laborers. A project on irrigation may benefit those who own the land, but not the landless tenants. Nowadays, official documents by governments and development agencies tend to lump different groups of people into vague categories like rural poor. This might be useful in some cases, but in large part this thinking can harm the poorest of the poor. Using Marx’s theory of capitalism, Class Dynamics of Agrarian Change argues that class dynamics should be the starting point of any analysis of agrarian change. It provides an accessible introduction to agrarian political economy while showing clearly how the argument for bringing class back in provides an alternative to inherited conceptions of the agrarian question. It illustrates what is at stake in different ways of thinking about class dynamics and the effects of agrarian change in today’s globalized world.
Category: Business & Economics

Migration And Agriculture

Author : Alessandra Corrado
ISBN : 9781317334408
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 46.87 MB
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In recent years, Mediterranean agriculture has experienced important transformations which have led to new forms of labour and production, and in particular to a surge in the recruitment of migrant labour. The Mediterranean Basin represents a very interesting arena that is able to illustrate labour conditions and mobility, the competition among different farming models, and the consequences in terms of the proletarianization process, food crisis and diet changes. Migration and Agriculture brings together international contributors from across several disciplines to describe and analyse labour conditions and international migrations in relation to agri-food restructuring processes. This unique collection of articles connects migration issues with the proletarianization process and agrarian transitions that have affected Southern European as well as some Middle Eastern and Northern African countries in different ways. The chapters present case studies from a range of territories in the Mediterranean Basin, offering empirical data and theoretical analysis in order to grasp the complexity of the processes that are occurring. This book offers a uniquely comprehensive overview of migrations, territories and agro-food production in this key region, and will be an indispensable resource to scholars in migration studies, rural sociology, social geography and the political economy of agriculture.
Category: Business & Economics

Political Ecology Food Regimes And Food Sovereignty

Author : Mark Tilzey
ISBN : 9783319645568
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 42.47 MB
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This book asks how we are to understand the relationship between capitalism and the environment, capitalism and food, and capitalism and social resistance. These questions come together to form a study of food regimes and the means by which capitalism organises both the environment and people to provision its distinctive system of ever-expanding consumption with food. Political Ecology, Food Regimes, and Food Sovereignty explores whether there are environmental limits to capitalism and its economic growth by addressing the ongoing and inter-linked crises of food, fossil fuels, and finance. It also considers its political limits, as the globally burgeoning ‘precariat’, peasants and indigenous people resist the further commodification of their livelihoods. This book draws from the field of Political Ecology to approach new ways of analysing capitalism, the environment and resistance, and also to propose new solutions to the current agro-ecological-economic crisis. It will be of particular interest to students and academics of Environmental Sociology, Human Geography, and Environmental Geography.
Category: Social Science

The Agrarian Question And Reformism In Latin America

Author : Alain de Janvry
ISBN : 0801825326
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 85.4 MB
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The Agrarian Question and Reformism in Latin America epitomizes the emerging tradition of conflict-oriented approaches to problems of economic, agricultural, and rural development in Third World nations. Drawing on firsthand observations of the agrarian crises in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, and ten other Latin American nations, Alain de Janvry effectively blends Marxist theories of worldwide economic development with empirical analysis and policy recommendations.
Category: Business & Economics

The Agrarian Question In North Vietnam 1974 1979

Author : Adam Fforde
ISBN : UCAL:B4312162
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 88.38 MB
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This volume investigates why peasants defend themselves against the predations of politics by using such "everyday" forms of protest as footdragging, feigned ignorance, false compliance, etc. With a cross-section of countries, historical time periods, and ideologies, the case studies illustrate the variety of forms of everyday peasant resistance and their consequences.
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The Agrarian Question

Author : Karl Kautsky
ISBN : 1853050245
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 36.96 MB
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Lenin described The Agrarian Question as the first systematic Marxist study of capitalism and agriculture and the most important event in economic literature since the third volume of Capital. This great work is regarded as Kautsky's main achievement and is a classic work of analysis.Kautsky's pariah status in the eyes of revolutionary Marxists resulted in many years of neglect, but his role and work are now commanding great attention. The analysis of the transformation of peasant economies by capital in The Agrarian Question is now seen as particularly relevant to contemporary Third World peasant economies.This remarkable translation, which brings out the humanity - and the humour - in Kautksy's writing, is more than a work of economic analysis: in a manner ahead of his time, Kautsky integrates questions of political strategy, ecology, sexuality and the family.The illuminating reassessment of The Agrarian Question in the introduction by Professor Teodor Shanin and Hamza Alavi examines in detail the political context, Kautsky's own life, the development of Kautsky's ideas within the work, and its contribution to our understanding of the world
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Current Law Index

Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105060536484
Genre : Law
File Size : 35.59 MB
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Category: Law

Stuffed And Starved

Author : Raj Patel
ISBN : STANFORD:36105123321239
Genre : Food industry and trade
File Size : 53.73 MB
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Today, in the West, we appear to have the world on our plates, regardless of source or season. But this apparent luxury of choice is only possible because rural communities the world over have had their choices taken away. To understand how our supermarket shopping makes us complicit in denying freedom to the world's poorest, and how we ourselves are poisoned by our choices, we need to think about the way our food comes to us. Having worked with international policy makers, visited local farming collectives in Brazil and Mexico, investigated the all-powerful distribution networks, and gone behind the scenes in the kitchens of Europe's McDonald's restaurants, Raj Patel is able to take a long and wide view of food production and tell the story of commercial greed and helpless hunger that lies behind every meal we eat.
Category: Food industry and trade

Food Insecurity And Revolution In The Middle East And North Africa

Author : Habib Ayeb
ISBN : 9781785270888
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 53.25 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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‘Food Insecurity and Revolution in the Middle East and North Africa’ studies the political economy of agrarian transformation in the eponymous regions. Examining Egypt and Tunisia in detail as case studies, it critiques the dominant tropes of food security offered by the international financial institutions and promotes the importance of small-scale family farming in developing sustainable food sovereignty. Egypt and Tunisia are located in the context of the broader Middle East and broader processes of war, environmental transformation and economic reform. The book contributes to uncovering the historical backdrop and contemporary pressures in the Middle East and North Africa for the uprisings of 2010 and 2011. It also explores the continued failure of post-uprising counter-revolutionary governments to directly address issues of rural development that put the position and role of small farmers centre stage.
Category: Political Science