Enterprise Change Management

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Enterprise Change Management

Author : David Miller
ISBN : 9780749473020
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 58.2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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One of the biggest challenges facing organizations today is the ability to deliver the necessary change to sustain competitive advantage and adapt to economic and market environments. However, the gap between what organizations would like to deliver and their capabilities to do so is getting increasingly wide. Enterprise Change Management provides a practical roadmap for bridging this gap to help organizations build the sustainable capabilities to implement a portfolio of changes. Based on research on change performance from over 300 organizations and 400,000 data points over a 21-year period, Enterprise Change Management will help diagnose the root causes of the organizational change gap, manage demand for change and create the context for successful continuous change in the organization. This book introduces five core capabilities - adaptive leadership; executing single changes effectively; managing the demand for change; hiring resilient people and creating the context for successful change. Frameworks, processes and tools help readers assess change capabilities and then create a strategy to close the change gap and improve performance in their organization.
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Change Management In Nonprofit Organizations

Author : Kunle Akingbola
ISBN : 9783030147747
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 41.64 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Nonprofit organizations are arguably in a perpetual state of change. Nonprofits must constantly scan, analyze, and adapt to the implications of the changing needs of clients, the community, funders, and government policy. Hence, the core competencies and capabilities of nonprofits must include how to effectively manage change. The knowledge, skills, and abilities of employees, volunteers, and managers must include the competencies required to formulate and implement strategies to manage planned and unplanned change. This book brings to the forefront the challenges and opportunities of change by combining insights from practice, research, and theories of change management to examine nonprofits. It incorporates interdisciplinary perspectives to examine the dimensions, determinants, and outcomes of change in nonprofits. It offers managers, researchers, and students case examples on how to develop, implement, and manage change in the context of nonprofits. Readers will better understand the dimensions of change that are unique to nonprofits and how these should be integrated into strategy and day-to-day operations, including reflection for both the change agent and the change recipient.
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Change Management And Change Fatigue In The Business Enterprise

Author : Constance An
ISBN : 1719962286
Genre :
File Size : 21.90 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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How do you manage change and change fatigue when implementing massive transformations in your enterprise business? What seems to be impossible odds for change implementation is addressed through my change tools, methods, and principles. After reading this book, you will immediately be able to start applying what you have learned to your business change management challenges and opportunities. Learn why change management and its associated change fatigue is so prevalent in today's business enterprise. Know all the factors of change fatigue, their root causes, and their solutions. Manage change fatigue better for yourself and your business enterprise through indexing and heat mapping tools. You will be evoked and inspired with new passion as you connect with the stories behind some of the change management and change fatigue models.Never before has change fatigue been so clearly and concretely de-coded for the modern business enterprise of today.

Enterprise Release Management

Author : Louis J. Taborda
ISBN : 9781608071692
Genre : Agile software development
File Size : 63.33 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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An indispensable resource for business leaders, IT professionals and project managers working to effect positive change in their organizations, this innovative book presents a new paradigm for the management of evolving business and IT architectures. Enterprise release management takes a holistic view of change that offers a synthesis of traditional management approaches, including project and change management, enterprise architecture, and development practices like configuration and release management. Unlike many books that simply focus on portfolio planning, this practical reference establishes an end to end release framework which ensures initiatives are planned and prioritized to streamline portfolio execution and delivery. Benefits of the release-centric approach advocated include reduced execution and operational risk, improved demand management and optimized release throughput. This unique book offers a fresh enterprise perspective that addresses strategic change and the release life cycle, providing executives and managers with the tools they need to chart and track the course of their business.
Category: Agile software development

Systemic Change Management

Author : G. Roth
ISBN : 9781137412027
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 22.97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Weaving together prescriptions with a series of cases, Systemic Change Management describes the value and how-to of a systemic or enterprise approach to organizational change. Each capability presented here promotes change, but when used together create synergies that magnify their individual impact within and between collaborating organizations.
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Enterprise Wide Change

Author : Stephen Haines
ISBN : 9780787976644
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 79.17 MB
Format : PDF
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Leave piecemeal strategic change approaches behind and learn how toplan, facilitate, and integrate your change efforts for lastingsuccess. Enterprise-Wide Change takes you through the?Rollercoaster of Change,? showing you how to deal with resistance,regard skeptics as your best friends, and build a buy-in andstay-in strategy among your employees. The authors use the scienceof ?Systems Thinking? -- a comprehensive, yet simple andintegrated way to analyze and build synergy from key organizationalelements. You?ll find proven and practical questions, summaries,case studies, examples, and worksheets as well as systems tools,tips, and techniques to foster organization change anddevelopment.
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Best Practices In Change Management 11th Edition

Author : Karen Ball
ISBN : 1930885164
Genre :
File Size : 65.62 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Apply best practices research to the changes in your organization to optimize your change management approach and achieve results. As the most comprehensive body of knowledge on change management, Best Practices in Change Management gives you the access to benchmarks and best practices you need to be effective. Since 1998, Prosci has conducted research with more than 8,100 change leaders.The eleventh edition of Best Practices in Change Management presents data from the 2019 study, which surveyed 1863 project leaders and change practitioners, representing organizations from 85 countries. The edition combines the findings from the 2019 study with findings from previous studies conducted in 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2017 to form this exhaustive compendium of benchmarking findings. Participants revealed the factors that contributed to their project success, what they would do differently on their next change project, how they integrated change management in their organizations and how they built an enterprise-wide change management capability. Compare your efforts to these benchmarks and apply best practices in your own change management work.

