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Don T Knock The Hustle

Author : Craig S. Watkins
ISBN : 9780807035313
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Offers a timely analysis of the sheer ingenuity and persistence of young people who cobble together the resources they need to pursue the lives and careers they want. Young adults are coming of age at a time when work is temporary, underpaid, incommensurate with their education, or downright unsatisfying. Despite these challenges, media scholar S. Craig Watkins argues that this moment of precarity is rife with opportunities for innovation, and that young adults are leading the charge in turning that into an inventive and surprisingly sustainable future. As a result, society is expanding its understanding of who we think of as innovators and what qualifies as innovation, while wealth is spreading beyond traditional corridors of powerful tech companies, venture capitalism, and well-endowed universities. Drawing on over ten years of interviews and data, Watkins reveals the radical ways in which this community of ambitious young creatives is transforming businesses from the outside in. Diverse perspectives that are often ignored or silenced by major corporations are garnering public attention as women and people of color are redefining industries across the globe—all from their computer screens. We meet people like Prince Harvey, a New York–based hip-hop artist who recorded his album entirely on an Apple showroom laptop; screenwriter, producer, and actor Issa Rae, who first used YouTube and Kickstarter to develop the web series that became her hit HBO show Insecure; the Empowerment Plan, a nonprofit organization created by product design student Veronika Scott in Detroit; and start-up companies like Qeyno Group in San Francisco and Juegos Rancheros in Austin that help make tech more accessible to people of color. Forward-thinking and dynamic, Don’t Knock the Hustle shows the diversity and complexity of a generation on the rise. UNIQUE APPROACH TO UNDERSTANDING MILLENNIALS that looks beyond stereotypes about their relationships with tech and labor, based on two years of MacArthur Grant–funded research. DIVERSE AUDIENCE APPEAL that will reach millennials, educators, people seeking to hire millennials, and scholars of technology, media, and labor.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Don T Knock The Hustle

Author : Stacy Nelson
ISBN : 097614171X
Genre :
File Size : 36.71 MB
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Never in any particular order but murder, money, sex, homosexuality and drugs are and forever will be omnipresent. Bred, born and raised by a hustler/prostitute mother, he had no choice but to become a player in the games of street life. The lives of Precious and the folk he has daily encounters with all involve hustling on various tracks. Question is, how far and to what extent will Precious and those he know allow their ambitions and desires to make a come up take them? What are some of the costs of street fame and fortune? Should anyone's hustle ever be knocked... can it? As for Precious, utilizing the world renown trades of pimping, pandering, drug trafficking/distribution and mental gameplay, it can become a feat in itself to maintain without getting caught up in a city corrupt with dirty cops and snitches. Eventually, he'll yearn for something more... Jane't. Being that there are principles to the game of life, lessons must be learned by all. This is only the beginning...

Street Talk

Author : Randy Kearse
ISBN : 9780980097474
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 29.78 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Street Talk: Da Official Guide to Hip-Hop & Urban Slanguage is the most authentic slang language lexicon that interprets the hip-hop and urban slang dialect. Over 10,000+ enteries, you will find the word, term or metaphor followed by information from it's origin to contextual examples. Randy "Mo Betta" Kearse proves that he has his finger on hip-hop urban street culture with the Street Talk's 700+ pages, 10,000+ entries. This unique dictionary simplifies the complex hip-hop slang vernacular. What makes this dictionary so unique is, though gritty, it doesn't have entries that disrespect woman by referring to them as &itches nor does it have entries that include the N-word. Randy Kearse should be comended for the job he has done. Street Talk documents the intricate way that people communicate throughtout the hip-hop and urban culture. Street Talk should be called Webster's cool cousin.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Under Wrapped

Author : Charmaine R. Parker
ISBN : 9781451696561
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 36.82 MB
Format : PDF
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Tai, Nevada, and Candace—who cherish their sisterly bond of exotic vacations, ladies nights, and unbreakable camaraderie—reunite in this dramatic sequel to The Next Phase of Life. A savvy entrepreneur and happily married woman, Tai Wilson’s life couldn’t be more complete. But just when she’s getting comfortable in her new lifestyle, she starts to suspect that someone is stalking her, attempting to make her world miserable. Or is her mind playing tricks on her? When things go awry, Tai’s intuitive sidekick, Nevada, a successful Washington, DC-based detective who took down a pair of bank robbers, offers to assist. But even the seasoned sleuth is in for a shock when she discovers who the culprit is… Meanwhile, fashionista Candace has been enjoying her boyfriend and patiently waiting for that permanent diamond on her finger. Once the ultimate pursuer of adventurous men, she was swept away by Don, a pilot who took her all over the world. But despite these pleasurable heights, she becomes disenchanted. Something is amiss and she can’t figure out what’s keeping him single. So like with Tai, Nevada’s efforts lead to the ultimate truth.
Category: Fiction

