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The Little Book Of Secret Code Puzzles

Author : Gary Ciesla
ISBN : 9781468532128
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 79.70 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Welcome to The Little Book of Secret Code Puzzles. If you've never solved a code puzzle before, or never even heard of a Code Puzzle, you're holding a book in your hands that will bring you a lot of amusement and insight. Some readers, especially those who are experienced puzzle solvers, might say these puzzles are very easy. And they are designed to be easy! But people who have never solved a code puzzle before will delight in learning a new skill, after which they'll find that each puzzle they decode will bring them a thought that will humor, encourage, or challenge them. Each two-page spread contains both a puzzle and a quotation, and each two-page spread of puzzle and quote is related in its sentiment. The quotes come from people who have lived all over the world, and from all ages of history, and each quote gives a clue to help solve the puzzle it accompanies on the opposite page. Some of the puzzles are intended to be a bit humorous, but each contains a little pearl of wisdom that I describe as just waiting to be discovered.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Cope S Early Diagnosis Of The Acute Abdomen

Author : William Silen
ISBN : 9780199730452
Genre : Medical
File Size : 50.21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This classic text is much beloved by medical students and physicians-in-training throughout the English-speaking world, as its many editions indicate. It is chock full of the pearls of clinical wisdom that students and practitioners treasure, and many of these lessons apply to medicine in general. The book was well characterized by a reviewer of an earlier edition for The New England Journal of Medicine: 'If only one book about surgery could be made available to physicians from all specialties, it should probably be Silen's recent revision of Cope's Early Diagnosis of the Acute Abdomen. Since the book first appeared, it has remained the classic treatise on the initial approach to abdominal pain.' Because acute, severe abdominal pain is still a common problem whose misdiagnosis can result in quick death, each generation of beginning physicians is faced with the urgency of learning to make a diagnosis in this high-anxiety situation, and they appreciate the wise, humane, precisely detailed guidance offered by Cope and Silen. For the 22nd Edition, Dr. Silen has again updated the text in a respectful but significant way. He has added a chapter on the increasing disorder of diverticulitis, reexamines the use of analgesics, emphasizes the costs of over-testing, and updates all recommendations regarding trauma, radiologic studies, and therapeutic recommendations.
Category: Medical

The Leadership Of Muhammad

Author : John Adair
ISBN : 9780749461164
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 38.72 MB
Format : PDF
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The Leadership of Muhammad is a very personal study of the life-story and leadership skills of the Prophet. John Adair served with a Bedouin regiment in the Arab Legion and this story is full of fascinating detail of desert life and Bedouin beliefs. A business book that crosses boundaries it highlights the key leadership skills displayed by Muhammad and allows you to share in his wisdom. John Adair weaves the story of Muhammad's life together with aspects of Bedouin culture and ancient proverbs to provide key points for leaders and aspiring leaders. He discusses tribal leadership and essential attributes such as integrity, moral authority and humility. Learning and leadership go hand in hand. You are not born a leader, but you can become one and it is never too late to learn. John Adair's study or Muhammad and the tribal tradition of leadership is an essential addtion to the leadership debate.
Category: Business & Economics

Spiritual Science Higher Conscious Thinking And How To Access The Universal Consciousness Learn How To Expand The Power Of The Mind At Every Level

Author : Aage Nost
ISBN : 147874863X
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 51.94 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 585
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CONCEPTS WRITTEN ABOUT IN THIS BOOK How the universe downloaded all its knowledge into my mind - How to design your life experience the way you want it to be, before you have to live it - until now, mostly undiscovered Universal Success Principles - Creation - What was created at the "Big Bang" - Who was "Jesus," and what did he look like, according to the obscure Roman writings, and other non-biblical records? - Who / what is "God"? - - - Who really created the first Bible? - Who / what are you? - Who created you? - What is the Physical world made of? - What is Universal Consciousness? - How to use the right techniques to access the Universal Consciousness to manifest good things in your life - "Pearls of wisdom" and Success principles you can only learn by talking to Billionaires - How the Universal Consciousness speaks to you - What is the Universal Mind? - What is your "Mind"? - What is the "Power of the Mind" - How does the Subconscious Mind work? - Memory - Perfect recall of memory - How does the Super Conscious Mind work? - What is thought? - Is your life predetermined by Fate? - How does "Free Will" work for you? - What is Spiritual creation? - What is Physical creation? - Who are the "Guardians of the Soul"? - Quantum Physics explaining creation, made simple, without the equations - Can "God" be "good" and "evil" at the same time? - What really brings out "evil"? - Why do most prayers go unanswered? - How to pray - What is the language in the Spiritual world? - What is time? - Can we manipulate time? - Time travel is possible - Starting a new "Time line" - What is hidden in the future for mankind? - Telepathy - Thought Transference - Was the "Big Bang" 14 Billion years ago, an "accident"? - What is Love? - You can transfer Love to someone else - What is "Heaven"? - What is the "Great Sea of Light"? - What is the "Soul"? - Soul memory - Pre-birth memory - Where is our real "Home"? - Awakening - Illumination - Ascension - Immortality - What is Physical "death"? - Where is "Heaven"? - There is no Spiritual "death" - Reincarnation - KARMA - The importance of Forgiveness - Who was the "Teacher of Righteousness"? - The Essenes - How do you know when you are on the right Spiritual path? - The meaning of life - and more - much more.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Principles And Practice Of Ophthalmic Anaesthesia

Author : Jaichandran V V,
ISBN : 9789386261236
Genre : Medical
File Size : 55.95 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book is a comprehensive guide to ophthalmic anaesthesia detailing different types of anaesthesia, techniques, subsequent effects and possible complications. Divided into six sections the book begins with basic clinical knowledge including anatomy and physiology and the effects of ocular medications. The following sections examine the techniques and uses of regional anaesthesia, concluding with a chapter on emergencies in ocular surgery. The second half of the book covers general anaesthesia covering the physiological and pharmacological effects on the eye, and its use for numerous subspecialty surgical procedures including for examination and diagnosis, for paediatric surgeries, vitreoretinal surgery, glaucoma, emergency eye surgery and more. The final section is dedicated to the causes and management of chronic ophthalmic pain. Each chapter features an abstract and ‘nuggets of wisdom’ providing useful points on the topic. Nearly 200 clinical images and tables enhance learning. Key Points Comprehensive guide to ophthalmic anaesthesia covering types, techniques, effects and complications Discusses both regional and general anaesthesia for numerous ocular surgeries Includes chapters on emergencies in ocular surgical procedures Each chapter includes an abstract and ‘nuggets of wisdom’
Category: Medical