Engineers Of Dreams

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Engineers Of Dreams

Author : Henry Petroski
ISBN : 9780307773135
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 90.26 MB
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Petroski reveals the science and engineering--not to mention the politics, egotism, and sheer magic--behind America's great bridges, particularly those constructed during the great bridge-building era starting in the 1870s and continuing through the 1930s. It is the story of the men and women who built the St. Louis, the George Washington, and the Golden Gate bridges, drawing not only on their mastery of numbers but on their gifts for persuasion and self-promotion. It is an account of triumphs and ignominious disasters (including the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, which literally twisted itself apart in a high wind). And throughout this grandly engaging book, Petroski lets us see how bridges became the "symbols and souls" of our civilization, as well as testaments to their builders' vision, ingenuity, and perseverance. "Seamlessly linked...With astonishing scope and generosity of view, Mr. Petroski places the tradition of American bridge-building in perspective."--New York Times Book Review
Category: Technology & Engineering

Engineers Dreams

Author : Willy Ley
ISBN : 0670295736
Genre :
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An Engineer S Dream

Author : Bhartur Iyengar
ISBN : 1977201385
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 43.94 MB
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This book deals with the reminiscences of my early life and professional career. My earliest recollection begins with an obscure village where my father was working just before his retirement. I did not attend school while in that village. My uncle's initiative took us to Mysore, the capital of Mysore state at that time. I completed my school and college education there. I then joined India's top institution and did electrical engineering. Post graduation, I served as a lecturer, design engineer, and plant engineer in several organizations and retired as a general manager in a premier electronics company in India. I have outlined here the challenges I faced during my preliminary and advanced studies. I have tried to describe the peculiarities in the various jobs I held. When I call my book An Engineer's Dream, I do not mean the dreams that portray the images or emotions that occur in one's sleep. I specifically refer to the aims, aspirations, and ambitions of an individual. These may be explicitly stated or be held confidentially within one's mind. Every person will surely have some aim (s). It may vary from person to person and from time to time for the same person, depending on the circumstances. I have analyzed "My dreams" in the preface to this book. The needed requisites for the fulfilment of one's dreams are Will, Patience, Perseverance, Self-confidence, and Faith. I am happy to state that I have fulfilled my dreams.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

The Psychology Of Dreams

Author : Paul R. Robbins
ISBN : 9781476610559
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 81.10 MB
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Our dreams fascinate us as individuals and as a society. What do surveys report people dream about? How about the dreams of the blind? The mentally ill? What does research show about the possibility of dream telepathy? How did the ancient people view dreams? This wide-ranging book also discusses such topics as REM studies, the effects of experimental stimulation on dream content, research on dreams and creativity, symbolism, and nightmares. The book explores a number of techniques used to analyze dreams, illustrating these approaches with dream examples and case studies.
Category: Social Science

Function And Fantasy Iron Architecture In The Long Nineteenth Century

Author : Paul Dobraszczyk
ISBN : 9781317131410
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 25.85 MB
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The introduction of iron – and later steel – construction and decoration transformed architecture in the nineteenth century. While the structural employment of iron has been a frequent subject of study, this book re-directs scholarly scrutiny on its place in the aesthetics of architecture in the long nineteenth century. Together, its eleven unique and original chapters chart – for the first time – the global reach of iron’s architectural reception, from the first debates on how iron could be incorporated into architecture’s traditional aesthetics to the modernist cleaving of its structural and ornamental roles. The book is divided into three sections. Formations considers the rising tension between the desire to translate traditional architectural motifs into iron and the nascent feeling that iron buildings were themselves creating an entirely new field of aesthetic expression. Exchanges charts the commercial and cultural interactions that took place between British iron foundries and clients in far-flung locations such as Argentina, Jamaica, Nigeria and Australia. Expressing colonial control as well as local agency, iron buildings struck a balance between pre-fabricated functionalism and a desire to convey beauty, value and often exoticism through ornament. Transformations looks at the place of the aesthetics of iron architecture in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, a period in which iron ornament sought to harmonize wide social ambitions while offering the tantalizing possibility that iron architecture as a whole could transform the fundamental meanings of ornament. Taken together, these chapters call for a re-evaluation of modernism’s supposedly rationalist interest in nineteenth-century iron structures, one that has potentially radical implications for the recent ornamental turn in contemporary architecture.
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Dreams Of Development