Beyond Change Management

Author : Dean Anderson
ISBN : 9780470891131
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 39.52 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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"With this extensively upgraded second edition, Dean Anderson and Linda Ackerman Anderson solidify their status as the leading authorities on change leadership and organizational transformation. This is without question the most comprehensive approach for leaders who are serious about making change a strategic discipline." —Jim Kouzes, Author, The Leadership Challenge and The Truth About Leadership A comprehensive look at what it really takes to lead transformation successfully, written by two of the "masters of the craft." The author's best-selling first edition has been significantly updated to deliver critical insights about how leaders can achieve breakthrough results from transformational change, even in these challenging times. The book introduces conscious change leadership and provides insights about the critical human and change process dynamics that leaders must be aware of in order to succeed, and reveals why most leaders do not see these dynamics. Most importantly, it highlights the shift in worldview leaders must make to deliver greater success. The book outlines the author's highly successful "multi-dimensional, process approach" to transformation, addressing change at the organizational, team, relational, and personal levels. It thoroughly addresses leadership mindset and behavioral modeling, culture change, and large systems implementations, providing best practices developed over three decades of successful consulting to Fortune 500 executives. Written for executives and managers, OD consultants, change managers, project managers, and change consultants, this must read book provides the foundation for successful change leadership and consulting. Based on thirty years of action research with Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, the military, and large non-profit global organizations Provides worksheets, tools, case examples, and assessments that you can immediately apply to all types of change efforts Contrasts two vastly different leadership approaches to change, and reveals why only one works Provides solutions for turning employee resistance into commitment Outlines the common mistakes in change and how you can avoid them Reveals the differences between transformation and other types of change so you can build strategies that really get results Beyond Change Management advances the field of change leadership, and takes the concept of managing change in organizations to a whole new level. It is a must read for anyone wanting to stay abreast of advancements in the field. Together with its companion volume, The Change Leader’s Roadmap: How to Navigate Your Organization’s Transformation, these books can be used as texts in corporate or graduate school training programs and courses.
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Mastering Organizational Change Management

Author : Barbara Davis
ISBN : 1604271418
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 33.92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This text provides a practical model for organizational change professionals, senior business analysts, project and program management leaders, and executives to follow in developing and executing any important change initiatives or major enterprise transformation efforts.
Category: Business & Economics

The Measurement And Management Of Strategic Change

Author : Lok & Jones Walsh
ISBN : 0733974570
Genre : Organisational effectiveness
File Size : 36.11 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate courses in change management and organisational change.The Measurement and Management of Strategic Change is a text about the integration of strategy, measurement and change. It details how enterprise performance can be managed in a global environment where strategic responses are realised through a balanced scorecard framework and due recognition is given to the change management process.
Category: Organisational effectiveness

Relationships That Enable Enterprise Change

Author : Ron A. Carucci
ISBN : 9780787967253
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 51.39 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Relationships that Enable Enterprise Change—a title in Pfeiffer's Practicing Organization Development Series—is a practical resource for consultants who want to enhance their relationship with senior leaders in order to drive broad organization change. Written by Ron A. Carucci and William A. Pasmore—with contributions from senior consultants from the acclaimed Mercer Delta Organizational Consulting group—this invaluable guide shows you how to leverage relationships with your clients to ensure that sought-after change is realized. The authors present tested principles and approaches that will help transform your client relationships into engines of change throughout the organization and offer a wealth of new ideas that you can implement in your consulting practice.
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Author : Jeff Hiatt
ISBN : 1930885504
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 42.24 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In his first complete text on the ADKAR model, Jeff Hiatt explains the origin of the model and explores what drives each building block of ADKAR. Learn how to build awareness, create desire, develop knowledge, foster ability and reinforce changes in your organization. The ADKAR Model is changing how we think about managing the people side of change, and provides a powerful foundation to help you succeed at change.After more than 14 years of research with corporate change, the ADKAR model has emerged as a holistic approach that brings together the collection of change management work into a simple, results oriented model. This model ties together all aspects of change management including readiness assessments, sponsorship, communications, coaching, training and resistance management. All of these activities are placed into a framework that is oriented on the required phases for realizing change with individuals and the organization.The ADKAR perspective can help you develop a new lens through which to observe and influence change. You may be working for change in your public school system or in a small city council. You may be sponsoring change in your department at work. You may be observing large changes that are being attempted at the highest levels of government or you may be leading an enterprise-wide change initiative. The perspective enabled by the ADKAR model allows you to view change in a new way. You can begin to see the barrier points and understand the levers that can move your changes forward. ADKAR allows you to understand why some changes succeed while others fail. Most importantly, ADKAR can help your changes be a success. Based on research with more than 900 companies from 59 countries, ADKAR is a simple and holistic way to manage change.
Category: Business & Economics

