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Emotional Anatomy

Author : Stanley Keleman
ISBN : UVA:X000970343
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 49.32 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Category: Psychology

Emotional Anatomy

Author : Alessandra Rodriguez
ISBN : 1543959938
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 80.54 MB
Format : PDF
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Emotional Anatomy strives to dissect the emotions and thoughts experienced in the presence of love, heartbreak, tragedy and enlightenment. Alessandra Rodriguez manages to use poetry as a spiritual instrument to expose various cognitive aspects that many individuals are afraid to bring to light or simply cannot to put into words. This book will take the reader on a journey of self-discovery, as it instills the validity of one's emotions, along with the message that love and tragedy are what bind all of humanity as one.
Category: Poetry

Anatomy Trains

Author : Thomas W. Myers
ISBN : 9780443102837
Genre : Medical
File Size : 21.69 MB
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An accessible comprehensive approach to the anatomy and function of the fascial system in the body combined with a holistic.
Category: Medical

Anatomy Trains E Book

Author : Thomas W. Myers
ISBN : 9780702055638
Genre : Medical
File Size : 21.23 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The new edition of this hugely successful book continues to present a unique understanding of the role of fascia in healthy movement and postural distortion which is of vital importance to bodyworkers and movement therapists worldwide. Fully updated throughout and now with accompanying website (www.myersmyofascialmeridians.com), Anatomy Trains: Myofascial Meridians for Manual and Movement Therapists will be ideal for all those professionals who have an interest in human movement: massage therapists, structural integration practitioners, craniosacral therapists, yoga teachers, osteopaths, manual therapists, physiotherapists, athletic trainers, personal trainers, dance and movement teachers, chiropractors and acupuncturists. Provides a revolutionary approach to the study of human anatomy which has been shown to improve the outcomes of physical therapies traditionally used to manage pain and other musculoskeletal disorders Describes a theory which is applicable to all common types of movement, posture analysis and physical treatment modalities Layout designed to allow the reader to gather the concept quickly or gain a more detailed understanding of any given area according to need Design icons direct readers to their own specialist areas of interest, e.g. manual therapy, movement therapy, visual assessment, kinaesthetic education or supplementary video material Appendices discuss the relevance of the Anatomy Trains concept to the work of Dr Louis Schultz (Meridians of Latitude), Ada Rolf (Structural Integration) and the practice of Oriental Medicine Accompanying website (www.myersmyofascialmeridians.com) presents multi-media exploration of the concepts described in the book - film clips from Kinesis DVDs, computer graphic representations of the Anatomy Trains, supplementary dissection photographs and video clips, webinars, and some extra client photos for visual assessment practice Text updated in relation to the most up-to-date research originally published at the International Fascia Research Congress, Vancouver, 2012 Includes the latest evidence for the scientific basis of common clinical findings, including preliminary evidence from human fascial dissections Explores the role of fascia as our largest sensory organ Contains updates arising out of continual teaching and practice – for example, the role of the fascia and its interconnectivity in the generation of pain and/or force transmission New chapter discusses the role of Anatomy Trains theory in the analysis of gait Video clips on an associated website (www.myersmyofascialmeridians.com) present examples of the concepts explored in the book Podcasts on the website explore the therapeutic techniques involved Website addresses and references fully updated throughout
Category: Medical

The Energetic Anatomy Of A Yogi

Author : Paul G. Balch & Jaylee Balch
ISBN : 9781946539885
Genre : Health & Fitness
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Each and every Yogi seeks something about themselves which could make all the difference. Just that subtle hint or an ecstatic revelation of what they may be seeking. Whether it is healing or solace, affirmation or great change, this first of its kind oracle deck brings that wisdom to the yogi!
Category: Health & Fitness

Heart Strings

Author : Linda Marie
ISBN : 1503078515
Genre :
File Size : 24.52 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Are you or a loved one challenged with heart-related physical conditions? Are you a forward-thinking person who believes in taking preventative measures? Are you an energy worker striving to find another tool with which to help clientele? Are you wanting to manage your heart dis-ease challenge with more than medication, exercise and diet? This is the book for you. Heart Strings will help you understand the emotional connections to heart dis-ease and help you target your specific situation to a chamber of the heart that may be more susceptible to your challenge. Heart Strings discusses chakra inter-relationships and spiritual connections within and around the heart (organ). Faith is encouraged in all healing, but sometimes faith is augmented by an understanding of the energies involved in the process. You can get your physical explanations and requirements from your doctor; what you may not know or understand is that the heart, more than any of your other organs, is affected by your emotions. Like it or not, learning more about how you process emotion (or are retaining destructive emotions) is imperative in helping you lessen the impact of heart dis-ease. Heart Strings is a great first step in your journey toward better understanding how you can become a facilitator of your own better emotional/heart health. (print version of my ebook by the same title)

