Far In The Waste Sudan

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Far In The Waste Sudan

Author : Nicholas Coghlan
ISBN : 0773529357
Genre : History
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In 2000, with controversy raging over the presence in Sudan of Canada's largest independent oil and gas producer, Ottawa decided to open a watching post in Khartoum. Nicholas Coghlan was recalled from his assignment in Columbia – another war zone – to set up and run the first diplomatic presence in the largest country in Africa. "In diplomatic circles, you cry when you hear you've been posted to Sudan," says Coghlan. "But you cry even more when you leave." Far in the Waste Sudan weaves together a personal and political account of Coghlan's three-year posting. Oil rich and on the front-line of the divide between Africa and the Middle East and between the West and Islam, Sudan is one of Africa's most inaccessible countries. Far in Waste Sudan is as an excellent introduction that takes the reader from Khartoum, former home to Carlos the Jackal and Osama bin-Laden, to the Wadi Halfa desert, where Canadian travellers played a key role to lift the seige of 1885 and rescue British General Charles Gordon, to the rebel-controlled swamps and jungle lowlands of Equatoria where the rebel People's Liberation Army have held sway for twenty years. Coghlan explores the mountain ranges of Darfur and the forgotten national park of Dinder and races a fifty-year old steel sailing dinghy on the Blue Nile. With new conflicts smouldering in Darfur, Far in Waste Sudan also explores the moral and ethical dilemmas of delivering aid to a country at war with itself. Coghlan's rare first-hand account of Sudan offers a unique perspective that leaves an indelible impression.
Category: History

Canada In Sudan

Author : Peter Pigott
ISBN : 1770705147
Genre : History
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An ancient Arab proverb states, "When Allah made the Sudan, he laughed." Had he known the country’s future, he would have done better to cry. To most of the world, Sudan means Darfur and the tragedy of atrocities and ethnic cleansing that has occurred there. Canada’s first involvement in Sudan was in 1884, when Canadian voyageurs were recruited to help rescue General Gordon, who was besieged in Khartoum by the Mahdi. Canada in Sudan introduces Canadians to this massive, troubled nation, telling the story from ancient times through to the modern era and the work of Canadian archaeologists, aid organizations, and Canadian Forces military observers deployed to Sudan as part of Operation Safari. On March 30, 2007, Minister for Foreign Affairs Peter MacKay said, "Sudan is an almost perfect storm of conflict, dislocation, underdevelopment, and brutality." Perhaps he was confirming that Canada will be in Sudan for a very long time.
Category: History

Omar Al Bashir S Sudan Revised Edition

Author : Diana Childress
ISBN : 9781467703581
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
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Omar al-Bashir came into power in 1989. Sudan was gripped by famine caused by drought as well as a devastating civil war between the north and south. Its economy was in shambles. Bashir headed a coup to overthrow Sudan's democratic government, and many hoped it would finally bring order to the country. After the coup, Bashir suspended the constitution and appointed himself head of state, prime minister, defense minister, and commander in chief of the army. It soon became clear that his objective was to turn Sudan into a strict Islamic state, even though most people in South Sudan are not Muslim. He dismissed, imprisoned, and even executed those who disagreed with his measures and continued the war in the south, destroying entire villages and scattering their populations. Then in 2003, a crisis arose in the western area of Darfur. Drought had brought farmers and herders into conflict over the land. Bashir armed pro-Arab militia, who worked with the military to bring the same destruction of villages to Darfur. In 2008 the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Bashir for crimes against humanity. In Omar al-Bashir's Sudan, learn more about this ruthless dictator and how the international spotlight might help bring an end to his repressive rule.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

The New Kings Of Crude

Author : Luke Patey
ISBN : 9781849045384
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 63.43 MB
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In the past decade, the need for oil in Asia's new industrial powers, China and India, has grown dramatically. The New Kings of Crude takes the reader from the dusty streets of an African capital to Asia's glistening corporate towers to provide a first look at how the world's rising economies established new international oil empires in Sudan, amid one of Africa's longest-running and deadliest civil wars. For over a decade, Sudan fuelled the international rise of Chinese and Indian national oil companies. But the political turmoil surrounding the historic division of Africa's largest country, with the birth of South Sudan, challenged Asia's oil giants to chart a new course. Luke Patey weaves together the stories of hardened oilmen, powerful politicians, rebel fighters, and human rights activists to show how the lure of oil brought China and India into Sudan--only later to ensnare both in the messy politics of a divided country. His book also introduces the reader to the Chinese and Indian oilmen and politicians who were willing to become entangled in an African civil war in the pursuit of the world's most coveted resource. It offers a portrait of the challenges China and India are increasingly facing as emerging powers in the world.
Category: Social Science

