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Faith And Wisdom In Science

Author : Tom McLeish
ISBN : 9780198702610
Genre : History
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Format : PDF
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Takes a fresh approach to the 'science and religion' debate, taking a scientist's reading of the enigmatic and beautiful Book of Job as a centrepiece, and asking what science might ultimately be for. Rather than conflicting with faith, science can be seen as a deeply religious activity.
Category: History

Across The Secular Abyss

Author : William Sims Bainbridge
ISBN : 0739116789
Genre : Religion
File Size : 43.9 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Across the Secular Abyss draws upon the best social-scientific evidence to understand profound religious changes occurring in advanced societies today, as previously separate fields of science converge, leaving progressively less room for faith. It finds that the positive functions of religion have been exaggerated, are declining, and are replaceable by benefits from new Transhumanist technologies; however, serious concerns are raised whether atheism is compatible with long-term survival of the human species, given falling birth rates.
Category: Religion

The Science Of God

Author : Gerald L. Schroeder
ISBN : 9781439135969
Genre : Science
File Size : 48.4 MB
Format : PDF
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For the readers of The Language of God, another instant classic from "a sophisticated and original scholar" (Kirkus Reviews) that disputes the idea that science is contrary to religion. In The Science of God, distinguished physicist and Biblical scholar Gerald L. Schroeder demonstrates the surprising parallels between a variety of Biblical teachings and the findings of biochemists, paleontologists, astrophysicists, and quantum physicists. In a brilliant and wide-ranging discussion of key topics that have divided science and religion—free will, the development of the universe, the origin of life, and the origin of man—Schroeder argues that the latest science and a close reading of the Bible are not just compatible but interdependent. This timely reissue of The Science of God features a brand-new preface by Schroeder and a compelling appendix that addresses the highly publicized experiment in 2008 in which scientists attempted to re-create the chemical composition of the cosmos immediately after the Big Bang. It also details Schroeder’s lucid explanations of complex scientific and religious concepts, such as the theory of relativity, the passage of time, and the definitions of crucial Hebrew words in the Bible. Religious skeptics, Biblical literalists, scientists, students, and physicists alike will be riveted by Schroeder’s remarkable contribution to the raging debate between science and religion.
Category: Science

The Wisdom Of Science

Author : Hanbury Brown
ISBN : 0521314488
Genre : Science
File Size : 75.63 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Looks at how popular attitudes towards science have changed, clears up misconceptions about modern research and assesses the role of science in modern society
Category: Science

The Hidden Face Of God

Author : Gerald L. Schroeder
ISBN : 9780743216838
Genre : Religion
File Size : 22.6 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Gerald Schroeder, an MIT-trained scientist who has worked in both physics and biology, has emerged in recent years as one of the most popular and accessible apostles for the melding of science and religion. He first reconciled science and faith as different perspectives on a single whole in The Science of God. Now, in The Hidden Face of God, Schroeder takes a bold step forward, to show that science, properly understood, provides positive reasons for faith. Recent research in biology, chemistry, physics, and neuroscience contains unmistakable hints about the ultimate nature of reality. Simply put, we now know not only that behind matter lies energy, but also that behind energy lies wisdom. Scientists have touched on this wisdom in the laboratory, and its implications are awesome. From the wisdom encoded in DNA and analyzed by information science, to the wisdom unveiled in the fantastic complexity of cellular life, to the wisdom inherent in human consciousness, The Hidden Face of God offers a tour of the best of modern science. Schroeder makes no attempt to "prove" the existence of God. Yet his interpretations of the work of his fellow scientists touch on life's ultimate mysteries. His wise observations on the organization of organic life, on the power of humans to make sense of their sensory inputs, and on the complexities of the code of DNA all show that life has a direction and purpose that cannot be explained in purely physical terms. Throughout, he addresses three great themes: the question of first causes (i.e., where do the laws of nature come from?); the inseparability of mind and matter; and the philosophical problem of design. To believe that a designer must have been involved, he reminds us, we need not insist on perfection or on our view of perfection in the design. The Hidden Face of God will open a world of science to religious believers, and it will cause skeptics to rethink some of their deepest beliefs.
Category: Religion

Loving Wisdom

Author : Paul Copan
ISBN : 0802875475
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 78.39 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Category: Philosophy

The Battered Shield Of Faith

Author : Shaun McIntosh
ISBN : 9781450002905
Genre : Religion
File Size : 54.25 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book is the result of a journey. You could think of it as a biography of sorts. It is the result of an odyssey into the very heart of hell itself, where the skeptics and critics rule as kings. There the hard questions were asked. Harsh discoveries were made and the uneasy truth found. The truth of the skeptic mindset was unearthed and the reality of the Christian mind was established. It is the experiences gained from this odyssey that I present to you now. My greatest hope is that your faith may be strengthened by my experiences.
Category: Religion

