Fear City New Yorks Fiscal Crisis And The Rise Of Austerity Politics

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Fear City

Author : Kim Phillips-Fein
ISBN : 9780805095265
Genre : History
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PULITZER PRIZE FINALIST An epic, riveting history of New York City on the edge of disaster—and an anatomy of the austerity politics that continue to shape the world today When the news broke in 1975 that New York City was on the brink of fiscal collapse, few believed it was possible. How could the country’s largest metropolis fail? How could the capital of the financial world go bankrupt? Yet the city was indeed billions of dollars in the red, with no way to pay back its debts. Bankers and politicians alike seized upon the situation as evidence that social liberalism, which New York famously exemplified, was unworkable. The city had to slash services, freeze wages, and fire thousands of workers, they insisted, or financial apocalypse would ensue. In this vivid account, historian Kim Phillips-Fein tells the remarkable story of the crisis that engulfed the city. With unions and ordinary citizens refusing to accept retrenchment, the budget crunch became a struggle over the soul of New York, pitting fundamentally opposing visions of the city against each other. Drawing on never-before-used archival sources and interviews with key players in the crisis, Fear City shows how the brush with bankruptcy permanently transformed New York—and reshaped ideas about government across America. At once a sweeping history of some of the most tumultuous times in New York's past, a gripping narrative of last-minute machinations and backroom deals, and an origin story of the politics of austerity, Fear City is essential reading for anyone seeking to understand the resurgent fiscal conservatism of today.
Category: History

Social Reproduction And The City

Author : Simon Black
ISBN : 9780820357546
Genre : Political Science
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The transformation of child care after welfare reform in New York City and the struggle against that transformation is a largely untold story. In the decade following welfare reform, despite increases in child care funding, there was little growth in New York's unionized, center-based child care system and no attempt to make this system more responsive to the needs of working mothers. As the city delivered child care services "on the cheap," relying on non-union home child care providers, welfare rights organizations, community legal clinics, child care advocates, low-income community groups, activist mothers, and labor unions organized to demand fair solutions to the child care crisis that addressed poor single mothers' need for quality, affordable child care as well as child care providers' need for decent work and pay. Social Reproduction and the City tells this story, linking welfare reform to feminist research and activism around the "crisis of care," social reproduction, and the neoliberal city. At a theoretical level, Simon Black's history of this era presents a feminist political economy of the urban welfare regime, applying a social reproduction lens to processes of urban neoliberalization and an urban lens to feminist analyses of welfare state restructuring and resistance. Feminist political economy and feminist welfare state scholarship have not focused on the urban as a scale of analysis, and critical approaches to urban neoliberalism often fail to address questions of social reproduction. To address these unexplored areas, Black unpacks the urban as a contested site of welfare state restructuring and examines the escalating crisis in social reproduction. He lays bare the aftermath of the welfare-to-work agenda of the Giuliani administration in New York City on child care and the resistance to policies that deepened race, class, and gender inequities.
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City Of Workers City Of Struggle

Author : Joshua B. Freeman
ISBN : 9780231549585
Genre : History
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From the founding of New Amsterdam until today, working people have helped create and re-create the City of New York through their struggles. Starting with artisans and slaves in colonial New York and ranging all the way to twenty-first-century gig-economy workers, this book tells the story of New York’s labor history anew. City of Workers, City of Struggle brings together essays by leading historians of New York and a wealth of illustrations, offering rich descriptions of work, daily life, and political struggle. It recounts how workers have developed formal and informal groups not only to advance their own interests but also to pursue a vision of what the city should be like and whom it should be for. The book goes beyond the largely white, male wage workers in mainstream labor organizations who have dominated the history of labor movements to look at enslaved people, indentured servants, domestic workers, sex workers, day laborers, and others who have had to fight not only their masters and employers but also labor groups that often excluded them. Through their stories—how they fought for inclusion or developed their own ways to advance—it recenters labor history for contemporary struggles. City of Workers, City of Struggle offers the definitive account of the four-hundred-year history of efforts by New York workers to improve their lives and their communities. In association with the exhibition City of Workers, City of Struggle: How Labor Movements Changed New York at the Museum of the City of New York
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Veblens America

