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Diary Of An Eco Builder

Author : Will Anderson
ISBN : UOM:39015064871380
Genre : House & Home
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Drawing on his columns in the Independent that followed his progress from finding a plot, getting planning permission, and building himself a stunning contemporary eco-home that mirrors the fine-tuned ecology of a tree, Will Anderson has created a diary that is invaluable to anyone contemplating building their own eco-house. The Diary of an Eco-Builder focuses specifically on environmental issues through the story of his attempt to realize an inspiring and challenging vision. Honest, amusing, and unexpected, it highlights all the key issues that arise when you build an eco-house, records the process of the nitty-gritty of self-build, and provides contacts and references for more information.
Category: House & Home

Traditional Construction For A Sustainable Future

Author : Carole Ryan
ISBN : 9781134034628
Genre : Architecture
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Since the spread of classical design and construction amongst the upper echolons of British society in the late seventeenth century, traditional construction methods have largely fallen by the wayside. Centuries later, as the construction industry faces up to its environmental responsibilities, this book explores its rich and ancient tradition to provide tried and trusted solutions to modern day construction problems. By way of introduction, the ancient and historical lifestyles that dictated the nature of traditional construction are explored, before focussing on its health and ecological benefits. As well as cultural background, this book includes a detailed scientific description of traditional building materials and their constituents which draws a sharp contrast with modern petrochemical-based materials. The studies of traditional buildings included reveal the sustainability of features such as natural ventilation and breathing walls, and comparisons with modern construction methods show how they could prevent 'sick building syndrome'. The author argues that maintenance for long life, by contrast with the modern concept of life-cycle costing, is at the nub of sustainability and underlies the contribution traditional building construction can make to tackling climate change. Over 250 original photos, and over fifty bespoke diagrams illustrate the features, techniques, and characteristics of traditional construction that could make such a valuable contribution to the industry today. The inclusion of a close study of how these methods relate to British building regulations makes this book a practical guide for construction professionals, as well as an authoritative resource for students and policy-makers.
Category: Architecture

Sustainability In Energy And Buildings

Author : Robert J. Howlett
ISBN : 364217387X
Genre : Science
File Size : 44.90 MB
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This volume represents the proceedings of the Second International Conference on Sustainability in Energy and Buildings, SEB’10, held in the City of Brighton and Hove in the United Kingdom, and organised by KES International. Organised by the KES International organisation, SEB'10 formed a welcome opportunity for researchers in subjects related to sustainability, renewable energy technology, and applications in the built environment to mix with other scientists, industrialists and stakeholders in the field. SEB'10 attracted papers on a range of renewable energy and sustainability related topics and in addition the conference explored two innovative themes:- · The application of intelligent sensing, control, optimisation and modelling techniques to sustainability and · The technology of sustainable buildings. These techniques could ultimately be applied to the intelligent building SEB’10 attracted about 100 submissions from around the world. These were subjected to a two-stage blind peer-review process. With the objective of producing a high quality conference, the best 30% of these were selected for presentation at the conference and publication in this volume of proceedings. The papers in this volume are grouped into the five themes under which they were presented: Building Sustainability, Sustainable Power Generation, Sustainable Energy Policy and Strategy, Energy Monitoring and Management and Solar Energy Technology. These proceedings form an interesting and informative collection of papers, useful as a resource for further research, and a valuable source of information for those interested in the subject.
Category: Science

The Rammed Earth House

Author : David Easton
ISBN : 9781603581592
Genre : House & Home
File Size : 45.64 MB
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The Rammed Earth House is an eye-opening example of how the most dramatic innovations in home design and construction frequently have their origins in the distant past. By rediscovering the most ancient of all building materials —earth—forward-thinking homebuilders can now create structures that set new standards for beauty, durability, and efficient use of natural resources. Rammed earth construction is a step forward into a sustainable future, when homes will combine pleasing aesthetics and intense practicality with a powerful sense of place. Rammed earth homes are built entirely on-site, using basic elements—earth, water, and a little cement. The solid masonry walls permit design flexibility while providing year-round comfort and minimal use of energy. The builder and resident of a rammed earth house will experience the deep satisfaction of creating permanence in a world dominated by the disposable.
Category: House & Home

How To Live Off Grid

Author : Nick Rosen
ISBN : 9781446463888
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 67.35 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Off-grid: a place, building or person without mains water or power. Static or mobile - in a house or a hut, a boat or a camper van - to live off-grid is all about loosending the ties that bind us to teh fmailiar world of commuting, mortgages, no time and fast food, in order to rediscover our place in the natural world. Complete with camper van, Nick sets off around the UK to find off-grid heaven and meet people who are living the dream. Along the way he runs into backpackers and businessmen, radical hermits and right-wing survivalists - and plenty of ordinary working-parent families too. Sincere but irreverent, this is Nick's guide to avoiding pitfalls, to finding solutions (and some brilliant gadgets) as he strives to perfect the skills of this practical, freewheeling kind of self-sufficiency. 'Timely and highly readable' Sunday Telegraph ' Nick Rosen has caught the zeitgeist.' The Times
Category: Political Science

