Disruptive Leadership

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Disruptive Leadership

Author : Rich Kao
ISBN : 9781351399357
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 80.4 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Disruptive leadership is a topic generating intense interest. Companies all over the world are trying to upend their industry through innovative products and services. Becoming a disruptive organization, however, is easier said than done. Even more difficult is being a company that continually disrupts. Is it possible to discern a code for how companies can achieve this? In this highly readable and engaging book, a disruptive leadership framework is proposed in which caring deeply is placed at the center of the model. By turning care into a focal point, a triphasic model is proposed that moves from the personal sphere (individual), to the corporate arena (organizational), and then to the global stage (impact). Nine keys are identified along this path for how companies can realize organizational excellence. While care may seem like a soft concept in the rough and tumble world of business, it is argued how it is actually an inspired manner for providing direction, structure, and know-how that leads to powerful outcomes. Apple is profiled as a leading example of leveraging what is termed the technology of caring deeply. Other companies, such as Nike, IKEA, Zappos, Starbucks are also profiled. Finally, a leadership canvas is provided to help activate the lessons shared in the book.
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Developing Creative Economy Through Disruptive Leadership Emerging Research And Opportunities

Author : Tardif, Kristin Joyce
ISBN : 9781799834182
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 33.60 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Across rural America there are disruptive leaders who are finding the courage to ignite their small local communities with creativity, ingenuity, scrappiness, and collaboration despite political, racial, or religious differences. By combining skills, experience, and culture heritage, they are successfully igniting their own creative economies. Many of these communities are providing products and services to much larger urban areas and are thriving in international trade. In addition, they have capitalized their own unique cultural heritage and have developed a bustling tourism industry. All have developed events, public art, fine arts, music, theater, and technology to create a modern new local enlightenment. Developing Creative Economy Through Disruptive Leadership: Emerging Research and Opportunities is a collection of innovative research that explores strategies for reinventing and rebuilding creative economies. While highlighting topics such as entrepreneurism, social media, and branding, the research within this book is based on the interviews and analysis of fifteen state agencies that are a mixture of rural, semi-urban, and urban, and are all quite different in culture and diversity. This publication is ideally designed for community leaders, government officials, policymakers, entrepreneurs, educators, researchers, academicians, and students.
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Disruptive Leadership Looking Beyond The Horizon

Author : Suryansh Pant
ISBN : 9783656486626
Genre : Business & Economics
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Essay from the year 2012 in the subject Business economics - Business Management, Corporate Governance, grade: 100, Jacobs University Bremen gGmbH, course: Global Leadership, language: English, abstract: Disruptive leadership stresses the implementation of disruptive innovation in organizations. The following report focuses in linking the relationship between disruptive leadership and a disruptive innovator. Relevant sub components were developed which were: Diplomat, Dynamic Innovator and Interpreter. Each sub component was further defined by 5 items. The theory was tested through an online questionnaire filled by a diverse group of participants. Reliability analysis and factor analysis on SPSS software enabled to validate the constructs. Finally 14 items defined the overarching construct of disruptive leadership. The results suggested that Disruptive leadership was closely linked to Transformational Leadership. However, linkages to Paternalistic Leadership styles mainly Moral character and Benevolence was unexpected. Lastly, the definition of creativity and its importance for a disruptive leader was defined.
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Disruptive Leadership 8 Counterintuitive Secrets For Running A Successful Business

