Democracy And Development

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Democracy And Development

Author : Adam Przeworski
ISBN : 0521793793
Genre : Business & Economics
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Examines impact of political regimes on economic development between 1950 and 1990.
Category: Business & Economics

Democracy And Development

Author : Bernard Berendsen
ISBN : STANFORD:36105131736683
Genre : Political Science
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This book addresses questions like: what comes first, democracy or development; is there a choice between democracy and stability; can democracy be promoted from outside; should we focus on the introduction of democratic institutions or on the promotion of democratic culture and are different cultures equally compatible with democratic systems of government? Finally, should the promotion of democracy be seen as part of regular development co-operation and what are the respective roles of national governments, international organisations and civil society? The book suggests there is a positive relationship between the two: more democracy implies more openness and checks and balances, more accountability and less corruption and all this would be conducive to sustainable development. Based on a series of lectures organised by the Society of International Development (SID), the Netherlands.
Category: Political Science

Poverty Democracy And Development

Author : S. K. Rao
ISBN : 0850927994
Genre : Social Science
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The Group was chaired by the Hon Dr Manmohan Singh, the current Prime Minister of India. This paper was written as a background note for the Expert Group (immediately prior to the first meeting) and as such it was very important in clarifying some of the major themes which were discussed in the deliberations of the Group.
Category: Social Science

Local Democracy And Development

Author : T. M. Thomas Isaac
ISBN : 0742516075
Genre : Political Science
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In this definitive history, a key figure in the People's Campaign in Kerala provides a unique insider's account of one of the world's most extensive and successful experiments in decentralization. Launched in 1996, the campaign mobilized over 3 million of Kerala's 30 million people and resulted in bottom-up development planning in all 1,052 of its villages and urban neighborhoods. The authors tell a powerful story of mass mobilization and innovation as bureaucratic opposition was overcome, corruption and cynicism were rooted out, and parliamentary democracy prevailed. Considering both the theoretical and applied significance of the campaign in the context both of India's development since independence and of recent international debates about decentralization, civil society, and empowerment, the book provides invaluable lessons for sustainable development worldwide.
Category: Political Science

Democracy And Development In Africa

Author : Claude Ake
ISBN : 0815723482
Genre : Political Science
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Despite three decades of preoccupation with development in Africa, the economies of most African nations are still stagnating or regressing. For most Africans, incomes are lower than they were two decades ago, health prospects are poorer, malnourishment is widespread, and infrastructures and social institutions are breaking down. An array of factors have been offered to explain the apparent failure of development in Africa, including the colonial legacy, social pluralism, corruption, poor planning and incompetent management, limited in-flow of foreign capital, and low levels of saving and investment. Alone or in combination, these factors are serious impediments to development, but Claude Ake contends that the problem is not that development has failed, but that it was never really on the agenda. He maintains that political conditions in Africa are the greatest impediment to development. In this book, Ake traces the evolution and failure of development policies, including the IMF stabilization programs that have dominated international efforts. He identifies the root causes of the problem in the authoritarian political structure of the African states derived from the previous colonial entities. Ake sketches the alternatives that are struggling to emerge from calamitous failure--economic development based on traditional agriculture, political development based on the decentralization of power, and reliance on indigenous communities that have been providing some measure of refuge from the coercive power of the central state. Ake's argument may become a new paradigm for development in Africa.
Category: Political Science

Democracy And Development In Latin America

Author : David Lehmann
ISBN : 1566390117
Genre : History
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Soloway (history, U. of N. Carolina) unravels the development and context of the eugenics movement which promoted a theory of biosocial engineering through selective reproduction during the early years of the 20th century. He connects the rise of the movement to anxieties about the size and social composition of the population and discusses the movement's special relevance as progenitor of more recent ideas of sociobiological engineering. Lehmann (development studies, Cambridge Univ.) presents an intellectual history of Latin America over the past 40 years, focusing on Argentina, Brazil, and Chile. He integrates three strains of development: the intellectual currents of social science, the renovation of Catholic thought and practice, and the emergence of popular social movements. Accessible to non-specialists. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR
Category: History

