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Every Note Played

Author : Lisa Genova
ISBN : 9781476717821
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 41.51 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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“Unsparing in her depiction of the disease’s harrowing effects, neuroscientist Genova also celebrates humanity.” —People “Sometimes it’s easier to tell truth in fiction…And she tells it with heart and hope.” —NPR “Her juxtaposition of scientific detail with compassionate, heartfelt storytelling is unparalleled.” —Bookreporter “Every Note Played will grip and gut you.” —The Boston Globe From neuroscientist and New York Times bestselling author of Still Alice comes a powerful exploration of regret, forgiveness, freedom, and what it means to be alive. An accomplished concert pianist, Richard received standing ovations from audiences all over the world in awe of his rare combination of emotional resonance and flawless technique. Every finger of his hands was a finely calibrated instrument, dancing across the keys and striking each note with exacting precision. That was eight months ago. Richard now has ALS, and his entire right arm is paralyzed. His fingers are impotent, still, devoid of possibility. The loss of his hand feels like a death, a loss of true love, a divorce—his divorce. He knows his left arm will go next. Three years ago, Karina removed their framed wedding picture from the living room wall and hung a mirror there instead. But she still hasn’t moved on. Karina is paralyzed by excuses and fear, stuck in an unfulfilling life as a piano teacher, afraid to pursue the path she abandoned as a young woman, blaming Richard and their failed marriage for all of it. When Richard becomes increasingly paralyzed and is no longer able to live on his own, Karina becomes his reluctant caretaker. As Richard’s muscles, voice, and breath fade, both he and Karina try to reconcile their past before it’s too late. Poignant and powerful, Every Note Played is a masterful exploration of redemption and what it means to find peace inside of forgiveness.
Category: Fiction

Every Note Played Dyslexic Edition

Author : Lisa Genova
ISBN : 1525280376
Genre : Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
File Size : 49.46 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A once accomplished concert pianist, Richard now has ALS. As he becomes increasingly paralyzed and is no longer able to live on his own, Karina, his divorced wife, becomes his reluctant caretaker. As Richard's muscles, voice, and breath fade, both he and Karina try to reconcile their past before it's too late. This is a masterful exploration of redemption and what it means to find peace inside of forgiveness.
Category: Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Essentials Of Brass Playing

Author : Fred Fox
ISBN : 1457496313
Genre : Music
File Size : 56.60 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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An explicit, logical approach to important basic factors that contribute to superior brass instrument performance.
Category: Music

School Of Banjo Bluegrass Melodic Style

ISBN : 9781610659567
Genre : Music
File Size : 42.91 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The melodic style is a beautiful three finger picking style which can be traced to the early 1900's and became a fully accepted style for playing the five-string banjo in the 1960's, and is today an integral part of the three-finger style of many banjo players at all playing levels. Plus, the songs arranged in this style are easy and fun to learn. Although the melodic style may sound impossible with all of those notes coming from it, surprisingly you will find that it is not that difficult to learn and no previous musical knowledge is needed. This course covers the melodic style from the very basics of this picking style to the advanced techniques and provides many fun to play and well-known songs arranged in the three-finger melodic style for upper level beginning players through advanced level players.
Category: Music


Author : Gareth Loy
ISBN : 9780262516556
Genre : Education
File Size : 72.5 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"Mathematics can be as effortless as humming a tune, if you know the tune," writes Gareth Loy. In Musimathics, Loy teaches us the tune, providing a friendly and spirited tour of the mathematics of music--a commonsense, self-contained introduction for the nonspecialist reader. It is designed for musicians who find their art increasingly mediated by technology, and for anyone who is interested in the intersection of art and science.In this volume, Loy presents the materials of music (notes, intervals, and scales); the physical properties of music (frequency, amplitude, duration, and timbre); the perception of music and sound (how we hear); and music composition. Musimathics is carefully structured so that new topics depend strictly on topics already presented, carrying the reader progressively from basic subjects to more advanced ones. Cross-references point to related topics and an extensive glossary defines commonly used terms. The book explains the mathematics and physics of music for the reader whose mathematics may not have gone beyond the early undergraduate level. Calling himself "a composer seduced into mathematics," Loy provides answers to foundational questions about the mathematics of music accessibly yet rigorously. The topics are all subjects that contemporary composers, musicians, and musical engineers have found to be important. The examples given are all practical problems in music and audio. The level of scholarship and the pedagogical approach also make Musimathics ideal for classroom use. Additional material can be found at a companion web site.
Category: Education

Piano Made Easy For Beginners

Author :
Genre :
File Size : 35.94 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Easy to read self-help book for first time learners to understand basics of piano playing.

21st Century Guitar Teacher Edition 1

Author : Aaron Stang
ISBN : 1457459426
Genre : Music
File Size : 61.98 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The Teacher Edition outlines lesson plans and correlates all the books in the 21st Century Guitar Library. Listening, teaching and performance suggestions are included, and the book is especially useful for teachers who are not principally guitarists. Book 1 includes lesson plans and correlates all books in Level 1. [SPANISH] Correlativo a todos los volúmenes de la Biblioteca de Guitarra Belwin 21st Century. Plan de lecciones para el curso: Sugerencias para la ejecución.
Category: Music

One Guitar Many Styles

Author : JON FINN
ISBN : 9781610651233
Genre : Music
File Size : 69.85 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Much of today's electric guitar centers on playing in a band. We learn the chords, the licks, the solos and sometimes a few of the lyrics. Seldom do we get a chance to play a song by ourselves from beginning to end without band mates or singing. This new book by Berklee faculty and renowned recording artist Jon Finn is a collection of pieces in a variety of musical styles written for unaccompanied solo electric guitar. Techniques covered include pick-and-fingers (reminiscent of Chet Atkins), classical (adapted to electric guitar), jazz, blues, pop, two-handed tapping (like Jennifer Batten or Stanley Jordan) and more. the music is accurately and painstakingly transcribed to match the included recordings. the book also includes pictures and detailed information about playing each piece, both from a technical and artistic point of view. If you want to widen your musical horizons while building up repertoire that you can perform by yourself, this book is for you.
Category: Music

Notes For Strings For Cello

Author : George Zepp
ISBN : 0769218083
Genre : Music
File Size : 41.88 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Notes for Strings to read, write and play, is designed to be used as a supplemental book for the study of any string orchestra instrument. Understanding the fundamentals of music notation is essential to the future success of young musicians. The use of this book as a supplement to any beginning string method will insure this understanding in a way that makes learning easy and enjoyalble. A solid foundation built with the aid of this book will smooth the road to musical accomplishment for the student (and teacher) in the months and years ahead. Published for violin, viola, cello, and bass.
Category: Music

Andrew York S Jazz Guitar For Classical Cats

Author : Alfred Publishing
ISBN : 0739011332
Genre : Music
File Size : 76.10 MB
Format : PDF
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World-famous guitarist and composer Andrew York has created the Classical Cats series to be the classical guitarist's ultimate guide to jazz. For many musicians, the thought of improvising can be intimidating. In this exciting conclusion to the Jazz Guitar for Classical Cats trilogy, Andrew York shows you that improvisation is a skill that can be learned and practiced just like any other. It's simply a matter of knowing where you're going (targeting chord tones) and how you're going to get there (scales and modes). By practicing the ear training and visualization exercises in this book, you will learn how to turn the music you hear in your "mind's ear" into imaginative, great-sounding jazz solos. A CD demonstrating the examples in the book is included.
Category: Music