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Draw A Better Business

Author : Cara Holland
ISBN : 9781910056721
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 49.94 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Draw a Better Business is an illustrated practical guide for freelancers and business people who want to tap into their innate creativity, learn to use visual skills and techniques and gain the business benefits. This book will help you plan, pitch, deliver and engage with real impact. Filled with practical exercises, examples and insights across four key areas of your business - planning and problem solving, communicating, delivering workshops and meetings, and creating engaging content - this book will equip you with practical tools to help you strengthen your business, and stand out in a crowd. It gives you all the knowledge and the know how you need (even if you think you can’t draw) to start getting the benefits of working visually. After 10 years of running her own business Graphic Change, working visually with companies such as TimeWarner, Google and the NHS, Cara Holland has a lot to say about the benefits of working visually. In this book she shares tips, tools and insights that will bring the power of working visually to your business.
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Building Better Business Teams

Author : Ken Blanchard
ISBN : 9780133346176
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 66.13 MB
Format : PDF
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A brand new collection of powerful insights into business team-building… 4 pioneering books, now in a convenient e-format, at a great price! 4 remarkable eBooks help you create and inspire great teams to unprecedented levels of performance Your success is crucially dependent on your ability to create, lead, and inspire teams to achieve extraordinary results. The comprehensive resources in this 4 eBook package will help you do precisely that. In Lead with LUV: A Different Way to Create Real Success, the legendary Ken Blanchard ("The One Minute Manager") and former Southwest Airlines CEO Colleen Barrett help you achieve breakthrough performance by leading with love. They explain what "love" really means in the organizational context, why leading with love is not "soft" management, how to handle inappropriate behavior, how to make "servant leadership" work, and how to sustain leadership with love. Next, in 17 Rules Successful Companies Use to Attract and Keep Top Talent: Why Engaged Employees Are Your Greatest Sustainable Advantage, David Russo top workforce optimization consultant David Russo identifies exactly what great organizations do differently when it comes to managing people. Russo distills these differences into actionable rules covering everything from resourcing and compensation to leadership development, risk-taking to change management. You'll learn how to build genuine esprit de corps in any environment, ensuring that your employees' efforts, minds, and hearts stay focused on your mission, and stay committed to results and competitive advantage. In Managing People and Performance: Fast Track to Success, David Ross reveals how to get the best possible performance out of every member of your team, whatever their personality or skill set. Using Ross's breakthrough tools, techniques, checklists, and guidance, you'll master indispensable skills for creating, developing, and managing high performance teams--and, at the same time, accelerating your own career development. Finally, in How to Get What You Want...Without Having to Ask, international best-selling author Richard Templar brings his inimitable blend of originality, imagination, wisdom, and straight talk to the challenges of negotiation, persuasion, and influence. The world-renowned author of best-sellers like The Rules of Life, Templar offers up 100 clever, simple, pain-free ways to get people throughout your organization to happily say "yes" to you, and smooth your team's path to success! From world-renowned leaders and performance experts Ken Blanchard, Colleen Barrett, David Russo, David Ross, and Richard Templar
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Making Better Business Decisions

Author : Steve Williams
ISBN : 0761924221
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 33.27 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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If you're serious about making better decisions in your business and your life, read this book and discover the hidden psychological, biological and physiological factors influencing the decisions you make. Expert author Steve Williams shows how an awareness of these influences can improve the quality of the decision-making process and increase creativity and innovation. Insightful and easy to read, "Making Better Business Decisions" will help you: Analyze options more clearly and creatively Reduce decision time Recognize and focus on priority decisions Understand why and how others make the decisions they do
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Building A Better Business Using The Lego Serious Play Method

Author : Per Kristiansen
ISBN : 9781118931370
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 63.3 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Unleash innovation potential with creative, serious play Building a Better Business Using the LEGO® SERIOUSPLAY® Method delivers a creative approach to enhancinginnovation and improving business performance, with the focus onunleashing play. Written by the two original Master Trainers forLEGO SERIOUS PLAY (LSP), the book outlines how LSP can developteams, people, relationships and business . Based on the merging ofplay with organizational development, systems thinking and strategydevelopment, LSP can foster improved meetings, faster innovationprocesses, team growth, and better communication. The belief that everyone intends to "do good" and has thepotential to do it is at the heart of LSP. The method nurtures theidea that everyone in an organization can contribute to discussionsand outcomes. Building with LEGO bricks is a type of creative playthat triggers a different kind of thought process, unleashingimagination and potential that is frequently untapped by thelogical mind. The book explains this hands-on, minds-on approach,and discusses the theory as well as the practical implementation ofLSP. Topics include: Observation of internal and external interaction dynamics Fostering a free and honest exchange of opinions Suspending hierarchy for better, more effectivecommunication Facilitating change by encouraging exploration The LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method is employed by start-ups andmultinational corporations alike to maximize synergy among teamsand throughout organizations. For leaders looking to boosteffectiveness and see better results, Building a Better BusinessUsing the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method is acomprehensive introduction to this creative managementtechnique.
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Hbr Guide To Better Business Writing Hbr Guide Series