Author : Christopher Catranis
ISBN : 1943386463
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 34.58 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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ARE YOU READY TO DISRUPT YOUR INDUSTRY?Disruptive Leadership, written by the founder of Babylon Telecommunications, reveals the 8 counterintuitive secrets that will skyrocket your business! Warning: reading this book and following the advice within can result in developing the key trait of disruptive leadership that has been integral to the success of leaders such as Melinda Gates, Rupert Murdoch, Elon Musk, Sheryl Sandberg and Jeff Weiner. Start reading now to: ● discover how trusting your intuition lights your path toward wisdom;● find out why only giving others as much information as they can handle is a win-win;● discover how to build, sell, and rebuild a business;● learn the pitfalls of taking the power away from your partners;● understand the logical reason to get your ego out of the way;● learn how to improve yourself by embracing failure;● figure out how to guide others with humility and thoughtfulness;● discover how permitting others to manage their own decisions empowers your workforce;● and much more! Disruptive Leadership: 8 Counterintuitive Secrets to Running a Successful Business answers the question: How do I use my successes and my failures to lead others? Grab your copy now and start disrupting your industry to skyrocket your business!
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Get There First

Author : Joe Boroi
ISBN : 1726029433
Genre :
File Size : 77.28 MB
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Advancement in science and technology made our world more open and transparent. It's surprising that the more we know, the more we are uncertain. The 21st century is filled with the unknown. When is the next downturn? What is the next breakthrough? Can I rely on the news? We need leaders who can navigate the fog of technology and science to disrupt the world around us. Adaptive, transparent, collaborative, objective, tenacious, and optimistic are just a few of the characteristics these leaders need to have to be successful. "Get There First" is the field guide for disruptive leaders looking to inspire the next generation of thinkers, makers, and doers.

Let S Don T Pave The Cow Paths

Author : John Covington
ISBN : 1621379752
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 26.17 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Just what do black snakes, raising teenagers, a neutered dog, and secretaries have in common? Nothing except they are examples from real life that are included in Let's Don't Pave the Cow Paths, a humorous, insightful, yet at times poignant book about disruptive leadership and creating positive change in the work environment. Whether you work for private business, government or a non-profit, you will probably see a situation that relates to you. Here are everyday occurrences used to illustrate leadership principles often overlooked in the fast-paced, me-first, ethically-challenged world we live in. John Covington goes straight to the heart of the matter with practical, workable solutions, Let's Don't Pave the Cow Paths challenges the reader to focus on the important, not just the urgent. Make this a gift to a leader you know or someone who is their way to becoming a leader today!
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Leadership In Disruptive Times

Author : Sattar Bawany
ISBN : 9781952538377
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 24.90 MB
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This book provides insights into an understanding of disruptive leadership. It explores the key success factors for digital transformation of organizations in the highly disruptive, increasingly VUCA-driven era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.Disruption is happening everywhere and in every aspect of our lives. It is happening at a scale and speed that is unprecedented in modern history, impacting diverse industries, from financial services to retail, media, logistics and supply chain, manufacturing, education, professional services, and life sciences. Leaders are finding it challenging to navigate the near-insurmountable challenges resulting from the impact of these disruptive events on their organizations. The right leadership is critical for organizations to thrive in a disruptive business environment. How should we define leadership in such an environment? Are the current leadership practices and competencies still relevant in the face of such disruption? What are the attributes of a “disruptive digital leader”? How can leaders set themselves up not only to survive but also to thrive in navigating the challenges of disruptive events and crises? This book provides insights into an understanding of disruptive leadership. It explores the key success factors for digital transformation of organizations in the highly disruptive, increasingly VUCA-driven era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (also known as Industry 4.0). The book also examines the fundamental qualities of disruptive leadership that would distinguish successful leaders as they guide their organizations through the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the digital transformation at the workplace.
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Disruptive Leadership And Culture

