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Fast And Effective Assessment

Author : Glen Pearsall
ISBN : 9781416626336
Genre : Education
File Size : 76.14 MB
Format : PDF
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What if teachers could dramatically reduce the amount of time they spend reviewing and correcting student work and actually see better results in terms of student learning? That's the goal of Glen Pearsall, who shares dozens of classroom-tested strategies that lessen teachers' workload while increasing students' class participation and improving their understanding. Readers will learn how to Refine their classroom questioning techniques to continually check students' progress and provide instant feedback; Encourage students to internalize learning goals so they better understand what is expected of them; Use fast, formative assessment strategies to check and correct during class time; Modify traditional summative-testing strategies to monitor student progress in a formative way; Speed up the correction process via student self-proofing, representative sampling, and helpful technology tools; and Engage students in becoming actively involved in assessing their own work. Drawing from his own experience as a teacher and coach, Pearsall offers practical, real-world advice in the form of techniques that are both effective and sustainable in the everyday classroom. The result is smarter assessment—for both teachers and students.
Category: Education

Fast Forward

Author : Elspeth J. Murray
ISBN : 9780190288365
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 39.86 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In the age of rapidly changing technology, increased global opportunities and globalization, and shareholder activity, executives all over the world are expected to use the right techniques in order to gain the highest level of success for their organizations. These executives need the knowledge and tools that will allow them to continue to thrive and remain ahead of the competition in the business environment. This volume and its accompanying guide puts them on the right track. It offers a practical and proven framework for rapid implementation of strategic change that can be used by executives and their organizations. Complete with a collection of examples and checklists, the accompanying guides provide guidance on specific types of change initiatives such as the launch of a new strategic plan, deep cultural change, acquisitions,and new products.
Category: Business & Economics

Designing Effective Assessment

Author : Trudy W. Banta
ISBN : 9780470393345
Genre : Education
File Size : 30.60 MB
Format : PDF
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Fifteen years ago Trudy Banta and her colleagues surveyed thenational landscape for the campus examples that were published inthe classic work Assessment in Practice. Since then, significantadvances have occurred, including the use of technology to organizeand manage the assessment process and increased reliance onassessment findings to make key decisions aimed at enhancingstudent learning. Trudy Banta, Elizabeth Jones, and Karen Blackoffer 49 detailed current examples of good practice in planning,implementing, and sustaining assessment that are practical andready to apply in new settings. This important resource can helpeducators put in place an effective process for determining whatworks and which improvements will have the most impact in improvingcurriculum, methods of instruction, and student services on collegeand university campuses. "Institutional researchers, accreditation committee members,faculty, and all the rest of us working to assess student learningwill be inspired by the examples of good practices set in ascholarly context by Banta, Jones, and Black." —Randy L.Swing, executive director, Association for InstitutionalResearch "The authors' long and deep experience in assessment hasinformed this wonderful resource, which combines overarchingprinciples of effective assessment with concrete case studies drawnfrom diverse institutions. Readers will learn how to go beyondusing standardized test scores as the sole measure of learning, howto establish classroom-based assessment, how to use multipleassessment data for improvement, and how to get faculty involved inthe process." —Barbara E. Walvoord, author, Effective Gradingand Assessment Clear and Simple "Higher education's preeminent assessment scholars have done itagain, responding to growing requests for assessment models andexamples of good practice with an extensive array of meaningful,practical profiles. No matter what your institution's mission, andno matter where you are in the assessment process, you will find awealth of ideas here." —Linda Suskie, author, AssessingStudent Learning: A Common Sense Guide
Category: Education

Summary Assessment Of The Practicality Of Pulsed Fast Neutron Analysis For Aviation Security

Author : National Materials Advisory Board
ISBN : 9780309542142
Genre : History
File Size : 30.66 MB
Format : PDF
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A major goal of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and now the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), is the development of technologies for detecting explosives and illegal drugs in freight cargo and passenger luggage. One such technology is pulsed fast neutron analysis (PFNA). This technology is based on detection of signature radiation (gamma rays) induced in material scanned by a beam of neutrons. While PFNA may have the potential to meet TSA goals, it has many limitations. Because of these issues, the government asked the National Research Council to evaluate the potential of PFNA for airport use and compare it with current and future x-ray technology. The results of this survey are presented in "Assessment of the Practicality of Pulsed Fast Neutron Analysis for Aviation Security.” A broad range of detection methods and test results are covered in this report. Tests conducted as of October 2000 showed that the PFNA system was unable to meet the stringent federal aviation requirements for explosive detection in air cargo containers. PFNA systems did, however, demonstrate some superior characteristics compared to existing x-ray systems in detecting explosives in cargo containers, though neither system performed entirely satisfactorily. Substantial improvements are needed in the PFNA detection algorithms to allow it to meet aviation detection standards for explosives in cargo and passenger baggage. The PFNA system currently requires a long scan time (an average of 90 minutes per container in the prototype testing in October 2000), needs considerable radiation shielding, is significantly larger than current x-ray systems, and has high implementation costs. These factors are likely to limit installation at airports, even if the detection capability is improved. Nevertheless, because PFNA has the best potential of any known technology for detecting explosives in cargo and luggage, this book discusses how continued research to improve detection capabilities and system design can best be applied for the airport environment.
Category: History

