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Farewell To Growth

Author : Serge Latouche
ISBN : 9780745646176
Genre : Business & Economics
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Most of us who live in the North and the West consume far too much – too much meat, too much fat, too much sugar, too much salt. We are more likely to put on too much weight than to go hungry. We live in a society that is heading for a crash. We are aware of what is happening and yet we refuse to take it fully into account. Above all we refuse to address the issue that lies at the heart of our problems – namely, the fact that our societies are based on an economy whose only goal is growth for growth’s sake. Serge Latouche argues that we need to rethink from the very foundations the idea that our societies should be based on growth. He offers a radical alternative – a society of ‘de-growth’. De-growth is not the same thing as negative growth. We should be talking about ‘a-growth’, in the sense in which we speak of ‘a-theism’. And we do indeed have to abandon a faith or religion – that of the economy, progress and development—and reject the irrational and quasi-idolatrous cult of growth for growth’s sake. While many realize that that the never-ending pursuit of growth is incompatible with a finite planet, we have yet to come to terms with the implications of this – the need to produce less and consume less. But if we do not change course, we are heading for an ecological and human disaster. There is still time to imagine, quite calmly, a system based upon a different logic, and to plan for a ‘de-growth society’.
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Farewell To China S Gdp Worship

Author : Li Jinzao
ISBN : 9789813220256
Genre : Business & Economics
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Economic and social development is and will be the main task in the long run in China, and development is the basis and key to solve the problems faced. Although people have been criticising its limitations for reasons of one sort or another, no better alternative index has ever been put forward. GDP is still commonly used all over the world, not only as a fundamental and comprehensive indicator for economic analysis, but also as an important basis for many rules and evaluations. It is impossible to abolish GDP, but it is now the time to bid farewell to its worship. By saying goodbye to China's GDP worship, the role of GDP may be downplayed and restored to its original position. In modern China, in order to adhere to the essential guideline that development is the absolute principle, it is necessary to steadfastly undertake scientific development, pay more attention to the people, place more emphasis on comprehensive, concerted and sustainable development, give priority to the overall consideration of various aspects of development, and make more efforts to protect and improve people's livelihood and promote social equality and justice. In light of the spirit of scientific outlook on development, it is imperative to establish new concepts, an evaluation system and an assessment mechanism on economic and social development, especially to accelerate the transformation of the mode of economic development. It will be a profound change covering the entire process and various aspects of economic and social development. It is a requirement of the times, and also a choice to be made at such a new and historical starting point. Based on the outstanding research findings of many visionaries and the initial practices in some local areas in recent years, this book proposes to switch the focus to multi-dimensional and comprehensive indicators from GDP alone and establish a new economic and social evaluation system, that is, abandon the GDP-centred evaluation system or GDP worship and adopt a comprehensive evaluation system for economic and social development embodying the scientific outlook on development — the comprehensive development index (CDI). Contents: What is GDP?Use of GDPLimitations of GDPGDP Comparison between China and Other Countries and Regions Including the US, Japan, Europe and India and Evolution of the DifferencesWhere Will GDP Go?Conclusion: Establishing a New Fundamental Concept on Social and Economic Development Readership: This book is intended for members of the general public as well as professionals with an interest in China and its development. Keywords: China;GDP Worship;GDP;Economic and Social Development;Excessive Consumption;Scientific Outlook;Comprehensive Development Index (CDI)Review:0
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A Farewell To Alms

