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The Fantasy Role Playing Game

Author : Daniel Mackay
ISBN : 0786450479
Genre : Games & Activities
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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Many of today’s hottest selling games—both non-electronic and electronic—focus on such elements as shooting up as many bad guys as one can (Duke Nuk’em), beating the toughest level (Mortal Kombat), collecting all the cards (Pokémon), and scoring the most points (Tetris). Fantasy role-playing games (Dungeons & Dragons, Rolemaster, GURPS), while they may involve some of those aforementioned elements, rarely focus on them. Instead, playing a fantasy role-playing game is much like acting out a scene from a play, movie or book, only without a predefined script. Players take on such roles as wise wizards, noble knights, roguish sellswords, crafty hobbits, greedy dwarves, and anything else one can imagine and the referee allows. The players don’t exactly compete; instead, they interact with each other and with the fantasy setting. The game is played orally with no game board, and although the referee usually has a storyline planned for a game, much of the action is impromptu. Performance is a major part of role-playing, and role-playing games as a performing art is the subject of this book, which attempts to introduce an appreciation for the performance aesthetics of such games. The author provides the framework for a critical model useful in understanding the art—especially in terms of aesthetics—of role-playing games. The book also serves as a contribution to the beginnings of a body of criticism, theory, and aesthetics analysis of a mostly unrecognized and newly developing art form. There are four parts: the cultural structure, the extent to which the game relates to outside cultural elements; the formal structure, or the rules of the game; the social structure, which encompasses the degree and quality of social interaction among players; and the aesthetic structure, concerned with the emergence of role-playing as an art form.
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The Evolution Of Fantasy Role Playing Games

Author : Michael J. Tresca
ISBN : 9780786460090
Genre : Games & Activities
File Size : 48.47 MB
Format : PDF
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Tracing the evolution of fantasy gaming from its origins in tabletop war and collectible card games to contemporary web-based live action and massive multi-player games, this book examines the archetypes and concepts within the fantasy gaming genre alongside the roles and functions of the game players themselves. Other topics include: how The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings helped shape fantasy gaming through Tolkien’s obsessive attention to detail and virtual world building; the community-based fellowship embraced by players of both play-by-post and persistent browser-based games, despite the fact that these games are fundamentally solo experiences; the origins of gamebooks and interactive fiction; and the evolution of online gaming in terms of technological capabilities, media richness, narrative structure, coding authority, and participant roles.
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Dangerous Games

Author : Joseph P. Laycock
ISBN : 9780520960565
Genre : Religion
File Size : 73.75 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The 1980s saw the peak of a moral panic over fantasy role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons. A coalition of moral entrepreneurs that included representatives from the Christian Right, the field of psychology, and law enforcement claimed that these games were not only psychologically dangerous but an occult religion masquerading as a game. Dangerous Games explores both the history and the sociological significance of this panic. Fantasy role-playing games do share several functions in common with religion. However, religion—as a socially constructed world of shared meaning—can also be compared to a fantasy role-playing game. In fact, the claims of the moral entrepreneurs, in which they presented themselves as heroes battling a dark conspiracy, often resembled the very games of imagination they condemned as evil. By attacking the imagination, they preserved the taken-for-granted status of their own socially constructed reality. Interpreted in this way, the panic over fantasy-role playing games yields new insights about how humans play and together construct and maintain meaningful worlds. Laycock’s clear and accessible writing ensures that Dangerous Games will be required reading for those with an interest in religion, popular culture, and social behavior, both in the classroom and beyond.
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Fantasy Role Playing Games

Author : Source Wikipedia
ISBN : 1230568875
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 161. Chapters: The Fantasy Trip, Amber Diceless Roleplaying Game, RuneQuest, Bunnies & Burrows, Middle-earth Role Playing, Rolemaster, Tekumel, Tunnels & Trolls, Everway, Drakar och Demoner, Jorune, Chivalry & Sorcery, DragonQuest, Exalted, Night Wizard!, List of Exalted publications, Crystalicum, The Dark Eye, Alshard, Iron Heroes, Palladium Fantasy Role-Playing Game, Changeling: The Dreaming, OSRIC, Dungeons & Dragons simulacrums, 7th Sea, Nobilis, The Wheel of Time Roleplaying Game, Talislanta, Arduin, Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, Feng Shui, Ironclaw, Over the Edge, HeroQuest, Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Game, Saturnalia, HackMaster, Pendragon, Scion, In Nomine, Fantasy Hero, Eden: the Deceit, Tribe 8, Bloodlust, HarnMaster, World Tree, The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Game, Dragon Warriors, Tempest Feud, High Adventure Role Playing, Sword World RPG, Dragon Storm, Sorcerer, Dead Inside, Engel, Diomin, Maelstrom, Lejendary Adventure, Labyrinth Lord, Dream Craft, Reve: the Dream Ouroboros, Big Eyes, Small Mouth, Castle Falkenstein, Nephilim, List of games based on Conan the Barbarian, Unknown Armies, Cutthroat: The Shadow Wars, Tagmar, GURPS Discworld, Agone, The Burning Wheel, Arcana Unearthed, Dra i doup, GURPS Banestorm, Anima: Beyond Fantasy, Diana: Warrior Princess, Fireborn, Swordbearer, The Zorcerer of Zo, Mechanical Dream, The Riddle of Steel, The Shadow of Yesterday, Deliria, Dzikie Pola, A Game of Thrones, Slaine: The Role Playing Game of Celtic Heroes, In Nomine Satanis/Magna Veritas, Dice & Glory, Blue Rose, Midgard, Warcraft: The Roleplaying Game, Dragonbane, Tenra War, Lord of the Rings Adventure Game, Meikyu kingdom, Arianrhod RPG, D6 Fantasy, Houses of the Blooded, Fantasy Imperium, Basic Fantasy RPG, Castles & Crusades, Ysgarth, Tibet: The Roleplaying Game, Wayfarers, Chaos Flare, Fate of the...

