Fields Without Dreams

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Fields Without Dreams

Author : Victor Davis Hanson
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Genre : Technology & Engineering
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During the 1980s, 2,000 family farms went out of business every week. Fields Without Dreams tells Hanson's passionate, angry, loving, and lyrical story. A fifth-generation California vine and fruit grower, Hanson and his family faced an overwhelming personal crisis when the great "raisin boom" of the 1970s was followed by the great "raisin crash" of the 1980s.
Category: Technology & Engineering

New York Magazine

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New York magazine was born in 1968 after a run as an insert of the New York Herald Tribune and quickly made a place for itself as the trusted resource for readers across the country. With award-winning writing and photography covering everything from politics and food to theater and fashion, the magazine's consistent mission has been to reflect back to its audience the energy and excitement of the city itself, while celebrating New York as both a place and an idea.


Author : Victor Davis Hanson
ISBN : 9781594032172
Genre : History
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Massive illegal immigration from Mexico into California, Victor Davis Hanson writes, "coupled with a loss of confidence in the old melting pot model of transforming newcomers into Americans, is changing the very nature of state. Yet we Californians have been inadequate in meeting this challenge, both failing to control our borders with Mexico and to integrate the new alien population into our mainstream." Part history, part political analysis, and part memoir, "Mexifornia" is an intensely personal work by one of our most important writers. Hanson is perhaps known best for his military histories and especially his social commentary about America and its response to terror after 9/11. But he is also a fifth-generation Californian who runs a family farm in the Central Valley and has written eloquent elegies for the decline of the small farm such as "Fields Without Dreams" and "The Land Was Everything." Like these books, "Mexifornia" is an intensely personal look at what has changed in California over the last quarter century. In this case, however, Hanson's focus is on how not only California, the Southwest, and indeed the entire nation has been affected by America's hemorrhaging borders and how those hurt worst are the Mexican immigrants themselves. A large part of the problem, Hanson believes, comes from the opportunistic coalition that stymies immigration reform and, even worse, stifles an honest discussion of a growing problem. Conservative corporations, contractors, and agribusiness demand cheap wage labor from Mexico, whatever the social consequences. Meanwhile, "progressive" academics, journalists, government bureaucrats, and La Raza advocates envision illegal aliens as a vast new political constituency for those committed to the notion that victimhood, not citizenship, is the key to advancement. The problems Hanson identifies may have reached critical mass in California, but they affect Americans who inhabit "Mexizona," "Mexichusetts" and other states of becoming. Hanson writes wistfully about his own growing up in the Central Valley when he was one of a handful of non-Hispanics in his elementary school and when his teachers saw it as their mission to give all students, Hispanic and "white" alike, a passport to the American Dream. He follows the fortunes of Hispanic friends he has known all his life--how they have succeeded in America and how they regard the immigration crisis. But if "Mexifornia" is emotionally generous at the strength and durability of the groups that have made California strong, it is also an indictment of the policies that got California into its present mess. But in the end, Hanson strongly believes that our traditions of assimilation, integration, and intermarriage may yet remedy a problem that the politicians and ideologues have allowed to get out of hand.
Category: History

The Land Was Everything

Author : Victor Davis Hanson
ISBN : 9780684845012
Genre : History
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The author of Fields Without Dreams offers a firsthand perspective on a farmer's continual struggle against drought, disease, insects, rodents, government bureaucracy, financial overload, and other challenges confronting the modern farmer and explains how these difficulties promote such qualities as independence, stoicism, and resolution.
Category: History

The Other Greeks

Author : Victor Davis Hanson
ISBN : 0520209354
Genre : History
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Victor Hanson shows that the "Greek revolution" was not the rise of a free and democratic urban culture, but rather the historic innovation of the independent family farm."--BOOK JACKET.
Category: History