Author : Marilyn Carroll
ISBN : 1983983713
Genre :
File Size : 37.51 MB
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Leaders are individuals who help to create options and opportunities for those they lead. The 21st century leaders face different and more complex types of challenges that cannot be found in the prevailing literature. Disruptive strategy calls for disruptive leadership and this book shares a wide range of disruptive leadership competencies. This research-based contemporary guidebook by Dr. Carroll will serve as a modern-day leadership manual because it is a practical application what she calls the 'Disruptive Work Theory.' The practical examples included in this work are from the incumbent world leaders to inspired tech entrepreneurs and business leaders. The book simply embodies the concept of disruption for success and gives practical solutions to solve current day leadership challenges. Market dynamics and competitive business landscapes call for leaders who can easily adjust to changes due to their view of the actions from a distance and through active involvement of that action. Surviving today's rapidly changing business and economic environments requires members of the organizations to be adaptable, flexible, and ready to change. Change is imperative for both individuals and organizations due to the competitive conditions facing 21st century organizations. Leadership both positional and non-positional is the key to a successful change initiative. A leader capable of handling rapid change must be able to adapt effectively to the pressures and demands of the moment. This type of leadership is known as disruptive leadership. Disruptive leaders provide direction, protection, orientation, conflict control, and the shaping of norms while overseeing the change process within the corporate structure. The goal of this text is to describe the considerations of a disruptive leader that are related to the change management. Evaluate how disruptive leadership factors impact on followers in implementing change. Discuss the various leadership styles used in previous change initiatives. The disruptive leadership style may be the most required approach to support strategic change.

Missional Leadership

Author : Nelus Niemandt
ISBN : 9781928523055
Genre : Religion
File Size : 83.96 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The purpose and aim of this book is to develop an appropriate leadership model for missional churches. This implies a positioning of this book within the broader theology of mission and a consensus on the theology of the Missio Dei, originating at the 1952 conference of the International Missionary Council in Willingen, Germany. In this approach to the theology of mission, mission is understood as the work of the Trinitarian God, and the church is privileged to participate in God’s mission. It is against this background that the growing consensus on missional ecclesiology challenges leadership models developed for a different time and a different kind of church (with less or no emphasis on the missional character of the church). The aim is to reflect theologically on the role of leadership in the missional church. What kind of ideas about power, authority and leadership are appropriate for a missional church? New missional challenges demand new ideas about missional leadership. Church organisation and leadership reflects a theological position – there is a strong relation between ecclesiology and church organisation. The nature of the church provides the framework to understand the character of the church. What the church is determines what the church does. The church organises what it does and agrees on rules that regulate ministries and organisation. Issues such as the way the church organises and governs what it does, and thus church leadership, need to be answered against this background and understanding. Church polity and organisation, as well as leadership, must reflect the identity, calling, life and order of the church. This book, therefore, addresses life in the Trinity, participation in the Missio Dei and contours of the missional church as the point of entry to develop leadership insights. It contributes towards the development of an appropriate model of leadership for missional churches, because although recent developments in the theology of mission comprehensively addressed the area of missional ecclesiology, there is a gap in the development of a leadership model based on the concept of authority in the missional church.
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The Great Transition

Author : George Minakakis
ISBN : 9781525539107
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 89.93 MB
Format : PDF
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We’ve all heard of the Great Depression. Many of us went through the Great Recession. Now, whether we know it or not, all of us are taking part in the Great Transition—a state of unpredictability and change driven by technology and consumers. The speed of which in the coming decade, will be unprecedented. It is already disrupting social, economic and political order. Career and business lives, in all industries, are being equally challenged to change and adapt faster. The rules have changed and will continue to evolve, making it much more difficult to transition from the old economy to the new one. The leaders who are driving this change are unconventional; that’s why they can disrupt entire industries, sometimes seemingly overnight. This book is a much-needed prescription on how to transition your leadership skills and business to become unconventionally competitive. Unconventional leadership today isn’t about thinking out of the box; it is about how to compete outside the box. Here’s the catch, there’s only a small window of time to adapt and successfully transition into that unconventional arena where we compete for jobs and business growth. There are valuable lessons to be learned by understanding how some small companies have lasted hundreds of years and a small handful for over one thousand years, through all kinds of disruptions—social, political, economic, technological, and environmental. You will learn how to build a different kind of company, through the five disciplines of growth, the reliability quotient, and the COST principles, all of which will lead you to a higher level of competitive performance and resilience to threats. The Great Transition offers a groundbreaking view of leadership and how to participate in this new economy. Join business leader and author George Minakakis as he shares the leadership skills and competencies required to succeed in the new economy.
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Qualitative Analysis Of Disruptive Behavior And Leadership Influence In Two Urban K 6 Virginia Elementary Public Schools

