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Fact Fiction And Flying Saucers

Author : Stanton T. Friedman
ISBN : 9781632659361
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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There is a clear conspiracy to deny the existence of UFOs. The mainstream media has misinformed us for years about UFO studies conducted by highly regarded scientists associated with some of the finest universities in the country. There is significant evidence that the U.S. government has covered up the alien presence through misinformation, distortion, obfuscation, and ridicule. Some prominent, politically connected scientists have engaged in the cover up. And a few professional writers have helped to successfully label any scientists who have been persuaded by the evidence and brave enough to take a stand as unscientific charlatans, fanatics, and kooks. Fact, Fiction, and Flying Saucers examines the wealth of archival documents that clearly demonstrate this cooperative disinformation effort and refute the false claims made by these professional scoffers. Friedman and Marden set the record straight by examining politically motivated misinformation and presenting the compelling evidence that separates fact from fiction. They reveal: The most compelling UFO evidence, including a variety of large-scale scientific studies. The current state of UFOlogy and what the future holds. The media’s role in disclosure and denial. The government scientists whose job it is to deny. The Air Force, FBI, CIA, and NSA’s involvement.
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Flying Saucers

Author : Max B. Miller
ISBN : 1258775476
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Science Fact And Science Fiction

Author : Brian Stableford
ISBN : 9781135923730
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 48.27 MB
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Science fiction is a literary genre based on scientific speculation. Works of science fiction use the ideas and the vocabulary of all sciences to create valid narratives that explore the future effects of science on events and human beings. Science Fact and Science Fiction examines in one volume how science has propelled science-fiction and, to a lesser extent, how science fiction has influenced the sciences. Although coverage will discuss the science behind the fiction from the Classical Age to the present, focus is naturally on the 19th century to the present, when the Industrial Revolution and spectacular progress in science and technology triggered an influx of science-fiction works speculating on the future. As scientific developments alter expectations for the future, the literature absorbs, uses, and adapts such contextual visions. The goal of the Encyclopedia is not to present a catalog of sciences and their application in literary fiction, but rather to study the ongoing flow and counterflow of influences, including how fictional representations of science affect how we view its practice and disciplines. Although the main focus is on literature, other forms of science fiction, including film and video games, are explored and, because science is an international matter, works from non-English speaking countries are discussed as needed.
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Bibliography Of Occult And Fantastic Beliefes Vol 2 E K

Author : Paul Smith (collective pseudonym)
Genre : History
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EDITION of undercover-collective "Paul Smith", probably Melbourne/Australia - general purpose: mental hygiene in "esoteric matters", special purpose: esoterism around "Rennes-le-Chateau and Berenger Sauniere" - covering ca. 21.000 titles in 2017
Category: History

Flying Saucers Fact Or Fiction

Author : Max B. Miller
ISBN : OSU:32435050743632
Genre : Unidentified flying objects
File Size : 81.61 MB
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Flying Saucers

