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Don T Call Me Mother

Author : Linda Joy Myers
ISBN : 9781938314087
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 40.10 MB
Format : PDF
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“I wanted to tell the secret stories that my great-grandmother Blanche whispered to me on summer nights in a featherbed in Iowa. I was eight and she was eighty . . .” At the age of four, a little girl stands on a cold, windy railroad platform in Wichita, Kansas, watching a train take her mother away. For the rest of her life, her mother will be an only occasional—and always troubled—visitor who denies her the love she longs for. Linda Joy Myers’s compassionate, gripping, and soul-searching memoir tells the story of three generations of daughters who, though determined to be different from their absent mothers, ultimately follow in their footsteps, recreating a pattern that they yearn to break. Accompany Linda as she uncovers family secrets, seeks solace in music, and begins her healing journey—ultimately transcending the prison of her childhood and finding forgiveness for her family and herself. This edition includes a new afterword in which Myers confronts her family’s legacy and comes full circle with her daughter and grandchildren, seeding a new path for them.
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Don T Call Me Mother

Author : Isolde Martin
ISBN : 1925585751
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 47.23 MB
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Biography of Rosa Mitter, an illegitimate girl growing up in Bavaria during the 1920s.
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Don T Call Me Mother Breaking The Chain Of Mother Daughter Abandonment

Author : Linda Joy Myers
ISBN : 9781933037561
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 46.17 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A Prize-winning MemoirDont Call Me Mother: Breaking the Chain of Mother-Daughter Abandonment I wanted to tell the secret stories that my great-grandmother Blanche whispered to me on summer nights in a featherbed in Iowa. I was eight and she was eighty Dont Call Me Mother is an inspiring chronicle of perseverance, healing, and the unquenchable power of forgiveness. Acclaimed author and therapist Linda Joy Myerss compelling, compassionate, and often heart-wrenching memoir shares the story of her mothers abandonment of her, part of a generations-long tradition in her family. Myers uncovers the layers of a painful secret she carried with her for years, transporting us on a journey that is both familiar and uncompromising in its honesty a journey into the inner heart of a home shattered by abandonment and undiagnosed manic-depressionand a quest for the fulfillment of a childhood dream for a peaceful and loving family.
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Don T Call Me Sadie

Author : Valerie Byron
ISBN : 9783730900611
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 38.85 MB
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This story is Part One of my mother's memoirs. "Don't Call Me Sadie" is a reflection of her early years, living with her parents and six siblings in the East End of London during World War I and later in World War II. Book in this series include: Part 1: Don't Call Me Sadie Part 2: My Adventures in Reading Part 3: Sarah's Story Part 4: The Man on the Train Part 5: Portrait of the Past
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Don T Call Me A Cab Call Me A Therapist

Author : W.R. Mertens
ISBN : 9781462815708
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 23.12 MB
Format : PDF
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"Dont Call Me A Cab! Call Me A Therapist! is certainly not an Oprah Book Club winner, but it doesnt pretend to be..Mertens aims to entertain and he certainly succeeds" - Meghan Stephens - Lake Central Scout Newspaper Book Review, IN (5-02-02) "Dont Call Me A Cab! Call Me A Therapist! explores a mans bizarre relationships formed with others" - Larry McCarthy, The Times Newspapers Book Review, IN (5-27-01) "In most books, main characters usually have names, not in W.R. Mertens book....refreshing change" - Herald-News Book Review, IL (6-15-01) "The man has neighbors who host teenage parties with scantily clad - sexy girl dancers as entertainment - a great book!" - C. Claessens, Chicago, IL Following in the style of the late Erma Bombeck, his book, outling the sometimes serious, sometimes very humourous trip by a young man to his therapists couch, spouts off about various problems, relatives, friends and best of all, his employment at a community college. The main character, who is never named in the book, nor is the therapist, tells his "doctor" whats troubling him. He goes on to talk about everything from having relatives which he really cant deal with, but trys to. His aunt and grandmother are among some of the more humourous characters in the first section of the book, where the aunt is akin to Adolph Hitler and the grandmother wears cooked spaghetti in meat sauce ever so attractively on her head during a visit from her parish priest. Other characters abound in this delightful book of wisdom and insight into what could possibly be a normal, dysfunctional family, but its not. The parish priest is a loony, grandmothers housekeeper is to be believed, and the mans employer/supervisors are either drunken fools, openly gay or just out and out related to the mob in a mixed web of corruption. "A delightfully enjoyable book, funny but sad at the same time" - E. Kallay of IN.
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Don T Call Me Poor