Author : Maloney R. Hunter-Lowe
ISBN : 9781581123883
Genre : Education
File Size : 85.3 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The problem addressed in the current study was that disruptive student behavior is detrimental to learning because quality teacher-student interaction time is reduced. The purpose of this ethnographic research study was to explore relationship between disruptive behavior of students and leadership styles of teachers, parents and school leaders. Results indicated that in some cases, an individualized approach could help the K-6 elementary student by reducing their disruptive behavior. However, it was also confirmed that as part of this individualized approach, school-wide implementation might provide the level of support needed to prevent future disruptive behavioral problems as well as providing the positive role models for students to observe and emulate.
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Owning Tomorrow

Author : John Furth
ISBN : 1947480227
Genre :
File Size : 75.17 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Great disruptive leaders like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Reed Hastings have transformed companies, industries, and entire societies while generating incredible wealth for themselves, their investors, and employees, in addition to thousands, if not millions, of people. In Owning Tomorrow John Furth takes the lessons these and other great disruptors have learned during their careers and turns them into practical exercises, tools, and techniques to help senior executives develop their own disruptive skills. John also provides real-life stories of less well-known business leaders who have successfully navigated their way to disruption to inspire and motivate readers of Owning Tomorrow. But this is not just a book for the upper echelons of management. Anyone committed personal and professional growth will find the ideas in Owning Tomorrow valuable for creating a future of abundant happiness and success beyond what they ever imagined possible.

Gear Up Shut Up Navigating Disruptive Leadership

Author : Dave Moore
ISBN : 1507836171
Genre :
File Size : 55.74 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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With content-rich examples, Dave Moore's Disruptive Leadership book, 'Gear Up, Shut Up!' is more entertaining than your favorite TV show. He provokes thought, action and gives audiences takeaways that develop more effective leaders and team members. Moore uses his unique experiences along with business acumen as a successful sales representative and multi-industry entrepreneur to inspire, develop and empower leaders and team members. Moore takes a disruptive approach in building teams and developing leaders that creates cohesion, maximizing results while minimizing human error keeping safety first. He creates an environment where others are encouraged to speak up and challenge one another, spawning new thoughts and ideas. Moore's unique background and insight allows him to be as effective addressing the men and women on the shop floor, showing them how to engage and connect with management, or the C-level executive.Some of the thought-provoking takeaways you will gain from 'Gear Up, Shut Up!': DISRUPTIVE LEADERSHIP Popular or Powerful? A look at leading with personal power versus position power, disrupting the norm while creating an environment that works toward the common good connecting the organization from the bottom up.TEAMWORKWhen everyone is committed to each other's success. How to be the motivator, team leader or team member and still be an effective leader no matter what your 'title' is. Some of your most effective leadership opportunities will come when you are not the one in charge.RISK VERSUS GAIN... SAFETY FIRSTEffective decision-making while working in intense environments that have the potential to become hazardous or even deadly. ENVIRONMENTCreating a forgiving environment that will make your team members speak up, bring new and innovative thought without the fear of being wrong. How can you work outside the box if you never try something new because you are afraid to fail? Visit www.MooreMotivated.com for more!

