Early Ottoman Art

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Early Ottoman Art

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This travel guide and survey to Islamic art, architecture and culture in Tunisia shows the country's treasures displayed within their historical and cultural context. It includes up-to-date information, detailed descriptions of the items on display, an exhaustive historic and artistic introduction, a number of itineraries, practical information (distances, opening hours etc), and tips for appreciating the natural environment surrounding the sites. The descriptions of monuments, archaeological sites, artefacts and architecture are written by local academics and specialists.
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The Ottoman Renaissance

Author : Metin Mustafa
ISBN : 1682060233
Genre : Architecture, Ottoman
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This book re-evaluates Ottoman art of the early modern period within the Renaissance paradigm. It argues that the Ottomans indeed had a Renaissance at the same time as the Europeans of the West.
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Ottoman Art

Author : Adem Cetinkaya
ISBN : 9781387104673
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The greatest contribution of Ottoman art is in the fields of manuscript painting and ceramics. Ottoman ceramics, mass-produced to supply both local and foreign markets, enjoyed the widest circulation and the highest reputation of all portable Turkish objects. By contrast, illustrated manuscripts were zealously guarded in the Palace libraries throughout Ottoman history and only a meager amount were given away as presents, captured during battles or, as in the past century, sold or taken from the imperial collections. Consequently, limited quantities of miniatures were accessible to the outsiders. With the advent of the Republic all the imperial libraries became public museums, enabling students and scholars to study this unique form of Ottoman art. The art of the book is basically an Islamic tradition with court-sponsored poets, calligraphers, illuminators, miniaturists and bookbinders working together to create an illustrated manuscript.
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Islamic Art And Architecture

Author : Laurelie Rae
ISBN : 1935295810
Genre : Architecture
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Laurelie Rae's splendid drawings of the interior and exterior of the monuments and the inspirational text accompanying them with a focus on historical, cultural and architectural elements will transport you to the ancient land of the Seljuks and the Ottomans.
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Turkish Art And Architecture

Author : Giovanni Curatola
ISBN : 0789210827
Genre : Architecture
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The Anatolian peninsula, one of the oldest seats of civilization, has been ruled by a succession of great powers, including the Romans and their successors in the East, the Byzantines. Its Islamic era began in 1071, when the Seljuk Turks, nomads from Central Asia who had already taken control of Persia, defeated the Byzantine army at Manzikert and moved west, creating a new sultanate in Anatolia. The Seljuks were eventually succeeded in this region by the Ottoman Turks, who crossed the Bosphorus to conquer an exhausted Constantinople in 1453, and went on to extend their power far beyond the borders of modern Turkey, establishing an empire that endured until the early twentieth century.Ruling over a land that had always been at the crossroads of east and west, these Islamic dynasties developed a cosmopolitan art and architecture. As art historian Giovanni Curatola demonstrates in this insightful new book, they combined elements of the prestigious Persian style and memories of their nomadic past with local Mediterranean traditions, and also adopted local building materials, such as stone and wood. Curatola introduces us first to the new types of buildings introduced by the SeljuksGÇölike the caravansary and the t++rbe, or mausoleumGÇöand then to the sophisticated architectural achievements of the Ottomans, which culminated in the great domed mosques constructed by the master builder Mimar Sinan (d. 1588). He also traces the history of the decorative arts in Turkey, which included lavishly ornamented carpets, manuscripts, armor, and ceramics.Illustrated with some 250 attractive and well-chosen color photographs, Turkish Art and Architecture is fascinating reading for anyone with an interest in Turkey, and an essential reference for any student of Islamic art and architecture.
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The Great Ottoman Turkish Civilisation Iv