Author : Bryan A. Garner
ISBN : 9781422184042
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 41.47 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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DON'T LET YOUR WRITING HOLD YOU BACK. When you’re fumbling for words and pressed for time, you might be tempted to dismiss good business writing as a luxury. But it’s a skill you must cultivate to succeed: You’ll lose time, money, and influence if your e-mails, proposals, and other important documents fail to win people over. The HBR Guide to Better Business Writing, by writing expert Bryan A. Garner, gives you the tools you need to express your ideas clearly and persuasively so clients, colleagues, stakeholders, and partners will get behind them. This book will help you: • Push past writer’s block • Grab—and keep—readers’ attention • Earn credibility with tough audiences • Trim the fat from your writing • Strike the right tone • Brush up on grammar, punctuation, and usage
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Better Managers Do Better Business

ISBN : 9781466967502
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 53.41 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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For the past thirty years I have been lecturing groups and doing productivity consulting for a number of very different factories, businesses and agricultural enterprises. I have identified those factors which make management effective and have categorized the types of managers and the stumbling blocks to effective management by each of the types. In discussion with my son, who has his masters degree in business management, and he asked me to put my experiences and theories on paper and to do it in the same manner I use when give seminars on the subject. In my lectures I illustrate the positive factors and the stumbling blocks by giving down to earth examples from my experiences, but at the same time illustrating, constantly, that the principles of effective management are common to all managers at whatever level of management from the MD running an airline to the farmer planting tomatoes or the janitor getting the cleaning lady to sweep the passage or the mother attempting to control her philistines in the supermarket. I have given an explanation of where and how adults learn their management skills and have defined the four basic management types which are, in my experience, most common. My categories and definitions of the types are original and play a fundamental role in the effectiveness of participative management. They also have an elementary function in building self esteem and pride which is cardinal in assisting all levels of management to motivate subordinates and delegate responsibility. Motivation and delegation being the two most common factors where so many managers lack the fundamentals to be great managers of large companies instead of small time operators with many regrets. The categories I have defined are easily identifiable. African history is littered with the worst types of managers and those of Europe and Latin America stand out like sore thumbs. And the reason is that they never learnt how to motivate or delegate properly. Autocrats have to be tyrannical and greedy because they do not have the management skills to be admired and venerated in their own rite. Their recognition comes from elsewhere. It has to be so. It is a given. All tyrants began as well liked and respected people but end up as psychopaths. Accompanying effective management of the individual is the limitation of one's management style in delegation, the primary limiting factor in management and the core malady in administration at all levels. Effective delegation requires a structured step by step adherence to principles of esteem building, checking, selection and training. Anything less is doomed to failure and ineffectiveness.
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Better Business Letters

Author : Paul V. Sheehan
ISBN : STANFORD:36105049343234
Genre : Commercial correspondence
File Size : 51.9 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Get More Fans The Diy Guide To The New Music Business

Author : Jesse Cannon
ISBN : 9780988561311
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 74.1 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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How Do I Promote My Music On A Small Budget? How Do I Get My YouTube Videos to Spread? How Do I Turn Casual Fans Into One’s Who Buy From Me? How Do I Get Written About On Blogs? How Do I Increase Turnout At Shows? How Do I Make Fans Using Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr And SoundCloud? With every day that passes, the power the major labels once had dies a little more. The chance to get the same exposure as your favorite musicians gets easier and easier. The hurdles that would only allow you to get popular, if the right people said your music was good enough, are gone. You can now get exposed to thousands of potential fans without investing 1% of what musicians used to by building a fanbase based on listeners love for your music. No more writing letters hoping that A&R writes you back. This book explains how you do it. While many books will tell you obvious information, legal mumbo-jumbo and marketing catchphrases that don’t help you get more fans. Our experience working with real bands - from upstarts like Man Overboard and Transit to legends like The Cure, The Misfits and Animal Collective, has led us to understand the insider tricks and ideas that go into some of the most important groups of our time. We produce records, do licensing deals, negotiate record contracts and get the musicians we work with written about on websites like Pitchfork and Vice. We have worked with bands who started off as nothing and became something. Unlike any other book written on the subject we have compiled the knowledge no one else has been willing to print in fear of obsoleting their own career. We give you thousands of ideas on how to get people to hear your music and turn them into fans who pay to support your music. Whether you are a label owner, musician, manager, booking agent or publicist there is information in this book that will help you do what you do better. Enjoy! For more information see GetMoreFansBook.com
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