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Fires Of Faith

Author : Eamon Duffy
ISBN : 0300168896
Genre : Religion
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The reign of Mary Tudor has been remembered as an era of sterile repression, when a reactionary monarch launched a doomed attempt to reimpose Catholicism on an unwilling nation. Above all, the burning alive of more than 280 men and women for their religious beliefs seared the rule of “Bloody Mary' into the protestant imagination as an alien aberration in the onward and upward march of the English-speaking peoples. In this controversial reassessment, the renowned reformation historian Eamon Duffy argues that Mary's regime was neither inept nor backward looking. Led by the queen's cousin, Cardinal Reginald Pole, Mary's church dramatically reversed the religious revolution imposed under the child king Edward VI. Inspired by the values of the European Counter-Reformation, the cardinal and the queen reinstated the papacy and launched an effective propaganda campaign through pulpit and press. Even the most notorious aspect of the regime, the burnings, proved devastatingly effective. Only the death of the childless queen and her cardinal on the same day in November 1558 brought the protestant Elizabeth to the throne, thereby changing the course of English history.
Category: Religion

Faith In The Fires Of Criticism

Author : Paul Avis
ISBN : 9781597525824
Genre : Religion
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Have the 'fires' of modern criticism melted away Christianity's claim to truth? Seminal thinkers such as Feuerbach, Marx, Nietzsche and Freud argued that religious belief is nothing more than an illusion, triggered by our own psychological and social needs. Jung claimed that traditional Christianity was a gross distortion of the divine. Paul Avis does not deny the reality of those human factors which shape our beliefs, but he argues that it is possible to take seriously both human distortions of religious truth and also the reality of the transcendent God. These in-depth studies of the most unsparing critics of Christianity point to the possibility of a faith chastened and refined in the fires of criticism.
Category: Religion

Stoking The Fires Of Faith

Author : Mickey Wilcox
ISBN : 1981852816
Genre :
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Stoking the Fires of Faith is a book based on posts of encouragement that I posted over the course of the year on social media. Every believer needs to be encouraged. In fact, some days we desperately need it no matter how long we have been walking this walk with Jesus. These short teachings confront many non-biblical beliefs and prejudices that Christians often have. Legalism and bias often attempt, and sometimes successfully hijack our faith, steering us onto the wrong path. Often we do not even realize it until it is revealed in someone else's words. This book is a collection of such words. I also share little tid-bits of my life and journey with you. Some will make you laugh, some may make you cry, but everyone will help to impart a greater understanding of God's kingdom in our life.

Fires Of Faith

Author : Charles Kenmore Ulrich
ISBN : OSU:32435080006687
Genre : World War, 1914-1918
File Size : 31.16 MB
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Category: World War, 1914-1918

The Catholics

Author : Roy Hattersley
ISBN : 9781448182978
Genre : History
File Size : 44.80 MB
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The story of Catholicism in Britain from the Reformation to the present day, from a master of popular history – 'A first-class storyteller' The Times Throughout the three hundred years that followed the Act of Supremacy – which, by making Henry VIII head of the Church, confirmed in law the breach with Rome – English Catholics were prosecuted, persecuted and penalised for the public expression of their faith. Even after the passing of the emancipation acts Catholics were still the victims of institutionalised discrimination. The first book to tell the story of the Catholics in Britain in a single volume, The Catholics includes much previously unpublished information. It focuses on the lives, and sometimes deaths, of individual Catholics – martyrs and apostates, priests and laymen, converts and recusants. It tells the story of the men and women who faced the dangers and difficulties of being what their enemies still call ‘Papists’. It describes the laws which circumscribed their lives, the political tensions which influenced their position within an essentially Anglican nation and the changes in dogma and liturgy by which Rome increasingly alienated their Protestant neighbours – and sometime even tested the loyalty of faithful Catholics. The survival of Catholicism in Britain is the triumph of more than simple faith. It is the victory of moral and spiritual unbending certainty. Catholicism survives because it does not compromise. It is a characteristic that excites admiration in even a hardened atheist.
Category: History

Fires Of Man

Author : Dan Levinson
ISBN : 9781939967480
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 75.93 MB
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In a world where powerful nations wage grand wars with psionic super-soldiers, the outcome of the coming conflict falls to a handful of individuals. Unaware of the part they will play in the great geo-political game, can these soldiers and scientists protect their countries without losing themselves?
Category: Fiction

Red Hot And Righteous

Author : Diane Winston
ISBN : 0674045262
Genre : History
File Size : 55.19 MB
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In this engrossing study of religion, urban life, and commercial culture, Diane Winston shows how a (self-styled "red-hot") militant Protestant mission established a beachhead in the modern city. When The Salvation Army, a British evangelical movement, landed in New York in 1880, local citizens called its eye-catching advertisements "vulgar" and dubbed its brass bands, female preachers, and overheated services "sensationalist." Yet a little more than a century later, this ragtag missionary movement had evolved into the nation's largest charitable fund-raiser--the very exemplar of America's most cherished values of social service and religious commitment. Winston illustrates how the Army borrowed the forms and idioms of popular entertainments, commercial emporiums, and master marketers to deliver its message. In contrast to histories that relegate religion to the sidelines of urban society, her book shows that Salvationists were at the center of debates about social services for the urban poor, the changing position of women, and the evolution of a consumer culture. She also describes Salvationist influence on contemporary life--from the public's post-World War I (and ongoing) love affair with the doughnut to the Salvationist young woman's career as a Hollywood icon to the institutionalization of religious ideals into nonsectarian social programs. Winston's vivid account of a street savvy religious mission transformed over the decades makes adroit use of performance theory and material culture studies to create an evocative portrait of a beloved yet little understood religious movement. Her book provides striking evidence that, counter to conventional wisdom, religion was among the seminal social forces that shaped modern, urban America--and, in the process, found new expression for its own ideals.
Category: History

Practicing Religion In The Age Of The Media

Author : Stewart M. Hoover
ISBN : 9780231505215
Genre : Religion
File Size : 83.57 MB
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Increasingly, the religious practices people engage in and the ways they talk about what is meaningful or sacred take place in the context of media culture—in the realm of the so-called secular. Focusing on this intersection of the sacred and the secular, this volume gathers together the work of media experts, religious historians, sociologists of religion, and authorities on American studies and art history. Topics range from Islam on the Internet to the quasi-religious practices of Elvis fans, from the uses of popular culture by the Salvation Army in its early years to the uses of interactive media technologies at the Simon Wiesenthal Center's Beit Hashoah Museum of Tolerance. The issues that the essays address include the public/private divide, the distinctions between the sacred and profane, and how to distinguish between the practices that may be termed "religious" and those that may not.
Category: Religion