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Financially Fearless

Author : Alexa von Tobel
ISBN : 9780385347624
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 43.37 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Finally, a financial plan that lets you be YOU, only richer. It’s time to throw away all your old notions of what financial advice should look like. Because if you’re looking for a book to put you on an austerity savings plan that has you giving up vacations and lattes, you’re out of luck. But if you’re looking to get your finances in rock-hard shape - in less time than it takes to finish a workout – then Alexa von Tobel, Founder and CEO of LearnVest, has your back. How? Through the LearnVest Program. First, you’ll take stock of where you stand today. Then, you’ll create your customized 50/20/30 plan. 50/20/30 simply refers to the percentage breakdown of how to spend your take-home pay each month. The 50 gets the essentials out of the way so you don't have to stress about them. The 20 sets your foundation for the future, then the 30 is left to spend on the things that bring happiness to your life. By the time you’re finished reading this book, you’ll walk away with a financial game plan tailored to your priorities, your hopes and dreams, and your lifestyle. And, because von Tobel and the team at LearnVest are experts at financial planning in the online era, you’ll also learn how to integrate your financial plan into your mobile, social, digital life. Like your own personal financial planner between two covers, this book will set you up for a secure, worry-free money future, without having to give up things you love. So toss those old-school financial guides out the window, and get ready to start living your richest life. From the Hardcover edition.
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Financially Fearless By 40

Author : Jason Anthony
ISBN : 0452284333
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 73.36 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In the follow-up to "Debt-Free by 30, " Anthony tackles the financial questions and dilemmas for those over 30.
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Financially Forward

Author : Alexa von Tobel
ISBN : 9781984823533
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 80.84 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Chief digital officer at Northwestern Mutual, founder/CEO of LearnVest, and New York Times bestelling author shows how to use the simple tools of the digital age to get more out of our money. We live in a new financial world. Our wallets--like every other aspect of our lives--have gone fully digital. From mobile pay to on-demand everything to cryptocurrencies, technology is rewriting the rules for how we earn, save, spend and invest. Technology has made virtually every aspect of our lives cheaper and more convenient. Shouldn't it do the same when it comes to managing our finances? Von Tobel says that it can. In this straightforward and jargon-free guide, she shows us how to use the simple tools found on any smartphone to put more money back into our wallets. Readers will learn: Six new trends that are impacting our finances - and how to optimize them How to navigate the world of mobile pay, and cash in by going cash-free How to save time and money by putting your savings--and spending--on autopilot Best practices for keeping your identity and financial accounts ultra-secure How to talk to digital natives - ie your kids - about financial planning What the Bitcoin hype is all about and how to prepare for the future of digital money Preparing ourselves for the financial future gives us the security and freedom to live our richest lives. It's time to move Financially Forward...or get left behind.
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Fearless A Journey To Financial Peace

Author : N. M. Elliot
ISBN : 9781449794484
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 38.22 MB
Format : PDF
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After finding her brother dead from a financially motivated suicide, this gripping story shows one woman's journey from her haunting financial past to financial hope. "I harbored my own financial distress and secrets just like my brother. I knew that I needed to tell my husband about our own descending financial situation. 'The dread' was back with its baneful eyes piercing my soul. I was utterly lost, and I needed to find a way out." Money pervades all aspects of our lives; however, our past pervades all areas of our money. I was already married with a family when I found out how my childhood fears influenced my financial decisions. Looking back I remember my father as a man's man. Standing at six foot four, he was an imposing figure. He had a narcissistic personality which both attracted people to him and made people fear him. As a child, each evening when the sound of my father's footsteps reached our front porch, one of us children would yell, "Run!" Katherine Paterson, national ambassador for Young People's Literature, said that "a child's heart is a resilient thing. Bend in out of shape and it bends back but rough it up too much and it develops ruts." My heart had developed deep ruts, and for most of my life when I felt fear, I ran. This is a book about how I stopped running.
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Mapping Your Fearless Future A Millennial S Simple Easy Guide To Financial Confidence Empowerment And Hope Paying Off Debt Student Loans Budg