Effective Enterprise And Change Management

Author : Alan H. Anderson
ISBN : 0631191240
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 26.36 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Effective Enterprise and Change Management focuses on the need for organizations to fuse change management and enterprise in order to grow and innovate. The authors recognise that managers, especially in medium sized and larger firms, need effective business tools to analyse and maintain innovation and market responsiveness. It is vital to understand the importance of the external environment if organizations are to succeed in a fast moving and market-oriented economy. This book is designed to give both the student and manager the skills and techniques to plan, analyze and understand change in the context of the organization; evaluate the external environment and competitors to focus on the major threats and opportunities the organization faces; understand the structure and internal resources of the organization and the role of stakeholders (internal and external) in its decision making and responsiveness; and develop strategies for organizational recovery, growth and change. Throughout the book the emphasis is on the application of generic skills and competencies backed by numerous activities and examples.
Category: Business & Economics

Executing Transformation

Author : Joel Bigley
ISBN : 9781480869325
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 90.55 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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With the competitive landscape changing faster than ever before, leaders understandably favor what has worked for them in the past. But that kind of approach doesn’t give anyone the motivation to develop new and better strategies to execute and navigate change. As a result, change leaders and practitioners find themselves asking the same-old questions: • With no time for failure, how can initiatives be moved forward? • How do you fit the right change method to the change objective? • How do you create a roadmap that is designed for success? • Why do some organizations succeed with change while others struggle? The authors share the insights of change management thought leaders that have stood the test of time within the scope of organization-wide change. Change managers today can review the work of these thought leaders to better understand and implement effective change in their organizations. The authors also propose a holistic meta-framework to create a path for enterprise-wide change. With the insights from case studies, you’ll learn how to create a customized and robust transformation plan for your own organizational change initiatives.
Category: Business & Economics

Public Sector Enterprise Resource Planning

Author : Rainer Sommer
ISBN : UOM:39015069363243
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 43.90 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 720
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Worldwide, public sector organizations are implementing commercial packaged software solutions, or enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, to increase productivity and customer service as well as to deploy manageable business processes. To that end, this book provides workable solutions from experienced public sector program and project managers, consulting leaders and academic researchers who have proven expertise in large scale public sector ERP implementation.Existing research shows that while public sector enterprises generally agree by consensus, and thus have different management cultures than their private sector counterparts, their management practices are driven by a private sector model. Given the tremendous growth in public sector ERP spending and the risks associated with such politically-charged projects, new approaches to change management must be explored. The contributors present expertly researched federal, commercial and academic views on how public sector organizations are integrating their business processes, and how they relate to the private sector experience. The discussion covers all aspects of the new private sector management paradigm, including strategic planning, change management, process change, and information system implementation. The contributors provide details on the implementation steps, and make suggestions for how public sector program managers and contractor teams should plan change management and ERP initiatives. Researchers and students in the areas of management, public sector enterprises and public policy will find the volume's insights of great value. Managers with oversight in public sector organizations will find the volume of great practical interest.
Category: Business & Economics

Enterprise Focused Management

Author : Ted Hutchin
ISBN : 0727729799
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 90.5 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book represents a new voice in the drive for enterprise thinking within organisations. Although Enterprise Resource Planning and similar approaches are now commonplace in industry they continue to deliver disappointing results. This book will enable companies to finally turn their investment into bottom-line improvement.Based on the author's own research over a three year period in a number of different companies throughout Europe, Enterprise focused management discusses the key issues within organisations today.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Project Change Management

Author : Introbooks
ISBN : 1655894692
Genre :
File Size : 70.6 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Project Change Management is an extremely vital process in any organization or enterprise. Change is inevitable and there is a need for bringing change to everything which exists in the world. Change is desirable, and it brings productivity and favorable outcomes in a number of ways. The process of the Project Change Management is very frequently used in several organizations which are providing services to customers and other end-users. The process is essential to bring changes in any projects so that it can become more efficient and effective and provide more productivity and sales to a company. The changes should be managed by a proper team of people, using and implementing a series of protocols. This will help in the successful implementation and execution of a change in a project. This process provides a broad way to bring new and many innovative ideas together. Because of this, the interaction among people increases and skills are also developed.

Oracle Enterprise Manager 101

Author : Lars Bo Vanting
ISBN : 0072223073
Genre : Computers
File Size : 53.34 MB
Format : PDF
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Your Oracle career starts here! Ideal for those new to Oracle technology, this officially authorized guide explains in easy-to-follow detail how to administer an Oracle database using this state-of-the-art tool. Inside, you'll learn to eliminate, simplify, and automate administrative tasks and use Oracle Enterprise Manager (EM) as a management framework for your entire Oracle environment.
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