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Dreams Of Earth And Sky

Author : Freeman Dyson
ISBN : 9781590178553
Genre : Science
File Size : 81.36 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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In this sequel to The Scientist as Rebel (2006), Freeman Dyson—whom The Times of London calls “one of the world’s most original minds”—celebrates openness to unconventional ideas and “the spirit of joyful dreaming” in which he believes that science should be pursued. Throughout these essays, which range from the creation of the Royal Society in the seventeenth century to the scientific inquiries of the Romantic generation to recent books by Daniel Kahneman and Malcolm Gladwell, he seeks to “break down the barriers that separate science from other sources of human wisdom.” Dyson discusses twentieth-century giants of physics such as Richard Feynman, J. Robert Oppenheimer, Paul Dirac, and Steven Weinberg, many of whom he knew personally, as well as Winston Churchill’s pursuit of nuclear weapons for Britain and Wernher von Braun’s pursuit of rockets for space travel. And he takes a provocative, often politically incorrect approach to some of today’s most controversial scientific issues: global warming, the current calculations of which he thinks are probably wrong; the future of biotechnology, which he expects to dominate our lives in the next half-century as the tools to design new living creatures become available to everyone; and the flood of information in the digital age. Dyson offers fresh perspectives on the history, the philosophy, and the practice of scientific inquiry—and even on the blunders, the wild guesses and wrong theories that are also part of our struggle to understand the wonders of the natural world.
Category: Science

The Dialogue Of Earth And Sky

Author : Timothy J. Knab
ISBN : 0816528802
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 25.93 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"This book describes the basic elements of a belief system that has survived the onslaught of Catholicism, colonialism, and the modern world. Timothy Knab has spent thirty years working in this area of Mexico, learning of the Most Holy Earth and following what its people there call "the good path." He was initiated as a dreamer, learned the prayers and techniques for curing maladies of the human soul, and from his long association with Sanmartinos has constructed a thorough account of their beliefs and practices."--BOOK JACKET.
Category: Social Science

In The Loop Of Earth And Sky

Author : Susan Richane
ISBN : 9781499023855
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 28.24 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Presence is revealed as we enter both outer and inner terrains of a seasonal, personal and spiritual journey. The reflections in this volume make it possible for readers to inhabit the earth, their worlds, their bodies, and their relationships differently. The author’s words create layers of connection, so that readers can view their own lives and a slice of the human story through an evocative and heartfelt lens.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Films And Dreams

Author : Thorsten Botz-Bornstein
ISBN : 9780739131435
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 45.74 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Films and Dreams considers the essential link between films and the world of dreams. To discuss dream theory in the context of film studies means moving from the original, clinical context within which dream theory was originally developed to an environment established by primarily aesthetic concerns. Botz-Bornstein deals with dreams as "self-sufficient" phenomena that are interesting not because of their contents but because of the "dreamtense" through which they deploy their being. A diverse selection of films are examined in this light: Tarkovsky's anti-realism exploring the domain of the improbable between symbolization, representation and alienation; Sokurov's subversive attacks on the modern image ideology; Arthur Schnitzler's shifting of thefamiliar to the uncanny and Kubrick's avoidance of this structural model in Eyes Wide Shut; and Wong Kar-Wai's dreamlike panorama of parodied capitalism.
Category: Performing Arts

The Dreamer Who Dreams You

Author : Daniel Stone
ISBN : 9781780994253
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 26.63 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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An opening into the dream of the day and the dream of the night.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

When They Severed Earth From Sky

Author : Elizabeth Wayland Barber
ISBN : 9781400842865
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 76.94 MB
Format : PDF
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Why were Prometheus and Loki envisioned as chained to rocks? What was the Golden Calf? Why are mirrors believed to carry bad luck? How could anyone think that mortals like Perseus, Beowulf, and St. George actually fought dragons, since dragons don't exist? Strange though they sound, however, these "myths" did not begin as fiction. This absorbing book shows that myths originally transmitted real information about real events and observations, preserving the information sometimes for millennia within nonliterate societies. Geologists' interpretations of how a volcanic cataclysm long ago created Oregon's Crater Lake, for example, is echoed point for point in the local myth of its origin. The Klamath tribe saw it happen and passed down the story--for nearly 8,000 years. We, however, have been literate so long that we've forgotten how myths encode reality. Recent studies of how our brains work, applied to a wide range of data from the Pacific Northwest to ancient Egypt to modern stories reported in newspapers, have helped the Barbers deduce the characteristic principles by which such tales both develop and degrade through time. Myth is in fact a quite reasonable way to convey important messages orally over many generations--although reasoning back to the original events is possible only under rather specific conditions. Our oldest written records date to 5,200 years ago, but we have been speaking and mythmaking for perhaps 100,000. This groundbreaking book points the way to restoring some of that lost history and teaching us about human storytelling.
Category: Social Science

Earth To Sky

Author : Leigh Astbury
ISBN : 1876832908
Genre : Art, Australian
File Size : 23.76 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Victor Majzner arrived in Australia in 1959 as a Jewish refugee from Russia. His career as a painter accelerated during the 1980s when, as a migrant seeking identity, he began to travel inland and study the antiquity of the ancient continent as well as forming close bonds with several important Aboriginal artists from the Warmun Community in the Northern Territory. His spectacular and unconventional paintings deal with issues of identity and, over recent years, with his developing sense of his Jewish heritage. Some paintings, more surreal than his Australian landscapes, emerged from his late 1990s travels to the Negev Desert in Israel. A feature to this book is its inclusion of pen and ink studies made as preliminaries to the major paintings.Leigh Astbury teaches art history at Monash University, Melbourne.This book also comes as a special edition with original etching by Victor Majzner and a slip-case.
Category: Art, Australian

The Earth And Sky Of Jacques Dorme

Author : Andreï Makine
ISBN : 9781628721928
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 58.61 MB
Format : PDF
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The acclaimed author of Dreams of My Russian Summers and Requiem for a Lost Empire delivers the final novel in his epic literary trilogy. In present-day France, a Russian writer recalls his harsh childhood at a Stalingrad orphanage in the 1960s, and the old Frenchwoman, a family friend, whose tales fed his dreams of a better world. One story in particular has stayed with him: that of her brief, passionate affair, during World War II, with the French fighter pilot Jacques Dorme, who subsequently died in a plane crash in the Siberian mountains. So the narrator decides to retrace Jacques Dorme’s steps, beginning a journey that has him revisiting the land of his birth to then seeing his adopted homeland in an unflattering new light. A profound and moving novel about the dangers of ideology and of war, delivered with humor, sensuousness, and great lyricism. “This isn’t a book that will remind you of any other book. Its charm lies precisely in its originality, in Makine’s unexpected metaphors, and in his unusual prose, which . . . beautifully illuminates his deep, intuitive knowledge of two very different, very ancient, very damaged cultures.” —The Washington Post
Category: Fiction