Black Earth And Ivory Tower

Author : Zachary Michael Jack
ISBN : 157003611X
Genre : Education
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Heralding the seventy-fifth anniversary of the quintessential agrarian anthology I'll Take My Stand, Zachary Michael Jack, himself a fourth generation farmer's son, has assembled North America's foremost contemporary writers on the present rural experience to provide their own twenty-first-century insights. In the grand tradition of farmer-writers Robert Frost, Henry David Thoreau, and Andrew Lytle, Black Earth and Ivory Tower : New American Essays from Farm and Classroom gathers the disparate wisdoms of modern day stewarts of the land including Victor David Hanson, Michael Martone, Linda Hasselstrom, John Hildebrand, "Country Things" cartoonist Bob Artley, and Duane Acker, former U. S. Assistant Secretary of Science and Education and former president of Kansas State University. These gifted teachers and growers offer hard-won inspiration from the field and the classroom, exemplifying the multifaceted, farm-grounded talents that call them to lives as writers, visual artists, conservation tillers, environmentalists, economists, policymakers, extension agents, and grassroots activists. Seeking a balanced life that reconciles the hands, heart, and head, they follow roads less traveled to find agrarian lifestyles at once enlightening and challenging. At a time when less than two percent of Americans count themselves as farmers, these writers�all of whom have cultivated the earth and climbed the ivory tower�underscore the diversity of the American farm as a wellspring of learning. Their plainspoken commentaries on modern farming, teaching, and living will remind older generations of time-honored, agrarian values and provide a new generation with a literate, critical account of shifting national priorities.
Category: Education

The Western Way Of War

Author : Victor Davis Hanson
ISBN : 0520219112
Genre : History
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Hanson thinks the ancient Greeks deliberately made warfare physically and psychologically intolerable so that no one could stand it for long and wars could be fought and settled in a single afternoon.
Category: History

Warfare And Agriculture In Classical Greece Revised Edition

Author : Victor Davis Hanson
ISBN : 0520215966
Genre : History
File Size : 57.67 MB
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Provides a systematic review of Greek agriculture and warfare and describes the relationship between these two important aspects of life in ancient communities. With careful attention to agronomic as well as military details, this researched study reveals the remarkable resilience of those farmland communities.
Category: History

Warfare And Agriculture In Classical Greece

Author : Victor Davis Hanson
ISBN : 9780520210257
Genre : History
File Size : 58.86 MB
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Provides a systematic review of Greek agriculture and warfare and describes the relationship between these two important aspects of life in ancient communities. With careful attention to agronomic as well as military details, this researched study reveals the remarkable resilience of those farmland communities.
Category: History

Agrarian Dreams

Author : Julie Guthman
ISBN : 9780520240957
Genre : History
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"Agrarian Dreams throws a cold shower of reality over the dream of organic agriculture in California, demonstrating all that is lost when organic farming goes industrial. This is a challenging book, and until we can answer the hard questions Julie Guthman poses, a genuinely sustainable agriculture will elude us."—Michael Pollan, author of The Botany of Desire: A Plant's-Eye View of the World "Agrarian Dreams puts organic agriculture in a broad intellectual, social, and theoretical context in a readable way. Nobody has written at this scale and scope about organics. The availability of this basic data and interpretation will open discussion to a broad range of citizens, scholars, and decision makers. This is an outstanding work."—Sally K. Fairfax, Henry J. Vaux Distinguished Professor of Forest Policy, University of California, Berkeley "Guthman takes on the sacred cow of organic agriculture: that farmers and consumers can transform our food system simply through by adopting new philosophies of eating, farming and nature. With an analysis that is at the forefront of agrarian theory today, she shows that organic farmers, no matter what their philosophy, have to work under the economic gun of markets and land prices. As a result, organic growers in California are forced to become increasingly industrialized, unjust and unhealthy. Her analysis is proof that it will take more than new kinds of thinking to create sustainability in our food system."—Melanie DuPuis, author of Nature's Perfect Food: How Milk Became America's Drink
Category: History

