Exploring Planetary Climate

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Exploring Planetary Climate

Author : Ralph D. Lorenz
ISBN : 9781108471541
Genre : Nature
File Size : 50.84 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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An accessible and engaging account of the history of climate science and exploration on Earth and other planetary bodies.
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Planetary Climate Before The Space Age

Author : Ralph D. Lorenz
ISBN : 1546814191
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This book tells the story of how we learned what controls the temperature of the planets, including our own. From the first ideas on climate in ancient times, to the magnificent intellectual leaps of the Renaissance, then via the progressive understanding of heat and the daring explorations of the Earth and atmosphere by ship, mountain ascent and balloons in the 19th century, to the modern era of mathematical prediction of weather and climate, the story sweeps in parallel with astronomical observation of our planetary neighbors. This scientific tour sees everything from long and meticulous calculations by lone geniuses, to international diplomacy and globetrotting adventures of discovery. Science is a human endeavor, and its forward march has been sometimes punctuated by self-delusion, dismissal of radical ideas, and untimely death. Critical advances have been sometimes lost for years, but the centuries leading up to the era of planetary exploration progressively built our knowledge of the sun, the greenhouse effect, and the ice ages, setting the stage to understand our neighboring worlds, and our past and future.

Exploring The Planets

Author : Fred Taylor
ISBN : 9780199671595
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The planets fascinate us, and naturally we care about our own Earth, and things like how well we can forecast the weather and whether climate is really changing. Exploring the Planets offers a personal account on how the space programme evolved. It begins in the era of the first blurry views of our Earth as seen from space, and ends with current plans for sophisticated robots on places as near as our neighbours Venus and Mars and as far away as the rainy lakelands of Saturn's planet-sized moon Titan. Examining the scientific goals of these complex voyages of discovery, and the joys and hardships of working to achieve them. The Space Age is now about 50 years old and for those lucky enough to be part of it at its inception, it's filled a worklong lifetime. Today, several satellites around the Earth have studied the atmosphere and the climate using instruments on board that the author helped design and build. 'Deep space' missions were embarked upon to visit the planets: all of the major bodies (six planets, the Moon and minor bodies, asteroids and comets) of the classical Solar System have been scrutinised close-up by experiments built in various laboratories worldwide. Most of the narrative is based on the author's experiences at the world's space agencies, research labs, and conferences, and at other places as diverse as Cape Canaveral and No. 10 Downing Street.

Analogs For Planetary Exploration

Author : W. Brent Garry
ISBN : 9780813724836
Genre : Science
File Size : 36.72 MB
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Where on Earth is it like Mars? How were the Apollo astronauts trained to be geologists on the Moon? Are volcanoes on Earth just like the ones on other planets? The exploration of our solar system begins in our own backyard. Discoveries on other planetary bodies cannot always be easily explained. Therefore, geologic sites on this planet are used to better understand the extraterrestrial worlds we explore with humans, robots, and satellites. Analogs for Planetary Exploration is a compilation of historical accounts of astronaut geology training, overviews of planetary geology research on Mars, educational field trips to analog sites, plus concepts for future human missions to the Moon. This Special Paper provides a great overview of the science, training, and planning related to planetary exploration for students, educators, researchers, and geology enthusiasts. After all, as we learn about the solar system we can better understand our own planet Earth.
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The Crises Of Civilization

Author : Dipesh Chakrabarty
ISBN : 9780199096022
Genre : History
File Size : 80.28 MB
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The world created by the legacies of empire and colonialism now confronts some deep crises of civility, precipitated by globalization and climate change. In this volume, Dipesh Chakrabarty examines these distinct—but interrelated—issues side by side. Varied ideas of civilization and humanism have shaped notions of a global humanity in the lingering twilight of the European empires. Detailing these ideas, in the section titled ‘Global Worlds’, Chakrabarty outlines the conflicts and connections that arise from global encounters in our postcolonial age. The second section, ‘The Planetary Human’, on the other hand, explores the significance of planetary climate change for humanistic and postcolonial thought. Chakrabarty argues that such change demands not only critiques of capitalism and inequality, but also new thinking about the human species as a whole—our patterns of justice, writing of history, and relationship with nature in the age of the Anthropocene. The global is human-centric in construction; the planetary involves many other actors and thus includes the thorny question of how we go beyond the anthropocentric to discuss and conceptualize the agency of the non-human.
Category: History

