Educated In Whiteness

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Educated In Whiteness

Author : Angelina E. Castagno
ISBN : 9781452941691
Genre : Education
File Size : 52.54 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Educators across the nation are engaged in well-meaning efforts to address diversity in schools given the current context of NCLB, Race to the Top, and the associated pressures of standardization and accountability. Through rich ethnographic accounts of teachers in two demographically different secondary schools in the same urban district, Angelina E. Castagno investigates how whiteness operates in ways that thwart (and sometimes co-opt) even the best intentions and common sense—thus resulting in educational policies and practices that reinforce the status quo and protect whiteness rather than working toward greater equity. Whereas most discussions of the education of diverse students focus on the students and families themselves, Educated in Whiteness highlights the structural and ideological mechanisms of whiteness. In schools, whiteness remains dominant by strengthening and justifying the status quo while simultaneously preserving a veneer of neutrality, equality, and compassion. Framed by critical race theory and whiteness studies, this book employs concepts like interest convergence, a critique of liberalism, and the possessive investment in whiteness to better understand diversity-related educational policy and practice. Although in theory most diversity-related educational policies and practices are intended to bring about greater equity, too often in practice they actually maintain, legitimate, and so perpetuate whiteness. Castagno not only sheds light on this disconnect between the promises and practices of diversity-related initiatives but also provides insight into why the disconnect persists.
Category: Education

Unequal Relations

Author : Augie Fleras
ISBN : 0131977555
Genre : Canada
File Size : 45.76 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Unequal Relationsis the only single-voiced text with comprehensive coverage of racism, multiculturalism, and diversity. Its critical approach, combined with a strong balance of research and application and attention to key current issues are whyUnequal Relationscontinues to be the leading text in Canada, chosen by instructors of Race and Ethnicity courses across the country.
Category: Canada

The Price Of Nice

Author : Angelina E. Castagno
ISBN : 9781452961507
Genre : Education
File Size : 67.89 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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How being “nice” in school and university settings works to reinforce racialized, gendered, and (dis)ability-related inequities in education and society Being nice is difficult to critique. Niceness is almost always portrayed and felt as a positive quality. In schools, nice teachers are popular among students, parents, and administrators. And yet Niceness, as a distinct set of practices and discourses, is not actually good for individuals, institutions, or communities because of the way it maintains and reinforces educational inequity. In The Price of Nice, an interdisciplinary group of scholars explores Niceness in educational spaces from elementary schools through higher education to highlight how this seemingly benign quality reinforces structural inequalities. Grounded in data, personal narrative, and theory, the chapters show that Niceness, as a raced, gendered, and classed set of behaviors, functions both as a shield to save educators from having to do the hard work of dismantling inequity and as a disciplining agent for those who attempt or even consider disrupting structures and ideologies of dominance. Contributors: Sarah Abuwandi, Arizona State U; Colin Ben, U of Utah; Nicholas Bustamante, Arizona State U; Aidan/Amanda J. Charles, Northern Arizona U; Jeremiah Chin, Arizona State U; Sally Campbell Galman, U of Massachusetts; Frederick Gooding Jr., Texas Christian U; Deirdre Judge, Tufts U; Katie A. Lazdowski; Román Liera, U of Southern California; Sylvia Mac, U of La Verne; Lindsey Malcolm-Piqueux, California Institute of Technology; Giselle Martinez Negrette, U of Wisconsin–Madison; Amber Poleviyuma, Arizona State U; Alexus Richmond, Arizona State U; Frances J. Riemer, Northern Arizona U; Jessica Sierk, St. Lawrence U; Bailey B. Smolarek, U of Wisconsin–Madison; Jessica Solyom, Arizona State U; Megan Tom, Arizona State U; Sabina Vaught, U of Oklahoma; Cynthia Diana Villarreal, U of Southern California; Kristine T. Weatherston, Temple U; Joseph C. Wegwert, Northern Arizona U; Marguerite Anne Fillion Wilson, Binghamton U; Jia-Hui Stefanie Wong, Trinity College; Denise Gray Yull, Binghamton U.
Category: Education

