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Earth Repair

Author : Leila Darwish
ISBN : 9780865717299
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 52.55 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Details grassroots bioremediation techniques and strategies for transforming environmental despair into action, including the use of plants to extract toxins and fungi to clean contaminated water and soil.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Earth Repair

Author : Marcus Hall
ISBN : 0813923417
Genre : Nature
File Size : 31.64 MB
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Just as the restoration of Michelangelo’s Last Judgment sparked enormous controversy in the art world, so are environmental restorationists intensely divided when it comes to finding ways to rehabilitate damaged ecosystems. Although environmental restoration is quickly becoming a widespread pursuit, debate over the methods and goals of this endeavor often halts progress. The same question confronts artistic and environmental restorationists: Which systems need restoring, and to what states should they be restored? In Earth Repair: A Transatlantic History of Environmental Restoration, Marcus Hall explores the answer to this question while offering an alternative to the usual narrative of humans disrupting and spoiling the earth. Hall’s purpose is not to deny that humans have done lasting damage but to show that those who believed in restoration did not always agree on what they wanted to restore, or how, or to what form. With guidance from the pioneer conservationist George Perkins Marsh, the reader travels between the United States and Italy to see that restoration has taken many forms over the past two hundred years, from maintaining and repairing, to gardening and naturalizing. By contrasting land management in these two countries and elsewhere, Earth Repair clarifies different meanings of restoration, shows how such meanings have changed through time and place, and suggests how restorationists can apply these insights to their own practices.
Category: Nature

The Official Earth Day Guide To Planet Repair

Author : Denis Hayes
ISBN : 1597262633
Genre : Nature
File Size : 69.96 MB
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Everyone talks about the weather but no one ever does anything about it. Sadly, that old joke is no longer true. A large body of increasingly compelling scientific evidence is telling us that many things we do -- from the kinds of cars we drive to how we heat our homes -- are directly affecting our global climate in unprecedented and alarming ways. But what can any one person do about this vast, global problem? Help fix it! And it doesn't have to be a do-it-yourself project; we citizens and stewards of the earth can unite in greater numbers and power than ever before.In The Official Earth Day Guide to Planet Repair, Earth Day leader and renewable energy expert Denis Hayes tells us how changes in individual, local, and national energy choices can slow or even stop the dangerous build-up of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere, while at the same time saving us money, helping the economy, creating new jobs, and enhancing human health. A how-to home improvement guide for the planet, the book: describes the problem of global warming today as well as its likely effects in the future considers the sources of energy available to us, and explains why one of them is the Earth's best hope offers dozens of ways to painlessly reduce your own energy use provides action steps to affect the world's energy use and help change policy tells where to go for further help and more information The first Earth Day in 1970 helped launch the modern environmental movement. Rather than waiting for elected officials to take action to address environmental abuses, environmental maverick Denis Hayes and his compatriots took the lead in bringing the subject to the forefront of American consciousness. Through three decades, the idea of Earth Day has flourished, and now more than ever, individuals need to take matters into their own hands and create change from the ground up and from the whole earth down. As citizens and consumers, we hold a vast capacity for improving our environment and leaving a bright legacy for our children. For seasoned green veterans and environmental newcomers alike, The Official Earth Day Guide to Planet Repair is the must-have book for the next century.
Category: Nature

Earth Building

Author : Laurence Keefe
ISBN : 9781134350179
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 48.43 MB
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Buildings with load-bearing earth walls were once widespread throughout Britain and many thousands still survive, including some dating from the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. Earth is the ultimate form of ‘green’ building construction, creating no environmental pollutions and consuming virtually no energy. Subsoil can be dug from or near the site to construct buildings that will meet modern needs and conform to the latest building regulations. This book describes all aspects of earth building, explaining how earth performs as a building material and providing guidance on how best to repair and conserve existing earth buildings.
Category: Architecture

Earth Roads

Author : Roy Stone
ISBN : OCLC:504840518
Genre :
File Size : 32.15 MB
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Restoration And Repair Of Earth S Damaged Ecosystems

Author :
ISBN : OCLC:1051347527
Genre :
File Size : 74.36 MB
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Abstract : Given that few ecosystems on the Earth have been unaffected by humans, restoring them holds great promise for stemming the biodiversity crisis and ensuring ecosystem services are provided to humanity. Nonetheless, few studies have documented the recovery of ecosystems globally or the rates at which ecosystems recover. Even fewer have addressed the added benefit of actively restoring ecosystems versus allowing them to recover without human intervention following the cessation of a disturbance. Our meta-analysis of 400 studies worldwide that document recovery from large-scale disturbances, such as oil spills, agriculture and logging, suggests that though ecosystems are progressing towards recovery following disturbances, they rarely recover completely. This result reinforces conservation of intact ecosystems as a key strategy for protecting biodiversity. Recovery rates slowed down with time since the disturbance ended, suggesting that the final stages of recovery are the most challenging to achieve. Active restoration did not result in faster or more complete recovery than simply ending the disturbances ecosystems face. Our results on the added benefit of restoration must be interpreted cautiously, because few studies directly compared different restoration actions in the same location after the same disturbance. The lack of consistent value added of active restoration following disturbance suggests that passive recovery should be considered as a first option; if recovery is slow, then active restoration actions should be better tailored to overcome specific obstacles to recovery and achieve restoration goals. We call for a more strategic investment of limited restoration resources into innovative collaborative efforts between scientists, local communities and practitioners to develop restoration techniques that are ecologically, economically and socially viable.

Watch Repair For Beginners

Author : Harold C. Kelly
ISBN : 9781616083731
Genre : Antiques & Collectibles
File Size : 63.32 MB
Format : PDF
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The definitive guide to watch repairing by a master.
Category: Antiques & Collectibles

The Repair Of Vehicle Bodies 6th Ed

Author : Andrew Livesey
ISBN : 9781135120498
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 37.4 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book covers the principles and techniques that will help you develop the skills needed to carry out effective vehicle body repair and re-finishing. This edition has been updated to deal with changes in technology and best practice and meets the current Automotive Skills standards. It also covers the topics studied at NVQ levels 2 and 3 and contains handy revision notes making it an ideal text for students on the following courses: Automotive Skills Council Vehicle Body and Paint Operations requirements IMI Body Repair and Refinishing Technical Certificates (VRQs) National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) City & Guilds Vehicle Body Repair Competence courses NVQ and Progression Awards of both City & Guilds and the Institute of the Motor Industry at levels 2 and 3. Professionals and hobbyists will continue to find this an essential manual for the workshop when repairing the latest models or classic cars. Other books by Andrew Livesey: Basic Motorsport Engineering 9780750689090 Advanced Motorsport Engineering 9780750689083
Category: Technology & Engineering