Homes For A Changing Climate

Author : Will Anderson
ISBN : 1900322471
Genre : House & Home
File Size : 20.89 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Climate change is inescapable. Even if the whole world stopped pumping carbon dioxide into the sky today, at least forty years of climate change are ahead of us, thanks to the long time lag within the Earth's ecosystem. As the century progresses, extremes will become more common: heat waves, drought, storms, and floods will test the design of our buildings and the resilience of our communities. We also face the slow rise of sea levels and the secondary impacts of climate change, especially on energy and food security. Across the world, communities have been living with such extremes for millennia. If we have the imagination to learn from others and rethink the ways we build and live together, we can face this unsettling future with confidence. Homes for a Changing Climate celebrates this collective wisdom, exploring traditional and contemporary responses to the challenges of climate and illustrating the many ways in which houses can be designed, built, and adapted to cope with these challenges. Combining inspiring case studies, striking photography, and practical advice, Homes for a Changing Climate is a book of imagination and hope in difficult times.
Category: House & Home

The Backdoor

Author : Will Anderson
ISBN : 9780595458363
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 76.21 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Facing inevitable conflict with the West over "reunification" of Taiwan, China is using its trade surplus to acquire advanced weapons. Ground-based anti-satellite missiles have been demonstrated; space-based missiles follow logically. China hires a Russian firm to help develop a missile platform based on a planned Soviet era spacecraft designed to counter American "Star Wars" weapons. During development, Russian engineers hide a "backdoor" in the missile computers. After the missile platform is launched the engineers demonstrate the backdoor by firing a missile at the Space Station, damaging it. Islamic terrorists then pay them to destroy GPS satellites. The navigation system fails with horrific consequences. An angry U.S. destroys the missile platform. The baffled Chinese launch a replacement, threaten massive retaliation if the U.S. attacks. As events unfold, Peter Dime, covert CIA operative, and Heather Young, brilliant and beautiful analyst, lead a team to uncover the truth and prevent armed U.S./China confrontation. Subplots include romance between Dime and Young, plight of the Station astronauts, and terrorist intrigues. Along the way, readers are transported to exciting locales, from Washington to Moscow and Tehran, from California to Beijing and Jakarta. They also gain informative glimpses into the workings of spacecraft, missiles, and unique weapons.
Category: Fiction

Krisp Weekly Inspirational Planner With One Year Habit Builder Goals Tracker And Bullet Dot Grid Journal Notebook Pages A5 Classic Cream Paper

Author : Krisp Shop
ISBN : 1080215891
Genre :
File Size : 75.57 MB
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AUGUST 2019 - AUGUST 2020 WEEKLY PLANNER - see your entire week at a glance - dated and organized. Use "Notes" and "Priorities" fields for inspiration, agenda, finances, to-do lists, nutrition, work-outs and other important information. Check the Day off when completed. GOOD & BAD HABIT TRACKER - Build or Quit up to 15 Habits - use an easy-to-understand chart to stay motivated and aware of your progress - Lifestyle, Nutrition and Fitness Goals; Money & Savings; Quitting an addiction etc. 40 BULLET JOURNAL PAGES - Dot Grid - for ideas, recipes, lists, art, notes and schedule or enjoy writing as you would with a lined journal diary. LONG & SHORT-TERM GOALS - we provided a special place to write down your goals for the near and distant future so that you may come to these pages to seek inspiration and motivation from within yourself. 6"x 9" INCHES ( 15 x 23 CM / A5 Paper ) - convenient size keeps your planner handy at all times. ACID-FREE 90 GSM CLASSIC CREAM PAPER + Chlorine-free ink - premium look and comfortable texture. PROTECTIVE HIGH-GLOSS COVER - repels dust and water to keep your planner crisp and clean. MODERN ART IN HIGH DEFINITION - available only from Krisp guarantees authenticity! Designed in New York, NY, USA. Weekly Planners from Krisp Help You Form New Habits! Designed to Help You Succeed with Every New Project! At Krisp we believe that Beauty, Music and Art make this World a better place! Our family of paper products is here to make it available to everyone thanks to our Eco-friendly manufacturing partners around the globe. From the manufacturer of our products: "Environmental consciousness is important to us. As a manufacture on-demand company, we produce units only as they're ordered, which reduces excess production. Our ink is chlorine-free, and our acid-free interior paper stock is supplied by a Forest Stewardship Council-certified provider. We currently offer a cream paper for black and white book interiors that is made from 30% post-consumer waste recycled material. We also maintain a commitment to recycling waste materials resulting from the printing process and from daily office operations, and we will continue to review our practices to ensure we are doing our part to protect the environment." At Krisp we made a number of Eco-friendly choices to ensure you feel good about using our notebooks: All of our products are made in the country where the order is placed and delivered - U.S.A., Japan, Britain, Germany, Spain, France, Italy and more! Less pollution while supporting local economies. The dark strip printed on the side of most notebooks mimics leather pattern so that you may enjoy the look without harming animals. We use sturdy paperbacks with a layer of protective gloss surface that are easily recycled and put less strain on the environment compared to plastic and hard covers. This also gives the artwork gallery-inspired shiny look and helps the colors pop! As a company that also prints books for children we cannot compromise on these distinctive features as we work to preserve the planet for future generations. Click "ADD TO CART" to get Yours Today!

Willing S Press Guide

Author :
ISBN : NYPL:33433082527783
Genre : English newspapers
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Coverage of publications outside the UK and in non-English languages expands steadily until, in 1991, it occupies enough of the Guide to require publication in parts.
Category: English newspapers