Exploring Climate Change Through Science And In Society

Author : Mike Hulme
ISBN : 9781135089832
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 20.58 MB
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Mike Hulme has been studying climate change for over thirty years and is today one of the most distinctive and recognisable voices speaking internationally about climate change in the academy, in public and in the media. The argument that he has made powerfully over the last few years is that climate change has to be understood as much as an idea situated in different cultural contexts as it is as a physical phenomenon to be studied through universal scientific practices. Climate change at its core embraces both science and society, both knowledge and culture. Hulme’s numerous academic and popular writings have explored what this perspective means for the different ways climate change is studied, narrated, argued over and acted upon. Exploring Climate Change through Science and in Society gathers together for the first time a collection of his most popular, prominent and controversial articles, essays, speeches, interviews and reviews dating back to the late 1980s. The 50 or so short items are grouped together in seven themes - Science, Researching, Culture, Policy, Communicating, Controversy, Futures - and within each theme are arranged chronologically to reveal changing ideas, evidence and perspectives about climate change. Each themed section is preceded with a brief introduction, drawing out the main issues examined. Three substantive unpublished new essays have been specially written for the book, including one reflecting on the legacy of Climategate. Taken as a collection, these writings reveal the changes in scientific and public understandings of climate change since the late 1980s, as refracted through the mind and expression of one leading academic and public commentator. The collection shows the many different ways in which it is necessary to approach the idea of climate change to interpret and make sense of the divergent and discordant voices proclaiming it in the public sphere.
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The Scientific Exploration Of Venus

Author : Fredric W. Taylor
ISBN : 9781107023482
Genre : Science
File Size : 72.91 MB
Format : PDF
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A leading Venus researcher explains in a friendly non-technical style what we know through our investigations of Earth's 'twin' planet.
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Exploring The Solar System

Author : Peter Bond
ISBN : 9781444398366
Genre : Science
File Size : 46.30 MB
Format : PDF
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The exploration of our solar system is one of humanity's greatest scientific achievements. The last fifty years in particular have seen huge steps forward in our understanding of the planets, the sun, and other objects in the solar system. Whilst planetary science is now a mature discipline - involving geoscientists, astronomers, physicists, and others – many profound mysteries remain, and there is indeed still the tantalizing possibility that we may find evidence of life on another planet in our system.Drawing upon the latest results from the second golden age of Solar System exploration, author Peter Bond provides an authoritative and up-to-date account of the planets, satellites and smaller debris that orbit the Sun. Written in an informal style, with minimal use of mathematics, this book is the ideal introductory text for non-science students and other readers with little or no science background. With the aid of numerous illustrations, many in full colour, this exciting book brings to life the weird and wonderful worlds that populate our corner of the Universe. This book: Assumes no background in physics , astronomy or mathematics Carefully explains key concepts Gives balanced coverage to areas of controversy or uncertainty in planetary science Is in in full color throughout and richly illustrated An interview with Peter can be found at http://wisciblog.com/2012/02/28/exploring-the-solar-system/
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Planetary Exploration And Science Recent Results And Advances

Author : Shuanggen Jin
ISBN : 9783662450529
Genre : Science
File Size : 69.76 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This contributed monograph is the first work to present the latest results and findings on the new topic and hot field of planetary exploration and sciences, e.g., lunar surface iron content and mare orientale basalts, Earth’s gravity field, Martian radar exploration, crater recognition, ionosphere and astrobiology, Comet ionosphere, exoplanetary atmospheres and planet formation in binaries. By providing detailed theory and examples, this book helps readers to quickly familiarize themselves with the field. In addition, it offers a special section on next-generation planetary exploration, which opens a new landscape for future exploration plans and missions. Prof. Shuanggen Jin works at the Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China. Dr. Nader Haghighipour works at the University of Hawaii-Manoa, USA. Prof. Wing-Huen Ip works at the National Central University, Taiwan.
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Author : Athena Coustenis
ISBN : 9789812705013
Genre : Science
File Size : 34.55 MB
Format : PDF
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Titan: Exploring an Earthlike World presents the only comprehensive description in book form of what is currently known about Titan, the largest satellite of the planet Saturn and arguably the most intriguing and mysterious world in the Solar System. Because of its resemblance to our own planet, Titan is often described as a “frozen primitive Earth” and is therefore of wide interest to scientists and educated laypersons from a wide range of backgrounds. The book aims to cater to all of these by using nontechnical language wherever possible, while maintaining a high standard of scientific rigor.The book is a fully revised and extensively updated edition of Titan: The Earthlike Moon, which was published in 1999, before the Cassini and Huygens missions arrived to orbit Saturn and land on Titan. As investigators on these missions, the authors use the latest results to present the most recent revelations and latest surprises about an exciting new world.
Category: Science

Planetary Climates

Author : Andrew Ingersoll
ISBN : 9781400848232
Genre : Science
File Size : 85.89 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This concise, sophisticated introduction to planetary climates explains the global physical and chemical processes that determine climate on any planet or major planetary satellite--from Mercury to Neptune and even large moons such as Saturn's Titan. Although the climates of other worlds are extremely diverse, the chemical and physical processes that shape their dynamics are the same. As this book makes clear, the better we can understand how various planetary climates formed and evolved, the better we can understand Earth's climate history and future.
Category: Science

The Martian Climate Revisited

Author : Peter L. Read
ISBN : 354040743X
Genre : Science
File Size : 44.76 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The atmosphere and climate of Mars is a crucial factor, both for understanding the planet's past and appreciating the possibilities of its future. Given the high level of current interest in Mars, and the major advances afforded by recent space exploration, this book seeks to examine and review our knowledge and understanding of the meteorology and climate of Mars in its present state. This is based not only upon direct observations, but also on the newer techniques of modelling: numerical simulation and data assimilation. This authoritative discussion of Mars' atmosphere and climate gives a balanced review of some of the hottest issues concerning Mars' environments, its present and past climate and potential to support life, and its possible future following manned exploration.
Category: Science

