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Essential Algorithms

Author : Rod Stephens
ISBN : 9781118797297
Genre : Computers
File Size : 37.50 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A friendly and accessible introduction to the most usefulalgorithms Computer algorithms are the basic recipes for programming.Professional programmers need to know how to use algorithms tosolve difficult programming problems. Written in simple, intuitiveEnglish, this book describes how and when to use the most practicalclassic algorithms, and even how to create new algorithms to meetfuture needs. The book also includes a collection of questions thatcan help readers prepare for a programming job interview. Reveals methods for manipulating common data structures such asarrays, linked lists, trees, and networks Addresses advanced data structures such as heaps, 2-3 trees,B-trees Addresses general problem-solving techniques such as branch andbound, divide and conquer, recursion, backtracking, heuristics, andmore Reviews sorting and searching, network algorithms, andnumerical algorithms Includes general problem-solving techniques such as brute forceand exhaustive search, divide and conquer, backtracking, recursion,branch and bound, and more In addition, Essential Algorithms features a companionwebsite that includes full instructor materials to support trainingor higher ed adoptions.
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Programming Quantum Computers

Author : Eric R. Johnston
ISBN : 9781492039655
Genre : Computers
File Size : 30.93 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Quantum computers are set to kick-start a second computing revolution in an exciting and intriguing way. Learning to program a Quantum Processing Unit (QPU) is not only fun and exciting, but it's a way to get your foot in the door. Like learning any kind of programming, the best way to proceed is by getting your hands dirty and diving into code. This practical book uses publicly available quantum computing engines, clever notation, and a programmer’s mindset to get you started. You'll be able to build up the intuition, skills, and tools needed to start writing quantum programs and solve problems that you care about.
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Logic Minimization Algorithms For Vlsi Synthesis

Author : Robert K. Brayton
ISBN : 0898381649
Genre : Computers
File Size : 26.25 MB
Format : PDF
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The roots of the project which culminates with the writing of this book can be traced to the work on logic synthesis started in 1979 at the IBM Watson Research Center and at University of California, Berkeley. During the preliminary phases of these projects, the impor tance of logic minimization for the synthesis of area and performance effective circuits clearly emerged. In 1980, Richard Newton stirred our interest by pointing out new heuristic algorithms for two-level logic minimization and the potential for improving upon existing approaches. In the summer of 1981, the authors organized and participated in a seminar on logic manipulation at IBM Research. One of the goals of the seminar was to study the literature on logic minimization and to look at heuristic algorithms from a fundamental and comparative point of view. The fruits of this investigation were surprisingly abundant: it was apparent from an initial implementation of recursive logic minimiza tion (ESPRESSO-I) that, if we merged our new results into a two-level minimization program, an important step forward in automatic logic synthesis could result. ESPRESSO-II was born and an APL implemen tation was created in the summer of 1982. The results of preliminary tests on a fairly large set of industrial examples were good enough to justify the publication of our algorithms. It is hoped that the strength and speed of our minimizer warrant its Italian name, which denotes both express delivery and a specially-brewed black coffee.
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The Dissimilarity Representation For Pattern Recognition

Author : El?bieta P?kalska
ISBN : 9789812565303
Genre : Computers
File Size : 25.37 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book provides a fundamentally new approach to pattern recognition in which objects are characterized by relations to other objects instead of by using features or models. This 'dissimilarity representation' bridges the gap between the traditionally opposing approaches of statistical and structural pattern recognition.Physical phenomena, objects and events in the world are related in various and often complex ways. Such relations are usually modeled in the form of graphs or diagrams. While this is useful for communication between experts, such representation is difficult to combine and integrate by machine learning procedures. However, if the relations are captured by sets of dissimilarities, general data analysis procedures may be applied for analysis.With their detailed description of an unprecedented approach absent from traditional textbooks, the authors have crafted an essential book for every researcher and systems designer studying or developing pattern recognition systems.
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A Guided Tour Of Relational Databases And Beyond

Author : Mark Levene
ISBN : 1852330082
Genre : Computers
File Size : 69.79 MB
Format : PDF
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Addressing important extensions of the relational database model, including deductive, temporal, and object-oriented databases, this book provides an overview of database modeling with the Entity-Relationship (ER) model and the relational model. The book focuses on the primary achievements in relational database theory, including query languages, integrity constraints, database design, computable queries, and concurrency control. This reference will shed light on the ideas underlying relational database systems and the problems that confront database designers and researchers.
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Chinese Handwriting Recognition An Algorithmic Perspective

Author : Tonghua Su
ISBN : 9783642318122
Genre : Computers
File Size : 22.7 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Designing machines that can read handwriting like human beings has been an ambitious goal for more than half a century, driving talented researchers to explore diverse approaches. Obstacles have often been encountered that at first appeared insurmountable but were indeed overcome before long. Yet some open issues remain to be solved. As an indispensable branch, Chinese handwriting recognition has been termed as one of the most difficult Pattern Recognition tasks. Chinese handwriting recognition poses its own unique challenges, such as huge variations in strokes, diversity of writing styles, and a large set of confusable categories. With ever-increasing training data, researchers have pursued elaborate algorithms to discern characters from different categories and compensate for the sample variations within the same category. As a result, Chinese handwriting recognition has evolved substantially and amazing achievements can be seen. This book introduces integral algorithms used in Chinese handwriting recognition and the applications of Chinese handwriting recogniers. The first part of the book covers both widespread canonical algorithms to a reliable recognizer and newly developed scalable methods in Chinese handwriting recognition. The recognition of Chinese handwritten text is presented systematically, including instructive guidelines for collecting samples, novel recognition paradigms, distributed discriminative learning of appearance models and distributed estimation of contextual models for large categories, in addition to celebrated methods, e.g. Gradient features, MQDF and HMMs. In the second part of this book, endeavors are made to create a friendlier human-machine interface through application of Chinese handwriting recognition. Four scenarios are exemplified: grid-assisted input, shortest moving input, handwritten micro-blog, and instant handwriting messenger. All the while, the book moves from basic to more complex approaches, also providing a list for further reading with literature comments.
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Recommender Systems And The Social Web

