Exile And The Nation

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Exile And The Nation

Author : Afshin Marashi
ISBN : 9781477320822
Genre : History
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In the aftermath of the seventh-century Islamic conquest of Iran, Zoroastrians departed for India. Known as the Parsis, they slowly lost contact with their ancestral land until the nineteenth century, when steam-powered sea travel, the increased circulation of Zoroastrian-themed books, and the philanthropic efforts of Parsi benefactors sparked a new era of interaction between the two groups. Tracing the cultural and intellectual exchange between Iranian nationalists and the Parsi community during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Exile and the Nation shows how this interchange led to the collective reimagining of Parsi and Iranian national identity—and the influence of antiquity on modern Iranian nationalism, which previously rested solely on European forms of thought. Iranian nationalism, Afshin Marashi argues, was also the byproduct of the complex history resulting from the demise of the early modern Persianate cultural system, as well as one of the many cultural heterodoxies produced within the Indian Ocean world. Crossing the boundaries of numerous fields of study, this book reframes Iranian nationalism within the context of the connected, transnational, and global history of the modern era.
Category: History

Derrida On Exile And The Nation

Author : Herman Rapaport
ISBN : 9781350163096
Genre : Philosophy
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Providing crucial scholarship on Derrida's first series of lectures from the Nationality and Philosophical Nationalism cycle, Herman Rapaport brings all 13 parts of the Fantom of the Other series (1984-85) to our critical attention. The series, Rapaport argues, was seminal in laying the foundations for the courses given, and ideas explored, by Derrida over the next twenty years. It is in this vein that the full explication of Derrida's lectures is done, breathing life into the foundational lecture series which has not yet been published in its entirety in English. Derrida's examination of a master signifier of the social relation, Geschlecht, acts as the critical entry point of the series into wide-ranging meditations on the social construction and deconstruction of all possible relations denoted by the core concept, including race, gender, sex, and family. The lecture series' vast engagement with a range of major thinkers, including philosophers and poets alike – Arendt, Adorno, Heidegger, Wittgenstein, Trakl, and Adonis – tackles core themes and debates about philosophical nationalism. Presenting Derrida's lectures on the implications of key 20th century philosopher's understandings of nationalism as they relate to concerns over idiomatic language, notions of race, exile, return, and social relations, adds richly to the literature on Derrida and reveals the potential for further application of his work to current polarising debates between universalism and tribalism.
Category: Philosophy

The Dialectics Of Exile

Author : Sophia A. McClennen
ISBN : 1557533156
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Criticism of exile literature has tended to analyse these works according to a binary logic where exile either produces creative freedom or traps the writer in restrictive nostalgia. This title offers a theory of exile writing that accounts for the persistance of these dual impulses.
Category: Literary Criticism

Unmaking Of The Arab Intellectual

Author : Zeina Halabi
ISBN : 9781474421416
Genre : Social Science
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In this book Zeina G. Halabi examines the figure of the intellectual as prophet, national icon, and exile in contemporary Arabic literature and film. Staging a comparative dialogue with writers and critics such as Elias Khoury, Edward Said, Jurji Zaidan, and Mahmoud Darwish, Halabi focuses on new articulations of loss, displacement, and memory in works by Rabee Jaber, Elia Suleiman, Rawi Hage, Rashid al-Daif, and Seba al-Herz. She argues that the ambivalence and disillusionment with the role of the intellectual in contemporary representations operate as a productive reclaiming of the 'political' in an allegedly apolitical context. The Unmaking of the Arab Intellectual offers the critical tools to understand the evolving relations between the intellectual and power, and the author and the text in the hitherto uncharted contemporary era.
Category: Social Science

The Unmaking Of The Arab Intellectual

Author : Zeina G. Halabi
ISBN : 1474421393
Genre : Arabic literature
File Size : 45.54 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Zeina G. Halabi examines the unmaking of the intellectual as prophetic figure, national icon, and exile in Arabic literature and film from the 1990s onwards. She comparatively explores how contemporary writers and film directors such as Rabee Jaber, Rawi Hage, Rashid al-Daif, Seba al-Herz and Elia Suleiman have displaced the archetype of the intellectual as it appears in writings by Elias Khoury, Edward Said, Jurji Zaidan and Mahmoud Darwish. In so doing, Halabi identifies and theorises alternative articulations of political commitment, displacement, and loss in the wake of unfulfilled prophecies of emancipation and national liberation. The Unmaking of the Arab Intellectual offers critical tools to understand the evolving relations between aesthetics and politics in the alleged post-political era of Arabic literature and culture. --
Category: Arabic literature