Holistic Anatomy

Author : Pip Waller
ISBN : 0956075703
Genre : Holistic medicine
File Size : 46.36 MB
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Complementary and alternative approaches to health and medicine have become increasingly widespread as the limits of conventional treatments become more apparent. "Holistic" "Anatomy "presents an authoritative study of anatomy, physiology, and pathology but expands the discussion by connecting the science of the body to a variety of alternative modalities to explore how human beings exist within--and interact with--their environment, and how they experience existence in emotional and spiritual terms. Basic scientific terminology and detailed descriptions are interwoven with informal, sometimes humorous observations, facts, and ideas about life. The mechanisms, structure, and functions of the body are explored, along with how they relate to spiritual and energetic paradigms, emotions, and ecological principles. The first half of the book covers basic anatomy and physiology, describing each major system of the body and how they interrelate. This part includes a thoughtful discussion of aging and the dying process. The second half focuses on models of health and disease, both traditional and holistic. Topics include western pathology, emotional health, five element medicine, and the spiritual cause for disease.
Category: Holistic medicine

A Clinical Guide To The Treatment Of The Human Stress Response

Author : George S. Everly Jr.
ISBN : 9781461307419
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 70.37 MB
Format : PDF
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In 1981, Plenum Press published a text entitled The Nature and Treatment of the Stress Response by Robert Rosenfeld, M. D. , and me. That text attempted to do what no other text from a major publisher had previously attempted, that is, to create a clinically practical guide for the treatment of excessive stress and its arousal-related syndromes-this to be captured between the same covers in combination with a detailed, clinically relevant pedagogy on the neurological and endocrinological foundations of the stress re sponse itself. That volume has enjoyed considerable success having found markets among practicing professionals and clinical students as well. The fields of psychosomatic medicine, health psychology, behavioral medicine, and applied stress research have appreciably expanded their boundaries since the publication of the aforementioned volume. Although remarkably little of the clinical utility of that volume has been eroded with time, it was felt that an updated and more integrative clinical textbook needed to be offered to practicing clinicians and students within clinical rather than simply create a second edition of training programs. Therefore, was made to create a significantly revised the original volume, the decision and expanded volume that would cover many of the same topics as the original volume but would provide a primary emphasis on the treatment of excessive stress and that would employ an integrative phenomenological model to facilitate that end. This present volume entitled A Clinical Guide to the Treatment of the Human Stress Response is the result.
Category: Psychology

Wisdom To Wellness

Author : Maureen Jones
ISBN : 9781846943997
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 40.58 MB
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Maureen Jones discusses her approach to spiritual and physical healing, the Modus Operandi (MO) Technique, that has helped people get better without drugs or surgery. Using case studies featuring both celebrities and ordinary people, she shows how emotions affect our well-being and how to tap into the power of our own souls and unconditional love to help our bodies heal.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Freeing Emotions And Energy Through Myofascial Release

Author : Noah Karrasch
ISBN : 0857010654
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 21.27 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Too many of us hold our physical, mental and emotional pain within our bodies, where it slows energy, manifests as tension and can have a damaging impact upon our health. In his new book, Noah Karrasch shows that wellbeing and healing come from the detangling of blocked emotions and the restoration of the free flow of energy through the body. Written for bodywork and manual therapy practitioners from a wide variety of disciplines, as well as other healers who want to expand their skills, this generously illustrated book explains how and where emotions and static energy are held in the body, and how they can be released and rebalanced in therapies that challenge bodymindcore awareness. It includes many new ideas and techniques: useful conversation starters to help practitioners encourage clients to self-identify their challenges, detailed explanations of myofascial release techniques and self-reflective exercises designed to first help the practitioner truly understand the process for him or herself, through his or her own body, in order to become a more empathetic and effective therapist. This important book will enable bodywork and manual therapy practitioners to work more confidently, and more intuitively, with their clients.
Category: Health & Fitness