Author : Charles River Charles River Editors
ISBN : 1979565929
Genre :
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*Includes pictures *Includes accounts of purported UFO sightings and Roswell *Includes online resources and a bibliography for further reading *Includes a table of contents "The point is that the idea of space vehicles shaped like flying saucers was imprinted in the national psyche for many years prior to 1947, when the Roswell incident took place. It didn't take much stretching for the first observers of UFOs to assume that the unknown objects hovering in the sky had the same disk shape as the science fictional vehicles." - Frank Wu, illustrator for science fiction magazines When people think about unidentified flying objects (UFOs), they tend to think of flying discs piloted by gray beings with large heads and enormous eyes. They tend to think that these sightings only started relatively recently and that belief in UFOs is some sort of modern religion brought on, perhaps, by the very justifiable fears of a nuclear age. But a study of the phenomenon quickly reveals that humanity has been seeing UFOs since the beginning of recorded history and perhaps a lot longer than that. Modern Ufology focuses on mysterious lights on Ceres or tales of alien abduction, but this wasn't always the case. Looking at how belief in the UFO phenomenon has changed and how it has stayed the same sheds new light on how culture and belief changes over time. You don't have to believe humans are actually being visited by aliens from another planet to recognize the importance of UFOs in human society. Any widespread belief that endures for centuries is worthy of study, and as always, cases exist that can't be explained away as simple "belief" ... Everyone is familiar with theories about UFOs, or "flying saucers" as they were often called then, but even this name dates back only to 1947. Before that time, they were called "ghost rockets" or "ghost airplanes" or "ghost airships." Before the age of flight, the flying objects were called various things such as "flying chariots." No matter what terminology is used, every generation has clearly had its own belief that mankind is not alone. For example, few things in American history are as controversial as the Roswell Crash. The one undeniable fact is that something happened near Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947, but beyond that, the facts become murky as memories and evidence lose their luster over the years. That said, the impact of an unidentified object continues to mystify residents, visitors and the curious, and it has not only put Roswell on the map but has kept it there for thousands of tourists. Nonetheless, skepticism about the official version of the incident prevails, and a countless number of people continue to believe the American government covered up a crash landing by aliens. As John B. Alexander, Ph. D., a former project manager at the Los Alamos National Laboratory and consultant to the CIA, put it, "Attempting to come to any complete resolution of the incident is a fool's errand, as whatever the truth may have been has become so distorted over time that facts have merged inextricably with fiction." Flying Saucers: The Mysterious History of the UFO Phenomenon looks at the unidentified flying object craze. Along with pictures of important people, places, and events, you will learn about flying saucers like never before, in no time at all.

Flying Saucers On The Attack Startling New Revelations On The Most Incredible Story Of Our Age

Author : Harold Wilkins
ISBN : 1539545733
Genre :
File Size : 46.57 MB
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Flying Saucers-Fact or Fiction?The most recent, reliable reports would seem to indicate that they are fact!In this timely and provocative report, Harold T. Wilkins, the world's foremost investigator of unusual "Fortean" events, describes his own experiences and investigations, and those of reliable witnesses, concerning the controversial phenomenon of unidentified flying objects.Now you can read the unbiased facts about:*The mysterious fire-chemical, not yet known to man, that fell from the sky into an open field...*The airline pilots of irreproachable character, who reported their strange flight with unidentified aircraft...*The policemen who chased a huge, brightly lit UFO that was hovering so low that they were actually able to photograph it...*The farmers who, for two hours, watched a mid-air UFO "mothership" launch several smaller craft...Incredible? Not at all! Reports from the world over number too many, and they are too carefully documented, to be mere coincidences, hallucinations, or nightmares.But just suppose, unknown to us, invaders have already landed and are walking among us. What do they want of the people of Earth? Are they here as a boon to mankind-or as a menace?

Flying Saucers Over The White House

Author : Colin Bennett
ISBN : 9781616404543
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 45.37 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Flying Saucers Over the White House is the story of Captain Edward J. Ruppelt, a US Air Force officer who researched UFO sightings in the 1950s and made a concentrated effort to convince the United States Air Force that UFOs exist. Ruppelt, who coined the term 'UFO', headed "Project Blue Book," an assignment designed by the United States government to investigate and report on the existence of unidentified flying objects and their link to extraterrestrial beings. Ruppelt dissected the evidence, separating chance sightings of ordinary objects from true UFO sightings. He eventually wrote The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects, summarizing his findings. In Flying Saucers Over the White House, Bennett examines the life of this "founding father" of ufology, analyzing the evidence and the U.S. government's reporting of this phenomenon for a new generation of readers. COLIN BENNETT has written several books, including The Entertainment Bomb, *Looking for Orthon*, and Politics of the Imagination, which won the Anomalist Award for Best Biography in 2002. After leaving school to become a professional musician, Bennett returned to college to study English at Balliol College at the University of Oxford. He wrote several plays that were performed in London before reinventing himself as an electronics engineer and founding a consulting agency. Bennett currently resides in London where he continues to write and discover new interests.
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