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Financing Failure

Author : Vern McKinley
ISBN : 1598130498
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 80.95 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Probably no issue during the most recent financial crisis aroused more passion than financial institution bailouts. Focusing on the policymaking behind the decisions to bail out these institutions—not just during the most recent crisis, but also throughout history—this account argues that the genesis of financial crisis lies in government policy, whether in the mismanagement of monetary policy during the 1930s or in the extraordinary push of consumers into homeownership leading up to the current crisis. This detailed analysis is an essential read in order to understand why the United States has become so reliant on such interventions.
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Too Big To Fail

Author : Financial Management Association International. Meeting
ISBN : 1567206212
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 43.82 MB
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Explores the reasons why some companies or organizations are considered "too big to fail" by their governments, and why others are not.
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From Buildings And Loans To Bail Outs

Author : David L. Mason
ISBN : 1139453807
Genre : History
File Size : 56.52 MB
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For most Americans, the savings and loan industry is defined by the fraud, ineptitude and failures of the 1980s. However, these events overshadow a long history in which thrifts played a key role in helping thousands of households buy homes. First appearing in the 1830s savings and loans, then known as building and loans, encourage their working-class members to adhere to the principles of thrift and mutual co-operation as a way to achieve the 'American Dream' of home ownership. This book traces the development of this industry from its origins as a movement of a loosely affiliated collection of institutions into a major element of America's financial markets. It also analyses how diverse groups of Americans, including women, ethnic Americans and African Americans, used thrifts to improve their lives and elevate their positions in society. Finally the overall historical perspective sheds new light on the events of the 1980s and analyses the efforts to rehabilitate the industry in the 1990s.
Category: History

Tarp And Other Bank Bailouts And Bail Ins Around The World

Author : Allen N. Berger
ISBN : 9780128138656
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 56.68 MB
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Financial crises are recurring phenomena that result in the financial distress of systemically important banks, making it imperative to understand how to best respond to such crises and their consequences. Two policy responses became prominent for dealing with these distressed institutions since the last Global Financial Crisis: bailouts and bail-ins. The main questions surrounding these responses touch everyone: Are bailouts or bail-ins good for the financial system and the real economy? Is it essential to save distressed financial institutions by putting taxpayer money at risk in bailouts, or is it better to use private money in bail-ins instead? Are there better options, such as first lines of defense that help prevent such distress in the first place? Can countercyclical prudential and monetary policies lessen the likelihood and severity of the financial crises that often bring about this distress? Through careful analysis, authors Berger and Roman review and critically assess the extant theoretical and empirical research on many resolution approaches and tools. Placing special emphasis on lessons learned from one of the biggest bailouts of all time, the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), while also reviewing other programs and tools, TARP and Other Bank Bailouts and Bail-Ins around the World sheds light on how best to protect the financial system on Wall Street and the real economy on Main Street. Presents a well-informed and rich account of bailouts, bail-ins, and other resolution approaches to resolve financially distressed banks. Uses TARP as a key case study of bailouts that has been thoroughly researched. Provides valuable research and policy guidance for dealing with future financial crises.
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Advancing Rule Of Law In A Global Context

Author : Heru Susetyo
ISBN : 9780429829499
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 65.8 MB
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The papers published in this proceedings volume are written by a selection of authors, resulting from a call for papers for the 1st International Conference on Law and Governance in a Global Context (ICLAVE) originating from Indonesia and other countries. This proceedings volume shall be a very valuable contribution to understand contemporary law issues in Indonesia which are not always taught in law schools. These proceedings will not only serve as a useful reference for law students and academicians, but also help law practitioners to understand law issues that may be encountered in Indonesia. It covers selected items such as Administrative Law, Constitutional Law, Business Law, Intellectual Property Law, Criminal Law, Human Rights Law, Adat Law, Shariah Law, Judiciary Law and International Law, which are all important for undergraduate and post-graduate law students, as well as academicians and law practitioners in the law community.
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Why Government Can Never Fix A Down Economy

Author : Tom Shipley
ISBN : 9781478718857
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 80.33 MB
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A down economy occurs when too many businesses see incoming orders shrink too much. But always, among the 29 million firms that comprise our marketplace, some businesses will be doing well. In the past, we devised a way to find them, fund them, and begin the healing process. Nobody knows, regardless of studies or the number of degrees held, who those firms or business sectors, in aggregate, are. But our government, invariably, selects some, presents them with tax money as stimulus, and the economy continues to sleep. The money was wasted and no national or market purpose was served. Citizen-households, in dealing with all 29 million businesses, unintentionally are funding those poised for growth -- and at no cost to taxpayers. The private sector has 132 million citizen-households that spend money to buy an infinite variety of products or services, every day, that they need or desire from those businesses. And that money, secondarily, is finding all of the firms peculiarly poised for growth and is feeding them. With time, the market will heal and grow if government does nothing. But government can shorten the period of distress: Remove business-retarding regulations. And it can shorten it much further if the private sector, additionally, is allowed to retain a little more of its tax money -- to further stimulate those poised. To make the nation’s period of economic distress the absolute shortest, the government has to do this: Give all private sector businesses more money (lower tax rates with no time limit), remove any regulatory stumbling blocks to business (for example, let drilling begin on federal land), give the private citizens more money to spend (lower tax rates with no time limit), and stand back. The widespread distribution of funding will find those elements that are poised for growth, and if enough elements are found, the correction will begin - and continue, like the falling of dominoes. Government can’t do anything more. If the market isn’t ready, it may take more time, and permanence of all the actions is required. Today, world-wide, economies are in turmoil; our consumers’ money could find some businesses, poised, that left for foreign shores early on, now ready to return.
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Future Survey Annual 1991

Author : Michael Marien
ISBN : 0930242424
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 73.74 MB
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Category: Political Science

Fixing Financial Crises In The 21st Century

Author : Andrew Haldane
ISBN : 9781134337156
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 86.55 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Financial crises have dogged the international monetary system over recent years. They have impoverished millions of people around the world, especially within developing countries. And they have called into question the very process of globalization. Yet there remains no intellectual consensus on how best to avert such crises, much less resolve them. Policymakers stand at a cross-roads. This volume summarises and evaluates these issues, drawing on contributions by prominent international experts in the field.
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Bad Money

Author : Kevin Phillips
ISBN : 9781101046326
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 21.1 MB
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In his acclaimed book American Theocracy, Kevin Phillips warned of the perilous interaction of debt, financial recklessness, and the spiking cost (and growing scarcity) of oil- warnings that are proving to be frighteningly accurate. Now, in his most significant and timely book yet, Phillips takes the full measure of this crisis. They are a part of what he calls "bad money"- not just the depreciated dollar, but also the dangerous attitudes and the flawed products of wayward mega-finance. His devastating conclusion: In its hubris, the financial sector has hijacked the American economy and put our very global future at risk-and it may be too late to stop it.
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