Democracy And Development

Author : R.C. Bhardwaj
ISBN : 9780429865237
Genre : Political Science
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Published in 1998. The question of whether democracy and development are allies or adversaries has long been debated and with the triumph of the democratic spirit worldwide the relationship between democracy and development has once again come to attract much attention globally. The collapse of the Soviet Union and the developments in Eastern Europe led to considerable rethinking in political circles on the efficacy of the economic policies pursued in those countries and the long-term viability of political systems prevalent there. Elsewhere, several newly industrialized countries are striving to consolidate their gains, though there are differing perceptions of whether their politics conform to the classical framework of democracy or not. In a remarkable turn-around, some other countries have initiated measures for economic reforms and structural adjustment, setting aside their earlier approaches towards economic management. In short, the last decades of this millennium have witnessed meaningful efforts worldwide on forging a new partnership between democracy and development. In February 1996, the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association jointly organized a conference entitled 'Parliamentary Democracy and Development': Allies or Adversaries?’ with the Wilton Park, an international agency of the British Commonwealth and Foreign Office in Wilton House, West Sussex, United Kingdom. The week-long conference brought together parliamentarians, diplomats, administrators, political scientists, economists and specialists from all over the world. The participants shared their views and experiences on diverse aspects of the main theme. This publication presents an essentially parliamentary perspective on the correlation between democracy and development based on the discussions at the Wilton Park conference and in the light of current thinking on the subject matter.
Category: Political Science

Democracy And Development

Author : Axel Hadenius
ISBN : 052141685X
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 32.82 MB
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This book is a uniquely wide-ranging study of the meaning of democracy and the factors which determine its level. Drawing on data from all 132 sovereign states of the Third World, it first specifies the essential elements of democracy (the holding of elections to decision making bodies, and the maintenance of political liberties), and then tests theories suggested to explain its varying level through statistical analysis. Theories related to socio-economic conditions, demographic and cultural factors, and institutional arrangements are explored in a cross-national perspective.
Category: Political Science

Education Democracy And Development

Author : Raymond Ryba
ISBN : 9789401155182
Genre : Education
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This book contains a selected number of papers which were fIrst presented at the VIllth World Congress of Comparative Education in Prague, July 8--14, 1992. The Executive Committee of the World Council of Comparative and Education Societies had gladly accepted the bid made by the (at that time still united) Czech and Slovak Comparative Education Society to organise this congress in their beautiful and historic capital. The choice of Prague, underlined by President Vaclav Havel's patronage, as well as the Congress theme, were intended as a demonstration of the (re-)opened communication among educationists allover the world, as a result of the peaceful upheavals ('velvet revolutions') which were awakening the countries of Central, South East and East Europe in those days. It is true that a good part of the en thusiasm has faded since then and given way to manifestations of disenchantment. Education can be regarded as a striking example of the recent developments between "euphoria" and "normalcy".
Category: Education

Decentralization Democracy And Development

Author : World Bank
ISBN : 082138001X
Genre : Political Science
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The question of whether political, fiscal, and administrative decentralization improves government effectiveness is hotly debated among researchers and policy makers. 'Decentralization, Democracy, and Development' contributes to the empirical literature on decentralization and the debate on whether it is a viable and desirable state-building strategy for post-conflict countries. This book is a collection of eight papers written by nine authors who were intimately involved in the complex decentralization reform process in Sierra Leone from 2003 07. During this period, Sierra Leone s government established elected district and urban councils across the country, transferred certain responsibilities for primary services and local investment and some financial resources to the new councils, and invested heavily in building the administrative infrastructure and capacity of the local councils. Compared to most other Sub-Saharan African countries that have embarked upon decentralization, Sierra Leone s progress in building local government capacity and restructuring the fiscal system is enviable. The authors conclude that improved security and public services are possible in a decentralizing country and Sierra Leone s progress would not have been possible without significant effort at fiscal decentralization and intensive investment in local government capacity building. The most critical ingredient for this promising but fragile reform process is the dynamic leadership team in charge of promoting the new institutional framework and their persistent effort to achieve quick improvement in the local government system and public services.
Category: Political Science