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ISBN : 975678217X
Genre : Türkiye- Tarih- Osmanlı Devleti, 1288-1918
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Cultural Life In Ottoman Civilisation The Ideology of The Sultanate and Ottoman Art / Prof. Dr. Filiz Yenişehirlioğlu [s.3-8] Emir Sultan and His Erguvan Fasli / Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Algül [s.9-18] The Ottoman Shahzadah (Price’s) Sanjaks / Prof. Dr. Mustafa İsen [s.19-29] Reception of Turkish Culture and Art In Poland / Prof. Dr. Tadeusz Majda [s.30-35] The Ottomans and The Islamic Sacred Relics / Assoc. Prof. Dr. Süleyman Beyoğlu [s.36-44] The Kinds, Subject and Nature of The ‘Surname’s / Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Arslan [s.45-68] The Role of Dervish Lodges In The Development of Turkish Culture / Assoc. Prof. Dr. Saim Savaş [s.69-77] The Clothing of Ottoman Women / Dr. Sevgi Gürtuna [s.78-92] Ottoman Cuisine / Nevin Halıcı [s.93-103] The Turks In Croatian During The Ottoman Period / Prof. Dr. Yusuf Hamzaoğlu [s.104-112] Cumanian Anthroponymics In Bulgaria During The 15th Century / Prof. Dr. Valery Stoyanov [s.113-126] Language: Ottoman Turkish Ottoman Turkish / Prof. Dr. Ahmet B. Ercilasun [s.129-138] Ottoman Turkish In Pre-Ottoman Anatolia / Prof. Dr. Mustafa Özkan [s.139-151] The 19th Century Ottoman Turkish Language / Prof. Dr. İsmail Parlatır [s.152-166] Esperanto In The Ottoman Empire The First Artifical Language "Balaybelen" / Dr. Mustafa Koç [s.167-172] Ottoman Literature The Poetry of 700 Years / Prof. Dr. İskender Pala [s.175-184] A View On Turkish Literature of The Ottoman Period In Terms of Commons of Folk and Divan Literatures / Prof. Dr. Cemal Kurnaz [s.185-198] The Century of Style and Deep Meaning In Literature: The 17th Century / Prof. Dr. Namık Açıkgöz [s.199-209] Some Significant Aspects of The Lale Devri (Tulip Era): 1718-1730 / Asst. Prof. Dr. Cemal Bayak [s.210-222] Literature As The Reflecting Area of New Ideas (1859-1923) / Prof. Dr. İnci Enginün [s.223-236] The Tradition of Letter Writing In The Ottoman State / Asst. Prof. Dr. I. Çetin. Derdiyok [s.237-248] Female Poets In Ottomans / Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nazan Bekiroğlu [s.249-260] The Concept of Aesthetics Among The Ottomans A Review of The Ottoman World of Aesthetic / Beşir Ayvazoğlu [s.263-275] An Essay On The Aesthetics In Ottoman City / Prof. Dr. Sadettin Ökten [s.276-286] Ottoman Aesthetics / Prof. Dr. Jale N. Erzen [s.287-298] Ottoman Architecture A General View of Ottoman Turkish Arthitecture Turkish Architecture In Ottoman Era / Prof. Dr. Semavi Eyice [s.303-322] A General View To The Development of Ottoman Architecture / Prof. Dr. M. Oluş Arık [s.323-337] Ottoman Medreses / Prof. Dr. Zeynep Ahunbay [s.338-345] The Architectural Style of Castles During The Ottoman Period / Asst. Prof. Dr. Ali Boran [s.346-363] The Darüssifas In The Ottoman Period / Prof. Dr. Gönül Çantay [s.364-373] Anatolia Clock Towers / Prof. Dr. Hakkı Acun [s.374-379] Menzil Roads and Menzil Complexes In The Ottoman Empire / Asst. Prof. Dr. Fatih Müderrisoğlu [s.380-388] Turkish House, Ottoman House / Prof. Dr. Haşim Karpuz [s.389-396] Kitchen As A Residential Area In Anatolian Turkish Architecture and Examples of Ottoman Era / Asst. Prof. Dr. Emine Karpuz [s.397-403] The Sebils in the Ottoman Architecture / Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nur Urfaloğlu [s.404-409] The Sebils In The Ottoman Architecture / Prof. Dr. Ömür Bakırer [s.410-420] The Golden Age of Ottoman Architecture and Mimar Sinan Ottoman Architecture In The Classical Period / Prof. Dr. Abdüsselam Uluçam [s.423-449] Sinan / Prof. Dr. Doğan Kuban [s.450-463] The Place of ‘Hassa Architects Guild’: Its In The Development of Ottoman Architecture / Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zeki Sönmez [s.464-470] City Architects In Ottoman Architecture / Dr. Abdülkadir Dündar [s.471-479] The Modular System In Mimar Sinan’s Works of Arts and Ebced Accounting / Prof. Dr. İsmail Yakıt [s.480-485] Acoustic Solutions In Classic Ottoman Architecture / Prof. Dr. Mutbul Kayılı [s.486-493] The Relationship of Architectural Design and Mathematics In The Works of Mimar Sinan / Zafer Sagdıç [s.494-497] The Ottoman Architecture In The Balkans / Asst. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ibrahimgil [s.498-510] The Influence of Ottoman Architecture On Mosques of Aleppo / Dr. Najwa Othman [s.511-525] Ottoman Architecture In North Africa / Asst. Prof. Dr. Kadir Pektaş [s.526-532] Turkish Musical Theory and Musicians The Turkish Music and Instruments In The ottoman State / Ethem Ruhi Üngör [s.535-547] Musicians In The Ottoman Empire and Central Asia In The 15th Century According To An Unknown Work of Aydinli Semseddin Nahifi / Dr. Recep Uslu [s.548-555] A Glance At Sufi Music In The History of Ottoman Music / Ömer Tuğrul İnancer [s.556-561] The Concept of Ottoman Fasil / Dr. Eugenia Popescu-Judetz [s.562-570] Classical Western Music In The Ottoman Empire / Vedat Kosal [s.571-586] Poet and Composer Ottoman Sultans / Osman Nuri Özpekel [s.587-608] Music In The Tanzimat Era Sultans and Their Music Understandings / Gülay Karamahmutoğlu [s.609-620] Janissary Music / Sbylee Tura [s.621-626] Ney and Ney-Players In The 18th Century / Assoc. Prof. Dr. Süleyman Erguner [s.627-642] The Prince Musician Kantemiroglu / Dr. Eugenia Popescu-Judetz [s.643-650] The Tradition of Turkish Music Therapy / Asst. Prof. Dr. Rahmi Oruç Güvenç [s.651-656] Traditional Ottoman Arts The Ottoman Calligraphy / Prof. Dr. h.c. M. Uğur Derman [s.659-668] The Art of Illumination In The Ottomans / Prof. Dr. Zeren Tanındı [s.669-675] The Arts of Tezhip (Gilding) In The Ottoman Centuries With Its Styles And Artists / Assoc. Prof. Dr. F. Çiçek Derman [s.676-690] The Ottoman Miniature Painting / Prof. Dr. Oktay Aslanapa [s.691-700] Ebru Art of Marbling / Hikmet Barutçugil [s.701-706] Tiles In The Early Ottoman Empire / Prof. Dr. Gönül Öney [s.707-714] Iznik In The Ottoman Tile Manufacturing / Prof. Dr. Ara Altun [s.715-722] The Art of Metalwork In The Ottomans / Prof. Dr. Tercan Yılmaz [s.723-729] The Ottoman Jewellery / Asst. Prof. Dr. Aygün Ülgen [s.730-748] Painted Ottoman Decoration / Prof. Dr. Yıldız Demiriz [s.749-755] An Ottoman Art Kept Alive In Morocco: Nahil-Work (WaxWork Tree Decoration) / Prof. Dr. Metin Akar [s.756-763] The Carpets In The ottoman Period / Prof. Dr. Bekir Deniz [s.764-780] Ottoman Plastic Arts Portraiture of The Ottoman Sultans / Prof. Dr. Günsel Renda [s.783-791] The Ottomans In 18th and 19th Century European Art Turquerie and Orientalism / Assoc. Prof. Dr. Seyfi Başkan [s.792-805] An Outline of The Development of Sculpture In The Ottoman Empire / Dr. Kıymet Giray [s.806-811] Photography In Ottoman Empire / Engin Özendes [s.812-826] Ottoman Drama Major Festivities Organized During The Reign of Mahmud II / Prof. Dr. Özdemir Nutku [s.829-840] The Traditional Turkish Theatre / Asst. Prof. Dr. Dilaver Düzgün [s.841-853] From Darülbedayi To The City Theatres of Istanbul / Prof. Dr. Özdemir Nutku [s.854-864] Libraries and Books In The Ottoman Empire The Ottoman Libraries and The Ottoman Librarian Tradition / Prof. Dr. İsmail E. Erünsal [s.867-885] Second Hand Book Sellers And Travellers Bookselling In The Ottoman State / Yahya Erdem [s.886-896] The Book In Ottoman Family / Asst. Dr. Fahri Sakal [s.897-903] Index of Authors / [s.904-906]
Category: Türkiye- Tarih- Osmanlı Devleti, 1288-1918

