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Enemy Coast Ahead

Author : Guy Gibson
ISBN : 0907579620
Genre : History
File Size : 70.18 MB
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First published in 1944, Guy Gibson's "Enemy Coast Ahead" quickly became regarded as the classic Bomber Command book, following Gibson's RAF career from flying the Hampden and Manchester at the beginning of WWII to the triumphant return home of the Lancasters from the famous 1943 Dambuster raid which Gibson led and for which he was awarded the Victoria Cross. "Enemy Coast Ahead" is also the inside story of life in Bomber Command throughout the first five years of WW2, culminating in breath-holding drama as the RAF planned, practiced and strove towards breaching the dams on that famous night in May 1943.
Category: History

Enemy Coast Ahead Uncensored

Author : Guy Gibson
ISBN : 094755498X
Genre : History
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First published in 1944, Enemy Coast Ahead combines Gibson's RAF career, including the famous Dambuster raid which he himself led, with the inside story of life in Bomber Command and is still a riveting read for the immediacy and vibrancy of its writing. And yet, what has not been widely known is that the published edition of Enemy Coast Ahead was carefully cut by wartime censors to conceal not only specific details of his career and secret aspects of Bomber Command operations, but more explicitly his views of the conduct of the bombing campaign, his opinion of senior officers and his thoughts on the behaviour of the general population in wartime conditions. Much has been written and said about Gibson and his controversial character, and much about the true Gibson has remained shrouded in mystery and rumour. Now, for the first time, Crecy Publishing has published Gibson's original manuscript which was archived for almost 60 years. This uncut edition provides not only previously unpublished details of Gibson's career, but also reveals his true view of the course of the war, of the wartime population, of his pilots and crews and of Bomber Command tactics. Combined with newly added photographs and diagrams Enemy Coast Ahead - Uncensored remains one of the outstanding accounts of WWII seen through the eyes of one of its most respected and controversial personalities, but now allows the reader to know Gibson's own story in his own words.
Category: History

Enemy Coast Ahead Illustrated Edition

Author : Wing Commander Guy P. Gibson VC DSO & Bar DFC & Bar
ISBN : 9781786257574
Genre : History
File Size : 73.55 MB
Format : PDF
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Includes the Aerial Warfare In Europe During World War II illustrations pack with over 200 maps, plans, and photos. THE classic account of the Royal Air Force Bomber Command during World War Two. This is probably the best-known memoir by a Bomber Command Officer. The author first saw active service with 83 Squadron in 1939 flying against German naval targets. After completing 39 missions he transferred to Fighter Command where he flew as a night-fighter pilot with 29 Squadron. In 1942, he was given command of 106 Squadron. Such was his success flying Lancasters that when 617 Squadron was formed for the specific task of attacking the Ruhr valley dams, the author was given command. Awarded the VC for the famous ‘Dam Busters’ raid, the author was commissioned to write this book, a task which he completed shortly before his death in 1944.-Print Ed. “A remarkable piece of descriptive writing. It records the night-to-night life of a bomber pilot with modesty, humour, and a rich understanding.it is extraordinarily adult work for such a young man.”...”This is a magnificent story well and simply told by as great a warrior as these islands ever bred. It is also History.” Marshal of the Royal Air Force, Sir Arthur Harris
Category: History

Dam Busters

Author : James Holland
ISBN : 9780802193063
Genre : History
File Size : 70.41 MB
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The story of the British-made bombs, Upkeep and Highball, successfully dropped on Nazi dams “has never been told in such depth before” (Daily Mail, UK). The night of May 16, 1943: Nineteen specially adapted Lancaster bombers take off from an RAF airfield in Lincolnshire, England, each with a huge nine-thousand-pound cylindrical bomb strapped underneath it. Their mission: to destroy three hydroelectric dams that power the Third Reich’s war machine. It was a suicide mission from the outset. First the men had to fly extremely low, at night, and in tight formation over miles of enemy-occupied territory. Then they had to drop with pinpoint precision a complicated spinning cylindrical bomb that had never before been used operationally. More than that, the entire operation had to be put together in less than ten weeks in order to hit the dams when water levels were still high enough for the bombs to be effective. The visionary aviation engineer Barnes Wallis hadn’t even drawn up plans for his concept when the bouncing bomb was green-lighted. What followed was an incredible race against time that, despite numerous setbacks, became one of the most successful and significant bombing raids of all time. “Holland has delved into the new trove” of declassified documents “to shed light on this weapons program, the politics of its development and the eventual mission” (The Wall Street Journal). “An impeccably researched work in the style of a fast-paced techno-thriller.” —Publishers Weekly “Extremely detailed but never dull . . . Holland offers a definitive, nuts-and-bolts history.” —Kirkus Reviews “A well-written study of engineering and invention operating under great pressure. . . . For all World War II history buffs.” —Library Journal, starred review
Category: History