Author : Evadene Stranske
ISBN : 9781466941755
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 49.55 MB
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What is a person to do when peering in the face of deathor any difficult circumstance? What if that person is only fourteen years old? How can a mother rest in Gods sovereignty when His ways seem so hidden and confusing? Before encountering this crisis, Darryl came to believe that God is good and all His ways are best. Hearing a bleak prognosis with little hope for cure, Darryl believed that if God planned it that way, it was the very best for him! Living out the passion of the apostle Paul, Darryl became known as the boy whos not afraid to die. He accepted suffering with joy by remembering Jesuss pain tolerated for him on the cross. In his final words, he expressed, Jesus died for your sins and my sins. Im going to see Him! Even in his dying moments, he wanted others to experience the love of Jesus. His life demonstrated that joy comes from Jesus and is not dependent on circumstances. Life, suffering, and even death had a purpose because of a gracious and loving God. When his time came, he eagerly stepped into the presence of Jesus. His desire would be the same for you! *** Fantastic! As a pediatrician and as a parent, I urge you to read this book. Gods greatness is seen throughout as we observe real parents and a real adolescent struggling with very real tragedy. Devouring page after page, I was inspired with great lessons about parenting, godliness, grieving, and endurance. May we all grow to share Darryls eternal perspective. Phil Fischer, MD Professor of Pediatrics Mayo Clinic Rochester, Minnesota USA This book is a victorious cancer story without parallel. Darryl used suffering as a backboard for proclaiming the joy of Christian victory. His disease and demise are an excellent lesson to teach us that all preachers do not have a three piece suit and an ordination certificate. It is an easy read and will stimulate your own witness. Chuck Davis National Representative Africa Inland Mission Darryl never felt sorry for himself no matter how bad the physical pain. He was acutely aware of the pain Jesus suffered for our eternal salvation. This wonderful life-changing book touched my life and made me want to be more open to share my faith. Lorrie Waldroup LVN Clinic Nurse Covenant Village of Turlock Told with such authenticity, vulnerability, and sensitivity, this is not the story of love enshrined, but rather of love enfleshed. Inspiring to the very core, Darryls story as written on his mothers heart and shared on the printed page has a message which will be personalized in the life of every reader. Caring now for the chronically and terminally ill, Rose and I are once again ministered to greatly by these godly friends Dr. John B. Aker CEO The Aker Kasten Home Health Care Agency Boca Raton, Florida
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Love Happiness And Other Lies My Mother Told Me

Author : Krista Woodman
ISBN : 0595886612
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 87.31 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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At twenty-two years old, Kerri Shepherd was on the verge of success. Her first novel had been published and she was preparing for a successful career as an author. All her dreams seemed to be coming true. But three years later, she still hasn't written a word. After the death of her father (a father who had abandoned the family seventeen years earlier), Kerri finds herself moving away from Toronto to the small Georgian Bay town of New Ferndale. Will the change of scenery help her overcome her writer's block? Or will she be too distracted by the men in her life; Denny (her first love), Carter (the small-town lawyer), and Duncan (her new neighbor)? And can she keep her sanity once her newly-divorced sister moves in with her? Family secrets are revealed and old wounds are exposed as Kerri realizes that love and happiness may not be the lies she always thought they were.
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Don T Call Me Naomi

Author : Tyral Thompson
ISBN : 9781609572099
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 48.69 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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At a glance, the book of Ruth is about a young woman who triumphs over tragedy and transitions through many trials to become one in the line of ancestors of Jesus Christ. But you first meet Naomi whose life's circumstances and situations leave her feeling bitter. So much so that she attempts to change her name to fit her feelings. Naomi's name means Pleasant, so with the statement "Don't call me Naomi, call me Mara" she attempts to identify with her pain, as Mara means bitter. The stories of these two women are not much different than some of our own, but changing our identities will not change our destinies. By paralleling the stories of these two women with my own as well as some familiar to you, Don't Call Me Naomi shows how together through love; relations, restoration and redemption are all possible. Tyral Thompson, licensed minister, writer and developer of Ministry Operating Guidelines, Ministry Development Packets, Workshop Curriculum and Vacation Bible School curriculum for Children's Ministries. She is inspired to write for other women, to share her experiences and offer insight on women's rightful and intended positions in the world through the Word of God. She is a mother of four and is known as an inspiration to the many lives she touches.
Category: Family & Relationships

Don T Call Me Big Dog

Author : Michael Harp
ISBN : 9780595125623
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 22.73 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This is the true story of Michael, a basically shy and timid youngster who turned to gang life in order to survive and was ultimately sentenced to 45 years in prison for murder. In prison he transformed himself into a violent and rebellious individual but eventually experienced a religious conversion that changed his life.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Please God Don T Call Me To Preach

Author : Clay Norris Wells
ISBN : 9780595330072
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 84.67 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Please God, Don't Call Me To Preach was the heartfelt prayer of a little boy, a Methodist minister's son, in Jackson, Mississippi. At age 12 a lonely childhood was transformed by summers at Lessidale Plantation and its loving Gerald family, with a lasting bond between three boys; Nelson, Clay, and Bus, the cook's son. Little did he hope that God would answer his prayer so dramatically: make Clay a physician. He worked once with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the Montgomery Bus Boycott and locked horns with Gov. George Wallace, fighting for the rights of African Americans. Dr. King and Dr. Wells led this fight, which integrated health care in Alabama. He was one of the two Anglos in the congregation at the funeral of the four little girls killed at the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing. Dr. Wells headed for Cal Berkeley in the late '60's and continued OB-GYN practice and teaching career that would take him to medical schools in Louisiana, Alabama, Idaho, Rhode Island, South Carolina, and finally Arkansas. This memoir doesn't spare anyone, and some pompous souls may find their profiles unsettling.
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