Does Your Vote Count

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Does Your Vote Count

Author : Paul Kemp
ISBN : 9781770701427
Genre : Political Science
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As Canadians, we grow up believing that we live in a democracy. In school we are taught about the importance of exercising our right to vote, and that the politicians we elect to the House of Commons are there to be our representatives - to give voice to the concerns of their constituents and to give ordinary citizens a say in how the country is governed. Does Your Vote Count? demonstrates just how far Canadian government has strayed from this democratic ideal. Using excerpts from interviews with current and former politicians, civil servants, and academics, author Paul Kemp argues that, in many important ways, our vote does not count. In reality, only one person holds almost all of Ottawa's decision-making power: the prime minister. Backbench MPs, and even many Cabinet ministers, have little or no influence over government policy. Moreover, party discipline is so strictly enforced that MPs rarely express opinions or viewpoints that differ from the party line, either in House debates or in parliamentary committees. Perhaps most alarming, the ability of Parliament to scrutinize government spending has been severely limited. Does Your Vote Count? challenges us to take a closer, more critical look at how well our government and electoral system are serving us as Canadian citizens. We may still have the right to choose who sits in the House of Commons, but how meaningful is this right if the people we elect into office have been stripped of all power and influence?
Category: Political Science

Does Your Vote Count

Author : Paul R. Carr
ISBN : 1433108135
Genre : Education
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The public debate on democracy is often constrained within an alienating and disenfranchising narrative of opinion polls, campaign platforms, personalities and formal structures that generate legislation, all of which surreptitiously seems to trickle down to the classroom. Paul R. Carr asserts that democracy must be cultivated in a vigorous, conscientious, meaningful and critical way in and through education in order for it to have salience in society, especially within a neoliberal conjuncture that promotes limited space for epistemological interrogation of how we understand and are engaged in maintaining and/or transforming our societies. Building on the critical pedagogical work of Paulo Freire, Joe L. Kincheloe, and others, this book develops a framework for understanding how a thicker democratic education can be conceptualized and implemented in schools. The book aims to move the focus on democracy away from voting, and place it more properly on the importance of social justice and political literacy as a way of understanding what democracy is and, importantly, how to make it more relevant for all of society. The book concludes that another democracy is possible, as well as being desirable, and that education is the fundamental intersection in which it must be devloped. "Paul R. Carr has produced a rich and impressive examination of the multiplicity of relationships among notions of democratic formation, critical pedagogy, human rights, anti-racism, and feminist, anti-colonial, political and cultural studies. Drawing from a deep well of intriguing and eclectic sources..., he moves with clarity and elan between the brood and the narrow, the general and the specific to capture the power of theory without sacrificing the nitty-gritty of concrete practice. A balance of possibilities rather than false dualisms will be found here. Does Your Vote Count? has become an essential contribution to my own work and teaching." ---Tom Wilson, Chapman University
Category: Education

Broken Ballots

Author : Douglas Jones
ISBN : 1575866366
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 35.98 MB
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For many of us, the presidential election of 2000 was a wake-up call. The controversy following the vote count led to demands for election reform. But the new voting systems that were subsequently introduced to the market have serious security flaws, and many are confusing and difficult to use. Moreover, legislation has not kept up with the constantly evolving voting technology, leaving little to no legal recourse when votes are improperly counted. How did we come to acquire the complex technology we now depend on to count votes? Douglas Jones and Barbara Simons probe this question, along with public policy and regulatory issues raised by our voting technologies. Broken Ballots is a thorough and incisive analysis of the current voting climate that approaches American elections from technological, legal, and historical perspectives. The authors examine the ways in which Americans vote today, gauging how inaccurate, unreliable, and insecure our voting systems are. An important book for election administrators, political scientists, and students of government and technology policy, Broken Ballots is also a vital tool for any voting American.
Category: Political Science

Make Your Vote Count

Author :
ISBN : 9781599792927
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 53.76 MB
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This election season promises to be among the most contentious ever. In addition to a presidential campaign featuring no incumbents, this election will turn on a handful of pivotal issues presently confronting American voters, the consequences of which likely will influence the direction of our nation for decades to come. Each of the major issues that is likely to form the basis of the national debate in this election season is explained here in a style that is easy to access and understand. This anthology of present-day issues will fortify you with the biblical perspective on which to base your decisions. With the Bible as the ultimate source of answers, you can be sure that your decisions will be grounded in faithful stewardship and godly obedience. This book is not about being a Republican or Democrat; it's not about endorsing candidates or telling you how to cast your vote. It simply provides a biblical foundation upon which to make voting decisions that will both honor God and best serve our country in 2008 and beyond.
Category: Political Science

Appreciating Differences Enhanced Ebook

Author : John Gust
ISBN : 9781429111119
Genre :
File Size : 20.61 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This unique resource includes a well-rounded collection of activities to help teachers instill in their students a sensitivity and appreciation toward others. Acknowledging that multicultural education is more than ethnicity, Appreciating Differences provides an inclusive and effective approach in teaching about physical, social, economic or the myriad other differences in today's world. Included are writing activities, games, art experiences, surveying and graphing skills, and expermenting with other languages and ways of communicating. In learning to appreciate differences, children can learn to make a positive difference.

How To Make Your Vote Count

Author : George Morris
ISBN : OSU:32435057846719
Genre : Campaign literature
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Category: Campaign literature

The Language Of Law

Author : Andrei Marmor
ISBN : 9780191023958
Genre : Law
File Size : 56.22 MB
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The close connection between philosophy of language and philosophy of law has been recognized for decades through the work of many influential legal philosophers. This volume brings recent advances in philosophy of language to bear on contemporary debates about the nature of law and legal interpretation. The book builds on recent work in pragmatics and speech-act theory to explain how, and to what extent, legal content is determined by linguistic considerations. At the same time, the analysis shows that some of the unique features of communication in the legal domain - in particular, its strategic nature - can be employed to put pressure on certain assumptions in philosophy of language. This enables a more nuanced picture of how semantic and pragmatic determinants of communication work in complex and large-scale systems such as law. Chapters build on explanations of key elements of statutory language, such as the distinction between what is said and what is implicated, the possibility of ascribing truth-values to legal prescriptions and the structure of legal inferences, the various forms of vagueness in the law, the distinctions between vagueness, ambiguity, and polysemy in legal language, and the distinction between concept and conceptions, mostly in the context of constitutional interpretation. The book demonstrates that paying close attention to the kind of speech acts legal directives are, and how they determine the content of the law, enables a better understanding of the boundaries between normative and linguistic determinants of legal content.
Category: Law

P5 Stimulus Based Conversation

Author :
Genre :
File Size : 25.76 MB
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• 20 pictures / text topics • 3 main and 3 ancillary questions for each topic • Extensive model answers • Strategy for Stimulus Based Conversation

Game Theory A Very Short Introduction

Author : Ken Binmore
ISBN : 9780191579585
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 61.50 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Games are everywhere: Drivers manoeuvring in heavy traffic are playing a driving game. Bargain hunters bidding on eBay are playing an auctioning game. A firm negotiating next year's wage is playing a bargaining game. The opposing candidates in an election are playing a political game. The supermarket's price for corn flakes is decided by playing an economic game. Game theory is about how to play such games in a rational way. Even when the players have not thought everything out in advance, game theory often works for the same reason that mindless animals sometimes end up behaving very cleverly: evolutionary forces eliminate irrational play because it is unfit. Game theory has seen spectacular successes in evolutionary biology and economics, and is beginning to revolutionize other disciplines from psychology to political science. This Very Short Introduction introduces the fascinating world of game theory, showing how it can be understood without mathematical equations, and revealing that everything from how to play poker optimally to the sex ratio among bees can be understood by anyone willing to think seriously about the problem. ABOUT THE SERIES: The Very Short Introductions series from Oxford University Press contains hundreds of titles in almost every subject area. These pocket-sized books are the perfect way to get ahead in a new subject quickly. Our expert authors combine facts, analysis, perspective, new ideas, and enthusiasm to make interesting and challenging topics highly readable.
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Daddy When I Grow Up Will My Vote Count

Author : Roy Brown
ISBN : 9780595330058
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 31.37 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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We have to give up our rights to make it right. We have a second chance to make it right. Let us not dwell on the fact that we have had problems, they were not stumbling blocks but actually steppingstones. Reading Daddy, When I Grow Up Will My Vote Count? will allow you to put some issues behind you, and to reach that level, that you have been striving for. So that you can leave a mark that cannot be erased.
Category: Fiction

The Bulletin

Author :
ISBN : WISC:89073055204
Genre : Lumber trade
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Category: Lumber trade

Electronic Elections

Author : R. Michael Alvarez
ISBN : 1400834082
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 86.88 MB
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Since the 2000 presidential election, the United States has been embroiled in debates about electronic voting. Critics say the new technologies invite tampering and fraud. Advocates say they enhance the accuracy of vote counts and make casting ballots easier--and ultimately foster greater political participation. Electronic Elections cuts through the media spin to assess the advantages and risks associated with different ways of casting ballots--and shows how e-voting can be the future of American democracy. Elections by nature are fraught with risk. Michael Alvarez and Thad Hall fully examine the range of past methods and the new technologies that have been created to try to minimize risk and accurately reflect the will of voters. Drawing upon a wealth of new data on how different kinds of electronic voting machines have performed in recent elections nationwide, they evaluate the security issues that have been the subject of so much media attention, and examine the impacts the new computer-based solutions is having on voter participation. Alvarez and Hall explain why the benefits of e-voting can outweigh the challenges, and they argue that media coverage of the new technologies has emphasized their problems while virtually ignoring their enormous potential for empowering more citizens to vote. The authors also offer ways to improve voting technologies and to develop more effective means of implementing and evaluating these systems. Electronic Elections makes a case for how e-voting can work in the United States, showing why making it work right is essential to the future vibrancy of the democratic process.
Category: Political Science

My First Book About Illinois

Author : Carole Marsh
ISBN : 0793395127
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 36.52 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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My First Book About Illinois. An 'early bird' intro to basic state facts. Covers state basics such as the state's nickname, seal, song, bird, motto, flag, regions, industries, neighbors, and weather, plus an intro to history, people, and more. Excellent for grades 2, 3, and 4. Basic state information is presented in a non-intimidating way. Twenty-three activities reinforce basic state facts. Great for easy reproducible activities, centers, a-page-a-day handouts, simple homework assignments and more. Includes glossary, bibliography and index. It's never too early to study your great state!
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Listen To The Land

Author : Dennis Boyer
ISBN : 9780299225636
Genre : Nature
File Size : 54.28 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Inspired by years of talking with farmers, foragers, loggers, tribal activists, seed savers, fishers, railroaders, and nature lovers of all stripes, Dennis Boyer has created in Listen to the Land a fascinating communal conversation that invites readers to ponder their own roles in grassroots environmentalism. The nearly fifty voices that Boyer recreates here cross genders, generations, and geography. They include an Ojibwe leader contemplating nuclear waste, a houseboat dweller, a woman sharing her skills in gathering edible plants, a caboose-tender, a Milwaukeean fighting urban blight—even a recluse who shoots out streetlights. Each of the extraordinarily varied perspectives that Boyer recreates here considers the question, How do I interact with the Earth? Each has something important to say that expands our understanding of conservation and environmentalism. Listen to the Land encourages you to read a conversation or two and then go outside and start one of your own.
Category: Nature