Diderots Writings On The Theatre

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Diderot S Writings On The Theatre

Author : F. C. Green
ISBN : 1107614848
Genre : Drama
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Format : PDF, Docs
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Originally published in 1936, this book gathers together Diderot's writings on theatre, providing the reader, in chronological order, with the unabridged meditations of Diderot on everything relating to the nature of drama. Editorial interference is kept to a minimum, and the use of explanatory footnotes is avoided save where their absence might have obscured the intended meaning. The texts are presented in the original French, with an English introduction. This book will be of value to anyone with an interest in drama, dramatic theory, and the position of Diderot in relation to them.
Category: Drama

Novels And The Sociology Of The Contemporary

Author : Arpad Szakolczai
ISBN : 9781317223009
Genre : Social Science
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This book substantiates two claims. First, the modern world was not simply produced by "objective" factors, rooted in geographical discoveries and scientific inventions, to be traced to economic, technological or political factors, but is the outcome of social, cultural and spiritual processes. Among such factors, beyond the Protestant ethic (Max Weber), the rise of the absolutist state and its disciplinary network (Michel Foucault), or court society (Norbert Elias), a prime role is played by theatre. The modern reality is deeply theatricalized. Second, a special access for studying this theatricalized world is offered by novels. The best classical novels not simply can be interpreted as describing a world "like" the theatre, but they capture and present a world that has become thoroughly transformed into a global theatre. The theatre effectively transformed the world, and classical novels effectively analyze this "theatricalized" reality – much better than the main instruments supposedly destined to study reality, philosophy and sociology. Thus, instead of using the technique of sociology to analyze novels, the book will treat novels as a "royal road" to analyze a theatricalized reality, in order to find our way back to a genuine and meaningful life.
Category: Social Science

Ludics In Surrealist Theatre And Beyond

Author : Vassiliki Rapti
ISBN : 9781472412270
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 29.75 MB
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Taking as its point of departure the complex question about whether Surrealist theatre exists, this book re-examines the much misunderstood artistic medium of theatre within Surrealism, especially when compared to poetry and painting. This study reconsiders Surrealist theatre specifically from the perspective of ludics-a poetics of play and games-an ideal approach to the Surrealists, whose games blur the boundaries between the 'playful' and the 'serious.' Vassiliki Rapti's aims are threefold: first, to demystify André Breton's controversial attitude toward theatre; second, to do justice to Surrealist theatre, by highlighting the unique character that derives from its inherent element of play; and finally, to trace the impact of Surrealist theatre in areas far beyond its generally acknowledged influence on the Theatre of the Absurd-an impact being felt even on the contemporary world stage. Beginning with the Surrealists' 'one-into-another' game and its illustration of Breton's ludic dramatic theory, Rapti then examines the traces of this kind of game in the works of a wide variety of Surrealist and Post-Surrealist playwrights and stage directors, from several different countries, and from the 1920s to the present: Roger Vitrac, Antonin Artaud, Günter Berghaus, Nanos Valaoritis, Robert Wilson, and Megan Terry.
Category: Performing Arts

Theatre Theory Reader Prague School Writings

Author : Drozd, David
ISBN : 9788024635781
Genre : Family & Relationships
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This is precisely the book I have been looking out for ever since working at my Das Drama. Theorie und Analyse (1977; The Theory and Analysis of Drama, 1988), and discovering from a few specimens the incisive usefulness and importance of Prague School theatre semiotics. There is everything one could possibly wish for in this monumental Theatre Theory Reader: Prague School Writings: all the by now canonical texts and many others presented for the first time in English, arranged in a systematic order which fully renders the sense of the scope and development of Czech theatre semiotics, and all of them in highly competent translations aware of the terminological complexities at stake and supported by helpful annotations. With such a rich harvest garnered, this anthology of Prague School Writings is bound to become nationally as well as internationally a prime work of reference and give to them a second lease of life in the 21st century. Manfred Pfister *** Modern theatre theory, no matter what its orientation, can trace its roots back to the structuralist and semiotic explorations of the Prague School in the early twentieth century. This comprehensive and informed overview is therefore most welcome in understanding the course and development of that theoretical tradition. It is not, however, of purely historical interest, important as that is. Whether they use the terminology of the Prague School or evoke the names of its contributors, analysts of theatre and performance today still find the strategies and articulations of those pioneers of ongoing relevance. This collection thus provides an important double service, providing contemporary theatre scholars with a clearer idea of where they have come from and an inspiration for where they may be going. Marvin Carlson *** I think it is a great idea not to group the articles according to the different authors but following a systematic that covers as many aspects of theatre as possible. This way, it becomes quite clear that the theories of the so-called Prague or Czech structuralists and semioticians were able to apply their theories when discussing most diverging questions related to theatre. The choice of texts is excellent. It makes more than clear that these theories are not outdated, do not only have historical value and are interesting with regard to the history of ideas only. Rather, it becomes evident that they are highly relevant in the context of discussions led today. Erika Fischer-Lichte *** The Prague School and the Czech structuralism have had a considerable impact on the development of semiotic studies and theatre studies at large in the 1960s and 70s. But this has been quickly forgotten and with the rise of poststructuralism and deconstruction in the 80s and 90s, they were not only neglected, but also unjustly disregarded or even forgotten. This is why the Theatre Theory Reader: Prague School Writings is a very welcome book which comes at the right moment, when postmodernism, poststructuralism and postdramatic theatre seem to have lost their momentum, as if the requirements of today’s quest for a new way of living and of making business had become so strong that we must go back to the basics. Structuralism and a critique of ideology are now back, at least as a sign to not give up thinking and theorizing in a world which has become self-centred and mad. The afterword by Pavel Drábek, Martin Bernátek, Andrea Jochmanová and Eva Šlaisová is a sort of book within the book, as it neatly puts in perspective all the important names and theories of the Prague School. It does this in a very user-friendly manner, where complex theories are summarized in a clear, yet precise, introduction. This makes the reading of the different chapters easier and immediately connected to our contemporary way of thinking. Patrice Pavis
Category: Family & Relationships

