Falling To Pieces

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Falling To Pieces

Author : Leddy Harper
ISBN : 1535038446
Genre :
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Format : PDF
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How do you repair a broken life? Home is a dark place of anguish and pain for seventeen-year-old Bree Jacobs, forced to endure emotional and physical torment daily at the hands of a violently unstable mother. Bree's only escape is high school, particularly her history class taught by young, handsome, kind and caring Axel Taylor. Mr. Taylor becomes Bree's dearest friend, a sympathetic ear and a shoulder to cry on, and soon their shared affection grows into something greater. But by reaching out to protect her-to mend her breaks and soothe her wounds-Axel has crossed a dangerous line, resulting in two shattered lives instead of just one. Six years later, they will meet again: Bree, still battling the demons that continue to possess her, and Axel, reduced to taking work as a substitute teacher wherever he can find it. Once again he will feel compelled to rescue her. But this time it will be different, because now the yearnings of a loving heart won't be silenced by suspicious minds. And now there's more than one life that desperately needs saving.

Falling To Pieces

Author : Vannetta Chapman
ISBN : 9780310415855
Genre : Fiction
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In this first book of a three-book series, author Vannetta Chapman brings a fresh twist to the popular Amish fiction genre. She blends the familiar components consumers love in Amish books—faith, community, simplicity, family—with an innovative who-done-it plot that keeps readers guessing right up to the last stitch in the quilt. When two women—one Amish, one English—each with different motives, join forces to organize a successful on-line quilt auction, neither expects nor wants a friendship. As different as night and day, Deborah and Callie are uneasy partners who simply want to make the best of a temporary situation. But a murder, a surprising prime suspect, a stubborn detective, and the town's reaction throw the two women together, and they form an unlikely alliance to solve a mystery and catch a killer. Set in the well-known Amish community of Shipshewana, Falling to Pieces will attract both devoted fans of the rapidly-growing Amish fiction genre, as well as those who are captivated by the Amish way of life.
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Fall To Pieces

Author : Elizabeth Spann Craig
ISBN : 9781946227003
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 80.17 MB
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When a quilting event falls to pieces, Beatrice works to patch things up. Dappled Hills quilters are eagerly anticipating new events at the Patchwork Cottage quilt shop. The shop’s owner, Posy, has announced ‘Sew and Tell’ socials and a mystery quilt group project. But one day, instead of emailed quilt instructions, the quilters receive a disturbing message about a fellow quilter. When that quilter mysteriously meets her maker, Beatrice decides to use her sleuthing skills to find the killer before more lives are cut short.
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Falling To Pieces

Author : Denise Grover Swank
ISBN : 1493639846
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 63.73 MB
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When Joe walks out of Rose's life, she can't imagine life without him. But with support from her friends—and an unexpected person—Rose finds her way to climb out of her despair.After his father's blackmail forces him to leave the love of his life to protect her, Joe is thrown into the race for Arkansas State Senate. But while Rose has people to help her grieve, Joe finds himself completely alone—except the one person he detests is the only person who's offering comfort
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Author : John Sutherland
ISBN : 9781474606073
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 50.11 MB
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A Sunday Times top-five bestseller 'This is a remarkable book . . . profound and deeply moving . . . It has as much to tell us about mental illness as it does about policing' Alastair Stewart John Sutherland joined the Met in 1992, having dreamed of being a police officer since his teens. Rising quickly through the ranks, he experienced all that is extraordinary about a life in blue: saving lives, finding the lost, comforting the broken and helping to take dangerous people off the streets. But for every case with a happy ending, there were others that ended in desperate sadness, and in 2013 John suffered a major breakdown. Blue is his memoir of crime and calamity, of adventure and achievement, of friendship and failure, of serious illness and slow recovery. With searing honesty, it offers an immensely moving and personal insight into what it is to be a police officer in Britain today.
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Character And Personality In The Novels Of William Faulkner

Author : Ineke Bockting
ISBN : 0819198498
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 59.53 MB
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Bockting has produced a work that focuses on the "people" that Faulkner created in his four major psychological novels: The Sound and the Fury (1929); As I Lay Dying (1920), Light in August (1932), and Absalom, Absalom! (1936). The author writes not about these people, either as literary characters or as human beings, but instead has allowed them to come alive in their own time, through their own texts. Psychostylistics is the innovative approach to the literary character that Bockting employs, bringing together new developments in narrative psychology and psychiatry with literary stylistics and mind-style to provide detailed textual and contextual evidence in support of its observations on personality. Contents: The Literary Character: Between Life and Linguistic Style; Mind-Style in The Sound and the Fury; Multiple Voices in As I Lay Dying; Light in August and the Issues of Unreliability; Absalom, Absalom!: A Novel of Attribution; Character, Personality, and Psychostylistics.
Category: Literary Criticism

