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Enemies Within

Author : Jacqueline Foertsch
ISBN : 0252026373
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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She considers the "false binaries" (straight/gay, patriot/traitor, healthy/infected) that promise protection from an invasive threat and the utopian impulse to purge, homogenize, and relocate problematic individuals outside the city walls."--BOOK JACKET.
Category: Literary Criticism

Enemies Within

Author : Robert Alan Goldberg
ISBN : 0300132948
Genre : History
File Size : 41.33 MB
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divdivThere is a hunger for conspiracy news in America. Hundreds of Internet websites, magazines, newsletters, even entire publishing houses, disseminate information on invisible enemies and their secret activities, subversions, and coverups. Those who suspect conspiracies behind events in the news—the crash of TWA Flight 800, the death of Marilyn Monroe—join generations of Americans, from the colonial period to the present day, who have entertained visions of vast plots. In this enthralling book Robert Goldberg focuses on five major conspiracy theories of the past half-century, examining how they became widely popular in the United States and why they have remained so. In the post–World War II decades conspiracy theories have become more numerous, more commonly believed, and more deeply embedded in our culture, Goldberg contends. He investigates conspiracy theories regarding the Roswell UFO incident, the Communist threat, the rise of the Antichrist, the assassination of President John Kennedy, and the Jewish plot against black America, in each case taking historical, social, and political environments into account. Conspiracy theories are not merely the products of a lunatic fringe, the author shows. Rather, paranoid rhetoric and thinking are disturbingly central in America today. With media validation and dissemination of conspiracy ideas, and federal government behavior that damages public confidence and faith, the ground is fertile for conspiracy thinking. /DIV/DIV
Category: History

Enemies Within

Author : M K Devidasan
ISBN : 9781643240329
Genre : Fiction
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When greed takes over man, there is no stopping him. Even the nation’s interests are of little concern to him! Enemies Within is a thrilling crime novel that sharply reveals the consequences of human fallacy. When Squadron Leader, Sudhir, suspects Flight Lieutenant Sunder of nefarious activities, he knows he has to act fast before things get out of hand. With the help of his wife, Poonam, Sudhir attempts to crack down a dangerous spy network, which is secretly passing on sensitive information about India to her enemies. Poonam is a big revelation, as she boldly risks her life to thwart the activities of the espionage gang and save her nation. Replete with twists and turns, suspense, emotions and high drama, Enemies Within will keep you at the edge of your seat, till the very end.
Category: Fiction

Enemies Within

Author : María Sierra
ISBN : 9781443886352
Genre : History
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Can citizenship rights be denied to significant groups in a society that regards itself as civilized and self-governing? Is it possible to exclude such people in the name of freedom and reason? Is it plausible to explain classifications that differentiate between first- and second-class citizens as “natural”? This is the paradox inherent in modern politics, born of the revolutions that ended the Ancien Régime in the western world. Throughout the nineteenth century and at the beginning of the twentieth, liberalism inspired a representative form of government that appealed to citizenship, yet marginalized many social groups, including natives, women, immigrants, workers, slaves and nomads. In the Hispanic dimension of the Atlantic world that this book deals with, modern politics was based on exclusions explained as natural and necessary. In both Europe and America, a distinction was made between the responsible citizen and those “others” in society, potential “enemies within”, who had to be controlled and supervised. This book explains the success of this political operation by analysing the historical construction of figures of alterity that were fundamental to the definition of national civic identities. Its basic premise is that imaginaries that were constructed in the nineteenth century can be found even today in western political conceptions. The cultural complexity of enduring political images is revealed by exploring the inner workings of virtuous figures in relation to their opposites: readers will find the mosaic of representations of civic alterity both recognisable and surprising. The contributors to this volume provide historical perspectives on the debate on political legitimacy in open societies. Reinventing democracies involves understanding the historicity of inherited formulae of governance and considering them, therefore, as amenable to improvement. The readiness to do this is not a threat to democracy but, rather, a commitment to looking for it.
Category: History

Enemies Within

Author : Franca Iacovetta
ISBN : 0802082351
Genre : History
File Size : 54.65 MB
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Bringing together national and international perspectives on Italian and other wartime internees, the essays in this book assess the differing interpretations offered of Italian internment in Canada, the UK, the USA, and Australia during WWII.
Category: History

Enemies Within

Author : Don Pendleton
ISBN : 9781474082389
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 30.57 MB
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Category: Fiction

Confronting The Enemies Within

Author : Billy Graham
ISBN : 9781418584597
Genre : Religion
File Size : 77.33 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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There was once a time when the world was perfect. Then sin happened in Paradise, and life has never been the same. We all are affected by sin. Because of sin, we are our own worst enemies. Confronting the Enemies Within teaches us to trust God in everything. If we cultivate God's character in our lives, we can develop a strong relationship with Him that gives us the power to wage war against sin and temptation. The Journey Study Series is based on Billy Graham's best-selling book The Journey, the culmination of a lifetime of spiritual insight and ministry experience. Each chapter explores the joys, triumphs, and conflicts we all encounter on our journey through life. Use for self-study or shared experiences in small groups six weeks of lessons sidebars offer a scriptural journey through God's word Questions for starting group discussions Insight-filled Scripture passages to study Each chapter includes thought-provoking questions, commentary, Scriptures, and insights to help you on life's journey. Each lesson teaches the secret of walking with God on life's path. Understanding God's truths will make life's journey easier and let Him fulfill His promise to lead you home.
Category: Religion

Enemies Within

Author : Matt Apuzzo
ISBN : 9781476727943
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 29.53 MB
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Reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the nation's counterterrorism measures by tracing New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly's antiterrorist plan for the city, and concludes that the nation has yet to develop effective strategies.
Category: Political Science

Dark Heresy Rpg Enemies Within Rules Supplement

Author : Fantasy Flight Games
ISBN : 1633440583
Genre :
File Size : 89.5 MB
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Enemies Within is a supplement for Dark Heresy Second Edition that provides Acolytes with new means of rooting out and eradicating the many cults festering throughout the Askellon sector. New backgrounds, talents, and roles drawn from the Ordo Hereticus support their thankless quest. New rules allow you to take the Sister of Battle elite advance or snatch up new weapons specially suited to rooting out heretics. Meanwhile, Game Masters can seed countless adventures with the cults and the cult-and-plot generators contained within this tome. Crack it open, and face the enemy within!