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Social Distinctives Of The Christians In The First Century

Author : Edwin A. Judge
ISBN : 9781441241795
Genre : Religion
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This is a collection of pivotal essays by E. A. Judge, who initiated many important discussions in the establishment of social scientific criticism of the Bible. What is it that made the work of Judge in 1960 and in subsequent years so important? Judge was the first in scholarship after the mid-twentieth century to clarify early Christian ideals about society by defining what the social institutions of the broader cultural context were and how they influenced the social institutions of the early Christian communities. Judge points out that earlier scholars had entered into this field of inquiry, but that, in general, they failed due to the lack of careful definitions of the Greco-Roman social institutions at the time based on a thorough use of the primary sources. Thus, Judge was the "new founder" ( a turning point in scholarship) of what came to be called social-scientific criticism of the New Testament. Social-scientific criticism is the term in scholarship that refers to the use of social realities (e.g. institutions, class, factors of community organization) in the critical study of literary sources available (this is an advance over "merely" literary and traditional historical questions).
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Author : Vaughan Roberts
ISBN : 9781850789383
Genre : Religion
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In a fresh and readable style, Vaughan Roberts, issues a challenging call to Christians to live out their faith. We should be different from the world around us.Targeting difficult but crucial areas such as our attitude to money and possessions, sexuality, contentment, relativism and service, this teaching is holiness in the tradition of J.C. Ryle for the contemporary generation. Roberts helps us to consider how we are to respond biblically to the temptations and pitfalls surrounding us--giving what we cannot keep to gain what we cannot lose.
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The Baptist Way

Author : R. Stanton Norman
ISBN : 0805431527
Genre : Religion
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Distinctives discussed include the authority of Scripture, freedom of conscience, believer's baptism, baptism by immersion, separation of church and state, and congregational church government.
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Slogans Or Distinctives

Author : David L. Wolfe
ISBN : UOM:39015029952655
Genre : Education
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In this book, the authors first identify the "educational slogans" that often mark Christian higher educationó"All truth is God's truth," "Integration of Faith and Learning," "Holistic Education," and "The Personal Touch," for example. The authors then contrast these supposed distinctives with tacit assumptions prevalent in traditional models of Christian higher education. They first propose an agenda for existing Christian liberal arts colleges and then a new model called Ambrose House, consisting of interrelated phases. One chapter is a dialogue between two fictional characters, one defending Christian higher education and the other opposing it. Contents: Foreword; To the Reader; Prologue: A Rabbit Tale; From Slogans To Distinctives; Possibilities and Prioritites: A Dialogue in Which a Skeptic Calls Christian Higher Education to Task; Bandaids and Organ Transplants: Some Current Efforts at Innovation; The Skin of Our Teeth: The Very Least We Need To Do; Is Reform Really Feasible? A Dialogue; Epilogue: Serpents and Doves.
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Baptist Distinctives

Author : Linton M. Smith, Jr.
ISBN : 1890120286
Genre : American essays
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Category: American essays

Baptist Distinctives And New Testament Church Order

Author : Kevin T. Bauder
ISBN : 1607765837
Genre : Baptists
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"The purpose of this book is both to articulate the Baptist distinctives and to discuss some of the practical issues that arise from applying them"--P. 12.In Baptist Distinctives, Kevin Bauder not only spells out the beliefs that make Baptists different from others, he shows the Biblical bases, discusses differences between Baptist groups, and explains how the Baptist distinctives affect believers' lives, especially their church life--from publisher description.
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The Five Points Of Presbyterianism

Author : Thomas Dwight Witherspoon
ISBN : 1948102005
Genre :
File Size : 71.79 MB
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Thomas Dwight Witherspoon lays out five peculiar principles of Presbyterian church government, as well as five ways in which these principles demonstrate the beauty and excellence of Presbyterianism.

After Darkness Light

Author : R. C. Sproul, Jr.
ISBN : 0875527124
Genre : Religion
File Size : 51.63 MB
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A primer on Calvinism's five points and the Reformation's four solas. Contributors are MacArthur, Ferguson, Horton, Robertson, Godfrey, Adams, Mathison, Wilson, and Murphy.
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After Darkness Light

Author : Robert Charles Sproul
ISBN : 0875527043
Genre : Religion
File Size : 60.58 MB
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contentsIntroduction (R.C. Sproul Jr.)1. Total Depravity (M. Murphy)2. Sola Scriptura (K. Mathison)3. Unconditional Election (W.R. Godfrey)4. Sola Fide (S. Ferguson)5. Definite Atonement (O.P. Robertson)6. Sola Gratia (M. Horton)7. Irresistible Grace (D. Wilson)8. Solus Christus (J. MacArthur)9. Perseverance of the Saints (J. Adams)10. Soli Deo Gloria (R.C. Sproul Jr.)
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Christian Liberal Arts