Author : Fatih Gedikli
ISBN : 9783658019488
Genre : Computers
File Size : 57.46 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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​There is an increasing demand for recommender systems due to the information overload users are facing on the Web. The goal of a recommender system is to provide personalized recommendations of products or services to users. With the advent of the Social Web, user-generated content has enriched the social dimension of the Web. As user-provided content data also tells us something about the user, one can learn the user’s individual preferences from the Social Web. This opens up completely new opportunities and challenges for recommender systems research. Fatih Gedikli deals with the question of how user-provided tagging data can be used to build better recommender systems. A tag recommender algorithm is proposed which recommends tags for users to annotate their favorite online resources. The author also proposes algorithms which exploit the user-provided tagging data and produce more accurate recommendations. On the basis of this idea, he shows how tags can be used to explain to the user the automatically generated recommendations in a clear and intuitively understandable form. With his book, Fatih Gedikli gives us an outlook on the next generation of recommendation systems in the Social Web sphere.
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Essential Bioinformatics

Author : Jin Xiong
ISBN : 9781139450621
Genre : Science
File Size : 20.78 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Essential Bioinformatics is a concise yet comprehensive textbook of bioinformatics, which provides a broad introduction to the entire field. Written specifically for a life science audience, the basics of bioinformatics are explained, followed by discussions of the state-of-the-art computational tools available to solve biological research problems. All key areas of bioinformatics are covered including biological databases, sequence alignment, genes and promoter prediction, molecular phylogenetics, structural bioinformatics, genomics and proteomics. The book emphasizes how computational methods work and compares the strengths and weaknesses of different methods. This balanced yet easily accessible text will be invaluable to students who do not have sophisticated computational backgrounds. Technical details of computational algorithms are explained with a minimum use of mathematical formulae; graphical illustrations are used in their place to aid understanding. The effective synthesis of existing literature as well as in-depth and up-to-date coverage of all key topics in bioinformatics make this an ideal textbook for all bioinformatics courses taken by life science students and for researchers wishing to develop their knowledge of bioinformatics to facilitate their own research.
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Machine Learning In Python

Author : Michael Bowles
ISBN : 9781118961766
Genre : Computers
File Size : 51.42 MB
Format : PDF
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Learn a simpler and more effective way to analyze data andpredict outcomes with Python Machine Learning in Python shows you how to successfullyanalyze data using only two core machine learning algorithms, andhow to apply them using Python. By focusing on two algorithmfamilies that effectively predict outcomes, this book is able toprovide full descriptions of the mechanisms at work, and theexamples that illustrate the machinery with specific, hackablecode. The algorithms are explained in simple terms with no complexmath and applied using Python, with guidance on algorithmselection, data preparation, and using the trained models inpractice. You will learn a core set of Python programmingtechniques, various methods of building predictive models, and howto measure the performance of each model to ensure that the rightone is used. The chapters on penalized linear regression andensemble methods dive deep into each of the algorithms, and you canuse the sample code in the book to develop your own data analysissolutions. Machine learning algorithms are at the core of data analyticsand visualization. In the past, these methods required a deepbackground in math and statistics, often in combination with thespecialized R programming language. This book demonstrates howmachine learning can be implemented using the more widely used andaccessible Python programming language. Predict outcomes using linear and ensemble algorithmfamilies Build predictive models that solve a range of simple andcomplex problems Apply core machine learning algorithms using Python Use sample code directly to build custom solutions Machine learning doesn't have to be complex and highlyspecialized. Python makes this technology more accessible to a muchwider audience, using methods that are simpler, effective, and welltested. Machine Learning in Python shows you how to do this,without requiring an extensive background in math orstatistics.
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Introduction To Medical Imaging

Author : Nadine Barrie Smith
ISBN : 9781139492041
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 54.68 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Covering the basics of X-rays, CT, PET, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, and MRI, this textbook provides senior undergraduate and beginning graduate students with a broad introduction to medical imaging. Over 130 end-of-chapter exercises are included, in addition to solved example problems, which enable students to master the theory as well as providing them with the tools needed to solve more difficult problems. The basic theory, instrumentation and state-of-the-art techniques and applications are covered, bringing students immediately up-to-date with recent developments, such as combined computed tomography/positron emission tomography, multi-slice CT, four-dimensional ultrasound, and parallel imaging MR technology. Clinical examples provide practical applications of physics and engineering knowledge to medicine. Finally, helpful references to specialised texts, recent review articles, and relevant scientific journals are provided at the end of each chapter, making this an ideal textbook for a one-semester course in medical imaging.
Category: Technology & Engineering