Falling To Pieces Navigating The Transition To Middle School And Merging Friends

Author : Sarina Rogers
ISBN : 1616600071
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 27.28 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Falling to Pieces is written and illustrated by kids and part of Reflections Publishing's "Kids Helping Kids Through Books" series. Falling to Pieces addresses the transition of moving from elementary school to middle school and how to merge new and old friends during the process. The fiction stories in this series are written and illustrated from the fresh perspective of kids. With the stories written by child authors, child readers who are going through a difficult time can read these stories and have their feelings validated. By connecting with the children through a fiction story, it simply provides a start for the healing process. Because true healing requires a broad focus on emotional, educational, social, and even spiritual needs, this series also provides a non-fiction section for children (and parents) with the tools they need to navigate through these situations. Specifically, at the back of each book in this series, readers will find commentaries for dealing with difficult situations from experts in various fields (e.g., child psychologists, educators, therapists, and religious scholars). We believe this series will provide children with valuable tools to assist them in dealing with many real-life challenges. Description of Falling to Pieces: Can friendship survive the transition from elementary school to middle school? Best friends Erica Ramirez and Jessica Johnson, who had known each other since first grade, began to wonder. Through the end of sixth grade, the girls had been constantly together, and they often wrote in a special journal that Erica had brought from her native country of Brazil. Over the summer, they purchased a new journal to symbolize the next chapter in their lives-going off to middle school. However, on the first day of school, Erica and Jessica discovered that they didn't have any classes together, and it wasn't long before their friendship began to unravel. Follow the girls through seventh grade as they learn to resolve their differences and merge the past with the present. Reviews: "A unique series for children, by children." -Booklist "Offering kid-authored stories on tough topics like divorce, fear, bullying, and peer pressure, Reflections Publishing opens communication to assist families emotionally, socially, and spiritually. These books are not only fun to read, they're also filled with expert advice, tips, and tools on how to navigate life's most difficult challenges. Must-haves for every family's library, these books are treasures that children and parents can refer to again and again." -Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager (r) and Whale Done Parenting "Falling to Pieces should be a relevant handbook for all tweens heading off to middle school, a time of many challenging transitions. Written in an authentic and relatable voice, the story eloquently helps tweens realize that they aren't alone in their everyday feelings and struggles and provides them with useful advice to help navigate through middle school." -Mary Anne Fuchs, M.D., F.A.C.E.P. "Falling to Pieces is an eloquently written book that not only gives validation, comfort, and a voice to our tweens, but also clear guidance to those who support them through the inevitable struggles of balancing social and academic worlds. Another must-read by the child authors at Reflections Publishing " -Lynn Dubenko, Ph.D., Child/Family Psychologi
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Fall To Pieces

Author : Cecelia Tishy
ISBN : 1891847074
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 28.81 MB
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When Boston cop-turned-reporter Kate Banning finds herself in Nashville, she is called on to investigate who is behind an attempted murder plot against the popular country music singer, LilyAnn Page
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March S Thesaurus Dictionary

Author : Francis Andrew March
ISBN : STANFORD:36105129721804
Genre : English language
File Size : 73.23 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Falling To Pieces According To Plan

Author : Clovis Greenwinter
ISBN : 9798695034868
Genre :
File Size : 50.44 MB
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In garages, basements and secret laboratories across the world, amateur inventors, physicists and consciousness explorers are building strange devices that reach into the multiverse and touch the edges of our known senses. These elusive architects of tomorrow are sometimes professional educators and theorists but are just as often everyday citizens who happen to possess an exceptional intellectual curiosity who are pushing the limits of current scientific understandings and expanding their conceptions of reality. This book is a first hand account of some of these mind bending experiments by one of these cerebral pioneers. It is a journey into a hidden world that has never before been revealed and it has cosmic implications for readers who might wish to make this journey themselves. If you have ever wanted to catch a glimpse of another world or wondered if it was possible to amplify our latent psychic abilities, contact beings from another dimension or find another version of yourself this book may be a key to unlocking those potentialities and more.

Tool Being

Author : Graham Harman
ISBN : 9780812697735
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 45.73 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Tool-Being offers a new assessment of Martin Heidegger's famous tool-analysis, and with it, an audacious reappraisal of Heidegger's legacy to twenty-first-century philosophy. Every reader of Being and Time is familiar with the opposition between readiness-to-hand (Zuhandenheit) and presence-at-hand (Vorhandenheit), but commentators usually follow Heidegger's wishes in giving this distinction a limited scope, as if it applied only to tools in a narrow sense. Graham Harman contests Heidegger's own interpretation of tool-being, arguing that the opposition between tool and broken tool is not merely a provisional stage in his philosophy, but rather its living core. The extended concept of tool-being developed here leads us not to a theory of human practical activity but to an ontology of objects themselves. Tool-Being urges a fresh and concrete research into the secret contours of objects. Written in a lively and colorful style, it will be of great interest to anyone intrigued by Heidegger and anyone open to new trends in present-day philosophy.
Category: Philosophy