If I Ruled The World

Author : Joylynn Jossel
ISBN : 9781429986847
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 27.25 MB
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In every ghetto there is that one who stands out above the rest. In this unforgettable novel, her name is Harlem. Harlem Jones is a twenty-six-year-old bad-ass female who owns her own home, her own car, and her own business. And no, some drug dealer didn't front her the money for any of it. Nor did she have to sell herself to get what she's got. Harlem came up the hard way. She had the perfect family until her mother fell prey to an addiction and Harlem's whole world fell apart. After several life-changing encounters, Harlem seems to have lost everything. But then, under circumstance she wishes never existed, she inherits a modest fortune and opens up her own business. Then into her life comes an unexpected and unlikely love, a street-bred charmer named York. Not your typical hood, York is out for Harlem's heart. But when tragedy strikes, Harlem knows that, as a survivor, she must be the one to decide her own destiny.
Category: Fiction

How To Hustle And Win

Author : Supreme Understanding
Genre :
File Size : 78.44 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Likened to a 48 Laws of Power for young Black men, this book presents Black biographies, history, and current events in a language that the Hip-Hop generation will understand and relate to. Each story or essay is framed within the context of a life lesson, each one being of vital importance to the survival, redemption, and ultimate success of our dying Black generation. Both the positive and negative sides of the Black experience are explored in detail, from the lives of infamous drug dealers and pimps to the exploits of Black revolutionaries and activists. In addition, several How To sections outline simple strategies for self-development. Packed with useful information, from the best way to handle confrontations with police, to the continuing relevance of the 1919 race riots, this book has been compared to an urban Encyclopedia Africana. Others have called it a Blueprint for Black Power for a generation struggling with materialism and short attention spans. This book is guaranteed to change the world by changing the way millions of people think and live. In How to Hustle and Win, author Supreme Understanding tells, in often graphic detail, stories like that of the infamous Philadelphia Black Mafia, Harlem's heroin kingpin Frank Lucas, and former gang leader Stanley "Tookie" Williams. In between and throughout these tales, he weaves life lessons and guidance, turning sordid stories of crime and urban despair into an educational experience. Whereas Robert Greene's bestselling 48 Laws of Power used iconic figures from classical history to illustrate the guidelines for personal success, How to Hustle and Win is filled with the exploits of rappers, gangsters, radicals, and revolutionaries. This is a new kind of Black history book, and its intent is the motivation and achievement of a new kind of reader. Although today's literary market has seen an influx of self-help books attending to a variety of issues, few books have attempted to address the concerns of young Black men, struggling to find direction. It is this group that author Supreme Understanding names as one of most troubled demographics in American society today. On the book's website, the author comments: "Unfortunately, few authors actively target this audience, and those who do are either not speaking their language, or not interested in pushing for change. This is why How to Hustle and Win was written. This book will change the minds of millions of young men of color, and by doing this, it will ultimately change the world." Revolutionary aspirations aside, How to Hustle and Win's groundbreaking concept results in a truly appealing work. Its essays are delivered in short bursts, none of them over four pages long, making it ideal for struggling readers and those with shorter attention spans. At the same time, the book is filled with a wealth of information that would enlighten educated readers equally. In fact, the author juxtaposes his own personal tales of early delinquency and misdirection with his later years of professional success, including obtaining a doctorate in education at the age of 26.


Author :
ISBN : NWU:35556039058433
Genre : African American musicians
File Size : 80.57 MB
Format : PDF
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Category: African American musicians

Knock The Hustle

Author : Hadji Williams
ISBN : 1932523006
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 39.12 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This part insider-expos, part revolutionary success manual combines a lifetime in The Hood with twelve successful years of building brands for Fortune 500 heavyweights including Mercedes Benz, Radio Shack, Cingular Wireless, Wrigley's Gum, and AT&T. The result? Deliciously real accounts of corruption, madness, and bias run amok with hilariously brilliant fly-on-the-wall insights covering workplace dynamics, diversity, marketing, consumerism, and more. Original.
Category: Business & Economics

The Coalition

Author : Marvlous Harrison
ISBN : 9781440437663
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 83.65 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The Coalition is a racy and gritty story about life on the streets in the South Bronx. Boo, the man with just about everything is faced with losing some one he loves more than anything in the world.
Category: Fiction

Biker Chick

Author : Dakota Knight
ISBN : 1601620012
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 31.58 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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After her boyfriend, a leader of a local motorcycle gang, dumps her, Crystal, the self-proclaimed "baddest bitch on two wheels," is forced to work at a gentleman's club where she is betrayed by one of her best friends, prompting her to take deadly action. Original.
Category: Fiction