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The Ecology Of Plants

Author : Jude Boucher
ISBN : 164116221X
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Plant ecology is a branch of ecology, which is concerned with the study of the abundance and distribution of plants, the effect of environmental factors and the interactions between plants and other organisms. The plant kingdom ranges in complexity from the single-celled algae to large canopy forming trees. Plant communities are distributed into biomes depending on the dominant plant species present. Some of the important vegetation types are tundra, terrestrial wetlands, temperate grasslands, tropical forests, tropical savannas, etc. The predominant biological interactions occurring in plant communities are competition for resources, mutualism and herbivory. Depending on the level of organization, plant ecology can be divided into plant ecophysiology, community ecology, ecosystem ecology and biosphere ecology, among others. This book studies, analyzes and upholds the pillars of plant ecology and its utmost significance in modern times. It includes some of the vital pieces of work being conducted across the world, on the ecology and diversity of plants. The extensive content herein provides the readers with a thorough understanding of the subject.

The Ecology Of Plants

Author : Jessica Gurevitch
ISBN : 0878932917
Genre : Science
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The Ecology of Plants is a textbook that covers general ecology, but with the focus on the interactions between plants and their environment over a range of scales. It also emphasises the importance of evolutionary and other historical processes for current ecology. While the book is written for an undergraduate course in plant ecology, the engaging style, thorough coverage of the field, and contemporary perspective make it accessible and useful to others, from conservation biologists to evolutionary biologists.
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Chemical Ecology Of Plants Allelopathy In Aquatic And Terrestrial Ecosystems

Author : Inderjit
ISBN : 9783034881098
Genre : Science
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Allelochemicals play a great role in managed and natural ecosystems. Apart from plant growth, allelochemicals also may influence nutrient dynamics, mycorrhizae, soil chemical characteristics, and microbial ecology. Synergistic action of various factors may better explain plant growth and distribution in natural systems. The book emphasizes the role of allelochemicals in shaping the structure of plant communities in a broader ecological perspective. The book addresses the following questions: (1) How do allelochemicals influence different components of the ecosystem in terms of shaping community structure? (2) Why is it difficult to demonstrate interference by allelochemicals (i.e., allelopathy) in a natural system in its entirety? Despite a large amount of existing literature on allelopathy, why are ecologists still skeptical about the existence of allelopathy in nature? (3) Why are there only scarce data on aquatic ecosystems? (4) What role do allelochemicals play in microbial ecology?.....
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The Evolutionary Ecology Of Plants

Author : Jane H Bock
ISBN : 9781000301236
Genre : Science
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This book presents a broad view of contemporary research in evolutionary plant ecology. It illustrates the broad spectrum of life history stages which affect plant reproductive success in some fashion.
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Evolutionary Ecology Of Plant Reproductive Strategies

Author : Tom de Jong
ISBN : 0521821428
Genre : Mathematics
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Evolutionary biologists have produced a solid body of evidence to explain patterns of diversification, both within and among species. Recent textbooks are weighted towards studies of animals, which is surprising given that plants are ideally suited for answering evolutionary questions. Plants do not stand up and walk away and they can easily be cloned, transplanted or potted for experiments. This book aims to set the record straight by placing the wealth of data that have been collected on plants into the unifying framework of game theory. This allows a test of the theory of natural selection in some cases, while in other cases highlighting the need for additional data collection and theoretical development. It is the authors' hope that many students will take on this challenge and help the study of the evolutionary ecology of plants to develop as a mature, predictive science.
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Physiological Ecology Of Plants Of The Wet Tropics

Author : Ernesto Medina
ISBN : 9789400972995
Genre : Science
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This book contains the results of a Symposium on the physiological ecology of plants of the lowland wet tropics held in Mexico in June 1983 organized by the Instituto de Biologla of the National University of M"exico (U. N . A. M. ), and sponsored by UNAM, CONACYT, NSF and UNESCO (CIET). A workshop portion of the Symposium was held at the tropical research station at Los Tuxtlas, Veracruz. This Symposium originated in response to the increasing interest in the physiological ecology of tropical plants, because of the potential. of this field to provide a basic understanding of functioning of tropical plant communities. The study of physiological ecology of tropical plants has been delayed in some cases by the lack of conceptual framework, but also by the absence of appropriate instrumentation and techniques with which to conduct precise measurements under high temperature, high humidity field conditions. Hypotheses and concepts of the physiological ecology of tropical plants have been based mainly on observational data and the analysis of growth forms and leaf anatomf. The early work of A. F. W. Schimper and o. Stocker in Asia, and the extensive surveys made by H. Walter on the osmotic potentials of plants in the tropics and subtropics, constituted, until relatively recently, the only available information on the water and carbon relations of tropical plants.
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Physiological Plant Ecology

Author : British Ecological Society. Symposium
ISBN : 0632054913
Genre : Science
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The last decade has seen rapid and major advances in our understanding of the physiological ecology of plants. This volume contains 22 chapters that review some of these advances and new challenges. The chapters cover five broad themes: resource acquisition and utilisation; interactions between organisms; responses to global environmental changes; ecosystems; and integration and scaling. The book brings together an unrivalled collection of leading practitioners in the discipline from North America, Europe and Australia and adopts a broad approach, ranging from the molecular to the ecosystem level. It will be a valuable tool for researchers and advanced students in the discipline.
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The Ecology Of Plant Secondary Metabolites

Author : Glenn R. Iason
ISBN : 9780521193269
Genre : Nature
File Size : 72.91 MB
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Plant secondary metabolites (PSMs) such as terpenes and phenolic compounds are known to have numerous ecological roles, notably in defence against herbivores, pathogens and abiotic stresses and in interactions with competitors and mutualists. This book reviews recent developments in the field to provide a synthesis of the function, ecology and evolution of PSMs, revealing our increased awareness of their integrative role in connecting natural systems. It emphasises the multiple roles of secondary metabolites in mediating the interactions between organisms and their environment at a range of scales of ecological organisation, demonstrating how genes encoding for PSM biosynthetic enzymes can have effects from the cellular scale within individual plants all the way to global environmental processes. A range of recent methodological advances, including molecular, transgenic and metabolomic techniques, are illustrated and promising directions for future studies are identified, making this a valuable reference for researchers and graduate students in the field.
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The Ecology Of Invasions By Animals And Plants

Author : Charles S. Elton
ISBN : 0226206386
Genre : Science
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One of the leading causes of extinctions of native animals and plants, invasive species also wreak severe economic havoc, causing billions of dollars in damage each year in the United States alone.".
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Ecology Of Plant Derived Smoke

Author : Lara Jefferson
ISBN : 9780199755936
Genre : Science
File Size : 29.80 MB
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Discusses how plant-derived smoke functions as a tool for promoting seed germination and growth, with 1355 species accounts.
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