Field Days

Author : Jonah Raskin
ISBN : 052094318X
Genre : Cooking
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"Sooner or later, nearly everyone who cares about wine and food comes to Sonoma"—so begins this lively excursion to a spectacular region that has become known internationally as a locavore's paradise. Part memoir, part vivid reportage, Field Days chronicles the renaissance in farming organically and eating locally that is unfolding in Northern California. Jonah Raskin tells of the year he spent on Oak Hill Farm—working the fields, selling produce at farmers' markets, and following it to restaurants. He also goes behind the scenes at Whole Foods. In this luminous account of his experiences, Raskin introduces a dynamic cast of characters—farmers, chefs, winemakers, farm workers, and environmentalists. They include such luminaries as Warren Weber at Star Route Farm, the oldest certified organic farm in Marin County; Bob Cannard, who has supplied Chez Panisse with vegetables for decades; Sharon Grossi, the owner of the largest organic farm in Sonoma; and Craig Stoll, the founder and executive chef at Delfina in San Francisco. Raskin also offers portraits of renowned historical figures, including Luther Burbank, Jack London, and M.F.K. Fisher. Field Days is a heartfelt celebration of the farm-to-table movement and its cultural reverberations.
Category: Cooking

Bonfire Of The Humanities

Author : Bruce S Thornton
ISBN : 9781497651609
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 46.89 MB
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With humor, lucidity, and unflinching rigor, the acclaimed authors of Who Killed Homer? and Plagues of the Mind unsparingly document the degeneration of a central, if beleaguered, discipline—classics—and reveal the root causes of its decline. Hanson, Heath, and Thornton point to academics themselves—their careerist ambitions, incessant self-promotion, and overspecialized scholarship, among other things—as the progenitors of the crisis, and call for a return to “academic populism,” an approach characterized by accessible, unspecialized writing, selfless commitment to students and teaching, and respect for the legacy of freedom and democracy that the ancients bequeathed to the West.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Narnia And The Fields Of Arbol

Author : Matthew Dickerson
ISBN : 9780813138657
Genre : Nature
File Size : 75.8 MB
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Scholars have discussed the work of C. S. Lewis (1898--1963) for decades, but they have focused on Lewis's Christian and pagan allusions and have largely ignored his other important themes. Narnia and the Fields of Arbol: The Environmental Vision of C. S. Lewis is the first book dedicated to Lewis's vision of our relationship to nature and the environment. Matthew T. Dickerson and David O'Hara examine The Chronicles of Narnia and the Ransom books, as well as The Great Divorce, The Abolition of Man, and Lewis's essays and personal correspondence, connecting his writing with that of authors more traditionally associated with environmentalism, such as Wendell Berry, Aldo Leopold, and Gary Snyder. Narnia and the Fields of Arbol offers a fresh way for readers across disciplines to understand the work of this literary legend.
Category: Nature

Why The West Has Won

Author : Victor Davis Hanson
ISBN : 0571216404
Genre : Battles
File Size : 51.7 MB
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'Why The West Has Won' provides a history of the rise to dominance of the West, exploring the links between cultural values and military success.
Category: Battles

The Politically Correct University

Author : Robert Maranto
ISBN : 9781461660477
Genre : Reference
File Size : 21.85 MB
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The Politically Correct University shows how the universities' quest for 'diversity' has produced in too many departments a stifling uniformity of thought. Required reading for those who want American universities to eschew political correctness." — Michael Barone, resident fellow, American Enterprise Institute
Category: Reference

Ethical Issues In Rural Health Care

Author : Craig M. Klugman
ISBN : 9781421411507
Genre : Medical
File Size : 59.79 MB
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This volume initiates a much-needed conversation about the ethical and policy concerns facing health care providers in the rural United States. Although 21 percent of the population lives in rural areas, only 11 percent of physicians practice there. What challenges do health care workers face in remote locations? What are the differences between rural and urban health care practices? What particular ethical issues arise in treating residents of small communities? Craig M. Klugman and Pamela M. Dalinis gather philosophers, lawyers, physicians, nurses, and researchers to discuss these and other questions, offering a multidisciplinary overview of rural health care in the United States. Rural practitioners often practice within small, tight-knit communities, socializing with their patients outside the examination room. The residents are more likely to have limited finances and to lack health insurance. Physicians may have insufficient resources to treat their patients, who often have to travel great distances to see a doctor. The first part of the book analyzes the differences between rural and urban cultures and discusses the difficulties in treating patients in rural settings. The second part features the personal narratives of rural health care providers, who share their experiences and insights. The last part introduces unique ethical challenges facing rural health care providers and proposes innovative solutions to those problems. This volume is a useful resource for bioethicists, members of rural bioethics committees and networks, policy makers, teachers of health care providers, and rural practitioners themselves.
Category: Medical