Shared Fantasy

Author : Gary Alan Fine
ISBN : 0226249441
Genre : Games & Activities
File Size : 46.23 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This classic study still provides one of the most acute descriptions available of an often misunderstood subculture: that of fantasy role playing games like Dungeons & Dragons. Gary Alan Fine immerses himself in several different gaming systems, offering insightful details on the nature of the games and the patterns of interaction among players—as well as their reasons for playing.
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Author : Michael O Varhola
ISBN : 1935050575
Genre :
File Size : 65.82 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Warriors is a comprehensive OGL sourcebook for fantasy role-playing games that expands upon the description of the Warrior class in the Dungeon Master's Guide. It is an invaluable resource both for game masters who want to expand the variety and realism of combat encounters and martial non-player characters and for players who want to enhance the military and combat capabilities of their own characters. Features include: 16 military prestige classes, including the Aerial Cavalryman, Charioteer, Combat Engineer, Executioner, Marine, Mechanist Infantry, Mountaineer, and Sheriff. More than 30 military subtypes, including archers, artillerists, cavalrymen, beast handlers, infantrymen, medics, pathfinders, peasant levies, and templars. Nine non-military subtypes, including bandits, barkeeps, thugs, and traders. Two dozen skills, including Craft (Airship-Making), Knowledge (Beast Lore), Operate Device, Profession (Bartender), and Signaling. Nearly a score of feats, including eight devoted to aerial warfare. New weapons, armor, and equipment, including weapon accessories, elephant gear, siege engines, balloons and blimps, and guidelines for incorporating high-technology weapons into a fantasy campaign. 16 new spells, including Battle Runes and many specially designed for use by members of the Zealot prestige class. More than 80 new magic items and five new weapon special abilities. Three new combat-oriented monsters. Two dozen detailed, ready-to-use NPCs. Rules for incorporating chariots into combat. Rules for using large beasts like elephants in warfare. Guidelines on historical and non-human heraldry.

Fantasy Gaming

Author : Martin Hackett
ISBN : 0750943602
Genre : Games & Activities
File Size : 59.20 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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For the first time, renowned gaming expert Martin Hackett brings together fantasy role-playing and fantasy wargaming. The result is a complete gaming system, allowing experienced or novice players to explore a fictional world in character by taking part in adventures and going on to lead armies into battle, conquer territory and found empires. Fantasy role playing took off in the late 1970s with the rise of TSR's Dungeons and Dragons. Fantasy wargaming, by contrast, is the clash of two or more mythical armies, played out with miniatures and scenery on a tabletop battlefield.
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Sharded Fantasy Role Playing Game

Author : Adrian Vox
ISBN : 1541282167
Genre :
File Size : 76.43 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Sharded Fantasy RPG is a points based tabletop role-playing game. Sharded has been designed to be rules light and choice heavy, with this simple, yet powerful system you can create whatever character you can imagine, from staples such as a High Elf Wizards and Dwarf Paladins, to Goblin Assassins, Sphinx Enchanters and Ratfolk Shamans. The choices are yours.

Men Monsters

Author : Varg Vikernes
ISBN : 1523637625
Genre :
File Size : 74.31 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK unless you want a book with most of the men and all the monsters you can encounter in Thule. Each named NPC from the MYFAROG core rule-book, most NPC categories (e. g. Civilian Hunters, Khemetian Merchant Guards, Rangers, Cultists, Assassins, etc.) with different experience levels, and all the monsters each have a separate stat block. There are also a few new creatures (Giant Toad, Rat Swarm, Cursed Tree, Crawling Creep, Large Forest Ettin/Ogre, Small Forest Ettin/Yrch, Elf Queen, Dwarf Lord, Ancient Hulda, Ancient Skeleton, Warrior Wight, Ancient Ghost, Ancient Sea Wraith/Wraith and Shadow Sorcerer) in this book. This handy 155 page book is small (5 * 8 inches) and very useful for myth masters for quick reference. Men & Monsters also includes advanced tracking rules and new random encounter tables, including the new creatures found in this book."