Militarization Democracy And Development

Author : Kirk S. Bowman
ISBN : 0271046465
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 74.19 MB
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Do Third World countries benefit from having large militaries, or does this impede their development? Kirk Bowman uses statistical analysis to demonstrate that militarization has had a particularly malignant impact in this region. For his quantitative comparison he draws on longitudinal data for a sample of 76 developing countries and for 18 Latin American nations. To illuminate the causal mechanisms at work, Bowman offers a detailed comparison of Costa Rica and Honduras between 1948 and 1998. The case studies not only serve to bolster his general argument about the harmful effects of militarization but also provide many new insights into the processes of democratic consolidation and economic transformation in these two Central American countries.
Category: Political Science

African Democracy And Development

Author : Cassandra Rachel Veney
ISBN : 9780739175491
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 49.11 MB
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"The chapters in this edited volume are the result of a conference held in April 2009 at the University of Illinois at Chicago"--Introduction.
Category: Business & Economics

Oil Democracy And Development In Africa

Author : John R. Heilbrunn
ISBN : 9781107049819
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 44.94 MB
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Oil, Democracy, and Development in Africa presents an optimistic analysis of the continent's oil-producing states. With attention to the complex histories, the interactions of key industry actors and policy makers, and the goals of diverse groups in society, this contribution fills a gap in the literature on resource-abundant countries. John R. Heilbrunn presents a positive assessment of circumstances in contemporary African oil exporters. The book demonstrates that even those leaders who are among the least accountable use oil revenues to improve their citizens' living standards, if only a little bit. As a consequence, African oil producers are growing economically and their people are living under increasingly democratic polities. Heilbrunn thus calls for a long-overdue reassessment of the impact of hydrocarbons on developing economies.
Category: Business & Economics

Foreign Direct Investment Democracy And Development

Author : Indra de Soysa
ISBN : 9781134532186
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 44.6 MB
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The effects of globalization on economy and society are highly contested subjects in academic and political arenas. This study brings an empirical perspective to the crucially important arguments that encapsulate the major debates in this area. Using quantitative data, this book addresses the shape and degree of internationalisation by focussing on the impact of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and democracy on economic development and the effects of economic internationalisation on democracy. The author examines democracy's effects on economic growth and considers the claim that foreign capital has a detrimental effect on democracy to show that FDI in fact plays a supporting role for democracy and creates higher growth rates than domestic capital. From these results the author suggests that policy makers should seek to encourage globalization by ensuring open access to products from poorer countries, encouraging private investment within poorer countries and that such countries should concentrate on building up human and institutional capital to attract investment.
Category: Business & Economics

The Impact Of Women S Political Leadership On Democracy And Development

Author : Commonwealth Secretariat
ISBN : 9781849291095
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 69.83 MB
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Women’s minimal leadership role in national and local political spheres remains a serious concern worldwide. The Commonwealth Gender Plan of Action for Gender Equality 2005–2015 calls on governments to introduce measures to promote at least 30 per cent representation of women in parliament, government and business. The Impact of Women’s Political Leadership on Democracy and Development describes the barriers to women’s political participation and explains why the contribution of women is so crucial to democracy. It identifies established strategies – electoral reform (New Zealand), party voluntary quotas (South Africa), and legislative quotas (Bangladesh and India) – that have helped these Commonwealth countries to meet the global target of 30 per cent and thus to effectively advance the participation of women in decision-making at all levels.
Category: Political Science

Popular Media Democracy And Development In Africa

Author : Herman Wasserman
ISBN : 9781136911606
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 45.37 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Popular Media, Democracy and Development in Africa examines the role that popular media could play to encourage political debate, provide information for development, or critique the very definitions of ‘democracy’ and ‘development’. Drawing on diverse case studies from various regions of the African continent, essays employ a range of theoretical and methodological approaches to ask critical questions about the potential of popular media to contribute to democratic culture, provide sites of resistance, or, conversely, act as agents for the spread of Americanized entertainment culture to the detriment of local traditions. A wide variety of media formats and platforms are discussed, ranging from radio and television to the Internet, mobile phones, street posters, film and music. As part of the Routledge series Internationalizing Media Studies, the book responds to the important challenge of broadening perspectives on media studies by bringing together a range of expert analyses of media in the African continent that will be of interest to students and scholars of media in Africa and further afield.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

South Africa

Author : Tom Lodge
ISBN : STANFORD:36105083066899
Genre : Democracy
File Size : 25.32 MB
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Category: Democracy