Author : Michael Kellermeyer
ISBN : 109157622X
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 36.76 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The 20th century master of weird fiction, H. P. Lovecraft, once said that the "oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown." The creator of the extraterrestrial sea-demon Cthulhu knew what he was saying when he recognized the existential power of fear and its primary source: a lack of knowledge. Things are immediately less frightening when we understand their dimensions - their limitations and weaknesses - and financial debt is no different than a werewolf in this capacity: learn its vulnerabilities, and it will stop having power over your choices. You'll sleep better, get up easier, laugh more, and smile oftener. Instead of being thrown into a panic when a tire goes out, you'll be temporarily miffed: "it turns a crisis into an inconvenience" when you have no debt, an emergency fund over $10,000, growing investments in well-researched IRA's, and a flexible-but-intentional plan for the future. Pulling together the lessons from dozens of finance books, listening to hundreds of hours' of financial coaching sessions, and taking Financial Coach Master Training, I've designed this book to make the more intense elements of personal finance simple and digestible. What I've come to know - and what I want you to learn - is that there are six things you must do to be financially confident: 1.Pay off and avoid debt at all costs2.Regularly operate a specific monthly budget3.Maintain a robust emergency fund for unexpected costs4.Invest wisely in select IRA's with a guiding, proven investor5.Have the appropriate instruments of insurance in place6.Cultivate a spirit of gratitude, generosity, and humilityThroughout this book I'll breakdown all six steps: we'll talk about how to start a budget, make a plan for paying off debt, and how to become debt-free; we'll discuss the critical importance of establishing a rainy day fund, getting the right (not the wrong) kind of insurance, and putting a will in place for your loved ones; we'll discuss investing - who to trust with your investments and what to expect, and we'll talk about the positive attitude that 97% of American millionaires (1/3 of whom make less than six figures annually) cultivate in their own lives : an attitude of optimism, self-control, gratitude, and outrageous charity.This book is intended to be a silver bullet for your financial fears: it's small, simple, and short, but it packs a wallop. If you're going through lots of financial chaos right now, I'd recommend seeing a financial coach to help you wade through the mess, but for the time being, this can act as a compass in the swamp, pointing you towards good choices, wise planning, and a fearless future.
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Fearless Living And Loving

Author : John A. Love
ISBN : 9781490846804
Genre : Religion
File Size : 48.21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Fearless Living and Loving guides readers through a journey of self-discovery. Its uplifting stories offer a new way to perceive the world, and its timeless lessons empower Christians to make positive, life-changing choices. As we endure hardships, questions arise. Has God given up on me? How can I gain more courage and strength? How can I find lasting inner peace? Fearless Living and Loving explores these concerns as it presents the transforming ministry of Christ in a way that everyone can understand. Jesus affirmed that, as our love grows, we are better equipped to overcome adversity. And as our faith grows, we are able to let go of worry and doubt. In times of sickness or decline, people want to feel safe and loved. In times of pain or distress, people seek to learn more about life’s meaning and purpose. And in times of loss or sadness, people strive to maintain hope. These existential truths are found in every part of the world. Yet, by inviting God’s love into our hearts, we can be ready for life’s biggest challenges. And by embracing the Light of Christ, we can live and love without fear. Praise for Fearless Living and Loving: “Heart-warming, healing, and inspirational. I look at my life in a completely different way.” —Melinda Crowley, licensed caregiver “I’ve found my center again. A real gem!” —JoAnne Dole, registered nurse “Uplifting lessons which help us find peace in every moment.” —Dr. Susan Berner, physician “Comfort at a time when my life was turned upside down.” —Mary Newman, massage therapist “Insightful and thought-provoking. A powerful presentation of Christ’s teachings!” —Rev. Julie Keene, pastor “Complex issues explained so that everyone can grasp them. A great gift!” —Tomek Ossoski, transitional care administrator
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Fortune Follows The Fearless