Exploring The Solar System

Author : R. Launius
ISBN : 9781137273178
Genre : Science
File Size : 49.70 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Varied perspectives on the development of planetary science and exploration during the Space Age.
Category: Science

The Atmosphere And Climate Of Mars

Author : Robert M. Haberle
ISBN : 9781107016187
Genre : Science
File Size : 65.90 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Humanity has long been fascinated by the planet Mars. Was its climate ever conducive to life? What is the atmosphere like today and why did it change so dramatically over time? Eleven spacecraft have successfully flown to Mars since the Viking mission of the 1970s and early 1980s. These orbiters, landers and rovers have generated vast amounts of data that now span a Martian decade (roughly eighteen years). This new volume brings together the many new ideas about the atmosphere and climate system that have emerged, including the complex interplay of the volatile and dust cycles, the atmosphere-surface interactions that connect them over time, and the diversity of the planet's environment and its complex history. Including tutorials and explanations of complicated ideas, students, researchers and non-specialists alike are able to use this resource to gain a thorough and up-to-date understanding of this most Earth-like of planetary neighbours.
Category: Science

The Exo Weather Report

Author : David S. Stevenson
ISBN : 9783319256795
Genre : Science
File Size : 70.81 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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David Stevenson’s new book links the meteorology of the Earth to that of other planets, stars, and clusters of galaxies, showing the similarities and differences between terrestrial weather and that of weather on other worlds. Because Earth is not unique in having weather, there is much to learn from other planets with atmospheres that show the movement of energy from hotter to colder areas. The weather seen on Earth and other known planetary systems are examined to elaborate the connection between climate and the development of life. The weather on Earth and other Solar System planets is a manifestation of the huge energy budget imparted by our star, the Sun, but weather doesn’t stop at the shores of our Solar System. The author brings together the latest information from satellites and probes, such as Cassini and Hubble, to show its larger place in the astronomical picture. Inferences are drawn about the weather and climate of a large number of other planetary systems that lie far from our own. Additionally, the author expands our understanding of what exactly weather is comprised of by exploring the kind of “weather” experienced on the largest observable scales in the universe.
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Assessment Of Mars Science And Mission Priorities

Author : National Research Council
ISBN : 0309167930
Genre : Science
File Size : 85.10 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Within the Office of Space Science of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) special importance is attached to exploration of the planet Mars, because it is the most like Earth of the planets in the solar system and the place where the first detection of extraterrestrial life seems most likely to be made. The failures in 1999 of two NASA missions-Mars Climate Orbiter and Mars Polar Lander-caused the space agency's program of Mars exploration to be systematically rethought, both technologically and scientifically. A new Mars Exploration Program plan (summarized in Appendix A) was announced in October 2000. The Committee on Planetary and Lunar Exploration (COMPLEX), a standing committee of the Space Studies Board of the National Research Council, was asked to examine the scientific content of this new program. This goals of this report are the following: -Review the state of knowledge of the planet Mars, with special emphasis on findings of the most recent Mars missions and related research activities; -Review the most important Mars research opportunities in the immediate future; -Review scientific priorities for the exploration of Mars identified by COMPLEX (and other scientific advisory groups) and their motivation, and consider the degree to which recent discoveries suggest a reordering of priorities; and -Assess the congruence between NASA's evolving Mars Exploration Program plan and these recommended priorities, and suggest any adjustments that might be warranted.
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Mars Exploration Rovers

Author : Steve Kortenkamp
ISBN : 9781491481066
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 71.50 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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"Explores various perspectives on exploration of Mars by rovers. The reader's choices reveal the historical details"--
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The Messenger Project Planetary Exploration

Author : Juan L Rodriguez Kuilan
ISBN : 9781641380522
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 86.43 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Throughout our history as human beings, we have been questioning ourselves, and what you are about to read is based on my own dreams, visions, and premonitions. Also based on true historical events throughout the history of humanity. Here you will find answers to many questions that lots of humans have been asking themselves for thousands of years throughout our history as human beings. There is something that has been hidden from us, and lots of us know already that we are not alone in this vast universe. I can tell you that we as humans are not alone here on planet Earth. We have lived our entire life in a multidimensional world, and who are the ones that control this multidimensional world? Inside you will find your answer. Also the type of experiments that have been conducted with humans, animals, and extraterrestrial life, not here on our planet Earth, but in the moon. What is our purpose as human beings here on planet Earth, and why was it given to us in our life here on this planet, which does not exist anywhere else in other planets in our vast universe? There is an Antichrist that will rule this planet in about twenty-five years from now. Where is our science compared to our technology today that we can say that our science is at the bottom, way below our technology, but there is about a million kids between the ages of five and eighteen that will change all that in about seven to fifteen years from now. Our science will be up there with our technology, and they will work with each other to revolutionize the entire way of life of humanity. Lastly, there are three questions that humanity has been asking for thousands of years, and those are “Who are we?” “Where do we come from?” and “Where are we going from here?” It is up to you to find that answer in the purpose in your life. 1
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