Dublin Tenement Life

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Dublin Tenement Life

Author : Kevin C. Kearns
ISBN : 9780717159062
Genre : History
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For nearly 150 years, the wretched, squalid tenements of Dublin were widely judged to be the worst slums in all of Europe. By the 1930s, 6,400 tenements were occupied by almost 112,000 tenants. Some districts had up to 800 people to the acre, up to 100 occupants in one building, and twenty family members crammed into a single tiny room. It was a hard world of hunger, disease, high mortality, unemployment, heavy drinking, prostitution and gang warfare. But despite their hardship, the tenement poor enjoyed an incredibly closely knit community life in which they found great security and indeed, happiness. As one policeman recalls from over half a century ago, they were ‘extraordinarily happy for people who were so savagely poor’. Contents of Dublin Tenement Life History and Evolution of the Tenement Slum Problem Physical Deterioration Profiteering Landlords and Powerless Tenants Overcrowding, Sanitation, and Illness Social Stigmas and Stereotypes The Press and Public Enlightenment Housing Reform and Slum Clearance Oral History and Tenement Folklore Social Life in the Tenement Communities Community Spirit and Gregarious Nature The Home Setting Economic Struggle Securing Food and Clothing Health, Sickness, and Treatments Entertainment and Street Life Religion and Morals Courting, Marriage, and Childbirth The Role of Men, Mothers, and Grannies Drinking, Gambling, Prostitution, and Animal Gangs Death, Superstitions, and Wakes Oral Testimony: The Monto and Dockland Maggie Murray—Age 80 Timmy “Duckegg” Kirwan—Age 72 Alice Caulfield—Age 66 Chrissie Hawkins—Age 83 Johnny Campbell—Age 68 Mary Waldron—Age 80 Billy Dunleavy—Age 86 Nellie Cassidy—Age 78 Elizabeth “Bluebell” Murphy—Age 75 Oral Testimony: The Liberties Nancy Cullen—Age 71 Paddy Mooney—Age 72 Harry Mushatt—Age 83 Margaret Byrne—Age 72 John-Joe Kennedy—Age 75 Frank Lawlor—Age 66 Mary O’Neill—Age 84 John O’Dwyer—Age 70 Tommy Maher—Age 81 Lily Foy—Age 60 Senan Finucane—Age 73 Christy Murray—Age 86 Bridie Chambers—Age 66 John Gallagher—Age 60 Mickey Guy—Age 72 Margaret Coyne—Age 72 Patrick O’Leary—Age 70 Jimmy Owens—Age 68 Elizabeth “Lil” Collins—Age 91 Stephen Mooney—Age 65 Oral Testimony: The Northside Paddy Casey—Age 65 Chrissie O’Hare—Age 76 John V. Morgan—Age 70 Peggy Pigott—Age 65 Mary Chaney—Age 84 Father Michael Reidy—Age 76 Ellen Preston—Age 65 Thomas Lyng—Age 70 Una Shaw—Age 61 Con Foley—Age 75 Margaret Byrne—Age 81 Jimmy McLoughlin—Age 50 Four Tenement Tales Mary Doolan of Francis Street Noel Hughes of North King Street Mary Corbally of Corporation Street May Hanaphy of Golden Lane
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Three Storeys Up

Author : Fred Kennedy
ISBN : STANFORD:36105021555854
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 81.86 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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These stories of the Doyle family spring from hard experience of appalling tenement slum conditions in the mid-1940s, when to a clever child's eye, the poverty, hunger and ill health were made bearable by hope, humour and great characters. The main hero is Da, short-tempered and unemployable.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Working Class Heroines