Exile And Nation State Formation In Argentina And Chile 1810 1862

Author : Edward Blumenthal
ISBN : 9783030278649
Genre : History
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This book traces the impact of exile in the formation of independent republics in Chile and the Río de la Plata in the decades after independence. Exile was central to state and nation formation, playing a role in the emergence of territorial borders and Romantic notions of national difference, while creating a transnational political culture that spanned the new independent nations. Analyzing the mobility of a large cohort of largely elite political émigrés from Chile and the Río de la Plata across much of South America before 1862, Edward Blumenthal reinterprets the political thought of well-known figures in a transnational context of exile. As Blumenthal shows, exile was part of a reflexive process in which elites imagined the nation from abroad while gaining experience building the same state and civil society institutions they considered integral to their republican nation-building projects.
Category: History

Exile Nation

Author : Charles Shaw
ISBN : 9781593764845
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 83.19 MB
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An "extraordinary" work of spiritual journalism that grapples with the themes of drugs, prisons, politics, and spirituality through Shaw’s personal story (Chicago Tribune), originally published as a series on Reality Sandwich and The Huffington Post. In 2005, Shaw was arrested in Chicago for possession of MDMA and was sent to prison for one year. Shaw not only looks at the current prison system and its many destructive flaws, but also at how American culture regards criminals and those who live outside of society. He begins his story at Chicago’s Cook County Jail, and uses its sprawling, highly corrupt infrastructure to build upon his overarching argument. This is an insider’s look at the forgotten or excluded segments of our society, the disenfranchised lifestyles and subcultures existing in what Shaw calls the “exile nation.” They are those who lost some or all of their ability to participate in the full opportunities of society because of an arrest or conviction for a non-violent, drug-related, or “moral offense,” those who cannot participate in the credit economy, and those with lifestyle choices that involve radical politics and sexuality, cognitive liberty, and unorthodox spiritual and healing practices. Together they make up the new “evolutionary counterculture” of the most significant epoch in human history.
Category: Social Science

Foreign Devils

Author : Gábor Gergely
ISBN : 1433119420
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 62.91 MB
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<I>Foreign Devils investigates representations of exile in Hollywood cinema from 1930 to 1956 through the films of Peter Lorre, Bela Lugosi, and Conrad Veidt. This book dispels the assumption that by virtue of its hegemonic, reactionary, and exclusionary modes of representation, otherness is excluded from or only obliquely alluded to in classical Hollywood cinema. This book contends that Hollywood uses European emigre actors to speak of the experience of exile and the often-futile exilic attempts at integration into the host nation.<BR> This original, cross-disciplinary study incorporates a number of research interests in film studies - specifically Hollywood cinema, exile and emigre filmmakers, the Golden Age of the studio system, the Universal Horror cycle, and Poverty Row filmmaking. <I>Foreign Devils combines the close reading of key texts with a theoretical framework that encompasses body theory and theories of space and nation with historical accounts of immigration to the United States and American concepts of nationhood through the symbolism of blood and death studies.<BR> Film studies students and academics, both undergraduate and postgraduate, as well as scholars in other disciplines, and anyone with an interest in Hollywood cinema, Central European culture in the 1930s-1950s, and European emigration to the United States will benefit from reading this book. <I>Foreign Devils is also a valuable resource for courses in Hollywood filmmaking, emigre film, exile, Central European culture, nationalism studies, and Jewish studies."
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Memories Of My Exile

Author : Lajos Kossuth
ISBN : UOM:39015065874813
Genre : Europe
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Category: Europe

Napoleon In Exile

Author : Barry Edward O'Meara
Genre :
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The Greek Exile

Author : Christophorus Plato Castanis
ISBN : BL:A0018090039
Genre : Chios (Greece : Municipality)
File Size : 73.39 MB
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Category: Chios (Greece : Municipality)

The Origins Of The Libyan Nation

Author : Anna Baldinetti
ISBN : 9781135245023
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 85.64 MB
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Libya is a typical example of a colonial or external creation. This book addresses the emergence and construction of nation and nationalism, particularly among Libyan exiles in the Mediterranean region. It charts the rise of nationalism from the colonial era and shows how it developed through an external Libyan diaspora and the influence of Arab nationalism. From 1911, following the Italian occupation, the first nucleus of Libyan nationalism formed through the activities of Libyan exiles. Through experiences undergone during periods of exile, new structures of loyalty and solidarity were formed. The new and emerging social groups were largely responsible for creating the associations that ultimately led to the formation of political parties at the eve of independence. Exploring the influence of colonial rule and external factors on the creation of the state and national identity, this critical study not only provides a clear outline of how Libya was shaped through its borders and boundaries but also underlines the strong influence that Eastern Arab nationalism had on Libyan nationalism. An important contribution to history of Libya and nationalism, this work will be of interest to all scholars of African and Middle Eastern history.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

The New Nation

Author : John Morris (author of The new nation.)
ISBN : OXFORD:555000195
Genre :
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