Author : Pamela S. Murray
ISBN : 0817308393
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 90.60 MB
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Dreams of Development explores the relationship between higher education and Colombian national development by tracing the history of one of Colombia's most important institutions of higher education, the National School of Mines (Escuela Nacional de Minas) of Medellin. Murray addresses three questions: How did the Escuela form national elites, including politicians, businesspeople, and technocrats destined to play prominent roles in industry and government after 1900? To what extent have such elites shaped the development process? And finally, how has the Escuela's evolution reflected such changes in Colombian society as the rise of an urban middle sector and more active roles for women seeking the opportunities associated with an engineering degree? Murray's analysis of a single institution makes this book valuable both to Colombianists and to other scholars interested in the development of modern Latin American higher education. It also provides unique insight into the positivistic ideals and values that have shaped Colombian and other Latin American elites and dictated the destiny of their countries.
Category: Business & Economics

River Of Dreams

Author : Sally Williamson
ISBN : 9781434349309
Genre :
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Project Management For Engineers

Author : J Michael Bennett
ISBN : 9789814447942
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 42.28 MB
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Project Management for Engineers, as the title suggests, is a direct attempt at addressing the ever-increasing and specific needs for better project management of engineering students, practicing engineers and managers in the industry. It aims not only to present the principles and techniques of Project Management, but also to discuss project management standards, processes and requirements, such as PMBOK, IEEE and PRINCE. Each chapter begins with the basics of the theme being developed at a level understandable to an undergraduate, before more complex topics are introduced at the end of each section that are suitable for graduate students. For the practicing professionals or managers in the industry, the book also provides many real illustrations of practical application of the principles of Project Management. Through a realistic blend of theory and practical examples, as well as an integration of the engineering technical issues with business issues, this book seeks to remove the veil of mystery that has shrouded the profession from its very beginning.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Grand Central S Engineer

Author : Kurt C. Schlichting
ISBN : 9781421406954
Genre : Transportation
File Size : 78.85 MB
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"—Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians"Ably tells the story of the New York rail system's most active and visible symbol: the architectural and engineering masterpiece, with its grand public concourse, in the heart of Midtown."—New Scientist
Category: Transportation

Los Angeles City Of Dreams

Author : Harry Carr
ISBN : UCSC:32106000665346
Genre : Los Angeles (Calif.)
File Size : 38.56 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Category: Los Angeles (Calif.)

Dreams To Automobiles

Author : Len Larson
ISBN : 9781469101040
Genre : Transportation
File Size : 62.52 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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There is no available information at this time.
Category: Transportation

Endangered Dreams

Author : Kevin Starr
ISBN : 9780199923564
Genre : History
File Size : 64.94 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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California, Wallace Stegner observed, is like the rest of the United States, only more so. Indeed, the Golden State has always seemed to be a place where the hopes and fears of the American dream have been played out in a bigger and bolder way. And no one has done more to capture this epic story than Kevin Starr, in his acclaimed series of gripping social and cultural histories. Now Starr carries his account into the 1930s, when the political extremes that threatened so much of the Depression-ravaged world--fascism and communism--loomed large across the California landscape. In Endangered Dreams, Starr paints a portrait that is both detailed and panoramic, offering a vivid look at the personalities and events that shaped a decade of explosive tension. He begins with the rise of radicalism on the Pacific Coast, which erupted when the Great Depression swept over California in the 1930s. Starr captures the triumphs and tumult of the great agricultural strikes in the Imperial Valley, the San Joaquin Valley, Stockton, and Salinas, identifying the crucial role played by Communist organizers; he also shows how, after some successes, the Communists disbanded their unions on direct orders of the Comintern in 1935. The highpoint of social conflict, however, was 1934, the year of the coastwide maritime strike, and here Starr's narrative talents are at their best, as he brings to life the astonishing general strike that took control of San Francisco, where workers led by charismatic longshoreman Harry Bridges mounted the barricades to stand off National Guardsmen. That same year socialist Upton Sinclair won the Democratic nomination for governor, and he launched his dramatic End Poverty in California (EPIC) campaign. In the end, however, these challenges galvanized the Right in a corporate, legal, and vigilante counterattack that crushed both organized labor and Sinclair. And yet, the Depression also brought out the finest in Californians: state Democrats fought for a local New Deal; California natives helped care for more than a million impoverished migrants through public and private programs; artists movingly documented the impact of the Depression; and an unprecedented program of public works (capped by the Golden Gate Bridge) made the California we know today possible. In capturing the powerful forces that swept the state during the 1930s--radicalism, repression, construction, and artistic expression--Starr weaves an insightful analysis into his narrative fabric. Out of a shattered decade of economic and social dislocation, he constructs a coherent whole and a mirror for understanding our own time.
Category: History