Ten Rules For Strategic Innovators

Author : Vijay Govindarajan
ISBN : 9781422148082
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 79.12 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Even world-class companies, with powerful and proven business models, eventually discover limits to growth. That's what makes emerging high-growth industries so attractive. Although they lack a proven formula for making a profit, these industries represent huge opportunities for the companies that are fast enough and smart enough. But constructing tomorrow's businesses while simultaneously sustaining excellence in today's, demands a delicate balance. It is a quest fraught with contradiction and paradox. Until now, there has been little practical guidance. Based on an in-depth, multiyear research study of innovative initiatives at ten large corporations, Vijay Govindarajan and Chris Trimble identify three central challenges: forgetting yesterday's successful processes and practices; borrowing selected resources from the core business; and learning how the new business can succeed. The authors make recommendations regarding staffing, leadership roles, reporting relationships, process design, planning, performance assessment, incentives, cultural norms, and much more. Breakthrough growth opportunities can make or break companies and careers. Ten Rules for Strategic Innovators is every leader's guide to execution in unexplored territory.
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Hacking Leadership

Author : Mike Myatt
ISBN : 9781118817353
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 50.64 MB
Format : PDF
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Hacking Leadership is Mike Myatt's latest leadership book written for leaders at every level. Leadership isn't broken, but how it's currently being practiced certainly is. Everyone has blind spots. The purpose of Hacking Leadership is to equip leaders at every level with an actionable framework to identify blind spots and close leadership gaps. The bulk of the book is based on actionable, topical leadership and management hacks to bridge eleven gaps every business needs to cross in order to create a culture of leadership: leadership, purpose, future, mediocrity, culture, talent, knowledge, innovation, expectation, complexity, and failure. Each chapter: Gives readers specific techniques to identify, understand, and most importantly, implement individual, team and organizational leadership hacks. Addresses blind spots and leverage points most leaders and managers haven’t thought about, which left unaddressed, will adversely impact growth, development, and performance. All leaders have blind-spots (gaps), which often go undetected for years or decades, and sadly, even when identified the methods for dealing with them are outdated and ineffective – they need to be hacked. Showcases case studies from the author’s consulting practice, serving as a confidant with more than 150 public company CEOs. Some of those corporate clients include: AT&T, Bank of America, Deloitte, EMC, Humana, IBM, JP Morgan Chase, Merrill Lynch, PepsiCo, and other leading global brands. Hacking Leadership offers a fresh perspective that makes it easy for leaders to create a roadmap to identify, refine, develop, and achieve their leadership potential--and to create a more effective business that is financially solvent and professionally desirable.
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Disruptive Christian Ethics

Author : Traci C. West
ISBN : 066422959X
Genre : Religion
File Size : 81.35 MB
Format : PDF
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This book brings to the fore the difficult realities of racism and the sexual violation of women. Traci West argues for a liberative method of Christian social ethics in which the discussion begins not with generic philosophical concepts but in the concrete realities of the lives of the socially and economically marginalized.
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Author : Michael Jarrett
ISBN : 0273712896
Genre : Organizational change
File Size : 59.22 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Are you falling behind your competitors? Are you too slow getting your products to market? Are your overheads too high? These are just some of the challenges that companies face. However, initiating successful change strategies is far from easy. 70% of all change programmes fail. This book shows how you can make sure that when change happens (and it frequently does) your company is ready for it. Shareholders want to see change take effect immediately, as each day's delay can cost them money or lose them market share, while staff are often suspicious of change, wondering what's in it for them. How do you make sure the change you want happens successfully, that it has everyone's support, and how do you make it stick? The only way to walk this tightrope without falling off is to leave behind the old models and adapt a new practice of change management. Michael Jarrett draws on established research, case examples and his own wide consulting experience to illustrate that current models of step change are largely doomed to failure and proposes a new framework that aligns both the internal and external dynamics of change. In a refreshingly clear and practical approach, Changeability points to a new route to successful change which uses a balanced approach taking account of the four key levers of change. First, take the online diagnostic test to benchmark your organisation against others in terms of your ability to change and to assess your relative strengths and weaknesses. Then use the tools, methods and techniques outlined by Jarrett to develop winning change strategies customised for your company. There are four main groups of strategies, depending upon your situation - so choose the one that's right for you and open the door to accelerated and sustainable change.
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Strategic Leadership And Strategic Management