Blood Sweat And Tears The Changing Concepts Of Physiology From Antiquity Into Early Modern Europe

Author : Manfred Horstmanshoff
ISBN : 9789004229181
Genre : History
File Size : 31.31 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Drawing on the methods of a wide range of academic disciplines, this volume shifts the focus of the history of the body, exploring the many different ways in which its physiology and its fluids were understood in pre-modern European thought.
Category: History

Art Theatre And Opera In Paris 1750 1850

Author : Richard Wrigley
ISBN : 9781351575355
Genre : Art
File Size : 30.93 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Art, Theatre, and Opera in Paris, 1750-1850: Exchanges and Tensions maps some of the many complex and vivid connections between art, theatre, and opera in a period of dramatic and challenging historical change, thereby deepening an understanding of familiar (and less familiar) artworks, practices, and critical strategies in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Throughout this period, new types of subject matter were shared, fostering both creative connections and reflection on matters of decorum, legibility, pictorial, and dramatic structure. Correspondances were at work on several levels: conception, design, and critical judgement. In a time of vigorous social, political, and cultural contestation, the status and role of the arts and their interrelation came to be a matter of passionate public scrutiny. Scholars from art history, French theatre studies, and musicology trace some of those connections and clashes, making visible the intimately interwoven and entangled world of the arts. Protagonists include Diderot, Sedaine, Jacques-Louis David, Ignace-Eug?-Marie Degotti, Marie Malibran, Paul Delaroche, Casimir Delavigne, Marie Dorval, the 'Bleeding Nun' from Lewis's The Monk, the Com?e-Fran?se and Etienne-Jean Del?uze.
Category: Art


Author : Peter France
ISBN : UOM:39015008350095
Genre :
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As editor of the vast French "Encyclopedia", Denis Diderot (1713-84) had a unique vantage-point on the world of the Enlightenment. This book takes account of the full range of Diderot's writing, from politics to the theatre, from physiology to painting. It stresses the critical impulse which lies at the heart of his work, goes on to examine his attempts at a coherent new system, founded on a natural order, and then looks at the ways in which the variety of the real world frustrated his desire for synthesis. Throughout this study particular attention is paid to the complexity of his writing, with its manifold and often contradictory voices, and to the nature of Diderot's demands on his readers. The final chapter discusses the palace of art in his thinking and the relation between his aesthetic theories and his own practice as a writer. -- From publisher's description.

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Includes authors, titles, subjects.
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Time And Tide

Author :
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Lessing And Brecht

Author : Richard Demar Critchfield
ISBN : UCAL:C3512760
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Exceptions And Rules

Author : Pia Kleber
ISBN : UCAL:B3583369
Genre : Drama
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This book examines the Brechtian influence on Roger Planchon's three stagings of Brecht's The Good Person of Szechwan (July 1954; October 1954; December 1958). The meaning of a Brechtian mise en scène is determined by an analysis of the Berliner Ensemble production of the same play (1957). A comparison of these stagings not only reveals the clash between the German and French theatrical traditions but the German mise en scène also provides a point of reference which underlines the similarities and differences between Planchon's and Brecht's staging methods.
Category: Drama

The A M A

Author :
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