Author : Kevin C. Kearns
ISBN : 0717183513
Genre : History
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In Working Class Heroines acclaimed historian Kevin C. Kearns brings us the voices of the forgotten women of Dublin's tenements. If it weren't for his work the lives of these everyday heroines would be lost forever. Based on 30 years of research spent interviewing and recording the life stories of the working-class women of Dublin, it covers the squalid tenement days of the early 1900s, through the mid-century decades of 'slumland' block flats, and into the 1970s when deadly drugs infiltrated poor neighbourhoods, terrifying mothers and stealing away their children. What emerges is an intimate and poignant celebration of the mammies and grannies who held the fabric of family life in an environment of hardship and, often, cruelty. Through vivid tales of how they coped with grinding poverty, huge families, pitiless landlords, the oppressive Church, dictatorial priests, feckless and often abusive husbands, these remarkable women shine with astonishing dignity, wit, pride and a resilient spirit, despite their struggles. Working Class Heroines gives voice and pays tribute to the long silent, unsung heroines who were the indispensable caretakers of both family and community, and remains one of the most important Irish feminist documents of our times. "The ordinary woman has long been absent from our national narrative. I think we should be grateful that Working Class Heroines exists, and we can benefit now from listening to these voices.' Ellen Coyne, The Sunday Times "Those of us who know and love Dublin owe Kearns a huge debt". Roddy Doyle Praise for Kevin Kearns' other unique oral histories of Dublin The Legendary "Lugs" Branigan: Ireland's Most Famed Garda 'A revealing portrait not just of a passionate and dedicated public figure, but also of a society undergoing great and constant change.' The Irish Independent Ireland's Arctic Siege: The Big Freeze of 1947 This story might have come from some Polar Expedition. It is almost unbelievable that such conditions could exist in Ireland.' The Irish Times The Bombing of Dublin's North Strand, 1941: The Untold Story 'What shines through is the courage and goodness of ordinary people, untrained for such catastrophe, in their attempts to save and help their fellow Dubliners.' The Irish Times Dublin Tenement Life: An Oral History 'Among the finest books ever written about Dublin.' The Sunday Tribune 'This is truly an admirable book, capturing echoes of a vanished world. It is only by reading this book that I was enabled to re-imagine the society which the respondents recalled to Kevin Kearns during what must have been many hundreds of hours of patient interviewing.' The Irish Times 'This book will long stand as the definitive social history of Ireland's gulags, where the poor were herded together in conditions worse than animals and will hopefully serve as further inspiration to those who still campaign for decent housing for all our citizens.' Joe Duffy 'Those of us who know and love Dublin owe Kearns a huge debt.' Roddy Doyle Dublin Voices: An Oral Folk History 'This book is a goldmine of tiny details. The narrative voices that speak from every page of this book do so in an unfiltered language entirely their own.' The Sunday Times
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Spectral Mansions

Author : Timothy Murtagh
ISBN : 1846828678
Genre :
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In 1800, Dublin was one of the largest and most impressive cities in Europe. The city's townhouses and squares represented the pinnacle of Georgian elegance. Henrietta Street was synonymous with this world of cultural refinement, being one of the earliest and grandest residential districts in Dublin. At the end of the eighteenth century, the street was home to some of the most powerful members of the Anglo-Irish Ascendancy. Yet, less than a century later, Dublin had been transformed from the playground of the elite, into a city renowned for its deprivation and vast slums. Despite once being 'the best address in town', by 1900 almost every house on Henrietta Street was in use as tenements, some shockingly overcrowded. How did this happen? How did a location like Henrietta Street go from a street of mansions to one of tenements? And what was life like for those who lived within the walls of these houses? This is a story of adaptation, not only of buildings but of people. It is a story of decline but also of resilience. Spectral mansions charts the evolution of Henrietta Street over the period 1800 to 1914. Commencing with the Act of Union and finishing on the eve of the First World War, the book investigates the nature and origins of Dublin's housing crisis in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Commissioned by Dublin City Council Heritage Office in conjunction with the 14 Henrietta Street Museum, the book uses the story of one street to explore the history of an entire city.