Author : Shand Stringham
ISBN : 9781475964325
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 62.95 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Leaders and managers face tremendous pressure to keep their organizations moving forward successfully. It can seem like an impossible task amid economic uncertainty and hyper-competition. The roles of leader and manager tug us in opposite directions: managers seek stability and predictability, and leaders usually opt for turbulence and change. With so many companies asking their best employees to be both leaders and managers, it’s no wonder that so much of the business world is dysfunctional. This guidebook explains how leader-managers work—and how to succeed in both roles. You can learn how to • leverage competing requirements for leading and managing change; • formulate effective operational and developmental strategies; • make decisions that address complex challenges and opportunities; and • help people through the anxiety and trauma of change. Whether you are a student seeking to understand the workplace, an employee rising up the ranks or an active leader or manager, Strategic Leadership and Strategic Management provides you with tools and knowledge to help your organization succeed.
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Disruptive Leaders

Author : John Sutherland
ISBN : 0989293629
Genre :
File Size : 47.99 MB
Format : PDF
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Disruptive Leaders is a handbook for game-changers, entrepreneurs, visionaries and CEOs. If your organization needs to get out in front of the 21st century threats/opportunities coming your way, but you can't get past the same old same old, then you need Disruptive Leaders. Co-created by 129 "Disruption Practitioners" from 26 countries, the book illustrates and translates the universal language of value creation into a handbook for seeing, interpreting and transforming signs from the future into game-changing customer experiences. With its robust tool set in hand you will learn how to: listen for the exponential growth opportunities of disruptive technologies, use their performance growth curves to re-imagine your offerings, and engage your organization in abandoning outmoded thinking and embracing the universal pattern of game-changing creation. Disruptive Leaders features practical examples of how to adapt disruptive technologies to your situation including, additive printing, driverless vehicles, advanced materials, artificial intelligence, and others. There are those who react to the future, and then there are those organizations that make it. This book is for those who are tired of being a future taker and want to become a future maker: executives, entrepreneurs, consultants, and leaders of all kinds.

Disruptive Innovation The Christensen Collection The Innovator S Dilemma The Innovator S Solution The Innovator S Dna And Harvard Business Review Article How Will You Measure Your Life 4 Items

Author : Clayton M. Christensen
ISBN : 9781422189986
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 31.81 MB
Format : PDF
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Clayton Christensen’s definitive works on innovation—offered together for the first time Will you fall victim to disruptive innovation—or become a disruptor yourself? Tip the odds in your favor with the bestselling books that have made Christensen one of the world’s foremost authorities on innovation. You’ll also get his award-winning HBR article, full of inspiration for finding meaning and happiness in your life using the principles of business. The 4-volume collection includes: The Innovator’s Dilemma: When New Technologies Cause Great Firms to Fail In one of the most influential business books of our time, Christensen introduced the world to the concept of disruptive innovation, showing how even the most outstanding companies can do everything right—yet still lose market leadership. Don’t repeat their mistakes. The Innovator’s Solution: Creating and Sustaining Successful Growth Citing in-depth research and theories tested in hundreds of companies across many industries, Christensen and co-author Michael Raynor provide the tools organizations need to become disruptors themselves. The Innovator's DNA: Mastering the Five Skills of Disruptive Innovators Christensen and coauthors Jeffrey Dyer and Hal Gregersen identify behaviors of the world’s best innovators—from leaders at Amazon and Apple to those at Google, Skype, and the Virgin Group—to show how you and your team can unlock the code to generating and executing more innovative ideas. “How Will You Measure Your Life?” (HBR article) At Harvard Business School, Clayton Christensen teaches aspiring MBAs how to apply management and innovation theories to build stronger companies. But he also believes that these models can help people lead better lives. In this award-winning Harvard Business Review article, he explains how, exploring questions everyone needs to ask: How can I be happy in my career? How can I be sure that my relationship with my family is an enduring source of happiness? And how can I live my life with integrity?
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