Author : Hunter Hammond
ISBN : 9781465323590
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 86.69 MB
Format : PDF
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Scarred by a troubled childhood, and angry at the vicissitudes of fate, Marshall Martin, a young New York portfolio manager, decides to win fame and fortune by bringing down his employer, the largest hedge fund in the world. Relying on a fabricated insider-trading plot involving his boss, he succeeds in his goal, only to find that his actions have a host of unintended consequences on him and those around him. Plagued by guilt and fear, he begins to find a degree of solace in his idealized love for the former fiance of his best friend at work. However, it is only when he realizes her own dark secrets and flaws, that he is able to embark upon a true path to redemption, and perhaps, ultimately, happiness. Set in New York, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and Monaco, Fortune Follows The Fearless is an unflinching examination of one mans attempt to come to terms with his own mediocrity and mortality, in a world of money and ruthless ambition. It is Hunter Hammonds first novel.
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Fearless Living

Author : Rhonda Britten
ISBN : 9781444733792
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 30.83 MB
Format : PDF
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So many of us are held back by fear - in every aspect of our lives. Hugely inspirational writer and speaker Rhonda Britten goes beyond Susan Jeffers' classic "Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway" to show us how to banish fear entirely. Describing how she herself overcame the personal tragedy of her father's murder of her mother, she explains the 3 key steps involved in reversing fortunes and making a success of our lives. First unblock potential, then dismantle self-defeating habits, and finally re-channel negative self-talk to turn your losses into wins and problems into possibilities. Both motivating and practical, Rhonda Britten includes case histories and exercises to help us identify, transform and move beyond our fears to a new life of physical, spiritual and emotional freedom.
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Invested To Be Molested

Author : Kelly Mitchell
ISBN : 1508721300
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 66.27 MB
Format : PDF
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Is your money set to 'vaporize'? Is your Adviser preparing for (even aware of) the next crisis? Or does he think everything is fixed? How prepared are you? Is the system ready to skin you? According to Mitchell, the answer is a clear yes. And what you don't know can and will hurt you. It may leave you broke. Financial Protection enjoyed only by the Elites Would you pay $4000 or $5000 to guard your lifesavings? That's what the wealthy pay for specialized reports to secure their wealth in this environment. Now you can finally protect yourself and your family with new insider information about the financial services industry thievery for under $10. Invested to be Molested is the controversial, blacklisted book you should download instantly. Join the growing community of liberated citizens who've broken the chains of Wall Street and live free from anxiety. The confidential information in this book will SHOCK you. you will want to take instant action because you will realize how much your nest egg is in real danger of slow drainage or sudden, catastrophic loss. Invested to be Molested shows you a whole host of financial industry conflicts of interest and outright threats: Every brokerage house uses your stock as collateral for speculation. All houses commit 'churn' - taking your money. All houses have a limited book to buy - and it's low reward, high risk. The most prestigious firms sell their clients low-liquid complex bonds, then short them and buy them back at company profit - and YOUR LOSS! The system is arranged so that you don't even own your stocks. The central banks created legislation that allows for a 'bail-in' - putting ALL your money at risk of forfeiture. All banks treat you - legally - as an unsecured creditor. If they go in the red, you could lose it all. Invested to be Molested covers the secret ground of unethical, predatory, often illegal activity of the money managers in this system. Most of the information in here is unkown to financial advisors, and those that know are contractually forbidden to reveal it because it is the knowledge of how much risk your money is currently in. Many strategies exist to 'hedge' or limit risk in your investments- but your financial adviser will not, under any circumstances, implement them. He probably does not even know about them, but even if he does, he is not licensed to implement them. The industry is using middle class investors as cannon fodder - and most advisers don't even know. They may (or may not) have your best interest at heart, but one thing is for sure - they can't do anything about it. If you're confused about finance, then buy this book before hiring a 'professional.' It covers investing for dummies, for beginners, investing basics, value investing, intelligent investing, financial planning, financial accounting, financial times, financial peace, freedom, advisor, financially fearless, personal finance, finance for dummies, finance 101, basics, scams, frauds, wolf of wall street, wall street, bankster practices, derivatives markets, derivatives explained, derivatives demystified, derivatives for dummies, derivative investing, and black swans. It will help you if you want to do online trading and will definitely show you how to avoid the trap of the financial planner.
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