Dublin Pub Life And Lore An Oral History Of Dublin S Traditional Irish Pubs

Author : Kevin C. Kearns
ISBN : 9780717164714
Genre : History
File Size : 52.59 MB
Format : PDF
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Dublin is renowned for its amazing profusion of pubs and for its exuberant pub culture. In Dublin Pub Life and Lore, Professor Kevin Kearns examines the history of this phenomenon by speaking to old publicans, barmen and regular customers, relating the story of Dublin pubs and their patrons in an engaging and entertaining fashion. Traditionally in Ireland, the public house or ‘pub’ was the centre of a community’s social life and a social institution ranking second in importance only to the parish church. Pubs ranged from dusky watering holes frequented by labourers, dockers and shawlies to elegant Victorian gin palaces where the gentry and literati gathered. Along the Dublin quays there were dives filled with scoundrels, prostitutes and misfits of every sort. Following the success of his bestselling classic Dublin Tenement Life, Kevin Kearns has researched and created a wonderful oral historical chronicle of Dublin’s pub life. Based on conversations with old publicans, pub ‘regulars’ and long-serving barmen, Dublin Pub Life and Lore captures the folklore, customs, characters and wit of the traditional Dublin public house. Dublin Pub Life and Lore: Table of Contents Introduction History and Evolution of Dublin Public Houses Origins and Uses of Alcohol A City of Taverns and Alehouses Dublin’s Colourful Public Houses Drinking Customs of the Social Classes Disreputable Drinking Dens Proud and Prosperous Publicans Dublin Temperance Movement Government Inquiry into Intemperance and the Role of Public Houses Oral History and Pub Lore Dublin Pub Culture and Social Life The Pub as a Living Social Institution The Publican’s Role and Status Pub Regulars and Their Local Porters, Apprentices and Barmen Pubs as IRA Meeting Places Women on the “Holy Ground” The Pintman and His Pint Pub Customs and Traditions Pub Entertainment Singing Pubs Literary Pubs Notable Pub Characters Eccentric Publicans and Notorious Pubs Underworld of Shebeens, Kips and Speakeasies Famous Barmen’s Strikes Transformation and Desecration of Venerable Pubs Oral Testimony of Publicans and Barmen Oral Testimony of Pub Regulars and Observers
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Dublin Pub Life And Lore

Author : Kevin Corrigan Kearns
ISBN : 1570981647
Genre : History
File Size : 81.35 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Offers the recollections of old publicans and "regulars" at Dublin pubs of life, politics, and friends
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Rebellious Families

Author : Jan Kok
ISBN : 1571815295
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 39.95 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Why do people rebel? This is one of the most important questions historians and social scientists have been grappling with over the years. It is a question to which no satisfactory answer has been found, despite more than a century of research. However, in most cases the research has focused on what people do if they rebel but hardly ever, why they rebel. The essays in this volume offer an alternative perspective, based on the question at what point families decided to add collective action to their repertoires of survival strategies, In this way this volume opens up a promising new field of historical research: the intersection of labour and family history. The authors offer fascinating case studies in several countries spanning over four continents during the last two centuries. In an extensive introduction the relevant literature on households and collective action is discussed, and the volume is rounded off by a conclusion that provides methodological and theoretical suggestions for the further exploration of this new field in social history.
Category: Business & Economics

Dublins Lost Heroines

Author : Kevin Kearns
ISBN : 0717140121
Genre :
File Size : 48.46 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Based on interviews conducted during annual visits to Dublin extending over thirty years, this book draws together a picture of the heroic women who kept family life together in the old Dublin slums.

Dublin Voices

Author : Kevin C. Kearns
ISBN : 9780717162734
Genre : History
File Size : 32.32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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For nearly thirty years, Kevin C. Kearns collected the memories and recollections of Dubliners on tape. These interviews have formed the basis of an extraordinary body of work, one whose subjects have included the life of the Dublin pub and the tenement house. In this ambitious book, he considers their contributions in aggregate, drawing on the voices of ordinary Dubliners to build an oral folk history of the city in the twentieth century. Firemen, engine drivers, bell ringers, gatekeepers, cinema ushers, gravediggers, dockers, factory workers, butchers, hatters, booksellers and many more: all contribute their own words to this epic portrait of Dublin city life in the turbulent decades separating the Victorian and modern eras. In Dublin Voices, the words of ordinary Dubliners can be heard as they recall their lives and times. Lucid, witty and compelling, these oral narratives bring the city to life in a manner that conventional histories simply cannot match.
Category: History

A Social History Of Women In Ireland 1870 1970

Author : Rosemary Cullen Owens
ISBN : STANFORD:36105126905962
Genre : History
File Size : 32.96 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Using a combination of primary research and published works, A Social History of Women in Ireland 1870-1970 explores the role and status of women in Ireland. It examines lifestyle options available to women during this period as well as providing an overview of the forces working for change within Irish society. In bringing together a wide-ranging portfolio of material A Social History of Women in Ireland 1870-1970 fills an important gap in the literature of the period, touching as it does on politics, sociology, marriage patterns; religion, education and work. Rosemary Cullen Owens not merely traces these injustices but also the campaigns fought to right them. She locates these struggles in the wider social context in which they took place. This book provides a missing piece in the jigsaw of modern Irish history.
Category: History

Dublin Street Life And Lore An Oral History Of Dublin S Streets And Their Inhabitants

