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Eccentric Orbits

Author : John Bloom
ISBN : 9780802192820
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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“Good corporate drama . . . an enlightening narrative of how new communications infrastructures often come about.” —The Economist, “A Book of the Year 2016” In the early 1990s, Motorola developed a revolutionary satellite system called Iridium that promised to be its crowning achievement. Its constellation of 66 satellites in polar orbit was a mind-boggling technical accomplishment, surely the future of communication. The only problem was that Iridium the company was a commercial disaster. Only months after launching service, it was $11 billion in debt, burning through $100 million a month and crippled by baroque rate plans and agreements that forced calls through Moscow, Beijing, Fucino, Italy, and elsewhere. Bankruptcy was inevitable—the largest to that point in American history. And when no real buyers seemed to materialize, it looked like Iridium would go down as just a “science experiment.” That is, until Dan Colussy got a wild idea. Colussy, a former head of Pan-Am now retired and working on his golf game in Palm Beach, heard about Motorola’s plans to “de-orbit” the system and decided he would buy Iridium and somehow turn around one of the biggest blunders in the history of business. Impeccably researched and wonderfully told, Eccentric Orbits is a rollicking, unforgettable tale of technological achievement, business failure, the military-industrial complex, and one of the greatest deals of all time. “Deep reporting put forward with epic intentions . . . a story that soars and jumps and dives and digresses . . . [A] big, gutsy, exciting book.” —The Wall Street Journal, “A Top 10 Nonfiction Book of 2016” “Spellbinding . . . A tireless researcher, Bloom delivers a superlative history . . . A tour de force.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred review)
Category: Technology & Engineering

Eccentric Orbits

Author : Simon Kewin
Genre : Fiction
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An astronaut alone in the void of deep space. An alien starship capable of destroying all creation. A DNA Detective in search of the genetic code of The Beatles. A terrorist explosion trapped inside a bubble of space/time. A new life-form found in the quantum echoes of the void. Eccentric Orbits contains seventeen SF stories originally published between 1999 and 2011 and now collected together for the first time. Stories range from the very short up to novella length. Full Contents Terahertz * wolF emiT * The Armageddon Machine * rho-m10 * 22nd Century Genie * A Loop * Good Vibrations * Ten Million Years * Holy Mountains * Not Better Than One * Remembrance Day * Second War of the Worlds * The Thirteenth Labour * An Explosive Relationship * The Long Walk * Time Dilation * Live From The Continuing Explosion
Category: Fiction

Climate Of Earth Like Planets With High Obliquity And Eccentric Orbits Implications For Habitability Conditions

Author :
ISBN : OCLC:1051370040
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Abstract: We explore the effects of seasonal variability for the climate of Earth-like planets as determined by the two parameters polar obliquity and orbital eccentricity using a general circulation model of intermediate complexity. In the first part of the paper we examine the consequences of different values of obliquity and eccentricity for the spatio-temporal patterns of radiation and surface temperatures as well as for the main characteristics of the atmospheric circulation. In the second part of the paper we analyse the associated implications for the habitability of planets close to the outer edge of the habitable zone (HZ). The second part focuses in particular on the multistability property of climate, i.e. the parallel existence of both an ice-free and an ice-covered climate state. Our results show that seasonal variability affects both the existence of and transitions between the two climate states. Moreover, our experiments reveal that planets with Earth-like atmospheres and high seasonal variability can have ice-free areas at much larger distance from the host star than planets without seasonal variability, which leads to a substantial expansion of the outer edge of the HZ. Sensitivity experiments exploring the role of azimuthal obliquity and surface heat capacity test the robustness of our results. On circular orbits, our findings obtained with a general circulation model agree well with previous studies based on one dimensional energy balance models, whereas significant differences are found on eccentric orbits. Abstract : Highlights: We explore the joint effect of obliquity and eccentricity on climate. Seasonal variability significantly affects multistability and habitability. Maximal greenhouse limit of the habitable zone needs to be re-addressed.

The Frequency Spectrum Of Gravitational Waves From Eccentric Orbits

Author : Bidisha Sen
ISBN : OCLC:1132272772
Genre :
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Gravitational waves emitted from binary black hole systems carry energy away from the orbit, and cause the black holes to spiral towards one another and eventually merge. While all such detected systems are effectively circular at coalescence, these binaries may start out with non-negligible eccentricity. Due to certain astrophysical phenomena, it is expected that some binary systems may merge with some residual eccentricity, and so understanding how to measure the waveforms from these systems are of particular interest for future third generation detectors, such as LISA.


Author : Michel Capderou
ISBN : 2287213171
Genre : Science
File Size : 66.91 MB
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In all, the European Space Agency (ESA) has developed 60 spacecrafts over the last few decades. Some of these, such as the ERS satellites and Envisat, are dedicated to monitoring the Earthand providing vital data on the health status of our planet. Other spacecraft have helped to improve the accuracy of weather forecasting. Galileo, the joint ESA/EU satellite navigation p- gramme, demonstrates the political dimension of space as service-provider for the bene?t of European citizens. While these missions involve utilitarian space activities, others are devoted to either exploring the solar system, - cluding the Sun, or achieving a better understanding of the Universe and the cosmic beginnings. Theorbitsofthesesatellitescoverawiderange(Sun-synchronous,geos- tionary, highly eccentric, at Lagrange points, etc.) so that a complete novice may be astonished when tackling the space technology ?eld. The main credit of Michel Capderou’s book is to take the reader (whether it be a student, an engineer or a research scientist) progressively from the basic Kepler laws to the most complex equations of space mechanics. His educational concern has led him to propose many examples and graphicalillustrations from ESA, but alsofromthe American,Russian,Indian,Japaneseor evenChinese space agencies. These programmes provide scienti?c insights and moreover appear to fascinate the general public, in particular the younger generation. Those wishing to understand the orbital mechanisms behind these programmes will ?nd the explanations they seek in this book.
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Extrasolar Planets

Author : Patrick Cassen
ISBN : 9783540314707
Genre : Science
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Research on extrasolar planets is one of the most exciting fields of activity in astrophysics. In a decade only, a huge step forward has been made from the early speculations on the existence of planets orbiting "other stars" to the first discoveries and to the characterization of extrasolar planets. This breakthrough is the result of a growing interest of a large community of researchers as well as the development of a wide range of new observational techniques and facilities. Based on their lectures given at the 31st Saas-Fee Advanced Course, Andreas Quirrenbach, Tristan Guillot and Pat Cassen have written up up-to-date comprehensive lecture notes on the "Detection and Characterization of Extrasolar Planets", "Physics of Substellar Objects Interiors, Atmospheres, Evolution" and "Protostellar Disks and Planet Formation". This book will serve graduate students, lecturers and scientists entering the field of extrasolar planets as detailed and comprehensive introduction.
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Exploring The Trans Neptunian Solar System

Author : National Research Council
ISBN : 0309174120
Genre : Science
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In the last decade, our knowledge of the outer solar system has been transformed as a result of the Voyager 2 encounter with Neptune and its satellite Triton and from Earth-based observations of the Pluto-Charon system. However, the planetary system does not simply end at the distance of Pluto and Neptune. In the past few years, dozens of bodies have been discovered in near-circular, low inclination orbits near or beyond the orbit of Neptune. These bodies are now believed to be directly related to each other and to Pluto, Charon, and Triton, and as a class they define and occupy the inner boundary of a hitherto unexplored component of the solar system, the trans-neptunian region. Exploring the Trans-Neptunian Solar System reviews current understanding of the trans-neptunian solar system and makes recommendations for the future exploration of this distant realm.
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