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Diseases Of Fruit Crops In Australia

Author : Tony Cooke
ISBN : 9780643069718
Genre : Gardening
File Size : 71.71 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Comprehensive coverage of important diseases affecting the broad range of fruit crops grown in Australia.
Category: Gardening

Diseases Of Vegetable Crops In Australia

Author : Denis Persley
ISBN : 9780643096387
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 75.98 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A diagnostic guide and a key reference for diseases affecting vegetable crops in Australia. The text is supported by over 190 pages of colour plates.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Diseases Of Tropical Fruit Crops

Author : Randy C. Ploetz
ISBN : 0851999751
Genre : Electronic books
File Size : 31.2 MB
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Annotation. Comprehensive information on diseases of the most important tropical fruit cropsChapters are devoted to a single or, in some cases, a related group of host plantsThe history, distribution, importance, symptoms, aetiology, epidemiology and management of diseases of each crop are described in detailThis book offers a comprehensive review of diseases of important tropical and some subtropical fruit crops. The history, distribution, importance, etiology, epidemiology and control of diseases of each host crop are covered, along with brief summaries on the taxonomy, origins and characteristics of each host. Additional information is given on the biology and pathology of the causal agents and on new advances that change or otherwise enhance our understanding of the nature and cause of these diseases. Plant pathologists, plantation and nursery managers, lecturers and those who are involved in tropical agriculture and horticulture will find this an essential reference.
Category: Electronic books

The Complete Book Of Fruit Growing In Australia

Author : Louis Glowinski
ISBN : 0733624073
Genre : Fruit-culture
File Size : 65.42 MB
Format : PDF
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Over 350 pages of practical advice, with more than 250 photographs and illustrations in colour and black and white of more than 200 fruits, nuts and berries. Contains snippets of folklore, history, quirky hints and culinary tips.
Category: Fruit-culture

Diseases Of Fruits And Vegetables

Author : S.A.M.H. Naqvi
ISBN : 9781402026072
Genre : Science
File Size : 85.17 MB
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Among the Horticultural Crops, Fruits and Vegetables (FV) are of primary - portance as the key source of essential components in an adequate and balanced human diet. FV have supported largely the daily food requirement of mankind since ages and even before man learned to grow cereal crops systematically. Over the years, growing FV has been the mainstay of rural economy and has emerged as an indispensable part of agriculture world over, offering farmers a wide range of crops in varied topography and climate. In certain parts of the world, FV are the major dietary staple. Apart from being a rich source of vitamins and minerals, this sector also contributes significantly in economy of the region or the nation. The increased income from per unit area of FV is far ahead and can not be compared with that of cereal crops. A recent survey by the Economist revealed that the world population has - creased by 90 % in the past 40 years while food production has increased only by 25 % per head. With an additional 1. 5 billion mouth to feed by 2020, farmers worldwide have to produce 39 % more. Looking at the load of the future food requirement, the global increased production of FV during last few years has absorbed the additional food requirement and accordingly the eating habits are also changing and shifting - wards more consumption of these commodities worldwide.
Category: Science

Integrated Management Of Diseases Caused By Fungi Phytoplasma And Bacteria

Author : Aurelio Ciancio
ISBN : 9781402085710
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 66.79 MB
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This volume focuses on integrated pest and disease management (IPM/IDM) and biocontrol of some key diseases of perennial and annual crops. It continues a series originated during a visit of prof. K. G. Mukerji to the CNR Plant Protection Institute in Bari (Italy), in November 2005. Both editors aim at a series of five volumes embracing, in a multi-disciplinary approach, advances and achievements in the practice of crop protection, for a wide range of plant parasites and pathogens. Two volumes of the series were already produced, dedicated to general concepts in IPM and to management and biocontrol of nematodes of grain crops and vegetables. This Volume deals, in particular, with diseases due to bacteria, phytoplasma and fungi. Every day, in any agroecosystem, farmers face problems related to plant diseases. Since the beginning of agriculture, indeed, and probably for a long time in the future, farmers will continue to do so. Every year, plant diseases cause severe losses in the global production of food and other agricultural commodities, worldwide. Plant diseases are not limited to episodic events occurring in single farms or crops, and should not be regarded as single independent cases, affecting only farms on a local scale. The impact of plant disease epidemics on food shortage ignited, in the last two centuries, deep cultural, social and demographic changes, affecting million human beings, through i. e. migration, death and hunger.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Integrated Management Of Fruit Crops And Forest Nematodes

Author : Aurelio Ciancio
ISBN : 9781402098581
Genre : Science
File Size : 22.67 MB
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This series originated during a visit of prof. K. G. Mukerji to the CNR Plant Protection Institute at Bari, Italy, in November 2005. Both editors convened to produce a series of five volumes focusing, in a multi-disciplinary approach, on recent advances and achievements in the practice of crop protection and integrated pest and disease management. This fourth Volume deals with management of nematodes parasitic of tree crops, and includes a section on tropical fruit crops and commodities, as well as a second section on tree crops from more temperate areas. The latter also includes a chapter updating the current knowledge about the pine wood nematode, Bursaphelenchus xylophilus. Volume 4 flanks Volume 2 of this IMPD series, which focused on management of vegetable and grain crops nematodes. Nematodes are a very successful, diversified and specialised animal group, present in nature in any ecological niche. Among nematode species, only a reduced number feeds on plants, of which a few species cause severe economic impacts on crop productions. Plant parasitic nematodes represent an important concern for a broad range of agricultural productions and systems, worldwide. This statement explains the attention devoted in last decades to nematodes, and the research and technical efforts invested for their control.
Category: Science

Biological Management Of Diseases Of Crops

Author : P. Narayanasamy
ISBN : 9789400763807
Genre : Science
File Size : 62.25 MB
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Biological disease management tactics have emerged as potential alternative to chemical application for containing crop diseases. Biotic and abiotic biological control agents (BCAs) have been demonstrated to be effective against diseases caused by microbial plant pathogens. Combination of biotic and abiotic agents leads to synergism and consequent improvement in the effectiveness of disease control. It is essential to assay the biocontrol potential of all isolates/species of fungal, bacterial and viral biocontrol agents by different techniques in vitro and under greenhouse and field conditions and to precisely identify and differentiate the most effective isolates from less effective ones by employing biological, immunological and nucleic acid-based assays.
Category: Science