Author : Sidney Plotkin
ISBN : 9781783088737
Genre : Political Science
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Donald Trump’s astonishing rise to the US presidency challenges conventional understandings of American politics, yet he is distinctively American. His biography and family lineage reflect American traditions such as real estate hucksterism and buccaneering salesmanship. But Trump’s pugnacity also reflects the shadow of other darker American traditions of misogyny, racism and xenophobia, patterns that formed what Thorstein Veblen called a “sclerosis of the American soul.” Using Veblen’s theory of American development to explore the nation’s curious fusion of barbarism and liberal democracy, Veblen’s America taps the rich vein of the sociologist’s early twentieth-century insights to shed light on the Trump phenomenon that has overwhelmed and threatened early twenty-first-century American democracy.
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Invisible Hands The Businessmen S Crusade Against The New Deal

Author : Kim Phillips-Fein
ISBN : 0393077632
Genre : History
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“A compelling and readable story of resistance to the new economic order.” —Boston Globe In the wake of the profound economic crisis known as the Great Depression, a group of high-powered individuals joined forces to campaign against the New Deal—not just its practical policies but the foundations of its economic philosophy. The titans of the National Association of Manufacturers and the chemicals giant DuPont, together with little-known men like W. C. Mullendore, Leonard Read, and Jasper Crane, championed European thinkers Friedrich von Hayek and Ludwig von Mises and their fears of the “nanny state.” Through fervent activism, fundraising, and institution-building, these men sought to educate and organize their peers as a political force to preserve their profit margins and the “American way” of doing business. In the public relations department of General Electric, they would find the perfect spokesman: Ronald Reagan. Some images in the ebook are not displayed owing to permissions issues.
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Without Compromise

Author : Wayne Barrett
ISBN : 9781541756809
Genre : Political Science
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A collection of groundbreaking investigations by Wayne Barrett, the intrepid, muckraking Village Voice journalist who exposed corruption in New York City and beyond. With piercing moral clarity and exacting rigor, Wayne Barrett tracked political corruption in the pages of the Village Voice fact by fact, document by document for 40 years. The first to report on the scams and crooked deals that fueled the rise of Donald Trump in 1979, Barrett went on to expose the shady dealings of small-time slum lords and powerful New York City politicians alike, from Ed Koch to Rudy Giuliani to Michael Bloomberg. Without Compromise is the first anthology of Barrett's investigative work, accompanied by essays from colleagues and those he trained. In an age of lies, fog, and propaganda, when the profession of journalism is degraded by the White House and the industry is under financial threat, Barrett reminds us that facts, when clearly accumulated, are our best defense of democracy. Featuring essays by:Joe ConasonKim Phillips-Fein Errol LouisGerson BorreroTom RobbinsTracie McMillanPeter NoelAdam FifieldJarrett MurphyAndrea BernsteinJennifer GonnermanMac Barrett
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Ed Koch And The Rebuilding Of New York City

Author : Jonathan Soffer
ISBN : 9780231520904
Genre : History
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In 1978, Ed Koch assumed control of a city plagued by filth, crime, bankruptcy, and racial tensions. By the end of his mayoral run in 1989 and despite the Wall Street crash of 1987, his administration had begun rebuilding neighborhoods and infrastructure. Unlike many American cities, Koch's New York was growing, not shrinking. Gentrification brought new businesses to neglected corners and converted low-end rental housing to coops and condos. Nevertheless, not all the changes were positive AIDS, crime, homelessness, and violent racial conflict increased, marking a time of great, if somewhat uneven, transition. For better or worse, Koch's efforts convinced many New Yorkers to embrace a new political order subsidizing business, particularly finance, insurance, and real estate, and privatizing public space. Each phase of the city's recovery required a difficult choice between moneyed interests and social services, forcing Koch to be both a moderate and a pragmatist as he tried to mitigate growing economic inequality. Throughout, Koch's rough rhetoric (attacking his opponents as "crazy," "wackos," and "radicals") prompted charges of being racially divisive. The first book to recast Koch's legacy through personal and mayoral papers, authorized interviews, and oral histories, this volume plots a history of New York City through two rarely studied yet crucial decades: the bankruptcy of the 1970s and the recovery and crash of the 1980s.
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Mambo Montage