The Art And Architecture Of Islam 1250 1800

Author : Sheila S. Blair
ISBN : 0300064659
Genre : Art
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They discuss, for example, how the universal caliphs of the first six centuries gave way to regional rulers and how, in this new world order, Iranian forms, techniques, and motifs played a dominant role in the artistic life of most of the Muslim world; the one exception was the Maghrib, an area protected from the full brunt of the Mongol invasions, where traditional models continued to inspire artists and patrons. By the sixteenth century, say the authors, the eastern Mediterranean under the Ottomans and the area of northern India under the Mughals had become more powerful, and the Iranian models of early Ottoman and Mughal art gradually gave way to distinct regional and imperial styles.
Category: Art

The Sultan S World

Author : Palais des beaux-arts (Bruxelles).
ISBN : 3775739661
Genre : Art, European
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"....The aim of our exhibition is to focus on the Ottoman Empire...and to explore the different ways the Ottomans, or 'Turks' as they were already called by their contemporaries, impacted the art and culture of the Renaissance.
Category: Art, European

History And Ideology

Author : Julia Bailey
ISBN : 9789004163201
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 47.52 MB
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Muqarnas is sponsored by The Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts.In Muqarnas articles are being published on all aspects of Islamic visual culture, historical and contemporary, as well as articles dealing with unpublished textual primary sources.
Category: Social Science

Affect Emotion And Subjectivity In Early Modern Muslim Empires New Studies In Ottoman Safavid And Mughal Art And Culture

Author : Kishwar Rizvi
ISBN : 9789004352841
Genre : History
File Size : 84.69 MB
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Affect, Emotion and Subjectivity in Early Modern Muslim Empires is a study of art, literature and architecture that considers the intentions and motivations of patrons and artists in the urban and cultural milieu of the Ottoman, Safavid and Mughal courts.
Category: History

Tulips Arabesques Turbans

Author : Yanni Petsopoulos
ISBN : UOM:39015016837034
Genre : Art
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Analyzes the place of art in the Islamic society of the Ottoman Empire and depicts the history, development, and artistic styles of metalwork, ceramics, textiles, calligraphy, and painting
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Turkish Flowers

Author : Ibolya Gerelyes
ISBN : STANFORD:36105132318416
Genre : Art, Ottoman
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Category: Art, Ottoman

A Companion To Islamic Art And Architecture

Author : Finbarr Barry Flood
ISBN : 9781119068570
Genre : Art
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The two-volume Companion to Islamic Art and Architecture bridges the gap between monograph and survey text by providing a new level of access and interpretation to Islamic art. The more than 50 newly commissioned essays revisit canonical topics, and include original approaches and scholarship on neglected aspects of the field. This two-volume Companion showcases more than 50 specially commissioned essays and an introduction that survey Islamic art and architecture in all its traditional grandeur Essays are organized according to a new chronological-geographical paradigm that remaps the unprecedented expansion of the field and reflects the nuances of major artistic and political developments during the 1400-year span The Companion represents recent developments in the field, and encourages future horizons by commissioning innovative essays that provide fresh perspectives on canonical subjects, such as early Islamic art, sacred spaces, palaces, urbanism, ornament, arts of the book, and the portable arts while introducing others that have been previously neglected, including unexplored geographies and periods, transregional connectivities, talismans and magic, consumption and networks of portability, museums and collecting, and contemporary art worlds; the essays entail strong comparative and historiographic dimensions The volumes are accompanied by a map, and each subsection is preceded by a brief outline of the main cultural and historical developments during the period in question The volumes include periods and regions typically excluded from survey books including modern and contemporary art-architecture; China, Indonesia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Sicily, the New World (Americas)
Category: Art