The Tenth Parallel

Author : Eliza Griswold
ISBN : 9781846144226
Genre : Religion
File Size : 53.11 MB
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The tenth parallel - the line of latitude seven hundred miles north of the equator - is a geographical and ideological front line where Christianity and Islam collide. Across much of inland Africa and Asia, from Nigeria, Sudan and Somalia to Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, live more than half of the world's 1.3 billion Muslims, and sixty percent of the world's 2 billion Christians. The space between the equator and the tenth parallel marks the end of Africa's arid north and the beginning of sub-Saharan jungle; in Southeast Asia, the encounter between the two religions is also driven by wind and weather, as the trade winds carried merchants of both faiths across the sea, and the clash of hot and cold air creates the hurricanes that travel across the earth to hit Latin and North American soil. On both sides of the line, the religions and their people are experiencing reawakenings of faith - and in their buzzing megacities and swarming jungle, the encounters between the two faiths is shaping the future. Eliza Griswold, award-winning investigative journalist and poet, has spent the past seven years travelling the space between the equator and the tenth parallel, exploring the meanings and ramifications of this reawakening of faith, in a place where these changes may alter the future of what's called the Global South - and, in turn, the West. In each country along the faultline, she asks if it is possible to determine where faith ended and secular violence began, or what role religion actually plays in struggles over resources and political power. The story of this encounter between religions unfolds over nearly two thousand years and more than 600,000 square miles. An urgent examination of the relationship between faith and worldly power, The Tenth Parallel is an essential work about the conflicts over religion, nationhood and natural resources that will remake the world in the years to come.
Category: Religion

The One Year Christian History

Author : E. Michael Rusten
ISBN : 9781414328119
Genre : Religion
File Size : 43.65 MB
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What happened on this date in church history? From ancient Rome to the twenty-first century, from peasants to presidents, from missionaries to martyrs, this book shows how God does extraordinary things through ordinary people every day of the year. Each story appears on the day and month that it occurred and includes questions for reflection and a related Scripture verse.
Category: Religion

Civil Uprisings In Modern Sudan

Author : W. J. Berridge
ISBN : 9781472574039
Genre : History
File Size : 60.54 MB
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This book is open access and available on www.bloomsburycollections.com. It is funded by Knowledge Unlatched. In the wake of the protests that toppled regimes across the Middle East in 2011, Sudanese activists and writers have proudly cited their very own 'Arab Springs' of 1964 and 1985, which overthrew the country's first two military regimes, as evidence of their role as political pioneers in the region. Whilst some of these claims may be exaggerated, Sudan was indeed unique in the region at the time in that it witnessed not one but two popular uprisings which successfully uprooted military authoritarianisms. Civil Uprisings in Modern Sudan provides the first scholarly book-length history of the 1964 and 1985 uprisings. It explores the uprisings themselves, their legacy and the contemporary relevance they hold in the context of the current political climate of the Middle East. The book also contends that the sort of politics espoused by various kinds of Islamist during the uprisings can be interpreted as a form of early 'post-Islamism', in which Islamist political agendas were seen to be compatible with liberalism and democracy. Using interviews, Arabic language sources and a wealth of archival material, this book is an important and original study that is of great significance for scholars of African and Middle Eastern political history.
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S S A Newsletter

Author :
ISBN : IND:30000125090005
Genre : Sudan
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Letters From The Sudan

Author : Edward Frederick Knight
ISBN : STANFORD:36105041527594
Genre : Egypt
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Category: Egypt

The Crown Colonist

Author :
ISBN : MINN:31951001227892H
Genre : Great Britain
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Collapse Of A Country

Author : Nicholas Coghlan
ISBN : 9780773551800
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 66.66 MB
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The first Canadian diplomat to be posted to war-torn Sudan, Nicholas Coghlan was a natural choice to lead Canada’s representation in the new Republic of South Sudan soon after the country was founded in 2011. In late 2013, Coghlan and his wife Jenny were in the capital, Juba, when it erupted in gunfire and civil war pitted one half of the army against the other, Vice-President Machar against President Kiir, and the Nuer tribe against the Dinka. This action-focused narrative, grounded by accounts of meetings with key leaders and travels throughout the dangerous, impoverished hinterland of South Sudan, explains what happened in December 2013 and why. In harrowing terms, Collapse of a Country describes the ebb and flow of the war and the humanitarian tragedy that followed, the Coghlans’ scramble to evacuate South-Sudanese Canadians from Juba, and the well-meant but often ill-conceived attempts of the international community to mitigate the misery and bring peace back to a land that has rarely known it. Coghlan’s stark narrative serves as a lesson to politicians, diplomats, aid workers, and practitioners on the breakdown of governance and relationships between ethnic groups, and the often decisive role of international development representatives. Fast-paced and poignant, Collapse of a Country gives an insider’s glimpse into the chaos, violence, and ethnic conflicts that emerged out of a civil war that has been largely ignored by the West.
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Author : World Bank
ISBN : WISC:89081609406
Genre : Agriculture
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