Author : Gregory Clark
ISBN : 1400827817
Genre : Business & Economics
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Why are some parts of the world so rich and others so poor? Why did the Industrial Revolution--and the unprecedented economic growth that came with it--occur in eighteenth-century England, and not at some other time, or in some other place? Why didn't industrialization make the whole world rich--and why did it make large parts of the world even poorer? In A Farewell to Alms, Gregory Clark tackles these profound questions and suggests a new and provocative way in which culture--not exploitation, geography, or resources--explains the wealth, and the poverty, of nations. Countering the prevailing theory that the Industrial Revolution was sparked by the sudden development of stable political, legal, and economic institutions in seventeenth-century Europe, Clark shows that such institutions existed long before industrialization. He argues instead that these institutions gradually led to deep cultural changes by encouraging people to abandon hunter-gatherer instincts-violence, impatience, and economy of effort-and adopt economic habits-hard work, rationality, and education. The problem, Clark says, is that only societies that have long histories of settlement and security seem to develop the cultural characteristics and effective workforces that enable economic growth. For the many societies that have not enjoyed long periods of stability, industrialization has not been a blessing. Clark also dissects the notion, championed by Jared Diamond in Guns, Germs, and Steel, that natural endowments such as geography account for differences in the wealth of nations. A brilliant and sobering challenge to the idea that poor societies can be economically developed through outside intervention, A Farewell to Alms may change the way global economic history is understood.
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Addicted To Profit

Author : Stuart Sim
ISBN : 9780748670345
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 40.76 MB
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In what is both a critique and a manifesto for cultural change, Stuart Sim explains what we could be doing to cure our addiction to profit, why we ought to be doing it, and how to set about achieving it. Life needn't all be about profit.
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Author : Laura Lanese
ISBN : 9781439641200
Genre : Photography
File Size : 58.39 MB
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The first settlers began arriving in the Wilmington region in the early 1800s. Less than a decade later, in 1810, Wilmington was chosen as the county seat for the newly formed Clinton County. Although the area has long been known for its agricultural productivity, Wilmington’s rich and diverse history includes a territorial governor and Civil War general, a world-renowned sculptor, a musician who performed for years on the Delta Queen, and a Major League Baseball club owner. Wilmington has also been home to several Underground Railroad stops, a Quaker college, an experimental World War II glider base, and a cold war missile site. Twice named one of the “Best Small Towns in America,” Wilmington continues to delight visitors with its stately historic buildings and its small-town charm.
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When The Sisters Said Farewell

Author : Michael P. Caruso, S.J.
ISBN : 9781610486545
Genre : Religion
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When the Sisters Said Farewell tells an important story of the contributions of Catholic elementary schools to the United States by chronicling the experiences and insights of religious women (nuns) who were the last members of their communities to serve in parish elementary schools, and of those lay men and women who were the first to serve in those roles traditionally filled by the sisters. The dramatic numerical transition from the preponderance of religious women to lay leadership from the 1960s to the 1980s has been documented; this book describes the how and why sisters left Catholic schools. This narrative also provides instructive insights about leadership, transitions, and current trends in religious life and Catholic education. As all educators in Catholic, private, and public schools grapple with questions of delivering an excellent education, this book offers a glimpse into the workings of one of the most amazing educational enterprises in the history of the United States.
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Farewell To Peasant China

Author : Gregory Eliyu Guldin
ISBN : 0765600897
Genre : History
File Size : 43.43 MB
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Chinese urbanization, including the daily life, migration strategies, and life choices of villagers and townspeople, is the focus of this study by Chinese and North American scholars. From Tianjin in the north, to Tibet in the West, and to Guangdong and Fujian on the southeast coast, a tale is told of transforming countrysides, regional disparities, and the prospects of a fully urbanized China as the twenty-first century dawns. This first broad-scale anthropological investigation of Chinese urbanization captures both the dynamic essence of the urbanizations process and the remarkable vitality of post-reform Chinese society.
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Furry Farewell Grief Handbook

Author : Dan C. Crenshaw
ISBN : 9781477114209
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 20.1 MB
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The human-animal bond can seem like a magic wand. As a result, the grief from any kind of pet loss can be from mild to monstrous. This book gives you dignity when some other people may think your grief is preposterous. First, through the arduous climb out of the valley of grief, coping muscles can be strengthened. Gradually the strangling, entangled emotions can become unraveled. You can embark upon another chapter of your life without feeling bedeviled. Life coping skills can spawn as your mourning becomes virtually gone. You can gradually move from grief to greatness as your grief subsides and transitions into a song. As a result, this is both a pet loss and life-coaching book. Healing and inspiration can help you integrate pet loss coping skills into your life as a whole. Then your lifestyle can become more creative and bold.
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