Author : V. James Mannoia
ISBN : 0847699595
Genre : Education
File Size : 34.65 MB
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Rate T for teens ....My Henry is a coming of age story told by the main character Gracie Lemaras.It begins in the summer before Gracie will be starting high school and she is very nervous about it. To make matters worse her best friend Michie is off spending the summer with her father and Gracie is left all alone. However her loneliness is to be short lived when she meets Henry and they set out on an adventure that Gracie will certainly never forget.
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Worship By The Book

Author : Rev. Mark Ashton
ISBN : 9780310874294
Genre : Religion
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“What is at stake is authenticity. . . . Sooner or later Christians tire of public meetings that are profoundly inauthentic, regardless of how well (or poorly) arranged, directed, performed. We long to meet, corporately, with the living and majestic God and to offer him the praise that is his due.”—D. A. CarsonWorship is a hot topic, but the ways that Christians from different traditions view it vary greatly. What is worship? More important, what does it look like in action, both in our corporate gatherings and in our daily lives? These concerns—the blending of principle and practice—are what Worship by the Book addresses.Cutting through cultural clichés, D. A. Carson, Mark Ashton, Kent Hughes, and Timothy Keller explore, respectively:· Worship Under the Word· Following in Cranmer’s Footsteps· Free Church Worship: The Challenge of Freedom· Reformed Worship in the Global City “This is not a comprehensive theology of worship,” writes Carson. “Still less is it a sociological analysis of current trends or a minister’s manual chockfull of ‘how to’ instructions.” Rather, this book offers pastors, other congregational leaders, and seminary students a thought-provoking biblical theology of worship, followed by a look at how three very different traditions of churchmanship might move from this theological base to a better understanding of corporate worship. Running the gamut from biblical theology to historical assessment all the way to sample service sheets, Worship by the Book shows how local churches in diverse traditions can foster corporate worship that is God-honoring, Word-revering, heartfelt, and historically and culturally informed.
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The Collected Writings Of James Leo Garrett Jr 1950 2015 Volume Two

Author : James Leo Garrett
ISBN : 9781532607332
Genre : Religion
File Size : 26.64 MB
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James Leo Garrett Jr., has been called "the last of the gentlemen theologians" and "the dean of Southern Baptist theologians." In The Collected Writings of James Leo Garrett Jr., 1950-2015, the reader will find a truly dazzling collection of works that clearly evince the meticulous scholarship, the even-handed treatment, the biblical fidelity, the wide historical breadth, and the honest sincerity that have made the work and person of James Leo Garrett Jr., so esteemed and revered among so many. The first two volumes of the series explore Dr. Garrett's writings on the experience, history, and lives of Baptist Christians, and this inaugural volume specifically considers Baptists, Baptist views of the Bible, and Anabaptists. Spanning sixty-five years and touching on topics from Baptist history, theology, ecclesiology, church history and biography, religious liberty, Roman Catholicism, and the Christian life, The Collected Writings of James Leo Garret Jr., 1950-2015 will inform and inspire readers regardless of their religious or denominational affiliations.
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Distinctive Doctrine

Author : Larry Killion
ISBN : 9781503536425
Genre : Religion
File Size : 77.19 MB
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Distinctive Doctrine is a casual discussion of certain things in the New Testament that will be of interest mainly to Christians and particularly those who want to be recognized as distinctively scriptural in their thinking, doctrine and practice. The author speaks of ecclesiastical things from a distinctly Baptist point of view having been the Pastor of an independent, fundamental, sovereign grace, old landmark, missionary baptist congregation for 35 years. Some things covered in the book are The Nature of the Church, The New Testament Church defined, Organizing a Church, Adding and subtracting church members, The officers and ordinances of the church, The financing and government of the church, The doctrine and duties of the church, The name of the church, Baptist Briders, Sectarianism, and more.
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Essays On Premillennialism

Author : K. Neill Foster
ISBN : 9781600669590
Genre : Religion
File Size : 25.80 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Essays on Premillennialism is a collection of writings from leading theologians on a long-standing yet developing tradition. The essays consider the historical background of premillennialism, its hermeneutical underpinnings, and its biblical-theological coherence. The interpretation of apocalyptic literature, from which premillennialism emerges, is a challenging task for both scholarly and lay Bible readers. Essays on Premillennialism is sure to provide great help in this endeavor and lead readers to a closer understanding of the second coming of Christ and His everlasting kingdom.
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