Computer Graphics For Scientists And Engineers

Author : R. G. S. Asthana
ISBN : 8122408745
Genre : Computer graphics
File Size : 85.61 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Purpose Of This Book Is To Provide An Introductory Text For Understanding The Fundamental Principles Of Computer Graphics. Some Salient Features Are Chapters On Data Structures Along With Examples For Manipulating Pictures/Graphical Objects; Interactive Graphics Covering Input/Output Devices And Systems That Facilitate The Man-Machine Graphic Communication With Emphasis On Device-Independent Graphic Programming; 2-D And 3-D Graphics; Applications Of Graphics To Real-Life Problems, Such As Business Graphics, Graph Plotting, Line Drawing, Image Animation, 3-D Solid-Modeling, Fractals And Multi-Media. This Edition Includes Chapters On Multi-Media And Virtual Reality.
Category: Computer graphics

History Of Bridge Engineering

Author : H. G. Tyrrell
ISBN : 9781443737975
Genre : Science
File Size : 52.28 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Originally published in 1911. HISTORY of BRIDGE ENGINEERING. PREFACE: - PROFICIENCY in any art or science is not attained until its history is known. . Many a student and a designer finds, after weary hours of thought, that the problems over which he studied were considered ...
Category: Science

Her Dream Of Dreams

Author : Beverly Lowry
ISBN : 9780307765956
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 54.84 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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“I am a woman that came from the cotton fields of the South; I was promoted from there to the wash-tub; then I was promoted to the cook kitchen, and from there I promoted myself into the business of manufacturing hair goods and preparations.” --Madam C. J. Walker, National Negro Business League Convention, 1912 Now, from a writer acclaimed for her novels and the memoir Crossed Over, a remarkable biography of a truly heroic figure. Madam C. J. Walker created a cosmetics empire and became known as the first female self-made millionaire in this nation’s history, a noted philanthropist and champion of women’s rights and economic freedom. These achievements seem nothing less than miraculous given that she was born, in 1867, to former slaves in a hamlet on the Mississippi River. How she came to live on another river, the Hudson, in a Westchester County mansion, and in a New York City town house, is at once inspirational and mysterious, because for all that is known about the famous entrepreneur, much that occurred before her magnificent transformation—years that trace a circuitous route across the country—remains obscure. By breathing life into scattered clues and dry facts, and with a deep understanding of the times and places through which Madam Walker moved, Beverly Lowry tells a story that stretches from the antebellum South to the Harlem Renaissance and bridges nearly a century of our history in her search for the distant truths of a woman who defied all odds and redefined conventional expectations. “Wherever there was one colored person, whether it was a city, a town, or a puddle by the railroad tracks, everybody knew her name.” --Violet Davis Reynolds, Stenographer, Madam C. J. Walker Co
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Material Dreams

Author : Kevin Starr
ISBN : 9780199923274
Genre : History
File Size : 35.80 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Kevin Starr is the foremost chronicler of the California dream and indeed one of the finest narrative historians writing today on any subject. The first two installments of his monumental cultural history, "Americans and the California Dream," have been hailed as "mature, well-proportioned and marvelously diverse (and diverting)" (The New York Times Book Review) and "rich in details and alive with interesting, and sometimes incredible people" (Los Angeles Times). Now, in Material Dreams, Starr turns to one of the most vibrant decades in the Golden State's history, the 1920s, when some two million Americans migrated to California, the vast majority settling in or around Los Angeles. In a lively and eminently readable narrative, Starr reveals how Los Angeles arose almost defiantly on a site lacking many of the advantages required for urban development, creating itself out of sheer will, the Great Gatsby of American cities. He describes how William Ellsworth Smyth, the Peter the Hermit of the Irrigation Crusade, the self-educated, Irish engineer William Mulholland (who built the main aquaducts to Los Angeles), and George Chaffey (who diverted the Colorado River, transforming desert into the lush Imperial Valley) brought life-supporting water to the arid South. He examines the discovery of oil, the boosters and land developers, the evangelists (such as Bob Shuler, the Methodist Savanarola of Los Angeles, and Aimee Semple McPherson), and countless other colorful figures of the period. There are also fascinating sections on the city's architecture the impact of the automobile on city planning, the Hollywood film community, the L.A. literati, and much more. By the end of the decade, Los Angeles had tripled in population and become the fifth largest city in the nation. In Material Dreams, Starr captures this explosive growth in a narrative tour de force that combines wide-ranging scholarship with captivating prose.
Category: History