Westerns And American Culture 1930 1955

Author : R. Philip Loy
ISBN : 9780786410767
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 26.11 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Many people have fond memories of Friday nights and Saturday afternoons spent in theatres watching cowboy stars of the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s chase villains across the silver screen or help a heroine out of harm's way. Over 2,600 Westerns were produced between 1930 and 1955 and they became a defining part of American culture. This work focuses on the idea that Westerns were one of the vehicles by which viewers learned the values and norms of a wide range of social relationships and behavior, and thus examines the ways in which Western movies reflected American life and culture during this quarter century. Chapters discuss such topics as the ways that Westerns included current events in film plot and dialogue, reinforced the role of Christianity in American culture, reflected the emergence of a strong central government, and mirrored attitudes toward private enterprise. Also covered is how Westerns represented racial minorities, women, and Indians.
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Author :
ISBN : 0972251111
Genre : Dungeons and Dragons (Game)
File Size : 37.60 MB
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The Book Of Random Tables 4 Fantasy Role Playing Game Aids For Game Masters

Author : Matt Davids
ISBN : 1732840148
Genre : Games & Activities
File Size : 73.73 MB
Format : PDF
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Cut down your Game Master prep time with 25 1D100 random tables. Do you play Dungeon & Dragons, Pathfinder, or other fantasy tabletop role-playing games? If so, these random tables come in handy any time your players are searching or exploring. Don't waste your time prepping things your players will never see. Just pull out these tables and create a quality gaming experience simply by rolling dice. In this fourth volume of the Fantasy RPG Random Tables book series, you will find items in a dragon's lair, critical hit and miss tables, underground and jungle encounters, a bounty board, and much more.
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Author : Varg Vikernes
ISBN : 1522969586
Genre :
File Size : 85.19 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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MYFAROG (Mythic Fantasy Role-playing Game) (2E) is a fantasy role-playing game, with a setting based on European mythology, religion and fairy tales. The rules are very modular, meaning you can play the game rules light or rules heavy, as you please.The rules are designed to make sense, and to give the players the ability to immerse themselves in Thulê; a highly credible fantasy world similar to the European Classical Antiquity (some places touching into the Viking Age or the Bronze Age), but yet different. In Thulê, sorcery and the ancient deities are real, and the world is inhabited by not only humans, but also elves, nymphs, dwarves, ettins and trolls, as well as other creatures. This art-minimalistic 124 page core rule-book (with black-and-white interior) is an all-in-one rule-book, so it contains all the information you need to play the game (and to make your own adventures and campaigns) indefinitely. A digital high resolution map of Thulê can be found here: Because the setting is based on real world locations (Lofoten and Vesteralen in Northern Norway) you can also use online map services, to get highly detailed and realistic maps of the world of Thulê, in any scale you want. This (version 2.4) is the fifth version of MYFAROG (2E). It has been printed four times before (version 2.0, 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3), meaning the errata for this version is minimal (at this point non-existing).NB! You need a set of polyhedral dice to play the game.


Author : Chad Walker
ISBN : 0997480203
Genre :
File Size : 72.8 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Legacy Of Heroes

Author : Vincent Venturella
ISBN : 9781257986033
Genre : Games
File Size : 78.23 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Legacy of Heroes is a Fantasy Role Playing Game with a singular focus: imagination. The Legacy of Heroes Player's Guide offers everything you need to bring the myriad characters from movies, literature, mythology and anything else you can imagine to life on the page before you. This book contains 11 races, 11 classes, 40 heroic arcs and all the spells, styles, equipment, magic items and more you need for your own brave heroes to move from character to legend. The Legacy of Heroes exciting Heroic Talent and Heroic Moment systems empower the players to create truly memorable role-playing experiences like never before. This book facilitates that collaboration by giving you, the player, the tools you need for the stories you imagine in an efficient, simple, and familiar system based on the OGL license. The only question is, are you ready for your own legacy? Visit for support, downloads and more!
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Author : Tom Oden Ahlqvist
ISBN : 9789178513499
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 29.95 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Vindeon is a brand-new fantasy role-playing game focusing heavily on immersive acting and fast action rules, enabling players to get the most out of their game sessions. The Setting The world is not healed. The elves, dwarves and humans have just begun to recover and rebuild after the devastation wrought by conflict and change. But not all. Some realms fell in the chaos, and now lies in ruins or serve even darker purposes. In this time of instability, you are trying to find your place in the world. There is no telling what fate Vindeon has in store for you or your companions. No telling how small or grand adventure looming just beyond the horizon or behind the next bend of the forest trail. Player - Character You play a character in a darkening, torn world, who embarks on an adventure or campaign, forging your destiny along the way or die trying. The world is unforgiving an often brutal, but it is not yet bereft of love and joy. There will always be hope. Embark on these undertakings as one of the three playable races: humans, dwarves and elves, choose from nine unique human, dwarven or elven cultures and their culture-specific professions, to customize your character to fit your preferred play-style and acting. Or go rogue and create a profession of your own. Fate is in your hands! Welcome to Vindeon
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