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Evolution Culture And The Human Mind

Author : Mark Schaller
ISBN : 9781136950490
Genre : Psychology
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An enormous amount of scientific research compels two fundamental conclusions about the human mind: The mind is the product of evolution; and the mind is shaped by culture. These two perspectives on the human mind are not incompatible, but, until recently, their compatibility has resisted rigorous scholarly inquiry. Evolutionary psychology documents many ways in which genetic adaptations govern the operations of the human mind. But evolutionary inquiries only occasionally grapple seriously with questions about human culture and cross-cultural differences. By contrast, cultural psychology documents many ways in which thought and behavior are shaped by different cultural experiences. But cultural inquires rarely consider evolutionary processes. Even after decades of intensive research, these two perspectives on human psychology have remained largely divorced from each other. But that is now changing - and that is what this book is about. Evolution, Culture, and the Human Mind is the first scholarly book to integrate evolutionary and cultural perspectives on human psychology. The contributors include world-renowned evolutionary, cultural, social, and cognitive psychologists. These chapters reveal many novel insights linking human evolution to both human cognition and human culture – including the evolutionary origins of cross-cultural differences. The result is a stimulating introduction to an emerging integrative perspective on human nature.
Category: Psychology


Author : Gary Marcus
ISBN : 054723824X
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 66.18 MB
Format : PDF
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Argues that the human mind is not a meticulously designed organ but rather a "kluge," a clumsy, cobbled-together contraption, focusing on how the mind falls short with memory, belief, decision-making, language, and emotion.
Category: Psychology

Evolution Of The Human Brain From Matter To Mind

Author : Michel A. Hofman
ISBN : 0444643176
Genre : Medical
File Size : 59.11 MB
Format : PDF
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This volume of Progress in Brain Research documents the latest developments and insights about the origin and evolution of the human brain and mind. Specific areas include developmental neurobiology, evolutionary genetics, comparative and functional neuroanatomy, neural information processing, human brain evolution, as well as comparative psychology, cognitive neuroscience and the evolution of human language and emotion. Presents insights on molecular and cellular mechanisms of human brain evolution Provides a better understanding of the origin and evolution of the human mind Includes information of the neural organization and functional connectivity of the cerebral cortex
Category: Medical

The Evolution Of Mind

Author : Professor of History Philosophy of Science and C Colin Allen
ISBN : 0195110536
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 88.12 MB
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Our understanding of the human mind has radically changed in recent years--from the unified mind once envisioned by Ren� Descartes over three hundred years ago to a new understanding of mind as a set of specialized cognitive components gradually accumulated in our evolutionary past. As a result, many scientists and philosophers now believe that our minds emerged out of the same type of evolutionary processes that have shaped our bodies. In The Evolution of Mind, outstanding figures on the cutting edge of evolutionary psychology follow clues provided by current neuroscientific evidence to illuminate many puzzling questions of human cognitive evolution. With contributions from psychologists, ethologists, anthropologists, and philosophers, the book offers a broad range of approaches to explore the mysteries of the minds evolution--from investigating the biological functions of human cognition to drawing comparisons between human and animal cognitive abilities. This interdisciplinary work presents a comparative and evolutionary perspective on a wide variety of topics, including mental algorithms for reasoning about contingencies, quantities, social norms, and the minds of others; social play and communicative abilities; thought and language, and the role of Darwin's theory of natural selection in evolutionary psychology. Written in a highly readable style, The Evolution of Mind will appeal to a broad range of researchers and students and help set the agenda for the field for years to come.
Category: Psychology

The Long Evolution Of Brains And Minds

Author : Gerhard Roth
ISBN : 9789400762596
Genre : Nature
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The main topic of the book is a reconstruction of the evolution of nervous systems and brains as well as of mental-cognitive abilities, in short “intelligence” from simplest organisms to humans. It investigates to which extent the two are correlated. One central topic is the alleged uniqueness of the human brain and human intelligence and mind. It is discussed which neural features make certain animals and humans intelligent and creative: Is it absolute or relative brain size or the size of “intelligence centers” inside the brains, the number of nerve cells inside the brain in total or in such “intelligence centers” decisive for the degree of intelligence, of mind and eventually consciousness? And which are the driving forces behind these processes? Finally, it is asked what all this means for the classical problem of mind-brain relationship and for a naturalistic theory of mind.
Category: Nature

Evolution And The Human Mind

Author : Professor of Philosophy Peter Carruthers
ISBN : 0521783313
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 84.1 MB
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This volume of essays offers an interdisciplinary examination of the evolution of the human mind.
Category: Philosophy

The Symbolic Species The Co Evolution Of Language And The Brain

Author : Terrence W. Deacon
ISBN : 9780393343021
Genre : Science
File Size : 60.44 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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"A work of enormous breadth, likely to pleasantly surprise both general readers and experts."—New York Times Book Review This revolutionary book provides fresh answers to long-standing questions of human origins and consciousness. Drawing on his breakthrough research in comparative neuroscience, Terrence Deacon offers a wealth of insights into the significance of symbolic thinking: from the co-evolutionary exchange between language and brains over two million years of hominid evolution to the ethical repercussions that followed man's newfound access to other people's thoughts and emotions. Informing these insights is a new understanding of how Darwinian processes underlie the brain's development and function as well as its evolution. In contrast to much contemporary neuroscience that treats the brain as no more or less than a computer, Deacon provides a new clarity of vision into the mechanism of mind. It injects a renewed sense of adventure into the experience of being human.
Category: Science

Origins Of The Modern Mind

Author : Merlin Donald
ISBN : 0674644840
Genre : Medical
File Size : 33.12 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This bold and brilliant book asks the ultimate question of life sciences: How did the human mind acquire its incomparable power? Origins of the Modern Mind traces the evolution of human culture and cognition from primitive apes to the era of artificial intelligence, and presents an original theory of how the human mind evolved from its presymbolic form. Illustrated with line drawings.
Category: Medical

Modelling The Early Human Mind

Author : Paul Mellars
ISBN : STANFORD:36105019498828
Genre : Medical
File Size : 61.96 MB
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A volume of papers from a conference held by the McDonald Institute in Cambridge, 1993. The aim of the conference was to address key issues in the development of intelligence and cognitive capacities though the course of human evolution. It did this by invoking theoretical perspectives from a broad range of relevant disciplines - psychology, ethology and primate behaviour, neurology, child development, artificial intelligence and, of course, archaeology. The volume contains the papers presented at the conference, revised and updated in the light of post-conference discussions. It provides the most comprehensive review available of current approaches to 'modelling' the evolution of intelligence and congnition in early human popoulations. Seventeen papers by Colin Renfrew, Richard W. Byrne, Robert A. Foley, Steven Mithen, J. A. J. Gowlett, Frederic Joulian, James Russell, Christopher Longuet-Higgins, David Erdal, Andrew Whiten, P. C. Lee, Peter G. Grossenbacher, K. A. Robson Brown, Leslie C. Aiello, Elizabeth Whitcombe, Angela C. Roberts, Peter Collins and Trevor W. Robbins.
Category: Medical

Cosmic Consciousness

Author : Richard Maurice Bucke
ISBN : 9781557094995
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 74.90 MB
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In one of the classic books on the mystical experience, Buck outlines the development of various faculties in the history of man and the growth of an individual. He believes we are witnessing a continuous psychical revolution and that people like Buddha and Jesus, to name a couple, are the forerunners of the beings who will eventually inhabit the earth.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit