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Dive Into Python 3

Author : Mark Pilgrim
ISBN : 9781430224167
Genre : Computers
File Size : 34.73 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Mark Pilgrim's Dive Into Python 3 is a hands-on guide to Python 3 and its differences from Python 2. As in the original book, Dive Into Python, each chapter starts with a real, complete code sample, proceeds to pick it apart and explain the pieces, and then puts it all back together in a summary at the end. This book includes: Example programs completely rewritten to illustrate powerful new concepts now available in Python 3: sets, iterators, generators, closures, comprehensions, and much more A detailed case study of porting a major library from Python 2 to Python 3 A comprehensive appendix of all the syntactic and semantic changes in Python 3 This is the perfect resource for you if you need to port applications to Python 3, or if you like to jump into languages fast and get going right away.
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Dive Into Python

Author : Mark Pilgrim
ISBN : 9781430207009
Genre : Computers
File Size : 87.58 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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* Quick start to learning python—very example oriented approach * Book has its own Web site established by the author: http://diveintopython.org/ Author is well known in the Open Source community and the book has a unique quick approach to learning an object oriented language.
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Numpy Beginner S Guide

Author : Ivan Idris
ISBN : 9781785288838
Genre : Computers
File Size : 61.27 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In today's world of science and technology, it's all about speed and flexibility. When it comes to scientific computing, NumPy tops the list. NumPy will give you both speed and high productivity. This book will walk you through NumPy with clear, step-by-step examples and just the right amount of theory. The book focuses on the fundamentals of NumPy, including array objects, functions, and matrices, each of them explained with practical examples. You will then learn about different NumPy modules while performing mathematical operations such as calculating the Fourier transform, finding the inverse of a matrix, and determining eigenvalues, among many others. This book is a one-stop solution to knowing the ins and outs of the vast NumPy library, empowering you to use its wide range of mathematical features to build efficient, high-speed programs.
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Practical Web Scraping For Data Science

Author : Seppe vanden Broucke
ISBN : 9781484235829
Genre : Computers
File Size : 35.23 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book provides a complete and modern guide to web scraping, using Python as the programming language, without glossing over important details or best practices. Written with a data science audience in mind, the book explores both scraping and the larger context of web technologies in which it operates, to ensure full understanding. The authors recommend web scraping as a powerful tool for any data scientist’s arsenal, as many data science projects start by obtaining an appropriate data set. Starting with a brief overview on scraping and real-life use cases, the authors explore the core concepts of HTTP, HTML, and CSS to provide a solid foundation. Along with a quick Python primer, they cover Selenium for JavaScript-heavy sites, and web crawling in detail. The book finishes with a recap of best practices and a collection of examples that bring together everything you've learned and illustrate various data science use cases. What You'll Learn Leverage well-established best practices and commonly-used Python packages Handle today's web, including JavaScript, cookies, and common web scraping mitigation techniques Understand the managerial and legal concerns regarding web scraping Who This Book is For A data science oriented audience that is probably already familiar with Python or another programming language or analytical toolkit (R, SAS, SPSS, etc). Students or instructors in university courses may also benefit. Readers unfamiliar with Python will appreciate a quick Python primer in chapter 1 to catch up with the basics and provide pointers to other guides as well.
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Raspberry Pi User Guide

Author : Eben Upton
ISBN : 9781118921678
Genre : Computers
File Size : 83.83 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The “unofficial official” guide to the Raspberry Pi, complete with creator insight Raspberry Pi User Guide, 3rdEdition contains everything you need to know to get up and running with Raspberry Pi. This book is the go-to guide for Noobs who want to dive right in. This updated third edition covers the model B+ Raspberry Pi and its software, additional USB ports, and changes to the GPIO, including new information on Arduino and Minecraft on the Pi. You’ll find clear, step-by-step instruction for everything from software installation and configuration to customizing your Raspberry Pi with capability-expanding add-ons. Learn the basic Linux SysAdmin and flexible programming languages that allow you to make your Pi into whatever you want it to be. The Raspberry Pi was created by the UK Non-profit Raspberry Pi Foundation to help get kids interested in programming. Affordable, portable, and utterly adorable, the Pi exceeded all expectations, introducing millions of people to programming since its creation. The Raspberry Pi User Guide, 3rd Edition helps you and your Pi get acquainted, with clear instruction in easy to understand language. Install software, configure, and connect your Raspberry Pi to other devices Master basic Linux System Admin to better understand nomenclature and conventions Write basic productivity and multimedia programs in Scratch and Python Extend capabilities with add-ons like Gertboard, Arduino, and more The Raspberry Pi has become a full-fledged phenomenon, popular with tinkerers, hackers, experimenters, and inventors. If you want to get started but aren’t sure where to begin, Raspberry Pi User Guide, 3rd Edition contains everything you need.
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Machine Learning In Python

Author : Sarah ANDREAS
ISBN : 9798602845631
Genre :
File Size : 55.79 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Artificial Intelligence is the future no doubt! This why serious corporations all over the world are investing heavily in Artificial Intelligence and automation. Machine Learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence that most companies are interested in. Python is the most commonly used program in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. This means that mastering Python to an advanced level will give you an edge over your competitors if you're a programmer or a machine trainer. Most books and courses out there just focus on teaching an aspect of Machine Learning. The "Machine Learning in Python" book is a comprehensive course that introduces you to Python, teach you the basic concepts, before progressing to advanced principles. Download the "Machine Learning in Python" book to start using Artificial Intelligence like a pro. To help you make your mind, let us give you a sneak preview of the great staff the e-book teaches you. What You Learn from the "Machine Learning in Python" Book Introduction to Python Python as An Element of Machine Learning What Python Has to Offer Data Variations in Python Python Operations Python Loops Python Mathematical Functions Neural Kernel Partitions By the end of the book, you'll have mastered: The fundamentals of python programming language. The necessary python skills to enable you specialize in machine learning. The ability to create your own machine learning programs. The understanding of python 2 and python 3 in machine learning. The skills and understanding needed to apply for machine learning jobs. Machine Learning is a new technological development with vast opportunities. Downloading the book will make you join the thousands who've taken a keen interest in Machine Learning. Remember, people who learn a new technology or skill the first benefit the most. Companies are constantly looking for techies with a mastery of Machine Learning because it's the big data era. Modern technology-based companies have lots of functions and processes. Machine Learning helps companies to manage different processes by training a machine to calculate and make logical moves like a human. This means that Machine Learning in python can be used to completely automate certain functions without human intervention. For example, like in the case of chatbots that have been developed to help with customer service. Download the Machine Learning in Python book to join the people shaping the future of work.

Web Component Development With Zope 3

Author : Philipp Weitershausen
ISBN : 9783540338086
Genre : Computers
File Size : 44.47 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The concepts of Zope 3 and its component architecture are explained thoroughly, continually accompanied by a demo application. Special sections for Zope 2 developers cover the basic differences to the predecessor.
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Author : Mark Pilgrim
ISBN : 9780596806026
Genre : Computers
File Size : 56.86 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Provides information on the elements on HTML, offers code examples, and describes how to build accessible markup.
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Concepts And Programming In Pytorch

Author : Chitra Vasudevan
ISBN : 9789388176057
Genre : Computers
File Size : 34.90 MB
Format : PDF
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The book has been written in such a way that the concepts are explained in detail, giving adequate emphasis on examples. To make clarity of the programming examples, logic is explained properly as well as discussed by using comments in the program itself. The book covers the topics right from the start of the software by using coding in software and writing programs into it. The book features more on practical approach with more examples covering topics from simple to complex one addressing many of the core concepts and advanced topics also. Key Features Basics concepts of PyTorch like CNN architecture, RNN architecture are discussed in a detailed manner.The worked out case studies are also dealt in a detailed manner.Each and every chapter concludes with the observations of PyTorch to facilitate a better understanding of PyTorchAbundant worked out coding examples.Highly self-explanatory and user-friendly approach This book will "e;need to have"e; title for various reasons as articulated below. Gaining Customers by adopting and implementing PyTorch in / projects/programs and in Research Departments.Help in sustaining Customer Relationships as the core of all successful working relationships are two essential characteristics: trust and commitment. To demonstrate their trustworthiness and commitment to customers, progressive suppliers periodically provide evidence to customers of their accomplishments. Help in delivering "e;Superior Value and Getting an Equitable Return"e; as an understanding value in business markets and doing business based on value delivered gives suppliers the means to get an equitable return for their efforts. The essence of customer value management is to deliver superior value and get an equitable return for it, both of which depend on the value of assessment.ContentsIntroduction to PyTorchLinear RegressionConvolution Neural Network (CNN) Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN)PyTorch Datasets
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Dive Into Ios6

Author : Paul Deitel
ISBN : 9780133366761
Genre : Computers
File Size : 75.12 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The programmer’s quick-start guide to iOS app development using iOS SDK 6, Cocoa Touch®, Xcode® 4.5 and the latest Objective-C® version and idioms! Dive into iOS 6 programming with this brief introduction for new iOS developers! This five-chapter e-book gets you started developing great iPhone and iPad apps quickly and publishing them on Apple’s App Store. It’s ideal for people familiar with object-oriented programming in Java, C++, C# or Objective-C (an Objective-C background is not required). The three programming chapters include a simple visual programming app and two code-based apps presented using the Deitels’ signature app-driven approach—each technology is discussed in the context of a fully developed iOS app, complete with syntax coloring, code walkthroughs and sample outputs. Topics covered in this e-book include: iOS® App Development • iOS 6, Xcode 4.5, Interface Builder, Objective-C, Cocoa Touch®, iOS Simulator • Storyboarding, Segues, Auto Layout, Accessibility, Internationalization • Application Templates, Universal Apps • Social Framework, iCloud Key-Value Storage, Automatic Reference Counting (ARC), Collections, iOS Defaults System • GUI, Views, View Controllers, Outlets, Actions, Event Handling Fully Developed Apps • Welcome, Tip Calculator, Favorite Twitter® Searches App Business Issues • iOS Developer Program, App Store, Submitting Apps, iTunes Connect • What Makes a Great App • Monetization, Pricing (Free vs. Fee), In-App Purchase, , Selling Virtual Goods • Marketing, iAd Network, Advertising
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