Du Bois On Education

Author : William Edward Burghardt Du Bois
ISBN : 0759102007
Genre : Education
File Size : 48.81 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Although W.E.B. Du Bois was one of the most significant educational thinkers of the twentieth century, many are still unaware of his relevance in this field. Du Bois on Education corrects this oversight by collecting Du Bois's major writings on education in one volume. Eugene F. Provenzo, Jr. has given each of the twenty-two selections short introductions placing the pieces in their historical and critical contexts. Together these selections powerfully demonstrate Du Bois's commitment to racial educational equality and his contributions to educational thought.
Category: Education

Towards The Abolition Of Whiteness

Author : David R. Roediger
ISBN : UOM:39015035765661
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 80.84 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Towards the Abolition of Whiteness collects David Roediger's recent essays, many published here for the first time, and counts the costs of whiteness in the past and present of the US. It finds those costs insupportable. At a time when prevailing liberal wisdom argues for the downplaying of race in the hope of building coalitions dedicated to economic reform, Roediger wants to open, not close, debates on the privileges and miseries associated with being white. He closely examines the way in which white identities have historically prepared white Americans to accept the oppression of others, the emptiness of their own lives, and the impossibility of change. Whether discussing popular culture, race and ethnicity, the evolution of such American keywords as gook, boss and redneck, the strikes of 1877 or the election of 1992, Roediger pushes at the boundaries between labor history and politics, as well as those between race and class. Alive to tension within what James Baldwin called "the lie of whiteness," Roediger explores the record of dissent from white identity, especially in the cultural realm, and encourages the search for effective political challenges to whiteness.
Category: Social Science

Urban Education

Author : Joe L. Kincheloe
ISBN : UOM:39015070736296
Genre : Education
File Size : 56.53 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Maintaining that urban teaching and learning is characterized by numerous contradictions, this book proposes that there is a wide range of social, cultural, psychological, and pedagogical knowledge that urban educators must possess in order to engage in effective and transformative practice. It is necessary for teachers in urban schools to be scholar-practitioners, as opposed to bureaucrats who only follow rather than analyze, understand, and create. Ten major sections cover the myriad issues of urban education as it exists today: context of urban education, race and ethnicity, social justice, teaching and pedagogy, power and urban education, language issues, cultural issues of urban schools as seen in the media, research in city schools, aesthetics and the proximity of cultural institutions, and education policy. Sixty one essays written by specialists in teacher education; public policy; sociology; psychology; applied linguistics; forestry; urban studies; school administration; cultural studies; evaluation; and linguistics, provide a blueprint for scholars, teachers, parents, urban politicians, school administrators, policy professionals, and others seeking to understand the situation of urban schools across America today.
Category: Education

White Myopia In Education

Author : Carol R. Baker
ISBN : MSU:31293032208690
Genre : Electronic dissertations
File Size : 74.31 MB
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Category: Electronic dissertations

Disrupting Whiteness

Author : Laurie S. Fuller
ISBN : WISC:89056380454
Genre : Critical pedagogy
File Size : 48.16 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Category: Critical pedagogy

Distinction Exclusivity And Whiteness

Author : Pere Ayling
ISBN : 9789811357817
Genre : Education
File Size : 64.41 MB
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This book offers unique insights into elite Nigerian parents’ engagement with, and use of, the international secondary education market as they attempt to retain their social standing - via their children - under today’s shifting global conditions. Throughout, the book tackles two important, albeit uncomfortable questions: Why does whiteness hold the highest possible value in postcolonial societies such as Nigeria? And, more importantly, why do black people accept the hegemonic discourse that West/white is best? Combining the theoretical frameworks of Pierre Bourdieu and Frantz Fanon, the book reveals ‘Whiteness’ as a highly valuable form of cultural and symbolic capital that plays a crucial role in the formation of, and struggle for, elite status and distinction in modern-day Nigeria. Drawing on rare qualitative data sets along with postcolonial literatures, the book reveals how British whiteness is used by those working at and for British private schools in Nigeria (BPS-NIG) as an informal but powerful mechanism of ‘quality’ control, and in constructing the image of ‘world-class’ educational establishments.
Category: Education