Author : Kevin C. Kearns
ISBN : 9780717165681
Genre : History
File Size : 27.52 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The first half of this century was the heyday of Dublin’s vibrant and bustling traditional street life. Now in Dublin’s Street Life and Lore, through the vivid oral histories of the participants themselves, Professor Kevin Kearns chronicles this rich street life and lore for future generations. The fascinating and often poignant verbal testimonies of Dublin’s last surviving tram drivers, lamplighters, market traders, street dealers, spielers, buskers, local characters and others of their vanishing breed, comprise a wholly original and captivating personal historical record of Dublin’s long renowned street life, told in Professor Kearns’s uniquely engaging and informative style. Dublin Street Life and Lore: Table of Contents Introduction Dublin Street Life and Oral Urbanlore Historical Perspectives on Dublin Street Types Street Figures of Yesteryear Lamplighters Dockers Postmen Chimney Sweep Signwriter Pawnbroker Fortune Teller Dealers, Spielers, Vendors and Collectors Market and Street Dealers Spieler Newspaper Vendors Scrap Collectors Transport and Vehicles Men Jarveys Tram Drivers Pioneer Cabbie Bicycle and Car Parkers Busman Animal Dealers, Drovers and Fanciers Drovers Horse Dealers Pig Raiser Bird Market Men Pigeon Fanciers Entertainers and Performers Buskers Pavement Artists Mimes and Clowns Bardic Street Poets
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Author : Desmond Clarke
ISBN : UOM:39015000667678
Genre : Dublin
File Size : 69.75 MB
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Author : Anngret Simms
ISBN : UOM:39015055103322
Genre : History
File Size : 57.14 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This is the first volume in a short series that will deal with the planning and development of Dublin from the earliest times to the present day. The focus is on the built environment and from both geographical and historical perspectives aims to unravel and explain the processes that have interacted to produce today's city. It begins with a discussion of Dublin's early development, emphasizing the value of maps in understanding how the city grew. There follows a detailed examination of the city's flowering in the eighteenth century, and their inter-relationships. This leads into a discussion of the problems of the nineteenth century city. This volume concludes with a reconstruction of Dublin at the beginning of the twentieth century, looking at how it might have been seen and experienced by the people of the day. (Series: The Making of Dublin)
Category: History

Georgian Dublin

Author : Kevin Corrigan Kearns
ISBN : UOM:39015001725590
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 29.34 MB
Format : PDF
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"Traces the creation and evolution of Georgian Dublin as a city of unsurpassed beauty and gaiety, and documents the poverty and tenementation during the 19th century. But the major emphasis is on the post-1960 period ... detail[ing] the personal trials, tribulations and triumphs of Georgian restorationists."--Jacket.
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Hegemony And Fantasy In Irish Drama 1899 1949

Author : Paul Murphy
ISBN : STANFORD:36105132240842
Genre : Drama
File Size : 32.35 MB
Format : PDF
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Hegemony and Fantasy in Irish Drama, 1899-1949 offers a theoretically innovative reconsideration of drama produced in the Irish Renaissance, as well as an engagement with non-canonical drama in the under-researched period 1926-1949.
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Author :
ISBN : UCAL:B4383798
Genre : Books
File Size : 52.16 MB
Format : PDF
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Includes section "Review of books".
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A Whirlwind In Dublin

Author : Robert G. Lowery
ISBN : UOM:39015008904362
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 40.78 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Category: Literary Criticism

Women In Ireland

Author : Myrtle Hill
ISBN : UVA:X004770102
Genre : History
File Size : 76.60 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This new book by the historian Myrtle Hill describes how and why these extraordinary changes came about. Women's contribution to the great events of the century - the struggle for Home Rule, the Easter Rising, the War of Independence, the Civil War, two cataclysmic world wars and the bitter conflict in the North - is revealingly explored. So too are the constraints imposed on women's lives by the new constitutional arrangements that emerged in the 1920s and the unstoppable second wave of feminism that by the 1970s had put 'women's issues' - equal pay, parliamentary representation, birth control, abortion, divorce and decent housing - back on the agenda.
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Streets Broad And Narrow

Author : Kevin Corrigan Kearns
ISBN : UOM:39015049737946
Genre : Dublin (Ireland)
File Size : 33.10 MB
Format : PDF
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Social geographer Kevin C. Kearns has been exploring the urban landscape of inner-city Dublin for almost 30 years. His oral histories amount to a chronicle of Dublin city life in recent generations.
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