The World Of Ottoman Art

Author : Michael Levey
ISBN : STANFORD:36105003252025
Genre : Art, Islamic
File Size : 70.5 MB
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Category: Art, Islamic

Bibliography Of Art And Architecture In The Islamic World 2 Vol Set

Author : Susan Sinclair
ISBN : 9789004170582
Genre : Reference
File Size : 33.12 MB
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Following the tradition and style of the acclaimed Index Islamicus, the editors have created this new Bibliography of Art and Architecture in the Islamic World. The editors have surveyed and annotated a wide range of books and articles from collected volumes and journals published in all European languages (except Turkish) between 1906 and 2011. This comprehensive bibliography is an indispensable tool for everyone involved in the study of material culture in Muslim societies.
Category: Reference

Picturing History At The Ottoman Court

Author : Emine Fetvacı
ISBN : 9780253006783
Genre : Art
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Circulation, audience, and the creation of a shared court culture Making books at the Ottoman court Sokollu Mehmed Pasha and the illustrated Ottoman histories Chief Black Eunuch Mehmed Agha: negotiating the sultanic image In the image of a military ruler A Venetian Ottomanized: Chief White Eunuch Gazanfer Agha and his artistic patronage.
Category: Art

Mediterranean Encounters

Author : Elisabeth A. Fraser
ISBN : 0271085061
Genre :
File Size : 58.95 MB
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Focusing on travel images and cross-cultural exchange, examines interactions between the Ottoman Empire and Europeans from 1774 to 1839, highlighting mutual dependence and reciprocity.

Turkish Art

Author : Esin Atıl
ISBN : UOM:49015000956939
Genre : Art, Turkish
File Size : 21.67 MB
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This landmark survey introduces the reader to the entrancing world of the Seljuk and Ottoman Turkish arts. The Turks dominated the Near East for nearly a thousand years. Between 1300 and 1600, they hewed out an empire that extended over three continents. Through trade, their influence spread into Russia and Europe. Yet their cultural contribution is still not widely appreciated. This book opens unexpected vistas to the nonspecialist and supplements the scholar's knowledge with wealth of illustration and fresh analysis. In his foreword, Oleg Grabar remarks that the imperial character of Ottoman art is most apparent in architecture. The sultans--occasionally their wives and daughters, too--were energetic builders, and they gradually transformed the Turkish heartland into an Islamic country resplendent with mosques, schools, caravansarays, gardens, and mausoleums. In a survey that begins with the 12th-century Seljuk architecture of Anatolia and ends with the Europeanized mosques and palaces of the 19th century, Ülkü Bates shows how Turkish buildings, endowed by the elite, nevertheless clearly reflect the effect of social, political, and religious processes on all classes of society. The arts of the book--calligraphy, illumination, and fine binding--reached extraordinary heights during the Ottoman suzerainty. Hundreds of illustrated volumes preserved in the royal libraries in Istanbul reflect the kind of exquisite aesthetic that can flourish only under exceptionally enlightened royal patronage and also provide an astonishingly lively portrait of a whole society. Esin Atil also surveys the four-century history of the nakkașhane, the royal academy that produced thousands of books as well as a flood of elegant designs for tiles, dishes, rugs, and textiles. These more useful but equally appealing arts--ceramics, carpets, and fabrics--are the subject of sections by Walter B. Denny and Louise W. Mackie. Both ceramics and weaving have evolved major artistic traditions in Turkey. Tiles contributed immeasurably to the beauty of the Ottoman buildings and, as is borne out by innumerable book illustrations, the sheen of beautiful fabrics and flow of beautiful rugs were a vital part of what can only be described as the "art" of courtly life under the sultans. Moreover, Turkish tiles and dishes, garments, and rugs have been admired throughout the West for centuries--ever since Marco Polo described "Turkey Carpets" as the "finest and handsomest in the world." Their subtle, complex, and luminously colored designs still enchant us today. An admirably thorough yet succinct chapter by Roderic H. Davison orients the reader to Turkish history. A wealth of colorplates and a superb selection of black-and-white illustrations convey the unique quality of imperial Turkish art, in which richness and delicacy complement an underlying strength of design. -- Inside jacket flaps.
Category: Art, Turkish