Anzac Journeys

Author : Bruce Scates
ISBN : 9781107020672
Genre : History
File Size : 51.83 MB
Format : PDF
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Charts the history of pilgrimages to the battlefields and cemeteries of World War Two through surveys, interviews and fieldwork.
Category: History

Bomber Command Reflections Of War Battleground Berlin July 1943 March 1944

Author : Martin W. Bowman
ISBN : 9781783461370
Genre : History
File Size : 31.26 MB
Format : PDF
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This massive work provides a comprehensive insight to the experiences of Bomber Commands pilots and aircrew throughout World War Two. From the early wartime years when the RAFs first attempts to avenge Germanys onslaught were bedeviled by poor navigation and inaccurate bombing, to the final winning onslaught that finally tamed Hitler in his Berlin lair, these volumes trace the true experiences of the men who flew the bombers. Hundreds of first-hand accounts are punctuated by the authors background information that put each narrative into wartime perspective. Every aspect of Bomber Commands operational duties are covered; day and night bombing, precision low-level strikes, mass raids and operations throughout all wartime theaters. Contributions are from RAF personnel who flew the commands different aircraft from the early Blenheims and Stirlings to the later Lancasters and Mosquitoes. Each volume is full of accounts that tell of the camaraderie amongst the crews, moments of sheer terror and the stoic humor that provided the critical bond. The five volumes of this work provide the most vivid and comprehensive work on the outstanding part played by RAF Bomber Command in their vital role in the destruction of the Third Reich.
Category: History

Dark Peak Aircraft Wrecks 2

Author : Ron Collier
ISBN : 9781473813458
Genre : History
File Size : 33.93 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The companion volume to Dark Peak Aircraft Wrecks 1 carries more of the in-depth stories of aircraft crashes in the Dark Peak area of the Peak District. The history of flying is told by way of the crash sites, where to this day piles of rusting metal still exist.
Category: History

Bomber Command 1939 1940

Author : Gordon Thorburn
ISBN : 9781473829817
Genre : History
File Size : 40.55 MB
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For Bomber Command, the term 'Phoney War' never really meant much. Five Blenheims of 107 Squadron were among the blood and bullets the day after war was declared and only one came back.On 14 December 1939, in a disastrous raid on shipping, 99 Squadron lost six Wellingtons with only three survivors out of thirty-six crew. Even worse, in the biggest air battle so far, 18 December, Wilhelmshaven, five Wellingtons of 9 Squadron went down, four of 37 Squadron and two of 149 Squadron.Bomber Command lost sixty-eight aircraft and crews in action in the four war months of 1939, and a further seventy-eight in accidents. In the months up to the French surrender, losses rose spectacularly as the Germans triumphed wherever they went. In a few hours on 14 May, resisting the Blitzkrieg, forty-seven Fairey Battles and Bristol Blenheims were shot from the sky. Through the Scandinavian defence, in France and Belgium, at Dunkirk and, at last, over Germany, for Bomber Command there was no Phoney War. It was real war from the start.
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The Dam Busters

Author : Stephen Flower
ISBN : 9781445618289
Genre : History
File Size : 56.24 MB
Format : PDF
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Stephen Flower narrates the operational history of the bombs of Barnes Wallis, from the Dam Buster to the Grand Slam, from the Ruhr dams to the Tirpitz.
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Cultural Amnesia

Author : Clive James
ISBN : 9780330462471
Genre : Literary Collections
File Size : 79.24 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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‘In this book can be heard the merest edge of an enormous conversation. As they never were in life, we can imagine the speakers all gathered in some vast room, wearing name tags in case they don’t recognize each other (although some recognize each other all too well, and avoid contact). My heroes and heroines are here. The reader will recognize some of their names, while other names will be more obscure. My intellectual betes noires are here too, and the same division might apply.’ An almanac combining a comprehensive survey of modern culture with an annotated index of who-was-who and what-was-what, Cultural Amnesia is Clive James’ unique take on the places and the faces that shaped the twentieth-century. From Anna Akhmatova to Stefan Zweig, via Charles de Gaulle, Hitler, Thomas Mann and Wittgenstein, this varied and unfailingly absorbing book is both story and history, both public memoir and personal record – and provides an essential field-guide to the vast movements of taste, intellect, politics and delusion that helped to prepare the times we live in now.
Category: Literary Collections