Performing Purity

Author : John T. Warren
ISBN : UOM:39015060389296
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 53.4 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Based on a two-year critical ethnography, Performing Purity: Whiteness, Pedagogy, and the Reconstitution of Power demonstrates the potential of a performative conceptualization of whiteness - a way of seeing whiteness in production, in the process of reiteration. This book builds on prior studies by searching for the repetitions of whiteness in our daily communication. The move to the performative is an explicit detailing of whiteness in and through the repetitious acts that work to reconstitute whiteness as a communicative ideal. Performing Purity creates a critical space of dialogue, shifting the conversation to how we make race, as a construct, matter.
Category: Social Science

The Whiteness Of Bones

Author : Sarah Penny
ISBN : STANFORD:36105111041450
Genre : Africa, Sub-Saharan
File Size : 21.78 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Category: Africa, Sub-Saharan

Witnessing Whiteness

Author : Shelly Tochluk
ISBN : STANFORD:36105124051686
Genre : Education
File Size : 48.21 MB
Format : PDF
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Witnessing Whiteness invites educators to consider what it means to be white, describes and critiques strategies used to avoid race issues, and identifies the detrimental effect of avoiding race on cross-race collaborations. The author illustrates how racial discomfort leads white educators toward ineffective teaching pedagogy and poor relationships with students and colleagues of color. Questioning the implications our history has for educational institutions, school reform efforts, and diversity initiatives, this book considers political, economic, socio-cultural, and legal histories that shaped the meanings associated with whiteness. Drawing on dialogue with well-known figures within education, race, and multicultural work, the book offers intimate, personal stories of cross-race friendships that address both how a deep understanding of whiteness supports cross-race collaboration and the long-term nature of the work of excising racism from the deep psyche. Concluding chapters offer practical information on building knowledge, skills, capacities, and communities that support anti-racism practices, a hopeful look at our collective future, and a discussion of how to create a culture of witnessing educators who support allies for social and racial justice.
Category: Education

Female Education

Author : E. W. Hutter
Genre : Missionaries
File Size : 34.68 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Category: Missionaries

The Serenity Of Whiteness

Author : Hong Zhu
ISBN : UVA:X002074867
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 56.86 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Stories by Chinese women deal with the dignity of a dying woman, conditions in a labor-reform camp, the problem of abortion for a woman trapped between state limits on child-bearing and her husband's desires, and other themes
Category: Fiction

National Imaginaries American Identities

Author : Larry J. Reynolds
ISBN : 0691009953
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 56.9 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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From the American Revolution to the present, the United States has enjoyed a rich and persuasive visual culture. These images have constructed, sustained, and disseminated social values and identities, but this unwieldy, sometimes untidy form of cultural expression has received less systematic attention than other modes of depicting American life. Recently, scholars in the humanities have developed a new critical approach to reading images and the cultural work they perform. This practice, American cultural iconography, is generating sophisticated analyses of how images organize our public life. The contributions to this volume exhibit the extraordinary scope and interpretive power of this interdisciplinary study while illuminating the dark corners of the nation's psyche. Drawing on such varied texts and visual media as daguerreotypes, political cartoons, tourist posters, and religious artifacts, these essays explore how pictures and words combine to teach us who we are and who we are not. They examine mimesis in elegant portraits of black Freemasons, industrial-age representations of national parks, and postwar photographs of atomic destruction. They consider how visual culture has described and disclosed the politics of racialized sexuality, whether subconsciously affirming it in the shadows of film noir or deliberately contesting it through the interethnic incest of John Sayles's Lone Star. Students of literature, film, and history will find that these essays extend the frontier of American studies. The contributors are Maurice Wallace, Dennis Berthold, Alan Trachtenberg, Shirley Samuels, Jenny Franchot, Cecelia Tichi, Eric Lott, Bryan C. Taylor, and José E. Limón.
Category: Literary Criticism