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From A Culture Of Dependency To A Culture Of Success

Author : Y.S. Wishnick
ISBN : 9781465393340
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 86.49 MB
Format : PDF
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There is an old story of a famous business tycoon that was near death. His lifelong business partner approached him on his deathbed and asked if hed like to see his great grandchild. The business executive opened his eyes and whispered in his associates ear, No, my friend, I do not want to know what Ive missed. More and more Americans are missing out on the greatness of their country; its passion for excellence, its commitment to the dignity and self-worth of each individual, and its belief that every person has the right to achieve their own vision for success. Chaos, confusion, disappointment, and hopelessness have pushed and pulled Americans into a state of dependency. From the individual, to the family, to our local communities, Americans are constantly looking for others to solve the problems and challenges they face. This has lead to victimology, class warfare, and ultimately bad public policy where a culture of dependency is becoming the new normal. As people think themselves into believing that they cant make it on their own they are rejecting their own potential and capacity to act. Worse, they are missing out on the person they were destined to become.
Category: Political Science

The Entrepreneur

Author : Robert Ringer
ISBN : 9781451629125
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 44.61 MB
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It is the government’s duty to provide for the general welfare . . . FALSE The growing gap between the rich and the poor proves that capitalism has failed . . . FALSE The government has the authority to redistribute wealth through regulations and taxes . . . FALSE All men are created equal. But not all taxpayers! Progressives, or Retrogressives, as #1 New York Times bestselling author Robert Ringer calls those on the far left who are, in reality, against progress, believe in an all-powerful central government that has the authority to meddle in both the economy and in the lives of individual citizens. Retrogressives naively believe that the government has a moral obligation to “help” those in need, but nowhere in the Constitution is there an enumerated power to that effect. In a Retrogressive utopia, life is risk free for everyone. But a government that prevents its citizens from failing actually prohibits them from succeeding. So-called social programs, such as food stamps, the minimum wage, and draconian taxes are designed to redistribute wealth but are lethal to the very people whose success is most critical to this nation’s prosperity: Entrepreneurs. In this provocative new book, Ringer examines what it takes for these unsung heroes to succeed in an environment that is increasingly hostile toward small businesses. Perhaps the most maligned and beleaguered individuals in the United States, Entrepreneurs are the easiest targets for the government’s insatiable appetite to exercise control over the economy. Yet, left alone to do what they do best, Entrepreneurs are able to innovate better products and services than the government could ever hope to provide; create jobs; reinvest much of their profits into expanding their businesses; and, as a result, grow the economy, and thereby improve the lives of millions of people through the self-regulating “invisible hand” of the marketplace. The time has come for Americans to tell politicians they don’t want any more quick fixes. What we need is for government to get out of the way and allow the Entrepreneur to move our country forward.
Category: Political Science

Common Sense Theology

Author : D. Howland Hamilton
ISBN : STANFORD:36105047841924
Genre : Authors, American
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Category: Authors, American

Icc Register

Author :
ISBN : MINN:30000010630220
Genre : Transportation, Automotive
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Category: Transportation, Automotive

Daniel Dennett

Author : Andrew Brook
ISBN : 0521008646
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 84.50 MB
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Contemporary Philosophy in Focus will offer a series of introductory volumes of newly commissioned essays to many of the dominant philosophical thinkers of the current age.Author of books such as Consciousness Explained and Darwin's Dangerous Idea, Daniel C. Dennett has reached a huge general and professional audience that extends beyond philosophy to the study of consciousness , the development of the child's mind, cognitive ethnology, explanation in the social sciences, artificial intelligence, and evolutionary theory. This volume is the only truly introductory collection that explores the implications of Dennett's work.
Category: Philosophy


Author : Bath and West and Southern Counties Society
ISBN : UCAL:B3027751
Genre : Agriculture
File Size : 43.50 MB
Format : PDF
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Category: Agriculture

Positive Revolution

Author : Ambrose M. Chukwudum
ISBN : UCAL:B3684806
Genre : Nigeria
File Size : 49.83 MB
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Category: Nigeria


Author :
ISBN : IND:30000028573099
Genre :
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Directory Of Toll Free Numbers

Author : Rudolf F. Graf
ISBN : 0671467298
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 29.26 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Gathers more than twenty thousand telephone numbers for businesses, hotels, hospitals, government agencies, computer services, colleges, travel agents and banks throughout the United States
Category: Business & Economics

Pliny S Defense Of Empire

Author : Thomas R. Laehn
ISBN : 9781136676314
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 74.46 MB
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Despite perennial interest in Pliny the Elder’s Natural History, the world’s first encyclopedia, as a record of the prodigious, the quotidian, and the useful in Rome in the first century AD, for centuries Pliny has been derided as little more than an inept compiler of facts and marvels intellectually incapable of formulating a cogent argument supported through the selective marshaling of his materials. In Pliny’s Defense of Empire, Laehn offers a radical reinterpretation of the architecture of Pliny’s encyclopedia, exposing fundamental errors in the inherited understanding of the text traceable to its initial reception in ancient Rome. Recognition of the text’s true structure reveals that Pliny’s encyclopedia is in fact a first-rate work of political philosophy constituting an apology for Roman imperial expansionism grounded in a sophisticated account of human nature. Correcting the accreted errors and prejudices of nearly 2,000 years of faulty Plinian scholarship, Laehn critically examines one of the most persuasive apologies for the Roman Empire ever written and succeeds in rehabilitating the Elder Pliny as one of the world’s greatest political thinkers. An excellent resource and a must read for scholars in political theory, philosophy, and classical studies.
Category: Political Science

Applying Nature S Design

Author : Anthony B. Anderson
ISBN : 9780231508674
Genre : Nature
File Size : 53.7 MB
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The fragmenting of habitats is endangering animal populations and degrading or destroying many plant populations throughout the world. To address this problem, conservationists have increasingly turned to biological corridors, areas of land set aside to facilitate the movement of species and ecological processes. However, while hundreds of corridor initiatives are under way worldwide, there is little practical information to guide their design, location, and management. Applying Nature's Design offers a comprehensive overview of current knowledge on corridors, their design, and their implementation. Anthony B. Anderson and Clinton N. Jenkins examine a variety of conceptual and practical issues associated with corridors and provide detailed case studies from around the world. Their work considers how to manage and govern corridors, how to build support among various interest groups for corridors, and the obstacles to implementation. In addition to assessing various environmental and ecological challenges, the authors are the first to consider the importance of socioeconomic and political issues in creating and maintaining corridors.
Category: Nature

Statistics Of Income

Author : United States. Internal Revenue Service
ISBN : UOM:39015035811374
Genre : Income
File Size : 31.94 MB
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Category: Income