Science Facts In Bible Wisdom

Author : Harry W. Miller
ISBN : 1450046355
Genre : Religion
File Size : 50.81 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Unlike most books attempting to reconcile the facts of science with the wisdom of the Holy Bible, Harry W. Millers book, Science Facts in Bible Wisdom, does not waste the readers time with long, convoluted arguments. Instead, it cuts right through to the substantive evidence to show that todays science is discovering increasingly the very truths that the Bibles wisdom has always contained, citing scientists and the Bible. The bottom line Truth concerning Reality, both for science and the Bible, is that it is not relative or divisive in nature, it is instead relational and unifying. Jesus Christ being the Keystone evidence of that Fact by the complementary, holistic nature of his mortal human yet divine Person. Thus, the Bible tells us, Since the creation of the world his [Gods] invisible nature, namely his eternal power and deity, has been clearly perceived in the things that have been made [most particularly in the Person of Jesus Christ, born of woman] (Romans 1:20). Science Facts in Bible Wisdom is in three parts. The first two focus on sciences and the Bibles correlative information concerning the creation of the universe, the human person and the emergence of the subjective consciousness with its two tracks of awareness. The third part focuses upon the more intimate aspects of personal or experiential knowledge such as prayer, miracles, and visions (including two of the authors own), as well as the documentation of near-death and out-of-body experiences by scientists of the International Association of Near-Death Studies (IANDS). Within the heart of each human being there resides a deep-seated, spiritual desire to know in both an intimate and substantive fashion that ultimate Source of their existence, most often referred to as God. Humanity is forever reaching out to that ultimate Source, very much as Adam is in Michelangelos classic Sistine Chapel painting, The Creation of Adam. The NASA photo appearing on the cover of Science Facts in Bible Wisdom, like Michelangelos famous painting, is evidence that even with todays secular culture humanity continues to pursue its innate, even if often subconscious, spiritual imperative to know its Creator, not just spiritually but in truth. Today, however, the search for credible, substantive evidence and that transcendental Truth, God, for which it speaks comes evermore frequently by way of the amazing, new empirical findings of science. Thus, on this books cover, in place of Adams arm reaching out to God, we see instead the space shuttles robot arm reaching out to the visible evidence of Gods invisible nature... the things that have been made (Rom. 1:20). As this book attempts to show, truth of any kind must always rest upon relevant evidence. But, it can not rest upon self-righteous ideologies nor the blind beliefs of the large assortment of locally popular human traditions (habits). Evidence and reason are always necessary, whether the evidence required and the truth being pursued are of a more visible, tangible kind, as at a crime scene, or if they are of a less visible or ethereal nature. In the latter case, the truth and that evidence which speaks for it must necessarily be articulated by means of an indirect, analogical or symbolic form of language. The only language which can, in effect, make known more clearly the particular nature of such mysterious, invisible truths by making them more concrete to the limited cognitive scope of the human mind. Such a language must be used by both science and religion. The symbolic form of language favored by science is one comprised of mathematical symbols. On the other hand, the language favored by religion, such as that used in the Holy Bible, must often take on a metaphorical or figurative form in order to make those spiritual things that can not now be seen more concrete to the human understa
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Let There Be Science

Author : David Hutchings
ISBN : 9780745968643
Genre : Religion
File Size : 43.27 MB
Format : PDF
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Why is it that science has consistently thrived wherever the Christian faith can be found? Why is it that so many great scientists – past and present – attribute their motivation and their discoveries, at least partially, to their Christian beliefs? Why are the age-old writings of the Bible so full of questions about natural phenomena? And, perhaps most importantly of all, why is all this virtually unknown to the general public? Too often, it would seem, science has been presented to the outside world as a robotic, detached, unemotional enterprise. Too often, Christianity is dismissed as being an ancient superstition. In reality, neither is the case. Science is a deeply human activity, and Christianity is deeply reasonable. Perhaps this is why, from ancient times right up to today, many individuals have been profoundly committed to both – and have helped us to understand more and more about the extraordinary world that we live in. As authors Tom McLeish and David Hutchings examine the story of science, and look at the part that Christianity has played, they uncover a powerful underlying reason for doing science in the first place. In example after example, ranging from 4000 BC to the present day, they show that thinking with a Christian worldview has been intimately involved with, and sometimes even directly responsible for, some of the biggest leaps forward ever made. Ultimately, they portray a biblical God who loves Science – and a Science that truly needs God.
Category: Religion