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Elucidating Alice

Author : Lewis Carroll
ISBN : 1782011056
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 63.34 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This textual commentary looks at "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" quite simply, as a children's novel, investigating the book's narrative structure, analysing how Carroll successfully constructed a pioneering book for children that was to stand the test of time, remaining remarkably relevant to the present day. There are many depths and subtleties in this book that can only be properly appreciated by examining the text line by line. The writing is supremely skilful, and will stand the closest scrutiny-even virtually to every line of the narrative. Most books would crumble under such close analysis. It is testimony to the strength, depth, and quality of "Alice" that the book comes through such intense examination and survives triumphantly. ---- Selwyn Goodacre has a large Lewis Carroll collection including over 2000 copies of the "Alice" books. He is a past chairman of the Lewis Carroll Society, and edited the Society journal from 1974-1997. For years he has pursued a special interest in the text of the "Alice" books, which has led to his current commentary on, and analysis of, the way they were written."
Category: Juvenile Fiction

Alice In Transmedia Wonderland

Author : Anna Kérchy
ISBN : 9781476626161
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 75.81 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Part of Alice’s appeal is her ambiguity, which makes possible a range of interpretations in adapting Lewis Carroll’s classic Wonderland stories to various media. Popular re-imaginings of Alice and her topsy-turvy world reveal many ways of eliciting enchantment and shaping make-believe. Late 20th century and 21st century adaptations interact with the source texts and with each other—providing readers with an elaborate fictional universe. This book fully explores today’s multi-media journey to Wonderland.
Category: Literary Criticism

Elucidating Social Science Concepts

Author : Frederic Charles Schaffer
ISBN : 9781136710650
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 63.36 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Concepts have always been foundational to the social science enterprise. This book is a guide to working with them. Against the positivist project of concept "reconstruction"—the formulation of a technical, purportedly neutral vocabulary for measuring, comparing, and generalizing—Schaffer adopts an interpretivist approach that he calls "elucidation." Elucidation includes both a reflexive examination of social science technical language and an investigation into the language of daily life. It is intended to produce a clear view of both types of language, the relationship between them, and the practices of life and power that they evoke and sustain. After an initial chapter explaining what elucidation is and how it differs from reconstruction, the book lays out practical elucidative strategies—grounding, locating, and exposing—that help situate concepts in particular language games, times and tongues, and structures of power. It also explores the uses to which elucidation can be put and the moral dilemmas that attend such uses. By illustrating his arguments with lively analyses of such concepts as "person," "family," and "democracy," Schaffer shows rather than tells, making the book both highly readable and an essential guide for social science research.
Category: Political Science

Roland Penrose

Author : Antony Penrose
ISBN : UOM:39015050493447
Genre : Art
File Size : 57.32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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"The friendly Surrealist", an apt description for Roland Penrose, the man who more than any other nurtured the friendships and connections which introduced European Surrealism to the British art world.
Category: Art

The New Wittgenstein

Author : Alice Marguerite Crary
ISBN : 0415173191
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 43.52 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The New Wittgensteinoffers a major reevaluation of Wittgenstein's thinking. This stellar collection of original essays by the "third wave" of Wittgenstein critics presents a significantly different portrait of the philosopher, not as a proponent of metaphysical theories but as an advocate of philosophy as therapy--a means of helping us grasp the essence of thought and language by attending to our everyday forms of expression. Boldly criticizing standard interpretations and offering unorthodox perspectives, these controversial essays will change the way we look at Wittgenstein's entire body of work. Contributors: Stanley Cavell, David Cerbone, James Conant, Alice Crary, Cora Diamond, David Finkelstein, Juliette Floyd, P.M.S. Hacker, John McDowell, Hilary Putnam, Rupert Read, Martin Stone, Edward Witherspoon.
Category: Philosophy

The Early Wittgenstein On Metaphysics Natural Science Language And Value

Author : Chon Tejedor
ISBN : 9781317912118
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 64.73 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book advances a reading of Wittgenstein’s Tractatus that moves beyond the main interpretative options of the New Wittgenstein debate. It covers Wittgenstein’s approach to language and logic, as well as other areas unduly neglected in the literature, such as his treatment of metaphysics, the natural sciences and value. Tejedor re-contextualises Wittgenstein’s thinking in these areas, plotting its evolution in his diaries, correspondence and pre-Tractatus texts, and developing a fuller picture of its intellectual background. This broadening of the angle of view is central to the interpretative strategy of her book: only by looking at the Tractatus in this richer light can we address the fundamental questions posed by the New Wittgenstein debate – questions concerning the method of the Tractatus, its approach to nonsense and the continuity in Wittgenstein’s philosophy. Wittgenstein’s early work remains insightful, thought-inspiring and relevant to contemporary philosophy of language and science, metaphysics and ethics. Tejedor’s ground-breaking work ultimately conveys a surprisingly positive message concerning the power for ethical transformation that philosophy can have, when it is understood as an activity aimed at increasing conceptual clarification and awareness.
Category: Philosophy

Monument Eternal

Author : Franya J. Berkman
ISBN : 9780819571069
Genre : Music
File Size : 34.65 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Alice Coltrane was a composer, improviser, guru, and widow of John Coltrane. Over the course of her musical life, she synthesized a wide range of musical genres including gospel, rhythm-and-blues, bebop, free jazz, Indian devotional song, and Western art music. Her childhood experiences playing for African-American congregations in Detroit, the ecstatic and avant-garde improvisations she performed on the bandstand with her husband John Coltrane, and her religious pilgrimages to India reveal themselves on more than twenty albums of original music for the Impulse and Warner Brothers labels. In the late 1970s Alice Coltrane became a swami, directing an alternative spiritual community in Southern California. Exploring her transformation from Alice McLeod, Detroit church pianist and bebopper, to guru Swami Turiya Sangitananda, Monument Eternal illuminates her music and, in turn, reveals the exceptional fluidity of American religious practices in the second half of the twentieth century. Most of all, this book celebrates the hybrid music of an exceptional, boundary-crossing African-American artist. Ebook Edition Note: All images in center photo section have been redacted.
Category: Music