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Delayed Response

Author : Jason Farman
ISBN : 9780300240726
Genre : Social Science
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A celebration of waiting throughout history, and of its importance for connection, understanding, and intimacy in human communication We have always been conscious of the wait for life-changing messages, whether it be the time it takes to receive a text message from your love, for a soldier’s family to learn news from the front, or for a space probe to deliver data from the far reaches of the solar system. In this book in praise of wait times, award-winning author Jason Farman passionately argues that the delay between call and answer has always been an important part of the message. Traveling backward from our current era of Twitter and texts, Farman shows how societies have worked to eliminate waiting in communication and how they have interpreted those times’ meanings. Exploring seven eras and objects of waiting—including pneumatic mail tubes in New York, Elizabethan wax seals, and Aboriginal Australian message sticks—Farman offers a new mindset for waiting. In a rebuttal to the demand for instant communication, Farman makes a powerful case for why good things can come to those who wait.
Category: Social Science

Direct Delayed Response Project

Author : Marshall Robbins Church
ISBN : MINN:31951002982218L
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Category: Technology & Engineering

Cell Cycle Control

Author : Michele Pagano
ISBN : 3540640312
Genre : Medical
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Addressing the regulation of the eukaryotic cell cycle, this book brings together experts to cover all aspects of the field, clearly and unambiguously, delineating what is commonly accepted in the field from the problems that remain unsolved. It will thus appeal to a large audience: basic and clinical scientists involved in the study of cell growth, differentiation, senescence, apoptosis, and cancer, as well as graduates and postgraduates.
Category: Medical

Grassland Birds Demonstrate Delayed Response To Large Scale Tree Removal In Central North America

Author :
ISBN : OCLC:1016886912
Genre :
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Maintenance of early successional and open habitats often requires active removal of encroaching vegetation. In many cases, fire or other historically applied methods can no longer maintain or create open or early‐successional habitat. In these situations, managers must employ mechanical or chemical treatments to control vegetation and improve habitat quality for wildlife that depend on open habitats. We conducted a large‐scale study of tree removal from 2005 to 2011 on 14 grassland sites in central North America. Beginning in the autumn of 2005, shrubs, scattered trees, shelterbelts and woodlots were removed from six of fourteen study sites with cutting and burning treatments. Trees and shrubs accounted for 7–21% of pre‐treatment ground cover. We conducted vegetation and bird surveys on each site for one year before and six years after initiating tree removal treatments. Treatments effectively removed larger woody vegetation (>6 m in height), but effects of shrub removal were less consistent due to rapid regrowth. Tree removal sites also experienced reductions in grassy litter as a result of prescribed fires that were used to discourage shrub and tree regrowth. On untreated sites, abundance of all grassland birds declined throughout the study, on average declining by 62%. On tree removal sites, we estimated that grassland bird abundance dropped from 2·04 (birds per count) before treatment to a low of 0·90 in the second year after initiating treatments, but recovered in the final three years of study with a weak, but significant positive response six years after initiating treatment, with an estimated 1·42 birds per count. Waterfowl and wetland birds increased following tree removal, whereas woodland birds, particularly those that nest in cavities, declined on treated sites. Synthesis and applications . Tree removal did appear to improve habitat suitability for grassland birds, but a positive response was weak and delayed, and treatments caused short‐term habitat disturbances that significantly reduced abundance of target species. When planning large‐scale tree removal, it may be beneficial to allow undisturbed habitat in the surrounding landscape to ameliorate potential short‐term displacement of wildlife in early phases of treatment. In addition, managers should expect site recovery to require repeated treatments over multiple years.

The Theory Of Response Adaptive Randomization In Clinical Trials

Author : Feifang Hu
ISBN : 9780470055878
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 72.60 MB
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Presents a firm mathematical basis for the use of response-adaptive randomization procedures in practice The Theory of Response-Adaptive Randomization in Clinical Trials is the result of the authors' ten-year collaboration as well as their collaborations with other researchers in investigating the important questions regarding response-adaptive randomization in a rigorous mathematical framework. Response-adaptive allocation has a long history in biostatistics literature; however, largely due to the disastrous ECMO trial in the early 1980s, there is a general reluctance to use these procedures. This timely book represents a mathematically rigorous subdiscipline of experimental design involving randomization and answers fundamental questions, including: How does response-adaptive randomization affect power? Can standard inferential tests be applied following response-adaptive randomization? What is the effect of delayed response? Which procedure is most appropriate and how can "most appropriate" be quantified? How can heterogeneity of the patient population be incorporated? Can response-adaptive randomization be performed with more than two treatments or with continuous responses? The answers to these questions communicate a thorough understanding of the asymptotic properties of each procedure discussed, including asymptotic normality, consistency, and asymptotic variance of the induced allocation. Topical coverage includes: The relationship between power and response-adaptive randomization The general result for determining asymptotically best procedures Procedures based on urn models Procedures based on sequential estimation Implications for the practice of clinical trials Useful for graduate students in mathematics, statistics, and biostatistics as well as researchers and industrial and academic biostatisticians, this book offers a rigorous treatment of the subject in order to find the optimal procedure to use in practice.
Category: Mathematics

Conditioning Cognition And Methodology

Author : Joseph B. Sidowski
ISBN : 0819174963
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 70.53 MB
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This volume consists of eleven chapters divided into three sections, a single chapter on the academic work and research of David A. Grant, Conditioning and Cognition, and Methodology. In most instances the authors provide detailed reports of research unreported elsewhere. Theoretical interpretations are provided as required
Category: Psychology

Daily Monetary Policy Shocks And The Delayed Response Of New Home Sales

Author : James Douglas Hamilton
ISBN : PSU:000064522180
Genre : Business & Economics
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This paper offers an explication of the hump-shaped response of real economic activity to changes in monetary policy, focusing on the particular channel operating through new home sales. I suggest that the conventional notion of a monetary policy shock as a surprise change in the fed funds rate is misspecified. The primary news for market participants is not what the Fed just did, but is instead new information about what the Fed is going to do in the near future. Revisions in these anticipations show up instantaneously in long-term mortgage rates. Although mortgage rates respond well before the Fed actually changes its target rate, home sales do not respond until much later. The paper attributes this delay to cross-sectional heterogeneity in search times. This framework offers a description of the lags in the effects of monetary policy that is both more detailed, allowing us in principle to measure the consequences at the daily frequency, and more believable than traditional measures.
Category: Business & Economics