Author : Agustín Laó-Montes
ISBN : 9780231505444
Genre : Social Science
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New York is the capital of mambo and a global factory of latinidad. This book covers the topic in all its multifaceted aspects, from Jim Crow baseball in the first half of the twentieth century to hip hop and ethno-racial politics, from Latinas and labor unions to advertising and Latino culture, from Cuban cuisine to the language of signs in New York City. Together the articles map out the main conceptions of Latino identity as well as the historical process of Latinization of New York. Mambo Montage is both a way of imagining latinidad and an angle of vision on the city.
Category: Social Science

Class Power And Austerity

Author : Eric Lichten
ISBN : UCAL:B4395663
Genre : Business & Economics
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Examines the reasons for New York City's fiscal crisis, outlines the class structure, and explains how austerity has affected the unions.
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Political Affairs

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015081708250
Genre : Communism
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A theoretical and political magazine of scientific socialism.
Category: Communism

The Chicago Gangster Theory Of Life

Author : Andrew Ross
ISBN : 0860914291
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 29.42 MB
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Strange and scary days for an ecology movement that was conceived in fierce opposition to power. Fractured, as ever, by divisions and competing agendas, the movement must now confront the dangerous tendency of those in power to invoke nature's laws as a model for social well-being. Partly as a result of ecology's influence, biologism is back, and the spectres of social Darwinism and Malthusian ideas about natural scarcity have begun to reinforce, if not translate in, calls for a reduction in right and freedoms in our civil society. Andrew Ross's The Chicago Gangster Theory of Life questions the evangelical asceticism of much environmentalist thought, and calls for a renewal of the libertarian, post-scarcity tradition. Opening with a stunning essay on the ethnic and socio-economic bases of cultural nationalism in the Pacific Islands, he assesses the continuing historical appeal of ecological romanticism, long associated with Polynesian peoples, and central today to a tourist industry that is the new mode of Third World underdevelopment. Turning to home, he analyzes the 1933 bombing of New York's World Trade Center in the ecological context of urban development that has made the city a capital both of global finance and of new immigrant cultures. In a response to the bombing and environmental terrorism of the Gulf War, Ross goes on to explore the 'ecology of images' that characterized the media's role in that war's carnage and in the mounting collateral damage of the New World Order. A fourth chapter discusses the much-hyped men's movement as a response to debates among eco-feminists. The book concludes with a sweeping critiques of the new world view being ushered in by geneticists and the biotechnology industry, a philosophy of biological determinism that Ross describes as 'the Chicago gangster theory of life.' With his sharp eye for the crucial cultural phenomena of our times, Ross's wry take on the contradictions of green politics is tempered by his commitment to dispel the ecology movement's public image as an anti-libertarian politics that always 'says no', and preaches self-limitation rather than promising social fulfillment. He sees an ecological future of public affluence and not voluntary poverty, a world where nature is a participant in our social plans, and not an authority locking us into some incontrovertible fate.
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Empire State Report

Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105013609446
Genre : New York (State)
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Saturday Review

Author :
ISBN : UVA:X000021913
Genre : American literature
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Book Review Digest

Author :
ISBN : IND:30000114363934
Genre : Bibliography
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The Economist

Author :
ISBN : UCR:31210024032656
Genre : Economic history
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New York

Author :
ISBN : NWU:35556019678051
Genre : New York (N.Y.)
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