Fresh From The Farmers Market Reissue

Author : Janet Fletcher
ISBN : 0811865908
Genre : Cooking
File Size : 64.72 MB
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Organized by season, a book of lavish photographs and more than seventy-five easy-to-prepare and delicious dishes suitable for family meals as well as entertaining celebrates the freshness and value available at farmers' markets across the country, in a tenth anniversary edition of the acclaimed cookbook. Reprint.
Category: Cooking

The Essential Agrarian Reader

Author : Norman Wirzba
ISBN : 9780813138312
Genre : Nature
File Size : 49.87 MB
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With a Foreword by Barbara Kingsolver. A compelling worldview with advocates from around the globe, agrarianism challenges the shortcomings of our industrial and technological economy. Not simply focused on farming, the agrarian outlook encourages us to develop practices and policies that promote the health of land, community, and culture. Agrarianism reminds us that no matter how urban we become, our survival will always be inextricably linked to the precious resources of soil, water, and air. Combining fresh insights from the disciplines of education, law, history, urban and regional planning, economics, philosophy, religion, ecology, politics, and agriculture, these original essays develop a sophisticated critique of our culture's current relationship to the land, while offering practical alternatives. Leading agrarians, including Wendell Berry, Vandana Shiva, Wes Jackson, Gene Logsdon, Brian Donahue, Eric Freyfogle, and David Orr, explain how our goals should be redirected toward genuinely sustainable communities. These writers call us to an honest accounting and correction of our often destructive ways. They suggest how our society can take practical steps toward integrating soils, watersheds, forests, wildlife, urban areas, and human populations into one great system -- a responsible flourishing of our world and culture.
Category: Nature

The Future Of Tradition

Author : Leon Shaskolsky Sheleff
ISBN : 0714649538
Genre : Law
File Size : 48.41 MB
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Recent years have seen an increased interest in the variety of cultures co-existing within one state, and a growing acknowledgement of the values ensconced in pluralistic social structures. this book examines the manner in which indigenous people can function in modern states, preserving their traditional customs, while simultaneously adapting aspects of their culture to the challenges posed by modern life. Whereas it was formerly assumed that these tribal frameworks were doomed to extinction, and some states even encouraged such a process, there has been a revival in their vitality, linked to a recognition of their rights. Recent judicial decisions are analysed as a reflection of the far-reaching changes that have taken place, in a process that has seen the former disregard of basic rights of indigenous people being replaced by an awareness of the injustices perpetrated in the past and a willingness to seek to redress them. The comparison between approaches of different English-speaking countries provides an account of interwoven developments.
Category: Law

Ripples Of Battle

Author : Victor Davis Hanson
ISBN : 9781400095322
Genre : History
File Size : 66.92 MB
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The effects of war refuse to remain local: they persist through the centuries, sometimes in unlikely ways far removed from the military arena. In Ripples of Battle, the acclaimed historian Victor Davis Hanson weaves wide-ranging military and cultural history with his unparalleled gift for battle narrative as he illuminates the centrality of war in the human experience. The Athenian defeat at Delium in 424 BC brought tactical innovations to infantry fighting; it also assured the influence of the philosophy of Socrates, who fought well in the battle. Nearly twenty-three hundred years later, the carnage at Shiloh and the death of the brilliant Southern strategist Albert Sidney Johnson inspired a sense of fateful tragedy that would endure and stymie Southern culture for decades. The Northern victory would also bolster the reputation of William Tecumseh Sherman, and inspire Lew Wallace to pen the classic Ben Hur. And, perhaps most resonant for our time, the agony of Okinawa spurred the Japanese toward state-sanctioned suicide missions, a tactic so uncompromising and subversive, it haunts our view of non-Western combatants to this day.
Category: History