Disaster Planning Structural Assessment Demolition And Recycling

Author : E.K. Lauritzen
ISBN : 9780203626481
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 79.50 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book contains general recommendations for site clearing after man-made and natural disasters. It provides guidelines on the demolition of damaged structures and the reuse of demolition and construction materials. It has been prepared by an international task force originating from cooperation between RILEM and UNESCO.
Category: Architecture

Groundwater Vulnerability

Author : Vyacheslav Shestopalov
ISBN : 9781118962206
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 44.5 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) disaster that occurred in Ukraine on April 26, 1986, was one of the most devastating in human history. Using this as a case study, the AGU monograph Groundwater Vulnerability: Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster is devoted to the problem of groundwater vulnerability, where the results of long-term field and modeling investigations of radionuclide transport in soil and groundwater, within the Ukrainian part of the Dnieper River basin (Kyiv region of Ukraine), are discussed. The authors provide a comprehensive review of existing literature on the assessment of groundwater vulnerability and then describe an improved methodology, which is developed based on integration of the methods of hydrogeological zonation and modeling of anomalously fast migration of radioactive contaminants from the land surface toward groundwater. This volume also includes the evaluation of the effect of preferential and episodic flow on transport of radionuclides toward the aquifers and risk assessment of groundwater vulnerability, which can further assist future researchers in developing remediation technologies for improving drinking water quality. Further, this volume sheds light on the consequences of groundwater contamination from nuclear disasters and assists with assessing the risks associated with contamination and developing effective remediation technologies. Volume highlights include discussions of the following: Assessment of groundwater vulnerability to contamination from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster Novel analytical results of the 25-year investigations of groundwater contamination caused by Chernobyl-born radionuclides The wealth of data on different modes of radioactive transport in the atmosphere, water, and soils, and along the food chains The hydrogeological and physico-chemical processes and factors in groundwater contaminated zones The applicability of commonly used methods of the evaluation of groundwater vulnerability A unique method of fluid dynamics that involves an anomalously fast migration of contaminants through zones of preferential flow from the land surface toward groundwater Building confidence in the assessment of migration pathways of radionuclides in the biosphere Assessment and prediction of the consequences of the nuclear accident, which can shed light on protection from global nuclear accidents Analogue information for different nuclear waste disposal and environmental projects around the world
Category: Technology & Engineering

Fast Facts For Health Promotion In Nursing

Author : Carol A. Miller, MSN, RN-BC
ISBN : 9780826110541
Genre : Medical
File Size : 53.37 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This addition to the Fast Facts series provides a succinct guide for nurses in adult-health clinical settings and fills the need for an easy-to-use clinical reference that delivers a quick-access reference on ways to incorporate wellness into their work, helping to improve patient outcomes, and throughout their daily lives, helping to reduce personal and professional stress and improve their overall wellness. There currently is no clinical reference book that nurses can use for health promotion in general and health promotion for wellness in particular. Having such a reference is especially pertinent to nurses who learned about health promotion in academic nursing programs, but did not learn about health promotion in the broader context of promoting wellness. Since Florence Nightingale, nurses have considered health promotion interventions ñ particularly patient education -- as an essential component of nursing care. Historically, these interventions traditionally focused on physical health concerns, such as nutrition, exercise, and fresh air, and more recently, on immunizations, and screening for disease (e.g., cancer, diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease). Because health promotion has expanded to include wellness, nurses now address issues related to broader aspects, such as stress reduction, body-mind connectedness, and self-responsibility. At the same time that wellness has become an important focus of care, health care providers increasingly are emphasizing cost effectiveness and use of advanced technology. As a result of these concurrent trends, nurses experience high levels of job-related stress and have less time to promote patient wellness as an integral part of their care, even though they recognize its importance. In addition, nurses increasingly recognize that job-related pressures negatively affect them personally and they are looking for ways to incorporate wellness in their work and personal experiences. Fast Facts for Health Promotion for Wellness (FF HP) fills the need for an easy-to-use clinical reference that delivers a quick-access reference on ways to incorporate wellness into their work and throughout their daily lives. This book: Helps nurses understand wellness in the context of health promotion Clearly defines wellness as it applies to the practice of nursing Describes evidence-based techniques that nurses can readily incorporate into their usual care to promote wellness for their patients Provides easy-to-use assessment tools for identifying wellness-related needs of patients Provides easy-easy-to-use tools for teaching patients about interventions to promote wellness Provides evidence-based information about complementary and alternative practices that nurses often address in patient care situations Provides information about reliable resources for patient teaching and additional information about topics Discusses ways in which nurses can achieve self wellness
Category: Medical

Learning In The Fast Lane

Author : Suzy Pepper Rollins
ISBN : 9781416618713
Genre : Education
File Size : 59.5 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A seasoned educator presents eight high-impact instructional practices to close achievement gaps and get all students--whether struggling or excelling--in the academic fast lane.
Category: Education